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  1. Notetab™ Multi-file Editor - Free version has Mouse-Click HTML tags & viewer
  2. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  3. Alternatives for QuotePad - Note-taking and to do lists
  4. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Use First for Success
  5. Tech Tips & Tools Section - See related tools
  6. See extensive list of Free Software below - FREE alternatives to commercial versions!
  7. See Free Education Section - Take college-level courses at your convenience via PC


  8. Artificial Intelligence - KidzSearch - Safe Search Engine for Kids
  9. Artificial Intelligence Section - Academic Kids Encyclopedia
  10. AI Dictionary - Bill Wilson
  11. Glossary of AI Terms - Index - See more links at PC AI
  12. Glossary of AI Terms - Maintained by Ric Crabbe and Amit Dubey
  13. Interesting AI Demos and Projects - Univ. of Wisconsin
  14. List of Artificial Intelligence Projects - Courtesy of Wikipedia
  15. AI on the Web - Univ. of Berkeley
  16. Advogato: Wikipedia-based Open-Source Artificial Intelligence - Meniflex
  17. DIY AI - Artificial intelligence has been solved - Sourceforge
  18. *Artificial Intelligence Subject Index - Includes software - Institute for Information Technology
  19. *Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management... - CompInfo
  20. AI Topics: Educator Resources
  21. *Computational Intelligence - See many subject areas
  22. Free AI and Robotics Books
  23. Artificial Intelligence Books - FreeTechBooks
  24. *Decision Tree Tutorial - ASU
  25. Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems
  26. *Neos Server for Optimization Solutions
  27. Dontveter's The Pattern Recognition Basis of Artificial Intelligence
  28. *References and Resources on Artificial Intelligence
  29. Artificial Intelligence Subject Index - Extensive list via Yasusi Kanada
  30. *Artificial Intelligence in the Yahoo Directory
  31. Computational Intelligence and Knowledge - David Poole
  32. John McCarthy's Home Page - Computer Science - See AI Section
  33. *Is the Brain a Digital Computer? - John R. Searle
  34. *Google™ Directory: Artificial Intelligence
  35. Artificial Intelligence: From Logic to Fuzzy Logic - AKRI
  36. Strong AI - Concepts by Wikipedia
  37. AI, Cognitive Science & Robotics - Maintained by Uwe R. Zimmer
  38. Topics in AI - Courtesy of Wikiversity
  39. *AI from TAU - See extensive topics


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  40. Programming terms? - See related terms by Webopedia
  41. *HTML for Kids - Via ipl2
  42. *Programming Glossary - Focus on Python by®
  43. *Glossary of Programming Terms Used in C++ - See free books online by Steve Heller:
  44. Web and XML Glossary - Via
  45. *A Glossary of Delphi Programming Technical Terms
  46. *Computer Software Terms, Glossary and Dictionary - Courtesy of Network Dictionary
  47. Dictionary Definitions for Words in the Programming Category - Webopedia
  48. *The Most Comprehensive High-Tech Dictionary on the Internet! - Via ComputerUser™
  49. List of object-oriented programming terms - Wikipedia
  50. *FOLDOC: Programming Terms
  51. *STING software engineering glossary
  52. *Short Glossary of Programming Terms - Focus on Visual Basic
  53. Best Free Ways to Learn Programming - Via qizmo's freeware
  54. *Internet Public Library: Programming
  55. The Craft of Computer Programming Electronic Book - Via
  56. QB64 Free Download: ideal QBasic clone to teach in k-12 schools -
  57. QBasic is an excellent introduction in programming - Via
  58. Mathematical Programming Glossary - Harvey J. Greenberg
  59. *A Short Course in Linear Programming - Harvey J. Greenberg
  60. PHP: The Right Way - Online Book
  61. Programming: History, Timeline, Languages & Resources
  62. Welcome to Professor Smiley's Web Site - Help with popular programming languages
  63. New to Java Programming Center - ORACLE®
  64. First Cup of Java EE Tutorial - GitHub
  65. Java SE 8 in Practice - Oracle Community
  66. *Programming Tutorials - See selections for beginners and others from
  67. Programming Links - Stan Islavs
  68. Free VB code - Via
  69. *C Plus - resources from
  70. Programming tools from
  71. *Visual Basic Beginner's Page - Via
  72. *Visual Basic links and more from
  73. GNU Compiler Collection Download - Via apponic
  74. Dr. Dobb's Programmer Tools
  75. Programming and Computational Languages - A Subject Catalogue - Via
  76. The comp.compilers newsgroup - IECC
  77. *Programming Language: Browsable grammars (COBOL, ADA, etc.) - Ralf Lämmel
  78. *Mallard's QBasic Manual - Includes links
  79. Download Qbasic 1.1: See fixes for newer Win Versions - Softpedia®
  80. TurboC++ for Windows: See fixes for newer Win Versions - Softpedia®
  81. *Checkers game coding - ITtoolbox Home
  82. Behavioral Animation - Craig Reynolds
  83. JavaScript tutorials, examples, and links from Tutorialspoint
  84. The C Library Reference Guide - Via Code reference
  85. Free C/C++ Source Code - Cprogramming
  86. Linux Resources
  87. QuickBASIC 4.5 (German, English) QBX 7.1, Visual Basic for DOS - Via
  88. FreeBASIC Compiler: Open-source software similar to MS-QuickBASIC -
  89. QuickBASIC 4.5 Tutorial - Via petesqbsite
  90. *The QBasic Station - See range of tutorials
  91. *Pete's QBASIC / QuickBasic Site - See Tools and Tutorials
  92. A beginners guide to SQL - Soham Kamani
  93. Getting Started with Tcl - TCL/TK
  94. Programming Tutorials, Mobile Apps, and more - Via tutorialspoint
  95. *Linux Software Encyclopedia - Steven K. Baum
  96. True Basic code for Thermal Physics program - See links to compilers
  97. The C and C-PlusPlus Programming Languages
  98. *Ruby - The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide: language similar to Perl
  99. The Code Project™: Free source code and tutorials
  100. *The Best Free Desktop and Office Tutorials on the Web - Via
  101. *Programming Links - Thomas Ruedas
  102. A new introduction to programming - for primary, HS, and college levels
  103. Guru 99 - Programming with more thorough and actionable version
  104. A Beginners Guide to Programming Languages
  105. Programming: Languages, Timeline, and Guides
  106. Beginner's Resources to Learn Programming Languages: Singapore Blog - Vodien
  107. Java Programming Made Easy - Learn to Program Today!
  108. Free Programmers' Resources & more - Via
  109. * Operations Research & Management Science Resources - Via
  110. Tom Cavalier's Optimization Links - PSU
  111. The HTML Handbook - Via freeCodeCamp
  112. The 3 Types of Design Patterns All Developers Should Know (with code examples of each) - Via freeCodeCamp
  113. Freelancing? Here are 7 places where you can sell your software development services - Via freeCodeCamp
  114. JavaScript Glossary - Codecademy
  115. The JavaScript Beginner's Handbook - 2020 Edition - Codecademy
  116. How to avoid getting your password cracked - Codecademy
  117. 610 Free Online Programming & Computer Science Courses You Can Start This March - Codecademy
  118. Encyclopedia of Programming Languages -Progopedia
  119. Programming with standards -
  120. *Encyclopedia of Programming Languages - Archival copy of
  121. free programming tutorials from basic to advanced level - Via tutlane


