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  1. Get Better Results From Your Searches - Courtesy of Lifewire
  2. List of Online Encyclopedias from Wikipedia
  3. Reference Links - From
  4. Bugzilla Thesaurus & Reverse Dictionary
  5. See alternate dictionaries for Newbury House Online Dictionary
  6. LEO English/German Dictionary (and other help links)
  7. See specialty dictionary replacements for Microsoft®Encarta® World English Dictionary
  8. Glossary of Gifted Education - Steven M. Nordby
  9. Encyclopedia of the Nations
  10. FAST-US-5 U.S. Education Web Links - See Digest below in place of encyclopedia of Statistics
  11. Digest of Education Statistics - Advance Release of Selected 2013 Digest Tables - U.S. Dept. of Education
  12. Online Dictionaries - Computer, Technical, English, Medical, and Legal - replacing Lexicate & MesoReference links
  13. Encyclopedia and other references - From via Internet Archive
  14. The Online Books Page - Upenn
  15. Myth Encyclopedia
  16. The Canadian Encyclopedia Historica
  17. Encyclopedias - List from CLS Library
  18. - Combined encyclopedia - with over one hundred special types
  19. Mrs. Wilson's Resources
  20. Encyclopedia Index -
  21. Social Science Resources
  22. Craig's Links - Courtesy of Stanford University
  23. Mixed Reference links - Also see education and science sections (and more)
  24. Phobia List - Via
  25. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  26. RhymeZone
  27. Calendars through the Ages: all different types (
  28. See FAST References - from
  29. Academic Info (.net) : The Reference Desk
  30. - American School Directory - Not free - Use one below:
  31. Public School Review - Profiles of USA Public Schools
  32. ASL (American Sign Language) Information - Via
  33. Research Links: Academic references and more by
  34. Glossary of Special Education Terms
  35. List of Virtual Schools - Wikipedia

  36. Make My Virtual Reference Desk Your Start-up Page - Have access to wide variety of educational resources
  37. Virtual Reference Shelf - Web resources compiled by the Library of Congress
  38. Virtual Reference Desk - Courtesy of C. George Public Library
  39. Reference Tools for Writers - Courtesy of
  40. BJ Pinchbeck's Reference Shelf Homework Helper Links
  41. Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries -
  42. Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias - 101 -replacement for
  43. Glossary of Distance Education Terms - PSU
  44. Distance Education WWW Virtual Library
  45. The Info Service ( - Extensive listing of information sources
  46. Internet Library for Librarians -
  47. Comparison of Research Networking Tools and Research Profiling Systems -®
  48. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - See links to help teachers
  49. Encyclopedias, quotations, etc.
  50. Wordsmyth English Dictionary/Thesaurus
  51. Wordsmyth S.A.T. Dictionary 2000 words - free for personal use - Via
  52. Glossary of Education Terms and Acronyms - Via
  53. Dictionaries and Thesauri (Argot Library)
  54. Music Dictionary from
  55. The Catholic Encyclopedia (great for history, writers, etc.) (
  56. Search for a word via many online-dictionary web sites - Via
  57. Glossaries via
  58. Searchalot: searching done for you
  59. 10 Big Myths about copyright explained - Via
  61. The Virtual Reference Desk (Christopher C. Brown)
  62. Contacting the Congress (.org)
  63. WWW Virtual Library - Index - Via
  64. WordCentral.Com: Dictionary plus coding, verse generation, etc.
  65. Free Internet Encyclopedia
  66. ARTLEX: Visual Arts Dictionary
  67. The Psych Web: Find Anything Page
  68. Online repositories of information: Directories, Calendars, etc. - Via
  69. See Reference Resources at
  70. Encyclopedia of Law & Economics -Via
  71. Awesome Library
  72. My Virtual Reference Desk: Quick REFERENCE / RESEARCH 1999
  73. Largest Public Records Database - Via
  74. Bibliography Formats
  75. Librarians' Internet Index Ready Reference & Quick Facts

