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  1. See Student Privacy and other issues - Privacy Foundation at Sturm College of Law
  2. Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools - Via Electronic Privacy Information Center
  3. International Web Police - Check archives for residual postings
  4. Security reviews, how to advice, and news - PC World
  5. An Overview of Cryptology - Courtesy of Gary Kessler
  6. Computer Security - OnGuard
  7. Security Page from
  8. Getting Started with PGP - ACM Crossroads Student Magazine
  9. NIST Computer Security Division - See A-Z List of Projects and other tools
  10. 10 steps for safe web surfing - Via Help Net Security
  11. Cyber Tips for Older Americans
  12. FDIC: Consumer Protection Topics - Cybersecuritynsba - FDIC
  13. Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe Online
  14. Tips for Identifying Fraudulent Emails - SEC
  15. Online and Mobile Safety
  16. See Fraud Prevention Checklist - From ELDERIMPACT
  17. Get Online Safety Resources - From the National Cyber Security Alliance
  18. Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults
  19. 75 Free Tools To Protect Your Privacy Online - Courtesy of Comparitech
  20. 41 Types Of Fraud And How To Detect And Prevent Them - Courtesy of
  21. Family Tree Now: A Free - And Controversial - People Search Site
  22. 17 Safe Internet Browsing Tips for Beginners -
  23. Online Censorship: A Global Map & Ranking of Every Country's Internet Restrictions (Infographic) - Via vpnMentor
  24. VPN Protocols - Differences Between OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP - Via
  25. Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online - Via Household
  26. Guide to Avoiding Online Fraud and Scams - Background
  27. How to Check and Find Out If a Website Is Legitimate or Not
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  34. Phishing Protection Checklist - How To Protect Yourself From Phishing - Inspired eLearning
  35. Parental Controls: How to Safeguard Children from Online Infelicitous Content - OPT
  36. What Is Cyberbullying?: An Overview For Students, Parents, And Teachers - Maryville Univ.
  37. Cyberbullying / e-Safety for children, teachers & parents -
  38. Keeping Children Safe Online - Important issues and links are provided
  39. Senior Citizen's Guide To Privacy Online - Via top10VPN
  40. Keeping Kids Safe Online - Via allconnect™
  41. 12 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers - TeachHUB
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  44. How to Keep Children Safe in Cyber Space – An Updated Guide For Parents - Claire's Corner
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  47. Parental Controls: How to Safeguard Children from Online Infelicitous Content - OPT


  48. Trend Micro's Free Online Virus Scanner
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  52. AdSubtract Pro 3.00 (formerl interMute) makes web browsing faster, safer, more private - BlueChillies
  53. Search site for Spyware - See links for free security software plus alerts from©
  54. Download SuperAntiSpyware(Replaces shareware worm Detectors) - Softonic®
  55. The Best FREE Antivirus & ad block - Adaware
  56. - See protection methods and software) BONUS: Find names of the URLs showing only numbers
  57. Trend Micro's HouseCall: Free Online Virus checker
  58. AVG Anti-Virus System Main Page - (free but offer restricted - see details)
  59. Freebyte's Guide to free anti-virus software
  60. ZoneAlarm® - firewall software, is still FREE for personal and non-profit use
  61. Free Firewall and Internet Security Software - From Home PC Firewall Guide
  62. offers security programs - free for personal use
  63. OpenPGP


    (Including Technology in Education, Technophobia, etc.)

  64. Michael's Tips for the Technophobic
  65. Coping Section - See how to deal with stress from Bob Bowman's Guide
  66. Opening the Bottleneck of Technology Skills Among Staff - Via
  67. John Kupersmith's Webspace: Technostress
  68. A Study of Technology Sophistication... - CSUDH Page via Internet Archive
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  78. Supporting Struggling Students - Sue Taylor-Foley
  79. EdTech: The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom - CustomLogoCases Blog


  80. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  82. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  83. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.

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