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  1. Educational Resources for Students - Technical and vocational School Guide
  2. Occupational Outlook A-Z
  3. Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) - Explore some career choices
  4. Salaries across the Job Market for Information Technology Professionals (US) -
  5. Free Online courses & tutorials for more than 120 different vocational & academic disciplines - Via™
  6. Technology For All Americans - Implementation links by ITEA
  7. Engineers, Computer Engineers, Science: College Scholarships, Graduate School
  8. Career and Technical Education -
  9. Online Tutorial and Open Learning Resources
  10. Web Resources for Communications Skills
  11. Vocational Information Center: Career and Technical Education Resources
  12. Electronic Career Guide
  13. Vocational Resources - Vocational Research Institute
  14. MIT OPENCOURSEWARE Course Finder - Find free courses to download
  15. Environmental Education Programs and Resources - NCSE
  16. How to Become an Electronics Maintenance Technician.
  17. Vocational Rehabilitation
  18. School-to-Work Internet Resources - Lists of businesses and organizations
  19. How to... Remember Lists and Long Numbers - 5 Methods including mnemonics - from
  20. Mnemonics - 7 Tricks
  21. K-12 Vocational Sites
  22. SkillsUSA-VICA - Links to technical careers, education, etc.
  23. WHS Elective Links - Educational links include those for TECH ED
  24. Student Pilot Site - Internet Resources
  25. How Products Are Made - MadeHow
  26. An Overview of Simple Machines
  27. Metal Arts Guild links
  28. Sawdust Making 101: A Guide for the Beginning Woodworker - See Woodworking Charts
  29. Dairy Science and Technology
  30. Vocational Resources - Vocational Research Institute
  31. Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology
  32. Career Planning - Self Assessment, Exploring Occupations, Skills and Training -
  33. WiN Career Center - Many links to career exploration, self-assessment, etc.
  34. A list of technical articles on the web site - Music and Design (.com)
  35. Education Planner.orgSM - See self-assessment
  36. Estimating With a Spreadsheet - JLC Online
  37. The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing's Table of Content
  38. Free online electronics and electricity calculators
  39. Free e-books re: computers, science, etc.
  40. has online tools to optimize your Digital TV transition
  41. Learn about electronics from DOCTRONICS Online Resources
  42. Electronic Circuits, Projects, Design, Circuit Diagrams, Hobby Kits and Schematics
  43. Extreme Circuits - See great selections at EEWeb Community
  44. Electronic Circuit Diagram - See useful circuits and more links
  45. Electronic Circuit Diagrams - See huge collection
  46. Circuits in the Circuits Archive -
  47. Circuits Archive - Via
  48. Electronic circuit schematics - See thousands of electronic circuits at PCB Heaven
  49. DIY Electronic Projects - Make:™
  50. Datasheets & application notes - Datasheet Archive Search Engine
  51. Download a PDF Manual and other User's Guide Books for your products for free: ManualNGuide.Com
  52. Engineering Dictionary Online
  53. Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary
  54. The Shell Method Software Engineering Process Repository - See Software Engineering Glossary
  55. Education and career information portal
  56. Career Exploration & Planning - Excellent site for K-12 categories
  57. Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
  58. Engineering ToolBox - Extensive arrays of useful information and utilities
  59. Engineering search engines - provided by Montague Institute Review
  60. Engineers Edge - Reference Data for Engineers
  61. Engineers' Tool Kit - The free Engineering Tools site
  62. Electronics and Electrical Engineering Tools - EEWeb Community
