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  1. The Ultimate Student Guide to Navigating the Writing MOOC - More at
  2. Search for Courses at edX - Audit courses for free - whereever, whenever
  3. Literature & Writing - OpenLearn - Open University
  4. Writing discipline specific research papers - Wikiversity
  5. Free Courses at free-Ed.Net - See School of Writing Editing & Publishing
  6. Open Online Technical Writing Courses, Classes and Resources
  7. OpenCourseWare section of Open Source Internet - Free courses - see details
  8. College Open Textbooks - English & Composition
  9. See Free Education Section - Learn almost anything at your convenience - via thousands of courses


  10. 200 Free Cover Letters from CareerLab
  11. Business Writer's Free Library
  12. Weekly Writing Tips - Within archived entries at Basic Learning Systems
  13. Writing Thank You Letters
  14. Writing a Business Plan
  15. Freelance Writer
  16. Resume Writing Tips by Ann Baehr
  17. Free Resume Writing Tips - See examples and more at
  18. 44 Resume Writing Tips - DailyWritingTips
  19. Resume Writing - Courtesy of UpToWork
  20. 131 Resume Writing Tips - The Most Comprehensive List of Resume Writing Tips on the Internet
  21. How to Write a Resume | MyPerfectResume
  22. Resume Templates - Resume Now
  23. Resume Examples - Courtesy of
  24. Writing Skills - Communicating With Words
  25. From Inspiration to Publication: 13 Best Websites for Authors and Writers - Courtesy of EditionGuard

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  27. An Introduction to Technical Writing
  28. Desktop Publishing Resources - Writers Write®
  29. Sharon's Technical Writer's Reference Page
  30. Dr. Koster's List of Scientific and Technical Writing Links
  31. 25 Types of Copy/Biz/Tech Writing - Could you guess them all?
  32. Freelance Glossary
  33. 10 Editing Tips for Business and Technical Writers
  34. Technical Writing Archives
  35. Technical Writing Toolbox
  36. Klariti Technical Writing Tips
  37. Online Technical Writing: Contents
  38. Technical writing - Wikipedia


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  39. Guide to Grammar and Writing - CCCF
  40. A Research Guide for Students - Help for Writing Research Papers
  41. Basic Guide to Essay Writing
  42. Essay Info: Writing Tips
  43. Online Writing Resources and Community -
  44. – Your Personal Assistant in Essay Writing
  45. Writing Guides and Online Writing Resources |
  46. Writing and Research Documentation Guides
  47. 50 Ways to Beat Writers Block
  48. 27 Wacky Ways to Beat Writer’s Block
  49. Practical Tips for Beating Writer's Block
  50. The 5 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them) -
  51. Daily Writing Tips - See topical listing of articles
  52. Writing Tips from Writer's Helper
  53. Writing Tips and Writing Tutorials - Become a Better Writer - From
  54. 10 Writing Tips from the Masters
  55. Sherry Garland's Writing Tips - See 5 categories of articles
  56. Writing Tips for Non-Writers...
  57. Good Writing Tips - See many articles from Ezine Articles®
  58. The 22 Best Writing Tips Ever
  59. Froomkin's legal writing tips
  60. Writing Information and Tips
  61. Get It Write - See article on serial comma for clarity
  62. Writing Tip: Submitting Your Manuscript
  63. Homework Center: Writing Skills - Tips on essays, term reports, and much more
  64. Writing and Public Speaking - Numerous articles from ESL Teacher Board
  65. Tips for Writing a Novel: College & Writing Tips - See video on Writing a Novel (eHow™)
  66. Poetry Writing Tips - PoeWar links
  67. Information Center - Many links for SciFi and Fantasy writers
  68. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students - See topics at PSU
  69. Guide to Grammar and Style - By Jack Lynch
  70. 150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively - OEDb
  71. The 50 Best Apps and Resources For Writers - The Expert Editor
  72. Online Writing Lab for Grades 7-12
  73. Online Writing Lab for ESL Students
  74. 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing - NWP
  75. Young Writers Guides - From
  76. Writing Guides - See topics at CSU
  77. Ways to Say Said Vocabulary Word Bank -
  78. Free Writing Tips for Writers Looking to Get Published -™
  79. 7 Tips for Writing for Online Readers - See other posted tips at DAILYWRITINGTIPS
  80. Writing Tips and Writing Advice - See links at TheWritersSite
  81. Writing in College - A Short Guide to College Writing - Via
  82. The process and types of writing - See great tips from
  83. Learn about ENGLISH GRAMMAR and HOW TO WRITE BETTER - The Lousy Writer .com
  84. Grammar Handbook from Writers Workshop - Writer Resources from UI
  85. How To Write (.net)
  86. List of character traits - Fiction Writers' Mentor
  87. FREE Writing Downloads: Exercises, Prompts & Advice! - Writer's Digest
  88. Power Thesaurus is a free, online thesaurus dictionary for writers
  89. Useful Writing Tips and Samples from Blog section of


