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  1. Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  2. Careers Section - See 100+ links
  3. Vo-tech Section - See 100+ links
  4. Engineering Section - See 100+ links
  5. Tech Tips & Tools Section - See 100+ links
  6. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages - see first!
  7. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  8. CAST Science Writer™ - Free online writing tool for students grades 6-10 (see others)
  9. Check Free Educational Technologies Home Page - See additional links and messages
  10. Extensive List of Free Software - See FREE alternatives to commercial versions!
  11. Hampshire College offers free software bundle to all incoming students - Via open source .com - Get Yours HERE:
  12. The 100 Best Free Software for Students - Laptop Study
  13. Free Software for Education - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation


    1. Astronomy 101 - See links at®
    2. Astronomy For Kids - Dictionary
    3. Zoom Astronomy Glossary - Courtesy of
    4. Welcome to the Planets™ - Also see glossary from NASA's planetary exploration program
    5. Imagine the Universe! Dictionary - Goddard Space Flight Center
    6. An Astronomical Glossary - Comprehensive entries
    7. An Atlas of the Universe - See related glossary
    8. A Question of Scale - From Quarks to Quasars - via powers of 10
    9. Free Lectures & Courses from Great Universities (Audio and Video)
    10. University of Oregon Astronomy page
    11. The Intute Astronomy Gateway - See topics in astronomy
    12. NASA - Astronomy - See links per K-12 grade level
    13. Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy
    14. Astronomy link - Kronos MIDEX Mission
    15. Astronomy - See topics at Wikipedia
    16. Martindale's Astronomy Section
    17. StarChild - Links via NASA
    18. NASA Quest - Classroom Projects
    19. Ask an Astronomer - Cool Cosmos
    20. Jets Observing The Skys - Astronomy topics
    21. Earth and Moon Viewer


      Chemistry links are within BIOLOGY / CHEMISTRY (per INDEX)


    22. Physics 101 - Topics by®
    23. Physics Dictionary - Terms by®
    24. Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
    25. Physics and Astronomy Glossary - From
    26. The Laws list (Physics)
    27. The Physics of Sound (
    28. American Institute of Physics
    29. Flaws in Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics
    30. Free Lectures & Courses from Great Universities (Audio and Video) - See Physics courses
    31. Hoagies' Gifted: (Free) Online High School Courses - See Physics and Science courses
    32. Perpetual Electromagnetic Motion
    33. Astro-Physical Calculator - Univ. of Wisconsin (Chris Dolan)
    34. Physics Constants Search Form from NIST - Also see links to other scientific data
    35. The Intute General Science Gateway - See topics in science
    36. Ben Wien's Encyclopedia of Energy Science - with illustrations
    37. Martindale's Online Calculators
    38. Online Conversion of Units (Institute of Chemistry - FU, Berlin)
    39. Physics Classroom Tom Henderson of Glenbrook South High School
    40. Physics links from
    41. Physics Demonstration Resources Online
    42. CERN - The Large Hadron Collider
    43. Particle Adventures - The fundamentals of matter and space
    44. Physics Links - From the Particle Adventure site
    45. NSSDC Space Physics home page
    46. Librarians' Internet Index Physics
    47. HyperPhysics - Online course
    48. Fear of Physics - Links to interactive sites, glossary...
    49. How to Succeed in AP Physics
    50. contains two free books: (1)Essential Physics 1 and (2) Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles, both by Emeritus Professor Frank Firk
    51. Physics For Beginners by BONUS: see many subsections and links
    52. How To Study Physics By Seville Chapman
    53. Physics Student Guide to Nuclear Physics -
    54. Physics Dictionary -
    55. Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics
    56. Eric Weisstein's World of Mathmatics (reinstated)
    57. GSI Accelerator - News from Germany - with many scientific links in English and German
    58. Physics and Astronomy Education by - BONUS: See great collection of Reference Tools and valuable physics education links
    59. Online Conversion - Convert anything to anything else (
    60. Physics Resources by
    61. A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos National Laboratory
    62. Physics 2000 - Focus on applets to help students learn physics - Univ. of Colorado
    63. Online Directory for Physics Education - by topic -
    64. Chemistry/Physics Classroom
    65. Donald Simanek's physics documents and links
    66. Infomine: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing & Math - The Libraries of the University of California
    67. Free Physics Courses and Software - From Light and
    68. Physics Glossary, Free Calculators, and free e-books -
    69. Help for Physics Students (
    70. Intute Physics Gateway - Search topics in Physics resources
    71. PhysicsCentral: Learn How Your World Works - Also see section on podcasts and vodcasts
    72. Physics: WWW Virtual Library
    73. Physics resources to use in K-12 Science classes - Courtesy of i4c
    74. Physics 163 Help Page - See K-12 animated series
    75. The Physics Classroom - Online tutorials and more
    76. The Science Spot: Physics - Forces & Motion
    77. The Science Spot: Physics - Simple Machines
    78. Awesome Library - Science - Physics
    79. Physics at Free-Ed.Net - Free course on physics
    80. Laptops in the Classroom - Physics links
    81. Interactive Physics Links - From Serendip
    82. History of Science & Technology - The Franklin Institute Science Museum
    83. Physics Links - From Exploratorium®
    84. Secondary Education Resources-Science-Physics
    85. Martindale's Physics Center


