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  1. See Student Privacy and other issues - Privacy Foundation at the Sturm College of Law
  2. Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools - from the Electronic Privacy Information Center
  3. International Web Police - Check archives for residual postings
  4. Security reviews, how to advice, and news - PC World
  5. An Overview of Cryptology - Courtesy of Gary Kessler
  6. Computer Security - OnGuard
  7. Security Page from
  8. Getting Started with PGP from ACM Crossroads Student Magazine
  9. NIST Computer Security Division - See A-Z List of Projects and other tools
  10. 10 steps for safe web surfing - Via
  11. Cyber Tips for Older Americans
  12. Tips for Safe Internet Banking - FDIC
  13. Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe Online
  14. Tips for Identifying Fraudulent Emails - SEC
  15. Online and Mobile Safety
  16. See Fraud Prevention Checklist - From ELDERIMPACT
  17. 10 Common Types Of Fraud And How To Avoid Them
  18. Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults
  19. 75 Free Tools To Protect Your Privacy Online - Courtesy of Comparitech
  20. 41 Types Of Fraud And How To Detect And Prevent Them - Courtesy of
  21. Family Tree Now: A Free - And Controversial - People Search Site
  22. Public Wi-Fi: How to Secure Your Data in 10 Minutes -
  23. Online Censorship: A Global Map & Ranking of Every Country's Internet Restrictions (Infographic) - Via vpnMentor
  24. VPN Protocols - Differences Between OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP - Via
  25. Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online - Via Household
  26. Guide to Avoiding Online Fraud and Scams - Background
  27. How to Check and Find Out If a Website Is Legitimate or Not
  28. Online Safety Resources -
  29. 26 Home Security Tips for Seniors — Home Security
  30. Teen Internet Safety: A Parents Guide -


  31. Trend Micro's Free Online Virus Scanner
  32. Best free antivirus software 2015 -TechRadar
  33. SurfinGuard 192b by Finjan SoftwareDownload - free for personal use - Via
  34. 17 High-Risk Security Threats (And How to Fix Them) at PCWorld
  35. AdSubtract Pro 3.00 (formerl interMute) makes web browsing faster, safer, more private - BlueChillies
  36. Banish Your Unbidden Spyware - See links for free security software plus alerts from©
  37. Download SuperAntiSpyware(Replaces shareware worm Detectors) - Softonic®
  38. Get LavaSoft's free Ad-aware program
  39. - See protection methods and software) BONUS: Find names of the URLs showing only numbers
  40. Trend Micro's HouseCall: Free Online Virus checker
  41. AVG Anti-Virus System Main Page - (free but offer restricted - see details)
  42. Freebyte's Guide to free anti-virus software
  43. ZoneAlarm® - firewall software, is still FREE for personal and non-profit use
  44. Free Firewall and Internet Security Software - From Home PC Firewall Guide
  45. offers security programs - free for personal use
  46. PGP® - Encryption program (This version for use outside the U. S.)


    (Including Technology in Education, Technophobia, etc.)

  47. Michael's Tips for the Technophobic
  48. Coping Section - See how to deal with stress from Bob Bowman's Guide
  49. Opening the Bottleneck of Technology Skills Among Staff - Via
  50. John Kupersmith's Webspace: Technostress
  51. A Study of Technology Sophistication... - CSUDH
  52. Investing in School Technology - U.S. Dept. of Education
  53. Education Leadership Toolkit - for change and technology in America's Schools - NSBA
  54. TQ Source Tips and Tools: Emerging Strategies to Enhance Educator Quality - NCCTQ
  55. The emerging contribution of online resources and tools to classroom learning and teaching (Report submitted to SchoolNet / Rescol - by TeleLearning Network Inc.
  56. New Answers for E-Learning (article from U.S. News Online
  57. Technology News (USA TODAY)
  58. Constructivist Tools for Learning - beyond drill and practice tools and software - USASK
  59. Softpanorama University Unix Security Pages
  60. Literacy & Technology Integration at The Literacy Web - Via
  61. Supporting Struggling Students - Sue Taylor-Foley

  63. LibGuides Community Site - Locate libguides A-Z at 4799 libraries worldwide!
  65. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  66. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.

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