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  90. Indispensible Writing Resources Site
  91. Writing Softwares - Can They Beat Human Mind - Blog Tutorial and Tips from
  92. Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
  93. Web Resources for Communications Skills - Extensive list
  94. Writers Write - Writer's Blog and Writing and Publishing Resource:
  95. Creative Writing Resources - From the WritersNet®
  96. WriterOnline - Professional ezine has articles and tips
  97. An Extensive Resource for Aspiring Writers - Explore Writing (UK)
  98. See 400 Writing topic ideas - from™
  99. A-Plus Research& Writing for high school and college students
  100. Creative Writing - Tips from IPL
  101. 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills
  102. GlobalStudy Links: English language study
  103. The University of Victoria Writer's Guide - See Literary terms, Logic terms, grammar, etc.
  104. TOPOS - Homepage for Professional Writing, Linguistics, and Rhetoric Composition
  105. Writing Centers Online - Links to educational centers
  106. Connecting Writers and Editors - See many resources
  107. Writer's Resource Center
  108. Writer's Companion Research Links
  109. Website & Blog Links | Writing Companion
  110. See writer resources at
  111. Online Sites and Tools for Productive Writers
  112. Ten Free Resources every Writer Needs
  113. List of True Homonyms - Wikipedia
  114. Writers Digest - See Tips, prompt, blog...
  115. Links to book Publishers
  116. Writer's Corner
  117. The Burry Man's Writing Center - Covers many topics
  118. Access the World and Write Your Way to Money
  119. Internet Writing Resources
  120. Robert Niles' Journalism Help: Finding Data on the Internet
  121. Writers and Readers Links
  122. Links for Writers - Via
  123. J-LAB - Igniting news ideas that work
  124. Introduction to Modern Literary Theory
  125. Luminarium - Anthology of English Literature
  126. Writing Links - From Internet Resources .com
  127. The 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers in 2015 - Also see Student list
  128. Finding Public Domain & Creative Commons Media - Research Guides at Harvard Library


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  129. 50 Tools which can help you in Writing - Listing from LifeHack
  130. Poynter Online - Fifty Writing Tools - Most tips via MP3 download, Listen online, and drag to iTunes
  131. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations - Wikipedia
  132. The Journalist's Toolbox - Search Writing & Extensive Categories in Archives
  133. Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
  134. Writer's Handbook - From UW-Madison Writing Center
  135. Darkcopy - An online full-screen Text editor - for writing without distractions
  136. Tips, Tools & Ideas to Improve Your Writing (ACI)
  137. 11 Rules of Writing
  138. Editors' and Writers' Toolkit
  139. Free writing guidance, free glossaries, etc. - From Mantex (British company)
  141. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
  142. Writing Resources (and tools) - Michael Krauss, ISALC, Lewis & Clark College
  143. Fumble Rules of Grammar
  144. Writer's Knowledge Base™ - The Search Engine for Writers
  145. 60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers -
  146. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research
  147. List of academic databases and search engines - Wikipedia
  148. Directory of Literature - Search Engine Guide
  149. 20 Useful Specialty Search Engines for College Students - Best Online Universities LLC
  150. Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need - NoodleTools
  151. Research, Literary, and Other Useful Sites - Brooklyn College
  152. WritingDEN - Activities supported by audio
  153. Tips, Tools & Ideas to Improve Your Writing (ACI)
  154. The Catholic Encyclopedia - Great for history, writers, etc.
  155. See writer references at
  156. Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling - Purdue University Online Writing Lab
  157. List of English Homonyms
  158. See the 100 most misspelled (and most mispronounced words) in English - via Your™
  159. English Anatomy Chart -

