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  1. 100 Best Websites for Free Homework Help -
  2. Student Planner Selections - New Bee Homeschooler (Sub for StudyMinder)
  3. Schoolnotes - Free community service - post homework notes
  4. A Math Refresher - Part of a self-study book - NASA
  5. The Math Forum - Math Library - Full Table of Contents (replaces Math League)
  6. A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2014 - By Jenny Eather
  7. Diigo Homework Links - Massive links here!
  8. Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides of major books and plays, etc.
  9. Homework/Study Tips - Most popular articles from®
  10. 30 Useful websites for Students - Listing by Top Universities
  11. 10 Best Free Apps for Homework Helper (iPhone/iPad) - AppCrawlr
  12. The 7 Top Free Math Homework Help Sites - List from Wild About Math!
  13. Top 10 Sites for Students - Via Ask Bob Rankin
  14. Study Stack - Multiple online and download study tools for hungry learners
  15. AntiStudy - Free Cliff Notes, free book notes, free summaries
  16. BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper - (Replaces Sue LeBeau site)
  17. LibrarySpot - Features homework help
  18. Homework Help - Mega Homework Help Page from Maurine.Com
  19. 32 Innovative (Free!) Online Educational Tools to Try in 2015 - Noodle
  20. Homework Help - Tips for Students With Learning Disabilities - LD OnLine
  21. eSkolar Learning Resources
  22. Free Classic Books Online at Classic Reader
  23. The Online Books Page - Listing over 2 million free books on the Web - Penn University
  24. - for Science - Government Science Portal
  25. The K-12 Instructional Resource Center - See over 2,000 web resources
  26. Top 101 Best Educational Websites (Several Years) - From
  27. See HOMEWORK HELPERS PAGE for more great links and tools


  1. Glossary - Information Literacy and Academic Integrity - University of Newcastle Library
  2. Information Literacy Glossary flashcards - Audible option too at Quizlet
  3. Information Literacy for K-16 Settings
  4. Study Skills Self Help - See topics at Virginia Tech
  5. Information Literacy Tutorial: GLOSSARY - Anoka Ramsey CCL
  6. Study Hints for Physics, Engineering, & Mathematics - Stevens F. Johnson
  7. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free - Marc and Angel Hack Life


  8. Memory Improvement Tips - See techniques to help you remember things better
  9. Memory Improvement Techniques - See other vital advice at
  10. Remember Names Game - Interactive project by Elliot Waite
  11. The Best Study Skills - Five Strategies Every Student Should Know - Memory-improvement-tips
  12. techniques can help you remember numbers and words BONUS:
  13. Scriptorian Newsletter: Memorization Tips - Use as partial Pseudonumerology link above
  14. SuperMemo Freeware version from - Select HOME for great articles on memorization techniques
  15. How to Remember Anything - wikiHow
  16. How to Study So You Can Remember Everything - wikiHow
  17. Memory Improvement Tricks - Courtesy of
  18. The Memory Page – memory improvement tips, brain training & more - Via Internet Archive
  19. Self Help-Memory - Student Counseling Service
  20. How to Remember a List of Ten Items in any order - Plus see other memory methods -
  21. How to Think Like a Genius - wikiHow
  22. 8 Tips for Improving Your Memory - World of Psychology
  23. How To Improve Your Short Term Memory
  24. SparkNotes: Memory: Learn how to enhance memory & minimize forgetting
  25. Effective Techniques to Remember Names - See 30 more articles on memory techniques - at Ezine
  26. VoiceNation - Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
  27. 8 Tips To Remember What You Read - SharpBrains
  28. Basics Of Memory Techniques - Remarkable Marbles
  29. How to Remember Everything, Ever and Forever — Write More Tests
  30. - Learn languages & Remember things via Flashcards


  31. Top 10 Eureka Moments: Shower, Sleep and Drive - Innovation Management
  32. Computer Skills for Information Problem-Solving by - Michael B. Eisenberg and Doug Johnson (ERIC)
  33. Problem Solving and Analytical Techniques -
  34. Techniques for effective decision making -


  35. How to Study Effectively - Click Self Help Via Internet Archive
  36. how to Study for a Test - Click Self Help Via Internet Archive
  37. 40 Characteristics of Successful Students - In pdf format
  38. Students Exams & why they are crucial to your future -
  39. Goal Setting School - Powerful Tips and Tutorials from
  40. The Importance of Self-Discipline - Great motivational site - see life-changing free self improvement advice
  41. Study Tips - How to Study - Loads of helpful articles at™
  42. How to Win the School Game - How to Help Your Child Get Better Grades in School - from
  43. Purpose of College Education - High expectations & professional respect are highlighted -™
  44. Ten power tools for recording your best ideas - See more tips at Innovation
  45. Study Skills (DCCCD)
  46. Do It Yourself Study Aids: Winning Websites and Apps - Learning in Hand
  47. How to Study Topics - Also good site for logic, etc. -
  48. How to stop procrastinating - By
  49. LA School Zone - Student Page - homework help, etc.
  50. Hard Work and High Expectations - Motivating Students to Learn -
  51. Welcome to the ResourceRoom.Net - For people with learning difficulties
  52. How to discover your learning style and create a learning style profile - By LingualLinks
  53. Multiple Intelligences - Introduction - Courtesy of
  54. What Makes Kids Intelligent? - WebMD©
  55. How to Be a Successful Student - Courtesy of wikiHow
  56. How to Study : Best Guide to Studying in College -
  57. Learning Styles Sites -
  58. Graphic Organizers in Special Ed Classrooms -®
  59. Study Strategies Homepage - UMN
  60. Useful Links - Skills - WorkshopStudy Skills
  61. How to Study : Best Guide to Studying in College -
  62. Top 15 Study Apps for College Students - College Choice
  63. HowToStudy.Org - Covers related articles
  64. How To Study - via Internet Archive
  66. Making And Using Study Guides (PDF) - Via
  67. A Brief Guide to Learning Faster (and Better) - Scott H. Young
  68. HOW TO STUDY: A Brief Guide - William J. Rapaport
  69. The Student Survival Manual 1 - Extracts from John W. Pelley, Ph.D. (From Useless Blog)
  70. The SuccessTypes Learning Style Type Indicator - By John W. Pelley, Ph.D.(TTU)
  71. Study Skills/Learning Tactics - The University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita
  72. HOW to SUCCEED in YOUR ONLINE MATH CLASS - Tosha Lamar's Home Page

