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  1. How can I avoid computer viruses? - Ask Bob Rankin - has answers to tons of questions
  2. Informative Technology links from See mainpage for other great categories
  3. Guides and Tutorials.Com - Free Podcasting, PowerPoint, Audacity recording tips...
  4. Internet Search Engines for Kids - Student Safe Search Engines
  5. Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML
  6. Free Webmaster Tips and Tutorials - Tips from
  7. Digital Librarian - Librarian's choice of the best of the Web
  8. David's Tech Tips | Getting the Most out of Technology
  9. Vicki Blackwell's Tech Tips for Educators
  10. Tech Tips for Education
  11. Technology Lesson Plans - By K-5 Computer Lab
  12. Computer Tips - Multiple links via Symbaloo
  13. Free Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks Tutorial - At GCFLearnFree
  14. See Engineering TIps, Tools & Technical Information - Via Bob Bowman's Free Guide
  15. Online tutorial and quizzes - Also see Trades And Technology Links
  16. Electrical Engineering - Bruce Carter
  17. What They Didn't Teach You: Tech Tips and Tools for New Grads - TechHive
  18. A Few Scanning Tips by Wayne Fulton
  19. Tips, Solutions & How To - From
  20. Digital Video Tips - from ®
  21. Globinch: Tech-Knowledge that helps
  22. How To Topics - For Dummies - Tips on many topics
  23. Database, Software and Technology Use Tip Sheets - Focusing on mission-based organizations
  24. How to Create and Use Presentation Visuals - by®


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  25. - The leading online tech dictionary and encyclopedia
  26. Technology Tools | Tools you can use - Education World®
  27. Free Printable Checklists - from My ParenTime
  28. Welcome to MegaConverter 2 - Powerful online calculator - Extensive units
  29. Welcome to - Convert just about anything to anything else
  30. Graphing Calculator - Free online tool graph functions - Plus Calculators, Conversions... - By MATHblog
  31. Online Calculators from Calculator™.com - See Scientific types, Math, etc.
  32. Large Online Calculator - Many others available from
  33. Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator - With Entry Recorder
  34. Free Online Science Calculator - Courtesy UHM - with entry recorder
  35. Distance Calculator - online
  36. Percentage Calculator
  37. Calculator Home Page - online versions plus free downloadable versions (Also see conversions tools)
  38. Math has online calculator for circles, right triangles, etc.
  39. Calculation and Conversion Tools - From IPL General Reference collection
  40. Online Calculators for the Building Trades
  41. See How To's at GizmoHighway
  42. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About - Edudemic
  43. More Robotic Resources
  44. Build Your own PC, Server, etc.
  45. Hardware Help Online by Build A PC today and more
  46. Uri's TCP/IP Resource List
  47. Zdnet Technology News
  48. Student Filmmakers Magazine and Filmmakers Network
  49. ChemSpider - Search chemical database
  50. Phonics - Extensive lists from
  51. Free e-Commerce Educational Solutions - From
  52. SpellOnline: International Spell Checking for the Web
  53. EasyType - free typing lessons
  54. Calligraphy for Everyone
  55. Kim Komando's Techie Tools
  56. UK Technology Education Centre
  57. The Technology Education Lab
  58. Engineering Resources for K-12
  59. Links from the Center for Advanced Technology in Education - Univ. of Oregon
  60. HTML Made Really Easy (Also in Spanish) - By J. Marshall
  61. CGI Made Really Easy - Writing CGI scripts to process Web forms
  62. Web Designer's Paradise
  63. IDM JavaScript FAQ - With much more information on other tutorials
  64. W3C® HTML Validation Service
  65. The PC Technology Guide
  66. Tools And Tables for Trades And Technology
  67. TECHnalysis Research - See technology trends & more
  68. Technology links - From®
  69. Graphic Design - including software tutorials from®
  70. Educational CyberPlayGround
  71. UK Technology Education Centre
  72. The Technology Education Lab
  73. The Web Robots Pages
  74. Web Designer's Paradise
  75. IDM JavaScript FAQ - With much more information on other tutorials
  76. Free Computer Help Tutorials - See much more at 5 Star Support
  77. Free PC tips and troubleshooting articles - Multiple links from
  78. Free Graphic & Design Tools download for Windows -
  79. Free online courses, tutorials, and activities from a virtual university - By
  80. Sites Neteachers Thought were Cool! - NETEACH-L
  81. Technology Resources - From
  82. Bookmarks for Gerry O'Connor - Includes English, Technology, etc.
  83. 13 Useful Math Cheat Sheets - Includes calculus, Trigonometry...
  84. Digital Divide Web Resources - U.S. DOE - Office of Educational Technology
  85. Tech Aids/Links - Bergen County EC
  86. Site Map
  87. Engineering Power Tools - Links
  88. Power Tools from Teachnet
  89. Energy Efficiency - Building Energy Software - Alphabetical Listing - U.S. Dept. of Energy
  90. 60 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything
  91. Tools for Students - aids for government and politics
  92. Online Hieroglyphics Translator
  93. Word Tools (for elementary students) - J. T. Hood School
  94. Technology Tools for Educators - See The Value of Technology
  95. Duke-developed Resources for Object Oriented Learning - Includes conversion utility
  96. - Webtools coming
  97. Try VirtualDub freeware for desktop video
  98. Designing More Usable Documents
  99. The Search Engine List - Comprehensive list of Search Engines
  100. School Technologies - Playground: games and links - Also see online Metric Conversion tool
  101. Integrating Productivity Tools in Primary and Secondary Education
  102. Find Anything Page - From The PSYCH Web
  103. Engineering Resources - Electronic Design - Engineer's References
  104. IT Library For IT Professionals - Tech Tutorials - Computer Study Guide
  105. Consumer Electronics - Glossary, ePublications, and how to connect things
  106. Free software for digital imaging
  107. Power Tools/Neat Tools - By
  108. Mr Tech Toolbox Solutions - Search tools for varied information
  109. Research - Research tools, including essays, dictionary, etc.
  110. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research - See more tools at teachthought
  111. Graphic Design tips - From®
  112. Best gif maker -
  113. Free Web Site Utilities - From Marketing Resources
  114. Video Editing and Presentation Tools - By Cool Tools For Schools
  115. A Complete Guide to Digital Cameras
  116. Technology Tools - From Baltimore City College
  117. The Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site - From
  118. Zabaware - Free version of Ultra Hal Assistant - A digital secretary based on AI technology
  119. History of the Internet and World Wide Web
  120. Free online Virus Checking sequence
  121. List of computer simulation software - See open source versions at wikipedia
  122. Stain Removal Guide
  123. Use Google to Search Within One Site - PC World article
  124. How to's and essential tips for buying, using, and fixing technology products - PC World
  125. Educational Technology page from
  126. Lloyd's satellite constellations
  127. Informational Technology applied to education: CAI, software, technology planning, etc.
  128. IP 101: All About IP Addresses -from Network Computing
  129. Welcome to PC Lube and Tune: tech tutorials and other information on networking, computers, etc.
  130. Troubleshooting Professional Magazine: Building Supercomputers with Free Software
  131. Digital Video Editing Software - listed by Cinestream(R)
  132. Photo resizing software (Kids pictures for screen-savers and more)
  133. The Best Free 3D IPAS on the net
  134. ShortKeys™: Windows Macro Utility, Lite Version - free
  135. Spread Spectrum Scene: FREE Software/Shareware, Part I (electronic software)
  136. Web2.0: Cool Tools for Schools
  137. Portable.Edu: 51 Productive & Petite Apps Every Student Should Put on Their USB Drive -The .Edu Toolbox
  138. Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize images for FREE! - Use pixel dimentions - Image