  63. Circuit Projects - Extensive list from EEWeb Community
  64. 10 Free Math Analysis & Design Tools for Engineers - See electronics news - EE Times
  65. Engineering Calculators and Tools - Electronic Products
  66. Engineering Dictionary Online - Extensive list of terms via EngNet
  67. Metric Conversion Chart, Unit Converter, Metric Conversion, Metric Units, Metric - EngNet
  68. Conversion of units - Wikipedia
  69. Simple Conversions Online - 10 categories
  70. The Calculator Site - see Financial Calculators and Metric Conversions
  71. AC : Electronics Textbook - All About Circuits
  72. ChemSynthesis - Chemical Database
  73. Byrne's Electrical Engineering Hot links
  74. Electronic/Engineering Links -
  75. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Information Resources - WWW Virtual Library
  76. Electronic Design News
  77. Education Portal: Electrical Engineering and Electronics
  78. Electronic Engineering Links
  79. Welcome to - A Portal to Renewable Energy
  80. Prototyping With Surface Mount Components - SSS Online E-zine (click Home for more links)
  81. Stan's Electronic and Electric Engineering Links
  82. Engineering & Electronic Related Technologies Links - FVTC Library Guides at Fox Valley Technical College
  83. High School Trigonometry/Radian Measure - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
  84. Wikibooks: Card Catalog Office - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
  85. Metric Conversion charts and calculators
  86. Unit Conversion Online Tools
  87. Engineering ToolBox -Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications
  88. Conversion Table - Imperial to Metric Unit Measurement - Thickness Conversion Table
  89. Drill Charts - W.L. Fuller Inc.
  90. Measurement Converter - Conversion of Weights and Measure
  91. Introduction to the Food Industry - Self-Study Online Lessons for High School students - from the Institute of Food Technologists
  92. Electronics Hobbyist - Also see robotic links
  93. Online Electronics Book from WikiBooks has detailed information
  94. Online Practical Electronics Book from WikiBooks
  95. Free e-books - Covers science, engineering, etc.
  96. List of Free Online Software Engineering Courses
  97. Electronic Circuits - See mixed array
  98. 10 Free Budget Spreadsheets for 2015
  99. Download a PDF Manual and other User's Guide Books for your products for free - ManualNGuide.Com
  100. Free Online Unit Converter - See download version also - free!
  101. Online Unit Converts - See large collection
  102. Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
  103. Welcome to - The Open Source Project Management tool
  104. Electronic Links - Some foreign sites
  105. EPE Everyday Practical Electronics hobby constructor magazine - Free Projects - see archived articles too
  106. Basic oscilloscope operation - From All About Circuits
  107. Home Power Magazine
  108. Top lists for technical resources from - Outstanding!
  109. DIY Home Improvement - Includes water purification
  110. Home Repairs - Include water heater troubleshooting from®
  111. Engineering Tools and Links - Listings by Engineering Jobs
  112. SOLID STATE ELECTRONICS - howstuffworks
  113. Free Online Workshop Repair Manuals - Select auto maker
  114. WJ - Main Menu - See repair section
  115. Repair Help -
  116. Free Radio Berkeley - Empowering Free Speech via electronic communication
  117. BEAM Robotic Reference Library - Hobbyist tips from
  118. Amateur Radio Websites - RF Cafe
  119. Amateur Ham Radio Association - ARRL
  120. Amateur Radio Links - For Amateur Radio hobbyists
  121. Amateur Radio Links & Notes - William Eric McFadden


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  122. Electronic software sources - Many programs are free - from ePanorama electronic