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    86. 100 Top Science Sites
    87. Open Questions: Best Science Sites
    88. Links to Various Science Web Sites
    89. Understanding the Internet: A Guide for Materials Scientists and Engineers by Kenneth J. Meltsner
    90. Science Links - Online Teacher Resource - From teAchnology
    91. General Resources for Science
    92. Internet Kids' Space - Online music, computers, and more
    93. Physical Science Lesson Plans - Life Sciences, Math, Computer Science
    94. The Old Farmers Almanac Online
    95. wish-net - Links For the Budding Scientist
    96. Online Scientific and Technical Search Engines - University of S. Carolina
    97. Researching Science (including writing resource links)
    98. Amateur Scientist sites - from Fun Science Gallery
    99. Santa Barbara Science - Links Page
    100. Marvelous Machines
    101. Environment Education Links
    102. Blizzards and Snow Theme Page (CLN)
    103. Online curriculum support for teachers and students of Science, Biology, etc. (Prentice Hall School)
    104. Incorporating the World Wide Web in the Science Classroom by Alec M. Bodzin
    105. What Is the Difference Between a Scientist and an Engineer? - See related pages at®
    106. Deaner's Science Page
    107. Math and Science Education
    108. Frank Potter's Science Gems
    109. The Ten Cool Sites - Science - Exploratorium®
    110. Cool Science -
    111. - education resources
    112. Tours in Chemistry, Physics, and more (see index) -
    113. The Invention Dimension (MIT)
    114. Handbook for Inventors (MIT)
    115. A Virtual Engineering/Science Laboratory Course - John Hopkins Univ.
    116. Physical Constants and Conversions - See other resources at Extreme Science™
    117. Brian's Engineering and Science Hotlist - large listing
    118. Biophysical Chronology
    119. College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry - By Kenneth R. Koehler
    120. Cody's Science Education Zone
    121. The Best of the Best Websites for Science - By a K-12 website
    122. The US Department of Education PathFinder Science
    123. Science News for Kids
    124. Science Encyclopedia
    125. Science Fair Projects - By Science Made Simple, Inc.
    126. Science Fair Sites Elsewhere on the Web - Information by®
    127. The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
    128. Science Links by Science Learning Network
    129. Science Net by Toronto Reference Library
    130. Links fo Mineralogists
    131. Science NetLinks - Resources for K-12 science educators
    132. ARS Science 4 Kids! (also in Spanish) (ARS, USDA)
    133. A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
    134. Standard Atmosphere Computations
    136. Free Graph Paper Printer Software by Dr Philippe Marquis
    137. New Scientist: Physics & Math weblinks
    138. Science Site homepage
    139. Tree Identification Guide
    140. Science EBooks Basic Electronics
    141. - Search over 200 million pages related to science - includes educational links
    142. Student Zone - Science education activities from Jefferson Lab - see related games
    143. Resources for Science Teachers
    144. Science for Kids - In Spanish
    145. 50 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins: Take Documents from Awful to Awesome - SkilledUp
    146. Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School - MIT OpenCourseWare
    147. Science: Free Audio & Video -
    148. Open Content Books in the Natural Sciences Department - See topics at Wikibooks
    149. Free e-books - See science,engineering,etc.
    150. has Specialty Dictionaries - arts to science and much more
    151. Science Hobbyist - Great projects list
    152. K-12 Science Education Links Bill Beaty's Homepages - Wide variety
    153. Science & Engineering Encyclopedia -
    154. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students
    155. Free Online Encyclopedia - Physics - Everything about Physics by Academic
    156. Physics Resources - Many reference links
    157. List of Science Topics - From
    158. NIH Podcasts - Listen to NIH reports - List of resources
    159. Science Podcasting - See reviews of popular links as well - From
    160. Sources for Podcasts, Webcasts & Digital Media in Science, Technology and Medicine - LOC
    161. Science Reference Guides - LOC
    162. General Library - See links to Technical and Scientific links as well
    164. Elementary Science Topics: Electricity - From i4c
    165. Jets, Planes, and Helicopters: How Do They Fly?
    166. Kids Home Page - Kids Pages - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    167. Science Projects: Used Cell Phones
    168. Open source scientific information - TWAS
    169. Science
    170. Guide for Women in STEM -
    171. STEM Education - Education Writers Association
    172. What is STEM Education?
    173. Teaching STEM -
    174. Guide to Science Resources for Kindergarten through 12th Graders - Summer at Tulane
    175. The Physicscatalyst(Free online science,maths and physics resources)
    176. Kids STEM Guide - Encouraging STEM Activities for K-12 & Beyond by