  76. Glossaries for Public Service Interpreters - Extensive listings
  77. LD Online Glossary
  78. The Virtual Reference Desk (sm) presents the Learning Center for kids
  79. Financial Glossary and Dictionary links -® Retirement section
  80. Encyclopedias: online and free of charge (
  81. See the Welcome in - See Essential Links
  82. Little Explorer's Pictoral Dictionary Via
  83. Large listing of Glossaries and Dictionaries - Encyberpedia
  84. Education Section - - Check reference links
  85. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  86. AlphaDictionary - list of online references
  87. Glossaries and Dictionaries by Encyberpedia
  88. OneLook Reverse Dictionary
  89. RhymeZone: rhyming dictionary and thesaurus - See synonyms, definitions, and more
  90. Children's multilingual Dictionary with audible pronounciation - LogosDictionary.Org
  91. A KINSHIP GLOSSARY: Symbols, Terms, and Concepts - Univ. of Alabama
  92. Free Online Dictionary
  93. Online Library
  94. MultiLingual Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO - English version
  95. ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science
  96. Wiktionary - Now includes a thesaurus, a rhyme guide, and more
  97. Use Wiki-Surf to find Wikipedia articles
  98. Martindale's The Reference Desk
  99. Picture Dictionary - in many languages
  100. Glossary Of Poetic Terms
  101. Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid - See downloadable materials
  102. Freebyte's Guide to Free Dictionaries (outstanding number of online, downloadable, and specialized dictionaries
  103. Free Computer Dictionary Online also links to Medical, law, and legal dictionaries
  104. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  106. Open Content Encyclopedias - See free content galore! via
  107. Virtual Reference Desks - Courtesy of Tusculum College
  108. Encyclopedia of Lists, Timelines, Reference Tables & More - By
  109. Psychology Career Guide
  110. How-To Contact Congress - via FAX | 5 Letter Template Examples - BeBusinessed
  112. Free Thesaurus (.com)
  113. Open Education Sociology Dictionary: Free Online Sociology Dictionary - with audio
  114. MDBG English to Chinese dictionary (and reverse)
  115. Russian Dictionary Online Translation and more (with Russian keyboard) - LEXILOGOS
  116. English Russian dictionary | translation English Russian - Reverso
  117. English-Arabic-Dictionary
  118. - Click, Hear & Learn Pronunciation


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  119. Multilingual Glossary of technical and medical terms in nine European Languages (Belgium)
  120. See Computing and Tech Terms (Catalyst)
  121. Computational Intelligence (MIT)
  122. DoItYourself (.com) Site Map
  123. Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary - By
  124. Virtual Reference Collection: MIT Libraries
  125. TechEncyclopedia (
  126. Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
  127. List of Tools & Research - From The Carnegie Library
  128. Free Online Dictionary of Computing (Denis Howe)
  129. Research Resources by Subject - Courtesy of Alfred University
  130. AI Reference Shelf (AAAI)
  131. AI Springboard: How to use the website at AAAI.ORG -lists careers in AI
  132. Acronym Finder for many areas -
  133. Multimedia File Types and Viewers - AZLINK
  134. Standards (and Cross References) for Computers and Communication -By Webstart Communications
  135. High-Tech Dictionary
  136. Film and Electronic Media Dictionary from
  137. The Graphics File Format Page (DCS)