  123. - Several freeware design programs, oscilloscope input, and more
  124. Electronic Hobbyist - Covers electricity/electronic education, free software, robotics...
  125. 100 Top Engineering Resources - Long list of links
  126. Freeware CAD Program 'CadStd'
  127. Electronics Hub - Latest Free Electronics Projects and Circuits
  128. Engineering Design Tools - See sources for electronic CAD and other design software
  129. Electronics Technician / Hourly Rate
  130. Artifice DesignWorkshop Lite - Design house layouts and more
  131. PhotoModeler Lite Freeware Home Page - Free 3D home design, walkthrough, and rendering software
  132. Free Mechanical Engineering CAD Software - Huge list by Freebyte
  133. Inkscape - Open source vector drawing program (read details at site)
  134. Solve Elec 2.5 - Electrical circuit analysis with ocilloscope - free program (donationware)
  135. Ian Purdie electronic's Downloads Page -
  136. Electrical Engineering Software - Free items are marked GPL (SAL)
  137. Free Electronic Software - Drawing tools, circuit design, etc. (many are free) - Educypedia
  138. Greg's DOWNLOAD page - See Category: Circuit Analysis
  139. Digital Design Resources Page - Central Connecticut State University
  140. Brad's Math Physics Engineering Freeware - Shareware
  141. Freeware Home - See Education Science and Related items
  142. LTspice IV - Free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer
  143. FreeEDA - Open source tool for circuit design, simulation, analysis & PCB design
  144. PostgreSQL - Object-relational database management system - via
  145. WinSQL Lite - Database from Synametrics Technologies (must register free copy)
  146. DuroDBMS - A relational database management system - open source from SourceForge
  147. Firebird - True universal open source database
  148. Spread Spectrum Scene: FREE Software/Shareware, Part I (electronic software)
  149. Robert's Online Spreadsheet - Can be modified
  150. A Java-based spreadsheet code for HTML document - From The Java™ Boutique
  151. FREE Student Edition of a 9-windowed, menu-driven spreadsheet - Runs under Microsoft Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP
  152. Gnumeric Portable Free Spreadsheet Program -
  153. See Star Office - Among other free suites which have word processors, spreadsheets, etc.
  154. Business Software - Accounting, Database, Scheduling & more from
  155. QV, the graphic viewer-converter - for JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF files - Cyril Cambien
  156. Ultimate Paint - Full-featured 32-bit Windows graphics program for image creation, viewing and manipulation (freeware version available)
  157. Crimson - Free programming editor fits on disk - many advanced features
  158. FreewareHome lists Diagram Designer - Useful engineering tool
  159. Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing - See details at
  160. PhotoModeler Lite 3.1a - Last known freeware copy
  161. Free Software - From UGA Poultry
  162. Free Software for Electrical Engineering - Greg's Download Page
  163. EngNet Tools - the free WIN application includes Conversion Calculator and Engineering Dictionary to your desktop - EngNet
  164. Turn Your PC into a Soundcard Oscilloscope - free for educational use
  165. Use Your Laptop as Oscilloscope - See simple design for probe interface
  166. FREE Software for Engineers - Fully functional programs via YourSpreadsheets
  167. Software For Engineers Freeware - WinSite
  168. Free Civil Engineering Software - via CivilStructural
  169. Free electronic CAD software
  170. Free electronics design software download
  171. Open Source & Other Free Software for Schools & Students - Digital Design & Technology
  172. CAD tools - Open Source Ecology
  173. Open Source Engineering Tools - DevelopSpace
  174. 10 Free PCB Design Software
  175. Electronic Circuits Diagrams - Electronics Projects Designs - Hobby Circuits
  176. ePanorama - software and tools for electronics design
  177. Top 25 Open Source Software Apps for Engineers
  178. Windows Science & Engineering Software - Open Source Software from
  179. Windows Mechanical and Civil Engineering Software -
  180. The Engineers' Club Home - Software Links - See many mixed resources - some are free
  181. Download essential free software - listing by index - from SnapFiles including:
  182. The Best Freeware - 33 selections by Mr. J.V. Presogna (2008)
  183. PDFCreator - Create PDF files from any Windows program - Free software
  184. 14 Free & Open Source Alternatives For Paid Software - Courtesy of makeuseof
  185. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software - Osalt .com
  186. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations - Find substitutes easily
  187. Free software for Education - Many categories by
  188. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  189. Old Version Website: Find last known free versions of software titles
  190. - Small apps to make old hardware work well (read FAQ for PW)
  191. FreeDOS | The FreeDOS Project - For older PCs
  192. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  193. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - for home, office, and school


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