    177. Decision Making is Problem Solving (See Rating sheet)


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    178. Free Software, Shareware, and Freeware Downloads -
    179. U-M Software Archive via HTTP server (conditional use)
    180. The Atomic Force Microscope (ATM) - and related software
    181. K-12 SCIENCE EDUCATION RESOURCES - Bill Beaty's Homepages (mirror site)
    182. PBS TeacherSource - Science & Technology
    183. The OpenScience Project - Open source scientific software
    184. Open access for scientific research - Via
    185. Free Software from NASA - Involving math and science
    186. Image Processing Resources for Astronomy Teachers
    187. Imaging: Science and Technology
    188. A High-Quality, Low-Cost, Internet/Intranet-based Digital Imaging Database (RSNA)
    189. Freeware Home - Education Science and Engineering items
    190. Free Physics Instructional Software - By R.W.Tarara, Saint Mary's College
    191. 101science - Electronics Software - See freeware versions
    192. Brad's Math Physics Engineering Freeware - Shareware
    193. Educypedia - Excellent educational encyclopedia with download links (some freeware)
    194. Windows Science & Engineering Software -
    195. Open Source RealCalc Scientific Calculator Alternatives -
    196. Origin Alternatives and Similar Software -
    197. Two Physics programs: Solve Elec 2.5 - electrical circuit analysis & RobotProg - Free programs (donationware)
    198. PDFCreator - Create PDF files from any Windows program - Free software
    199. 14 Free & Open Source Alternatives For Paid Software - Courtesy of makeuseof
    200. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software - Osalt .com
    201. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations - Find substitutes easily
    202. Free software for Education - Many categories by
    203. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
    204. Old Version Website: Find last known free versions of software titles
    205. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
    206. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
      - See really outstanding selections here!
      - for home, office, and school


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