  73. Cool Math - How to be a successful student
  74. On Being a Student - By Donald E. Simanek
  75. How to Be a Good Graduate Student - Via
  76. How to Become an Excellent Student(with Pictures) - wikiHow
  77. Study Tips - Study Skills from English-Zone.Com
  78. How to be a New UVA CS grad student - With some general advice also
  79. How To Become A Good Student - WikiBooks
  80. The Mental Edge (
  81. Learning Stategies Guides - Via Dartmouth
  82. Free Book Notes, Cliff Notes, Summaries, and Study Guides -
  83. How To Study Effectively - Effective Study
  84. Brain-Based Learning: Resource Roundup - By edutopia™
  85. The Student Survival Manual (archived version) - By Jack Pejsa
  86. Study skills for college -
  87. College Study Skills Guides -
  88. Study Strategies Homepage - Univ. of Minnisota
  89. Test Taking Tips - Tips on Study skill, note taking and reducing anxiety
  90. The Study Skills Help Page Strategies for Success - MTSU
  91. Study strategies and writing techniques organized by subject matter -
  92. Site to Promote Academic Success
  93. Test Taking Tips - Study skills
  94. - The A to Z of Reference Resources on the Web!
  95. Free SAT Test Preparation & Study Guide - SAT Exam Prep
  96. Free SAT Resources
  97. Complete Test Preparation Inc. - Many services are free
  98. Study Skills Guides for College Students
  99. Essential Study Tips for Successful College Students - Also see Middle School Tips via
  100. How to Succeed in Studying - Many subjects via
  101. Study Skills - PSU
  102. The Study Skills Help - Learning Strategies for Success - MTSU
  103. College Student Study Skills - Affordable Colleges Online
  104. Free SAT prep - videos - tests - practice and analytics - Fabmarks
  105. The Complete Guide to Effective Studying – The Achievable Blog
  106. The Short and Concise Plagiarism Guide for Students -
  107. Free Computer Science Classes - The Simple Dollar
  108. Comprehensive Guide to Better Study: 53 Smart Tips for Students - 360GSP


  109. 11 Causes and Cures for Procrastination - See other helpful articles at John Place Online
  110. Overcoming Procrastination - See much more helpful tips at®
  111. Get Revising: 27 Revision Techniques Backed by Science - Courtesy of Stop Procrastinating via Internet Archive
  112. Time Management Principles - From the Univ. of Minnisota
  113. 7 Reasons You Won't Start Studying Until It's Too Late, And What To Do About It - LifeHack
  114. The College Student Guide to Time Management - U101
  115. 5 Time Management Tips - See much more helpful tips at®
  116. SJSU Library Assignment Calculator - Detailed steps for researching & writing your paper
  117. 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills - SmashingMagazine
  118. Academic Life - See tips on stress, time management, etc. from
  119. 8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students - Tips from®
  120. Time Management - for High School Students - See relevant chart - HubPages®
  121. A Reference Guide to Time Management Skills - Cornerstone
  122. Study Schedule - A printable weekly calendar in hour-long blocks
  123. A Students Guide to Effective Time Management - New England College Online

    USEFUL FREEWARE:  - Including Open Source Software (OSS)

  124. Get Organized is a free, digital planner - Alex Laird
  125. MSD Organizer Freeware - Provides to-do lists, contacts, diary, journal, alarms...
  126. Organizers - free software - Alan Sawicki
  127. Schoolhouse Alternatives and Similar Software -
  128. WikidPad - A Wiki-like notebook for storing & linking your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts (OSS) - see plugins:
    Mnemonic Freeware - Many free programs to improve your brain power - from - examples:
    • Magic Mnemonic - Freeware program provides 9 categories to help you memorize material
  129. 2Know Mnemonic Software - A freeware Mnemonic program that generates words for numbers
  130. - Free Educational Software - uses time spacing & repetitions to get information into long-term memory
  131. EssentialPIM - U3-compliant appointment and information manager -fits on USB drive
  132. Free PIMS LIST - Over 300 Personal Information Managers to pick from
  133. FreeMind - Free mind mapping software - High Productivity OSS Tool
  134. The Best Windows Software - Big list - some homework tools - from MakeUseOf
  135. Scientific word list for spell-checkers/spelling dictionaries - John Petrie’s LifeBlag
  136. FREELANG Dictionary - Free dictionaries to download and modify
  137. 10 Best Free Offline Dictionary software for your PC - Courtesy of
  138. Wordtalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word (can save audio files)
  139. Why Apache OpenOffice - It is completely free of charge for any purpose
  140. Assignment Calculator - Open source from SOURCEforge
  141. Assignment Calculator - 2nd version of Open source from SOURCEforge
  142. OpenTeacher - Helps you learn a foreign language - SOURCEforge
  143. Open Exam - Prepares you for exams - SOURCEforge
  144. 38 best open source text to speech projects
  145. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  146. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school


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