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  139. 3D Dictionary by - Provides pictures for Technology terms
  140. Geek Glossary
  141. Webopedia - Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technology
  142. Study Hall - Reference - Also see technology section
  143. The PC Technology Guide - By
  144. Encyclopedia of Educational Technology - SDSU
  145. Glossary of Mac and Apple Terminology - Focus on MAC Support - from®
  146. High-Tech Dictionary - From
  147. A Dictionary of Units
  148. 180 Technology Tips - Home Page - Index
  149. NetDictionary
  150. Free Online Dictionary of Computing ( - See browser extensions & downloadable dictionary
  151. Acronym Finder AF
  152. - The IT-Specific Encyclopedia
  153. Electronic Terms and Links (Rice Univ.)
  154. A Global Glossary: Greco-Roman world with audible pronunciation tool - By Classics Technology Center
  155. WWW Acronym and Abbreviation Server - Search function - but no definitions
  156. On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences - AT&T
  157. Math Reference: Tables, Facts and Formulas - From the WebAlias Network
  158. Formulas and Tables in English or Spanish - From
  159. English-Spanish Math Dictionary - From
  160. Table of Electrical Symbols - See other Circuit Schematic Symbols at Rapid Tables
  161. - The world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols
  162. Technical Tables - Resistor Color Codes, Electrical & Mechanical formulas, etc
  163. Reference Tools for computers, calculators, etc.
  164. Nist Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
  165. WWW Unit Converter
  166. The Living Internet - History and references
  167. Fundamental Physical Constants (CODATA)
  168. Inventor's Technical Reference Page
  169. Detailed Explanations of Operating Systems via Wikipedia
  170. Open Contacts™ - Advanced address & contacts book - portable version available
  171. E-Z Contact Book - Freeware
  172. Chaos Manager - Organizer for appointments, contacts, and more
  173. IrfanView - Viewer with some editing features
  174. PDFCreator - Create PDF files from any Windows program - Free software
  175. 14 Free & Open Source Alternatives For Paid Software - Courtesy of makeuseof
  176. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software - Read more at Osalt .com
  177. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations - Find substitutes easily
  178. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  179. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  180. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school


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  181. Ten Tips for Parents of College Kids
  184. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
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