  138. The Graphics File Format Page (Mirror site)
  139. The DICT Development Group - (dictionaries, software, and links)
  140. Digital Camera Reviews, news, terminology , etc. (
  141. Basic Terms of Logic (
  142. A Dictionary of Units (Frank Tapson)
  143. Glossary of AI Terms - Maintained by Ric Crabbe and Amit Dubey.
  144. FLW Technical Glossary - for engineers, computerists, etc.
  145. GEEK.COM - The Online Technology Resource
  146. Glossary Search form by
  147. Inventor Links from Houston Inventors Assoc.
  148. Tech References by
  149. Tutorials and Lessons (including glossary)
  150. The Web 100: The Web's Best Sites (see education/reference) (
  151. Giant Glossary of Electronic Terminology
  152. Signal or Noise? - The future of Music on the Net
  153. Glossary of Electronic Music and Audio - Courtesy of the Sonic Spot™
  154. Glossary of Electronic Terms - Via ESP®
  155. Master Glossary Of Electrical Electronic Terms - Courtesy of Scribd
  156. Plus Dictionary - List of interesting [mainly technical] dictionaries
  157. The Home Energy Saver Glossary
  158. Glossary of international shipping, customs and regulatory terms
  159. Power Supply Terminology
  160. Electronic Dictionaries, Glossaries, Acronyms, and Encyclopedia listings
  161. Electrician Terminology and Glossary
  162. Downloads: Glossary software - Listings by
  163. Glossary of Web Terminology
  164. Glossary: Cell Phone Term Definitions - Courtesy of Phone Scoop
  165. Electronics Dictionary - Provided by WebRef
  166. Guide to Internet Terms: A Glossary - Presented by GetNetWise
  167. Glossary of Common Computer Terminology
  168. 101 Science Terminology

  169. Search Tips - Google
  170. Top Ten Search Tips - Northeastern University Libraries
  171. StartingPage® - Specialized search engine
  172. Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need
  173. iTools! Language Tools - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Translation
  174. Dictionaries, Glossaries, and General FAQ's - ITPRC
  175. Guide to PC Hardware (illustrated) (
  176. See Software and Infrastructure glossaries (ITPRC - Network Security)
  177. LEO's Guide to Software, Tutorials, dictionaries, etc.
  178. The Virtual Reference Desk: Engineering/Technical information (BCIT)
  179. 3D Dictionary (for graphics) (
  180. Legal Encyclopedia by Nolo (Dictionary and calculators also)
  181. CyperTimes Navigator: References, publications, etc. (NY Times)
  182. Dictionary of PC hardware and Data Communications Terms - Mitchell Shnier
  183. PC Tech Guide (.com) - Glossary, Component Guide, Troubleshooting tips, etc.
  184. Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technology
  185. Philosophical Dictionary -Terms and names included (
  186. Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms -
  187. Encyclopedia of Psychology - Don Walter
  188. Research Haven (.com)
  189. AI Glossary (Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.)
  190. Glossary of Computer and Internet terms - Also see help center FAQs (
  191. Stock Research, technical terms, tools, etc. -
  192. Beilstein Chemical Engineering Dictionary (GER-ENG)
  193. Tech Dictionary (.com)
  194. The Traders' Glossary© of technical terms and topics
  195. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms (UKY)
  196. Threats - Information about Viruses, Hackers and Spam - Via
  197. John Hopkin's Welch Web: Dept. of History of Science, Medical & Technology [References]
  198. IT Glossary - IF4IT
  199. Free Physics Lessons - Also open source software for students & free grading program for teachers - via
  200. MegaConverter 2: Conversions for distance, energy, etc.
  201. Computer Reference Directory (
  202. Infomine retired: Use:
  203. CIT: Multimedia Technology: Glossary of Terms (Univ. of NC)
  204. A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations - From Internet Archive
  205. A Short Dictionary of Scientific Quotations – Sciencesy
  206. The History of Computers
  207. Welcome to the world’s biggest audio video and photography glossary
  208. Pro Audio Glossary of Terms
  209. Desktop Music Handbook -- Glossary of MIDI and Digital Audio Terms
  210. Multiple Multimedia Dictionaries
  211. Lexical and Classification Resources - Mix of Dictionaries
  212. Giant Blogging Terms Glossary: Need a Blog Dictionary?
  213. Podcast Glossary
  214. Netvouz : Glossaries - Wide selections - site lets you access bookmarks via PC
  215. IET Glossary
  216. Online Conversion of weights and measures
  217. The WWW Virtual Library Computing and Computer Science
  218. Network Security Glossary
  219. Computing Linux Unix Glossary - Linux Dictionary
  220. Free Zip Code Latitude and Longitude Database


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  221. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  223. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  224. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
  225. All-in-One List of Search Engines -

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