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  1. logoNotetab ™ Multi-file Editor - Free version even has Mouse-Click Encoding HTML tags - with script lang. WIN
  2. Technology Coordinator's Resources - See other categories from Exworthy Educational Resources


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  3. logoBob Bowman's Guide to Freeware - This section has software & sites which are useful in support efforts
  4. How To Use Open Source (And How Not To) - PINGV
  5. Benefits of Using Open Source Software - gbdirect
  6. Frequently Answered Questions - Open Source Initiative
  7. Windows-to-Linux roadmap: Overview - IBM®
  8. IBM® developerWorks : Open source : Technical library
  9. How to Get Support for Open Source Software - PCWorld
  10. Open Source Help Desk Software
  11. Enterprise Open Source Blog - See latest news


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  12. PC Pitstop runs free diagnostics on your PC - To identify things that might help improve performance
  13. Top 10 Sites For Computer Troubleshooting & Tech Support
  14. PC Help - Hardware Technical Reference Manual - Jalkanen Art & Science via Internet Archive
  15. has good security news and techniques - including IT encyclopedia
  16. Support FAQs, Tutorials, and other aids are available at
  17. Dr. Alice Christie's Educational Portals Page
  18. Technology Coordinator Picks
  19. Tech Coordinators Resources
  20. Bob's Place of Educational Links - Via Internet Archive
  21. Linda Hoff's Educational Technology Tips
  22. Teacher's Comprehensive List of Great Educational Technology Resources - Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
  23. 321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology - Via eLearning Industry
  24. Ron Heasley's Instructional/Educational Technology Links
  25. Amby's Education Resources
  26. Technology - See links on tools and resources
  27. Technology in Education Links
  28. Ken Umbach's Education Links
  29. K-12 School Computer Networking/Chapter 1 - See over 20 chapters - many being constructed
  30. Technical Knowledge - PCS - Tech Support Topics
  31. Technology in Education
  32. Jon Hildrum's Win 95 page Helpful info
  33. Free Tutorial for... - 38,000,000 Free tutorials
  34. PC World: Downloads for the PC - Stop Viruses, spam, etc.- Most are free
  35. PC World: PC World's How To section (click on see all... - See how to use modern technology
  36. Virtual Dr. See tutorial on cleaning up PC files (DLLs, temp files, etc.) - INT Media Group
  37.® - See topical advice
  38. Windows General Troubleshooting Techniques -
  39. O'Donnell on Computers - Troubleshooting Guide (Covers PCs and Macs)
  40. Millions of Free Manuals - Download Manuals That You Need
  41. Auto Repair Advice and Tech Maintenance Tips - Some Techs need this too
  42. Top 100 Computer Magazines List - by Net Valley
  43. The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs - See Free online version (Macmillan Computer Publishers)
  44. Lycos® -Type in Computers: Help And How-to
  45. Upgrading PC using HDD from old PC
  46. Beginners Guides: fundamentals of Upgrading a PC
  47. Understanding, Identifying and Upgrading the RAM in your PC
  48. Upgrade or Replace - Tips from®
  49. Upgrading a PC - Volume 1
  50. PC Support Basics - Upgrading Hardware
  51. Assemble your own PC and Replace, Add, Repair PC parts
  52. Upgrading Topic Center - Links from PCWorld
  53. Another Day with My PC
  54. Computer Information Links (Fred Allen)
  55. PC Mechanic: Full-range info, Guides, Toubleshooting, etc
  56. TechEncyclopedia
  57. Tech support encyclopedia (by
  58. Free Computer Online Help - Links by Computer
  59. Free Online Web Tutorials
  60. Hoagies' Gifted -- Free -- Online High School Courses
  61. Datamation® has latest tech news
  62. Technology Ed Blogs -
  63. Autoexec.bat And Config.sys Help and Instruction (
  64. Computer Online Help (
  65. Easy Computer Tips - Computer Advice - Online safety, news, useful websites, and software guides
  66. Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers by Fundamentals
  67. Computers - How To Information - See Operating System Basics, networking, plus much more at eHow™
  68. FTP Find FTP Technical Guide and Tutorials here
  69. Tom's Hardware - Has computer hardware info and more
  70. HelpOnThe.Net: Tech Support Guy™ has volunteer help for free (plus fee support - if desired)
  71. See topics on security, TCP/IP, etc by
  72. A Complete Illustrated Guide to PC Hardware -
  73. Resource Links from - See TechSoup for tight budgets
  74. Computer Active - simple clear advice for home PC users
  75. The PC Guide - an online manual for computers by Charles M. Kozierok
  76. Folk Computing for the New Millenium - How to acquire cheap hardware and what to do with it -
  77. - see guides and prices of computer components and network gear
  78. Broadband Tweaks, speed patches, and computer/networks, etc. -
  79. lists some of the best support sites on the web
  80. has a huge collection of drivers for all device types
  81. Tech Reference Infobase -
  82. Computer Tips
  83. ZDNET help site
  84. Computer Online Tips
  85. Free Computer Training and Courses Online Large list of sites -
  86. Help-Site Computer Manuals - currently contains links to 17867 documents and 167 sites!
  87. Computer Guru - tips on web building, general technology & N/W basics
  88. Tech support from
  89. The Senior's Guide to Computers
  90. MacInstruct: A Guide to Mac Support Websites
  91. Floppy Disk Drive Primer
  92. Visual Dr website: Tutorials on Windows series (clean up DLLs, defrag hard drive, etc.)
  93. PCMCIA Primer
  94. HP support for printer, PCs, and more
  95. Phil's Place - Technology Coordinators Resources - Support links included
  96. Designer Lady's PC How To's
  97. Windows-help (.net) has solutions for many problems (including dual boot setups)
  98. Computer Help Websites
  99. Welcome to PC Lube and Tune: - Tech tutorials and other information on networking, computers, etc.
  100. AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer Homepage
  101. Donna's Website - For teachers and technologists
  102. Instructional Technology Online Resources
  103. School-Based Technology Coordinator's Home Page - Technology Management & Leadership
  104. The Role of Technology Coordinators
  105. Technology in Schools - NCES
  106. Dangerously Irrelevant - Tough issues in education
  107. elearnspace -- everything elearning
  108. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Electrical Repair - See other free e-books at site


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  109. Educational Jokes - Students Jokes - Clean Jokes - Motivation - Academic
  110. Humor at Work -
  111. Welcome to Jokes for Teachers
  112. Top 20 Teacher Jokes - teachHUB
  113. Teachers Jokes - Funny School Excuses -
  114. Really Funny Clean Jokes and Humor - from Tension Not
  115. Jokes - learning, teaching, the classroom
  116. Jokes About Teachers


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  117. Free Technical Support - Extensive lists from
  118. Free Computer Technical Help - WebRing®
  119. The Help Web - A Guide to Getting Started on the Internet
  120. ZDNET's Help and How-to Section
  121. Free PC Tech - Technical Support on the Internet
  122. -- Free Technical Support
  123. TechWeb Encyclopedia
  124. Thomas Boutell's World Wide Web


  126. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software links
  127. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
  128. 300 plus search engines - or try this one:

    Note to educators:   Most "kidsafe" search engines can still access other search engines which are unfiltered and that restrict users under 18 - unless they are disabled in advance - See details on Webtools Page
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