  160. Dr. Grammar - Note: Ask a Question has restricted use
  161. Free Writing Info from
  162. The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard - Grades 5 to early H.S.
  163. Advice on Research and Writing
  164. ReadWriteThink Homepage - Classroom resources
  165. It's Only Ink!: Writer's Resource Page
  166. Writing with Writers - See topics at Scholastic
  167. Glossary of Grammatic Terms
  168. Glossary Of Poetic Terms
  169. Rhyming Dictionary is one option with Merriam-Webster's Word Central
  170. Rhyme Desk - Rhyming Dictionary And Other Creative Writing Tools For Poets
  171. Writers Free Reference - Where to find free information for writers and others
  172. Bartlett's, Familiar Quotations [1901 Edition] - Royalty-free material
  173. Computing Dictionaries
  174. A Writer’s Toolkit by Rudy Rucker
  175. Toolkit for New Medical Writers
  176. Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online
  177. A Writer's Companion - Alternate expressions
  178. Hi Tech Tools and Resources for Writers
  179. The Idiom Connection
  180. Grammar Handbook - Also see Tips & Writer Resources from UI
  181. 10 Ideas for Using Technology to Teach Writing
  182. Ginger Software: Writing App - Contextual-based grammar and spelling checker - online or can download
  183. Journalism glossary wiki
  184. The Phrontistery - Obscure Words and Vocabulary Resources
  185. New Web2.0 Tools - See writing tools & more via LibGuides at Springfield Township H S
  186. List of Latin phrases (full) - Via Wikipedia
  187. Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - 1894 Ed. via infoplease
  188. Free Language Translations Online [Full Text] -
  189. Check Thesaurus Online for Free -
  190. The Free Online Thesaurus / Synonym Finder -
  191. Thesaurus - Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, and more - Via
  192. Roget's International Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases - Courtesy of Bartleby
  193. Free Dictionary project - Large collection of world dictionaries - some for downloading
  194. 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary - Dr. Kimberly's Literacy Blog
  195. Academic Phrasebank - The University of Manchester
  196. WorldCat® - Find items in libraries near you - and download some
  197. Freeware & Online Tools for Writers - Paperback Writer
  198. The Phrase Thesaurus - a writer's tool
  199. Glossary of Essay Terms - bid4papers
  200. - Blog - Duke Diercks - Please preview 34 Writing Tools...


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  201. Free Novel Writing Software: yWriter5 - See details at download site
  202. Best free software for writing: 10 programs
  203. WikidPad - A notebook to store & link your ideas, to do lists, contacts (OSS)
  204. Freeware for Screen Writers - Scripters World
  205. Download Scholar's Aid 2000 Lite - Bibliographical manager links to word processors
  206. The Literary Machine - Free creativity software for writers - Gunnar Sommestad
  207. Writer's Free Stuff - Free writer's software and articles
  208. Rhyming Dictionary - McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme
  209. FreeWriter - Free Writing Software
  210. Free Writing Software -
  211. WordWeb: English Dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software - See free version
  212. RoughDraft - Screen writing mode, stage/ radio play mode, or prose mode (donationware)
  213. Cinergy Script Editor - A free script editor for entertainment production work
  214. 50 Awesome Open Source Resources for Writers and Writing Majors
  215. 25+ Pieces of Writing Software You Should Know About - Many are free!
  216. Free Writing Software
  217. Storybook - Open Source Novel Writing Software for Novelists, Authors and Creative Writers - See alternatives at site
  218. Bibme - The fully automatic bibliography maker
  219. Free Writer's Toolkit
  220. Full-Screen Writing Programs - See free items
  221. TypeIt ReadIt - free Text-To-Speech program (WIN or MAC) - play later in car, etc. - See more freeware at
  222. Trelby - A free, multiplatform, feature-rich screenwriting program!
  223. Free Software for Aspiring Novelists - Gizmo's Freeware
  224. The best free software for writers 2016 - Via techradar
  225. PDFCreator - Create PDF files from any Windows program - Free software
  226. 14 Free & Open Source Alternatives For Paid Software - Courtesy of makeuseof
  227. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software - Osalt .com
  228. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations - Find substitutes easily
  229. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  230. Best Free Tools And Services For Technical Writers – Level Up! – Medium
  231. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  232. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school

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  234. LibGuides Community Site - Locate libguides A-Z at 4799 libraries worldwide!
  235. Public Library Listings - by state - Via
  236. See INDEX for ENGLISH, REFERENCES, etc.
  237. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX

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