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Robert Lee Bowman
c/o P.O. Box 242, Strasburg, VA 22657

and Multimedia/Webpage GRAPHIC'S DESIGNER

Creator / owner of the FreeSource-Locator tmResearch Center - home of the Timely FreeSource-Locator tm Newsletters (Educational, Business, and generic series) as well as Specialized Internet Guides
and author of the award-winning "Guide to Free Educational Technology" website

Resume Sections:: Specialization Areas Professional Achievements Educational Expertise Formal Education Volunteer Endeavors


Formal Training:

Total 152 college credits to date:
  • Systems Analysis, Design, and Development (IBM® AS400 focus).
  • Advanced Accounting and computerized accounting courses.
  • Applications in WordPerfect®, Lotus®, dBase®, and CAD programs.
  • Desktop Publishing (Pagemaker®,CorelDraw®, etc.).
  • Advanced Creative Writing, Valley Writer's Guild award 1987.
  • Programming languages (C, COBOL, QUICKBASIC®, and RPG).

Recent Skills:

  • Internet Instructor: Home Page tools, Netscape®, and plug-ins.
  • Network Installation & maintenance (Novell® and Lantastic®).
  • High-speed telecommunications, LANs, BBS, and remote access.
  • Courses in Multiple Priorities Management; emerging technologies.
  • Multimedia/Presentation tools (MIDI music specialization).

Other Interests:

Desire to use highly creative skills in the Internet marketplace: Graphics design, presentation methodologies, web page/site designing, optimizing intranets, newsletter writing, technical writing, professional creative writing, and songwriting (MIDI and lyrics).


OWNER-PUBLISHER: FreeSource-Locator™ Research Center - offering monthly technology newsletter service to educators, business persons, and technology advocates: <http://www.micro-tutor/techtutor/> (Created in 1999)

VICE-PRESIDENT: Educational technical support corporation - offering monthly technology assistance and training to educators and businesses. (Created in 1997)

COORDINATOR OF TECHNOLOGY: Project manager for major school system (installed networks, application software, telecommunications, Internet access; taught emerging technologies (5 YRS).

PROJECT ENGINEER: (Fortune 500 Companies) : Designed and tested telecommunication configurations, wrote customized user's manuals; and installed computer network interfaces (10 YRS).

SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER: Co-ordinated writing of the SUDAN National Microwave Communications System Manual (Africa, .5 YRS).

PLANNING TECHNICIAN: Co-authored economic and impact studies, monthly newsletters, and government annual reports (2 YRS).

ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN: Fixed computerized devices (7YRS).


STAFF LIAISON ACTIVITIES (with Shenandoah County Public Schools in Virginia, 1990-1996):

  1. Chairperson for Administrative Technology Committee and Educational Technology Committee which addressed issues of integrating technology into district operations.
  2. Member of Six-Year School Improvement Plan Council and principal writer of the Divisionwide Technology Plan.
  3. Supervisor of Technology Documentation and support persons:
    • Technology Status/Assessment Reports.
    • Computer Technology Newsletter (and Help Desk Support).
    • Supervised three contracted technical support assistants.
    • Generated and tracked central purchase orders.
  4. Administrative/Education Technology Coordinator:
    • Provided software and hardware support for eleven sites.
    • Field Technician supporting ten educational sites and central office.
    • Responsible for 1000 computers.
  5. State Department's Technology District Coordinator:
    • Implemented State Technology Initiatives (-over $300,000).
    • Program Manager of Library Media networking initiative.
    • Attended various conferences to keep up with advances.
  6. McGraw-Hill School System Coordinator (designated by State):
    • Installed computer networks and student record software.
    • Provided individual and group training sessions.
    • Resolved technical problems via Columbia support.
    • Attended workshops and conferences then updated staff.
  7. Staff Development Program Specialist:
    • Implemented training programs via local courses, correspondence courses, conferences, and combined school divisions' workshops.

Successes Summary Section:

  1. Provided Internet access (installed all equipment/software including first low-cost internet dial up system in Virginia).
  2. Implemented McGraw-Hill School System (software/hardware).
  3. Supervised creation of Divisionwide and Site Technology Plans.
  4. Installed and upgraded 19 networks (and added high-speed modems).
  5. Maintained remote computer access/support (including after-hours).
  6. Upgraded high-speed Bulletin Board System for Administration.
  7. Created computerized forms (for automatic summing and E-mail).
  8. Established Freeware Program (software for teachers/students).
  9. Served as Past Vice-Chairman: Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium..
  10. Implemented State/local Technology initiatives (Program Manager).
  11. Published Technology Newsletter (six issues).
  12. Served as instructor for emerging technology training programs