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  122. Robotics Terminology - YASKAWA
  123. Robotics Glossary: Learn About Robots - See other sections on robotics
  124. ComBots:Combat Robots - See video and robot-building tutorial
  125. Open-source robotic and AI code sources from
  126. Robot Information Central - See topics at Arrick Robotics
  127. Robot Building Guide - Seattle
  128. Robotics: Web Resources - Caltech Univ.
  129. Robotics - a CompInfo Directory
  130. Machinebrain.Com - Robotics & Smart Machines
  131. The Computer Vision Homepage
  132. *Museum of Science: Design Your Own Robot
  133. *Robotics Rampage! Links - Some links inactive but residual links worthwhile
  134. *Robotics by tagish
  135. *Tech Geek - Building a robotics community - See links
  136. Pete's QBASIC - QuickBasic Site - See tutorials and more


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  137. Programming Without Coding Technology: Visual Programming Tool designed for novice and expert programmers - See details at
  138. New-to-Java Programming Center - Site menu has free software & training in advancing levels - young newcomers & up: e.g.-
    • Greenfoot - Programming environment is aimed at school level, college and university
    • Alice site - A drag-and-drop 3D programming environment used to create animations, interactive games & videos
    • Storytelling Alice - Designed for middle School and
    • Alice 2.0 - Designed for high school and college (both programs come as free gifts from Carniege Mellon Univ.)
    • Scratch - A new programming language used in 300,000 MIT projects already
  139. Visual Studio Code: Code Editing Redefined
  140. *Freebyte's Guide to Free Programming
  141. *Freebyte's Guide to Free Java Programming Tools
  142. Download Free JavaScript Editor 4.7 - Soft32®
  143. Free javascript download - ThoughtCo
  144. List of Free C and C++ Compilers - ThoughtCo
  145. Free Compilers and Interpreters - Choice selection list from
  146. Free Programmers' Resources: free compilers, source code, programming tools, tutorials, etc - Via
  147. Free, Open Source AI Software - OpenDEN
  148. Artificial Intelligence Tools - Free AI libraries and tools from
  149. Free Open Source Windows Compilers Software -
  150. Getting Started With the NetBeans IDE Tutorial - NetBeans is open source software for creating desktop applications - See details at
  151. Jedit: Open Source Program/text editor with macro function and lots more - SourceForge
  152. BASIC-256 is an easy to use version of BASIC for young children - FreewareFiles
  153. Crimson: Free programming editor - Many advanced features
  154. Java SE - Downloads - Oracle Technology Network
  155. Download A Free Java Compiler - Java Made Easy
  156. Free Speech Synthesis - FreeTTS - A speech synthesis engine written entirely in the Java™ programming language
  157. Free Source Code Version Control Software - Manage multiple versions of your software
  158. *Freeware from - Free Programming software and webtools
  159. OpenCOBOL: an open-source COBOL Compiler - See details at site
  160. Free FORTRAN compilers - IECC
  161. GPSS World™: Computer simulation software - Free student version
  162. See open-source programs from
  163. *Software, Open Source Projects & Hardware - Provided by AAAI
  164. Free Software Downloads: Scaled-down version of See5/C5.0 & Cubist - Via
  165. Magnum Opus - Data mining demo is freeware - limited to datasets of up to 1000 cases
  166. *AITopics: Software
  167. RobotProg - Programming via flowcharts - Donationware program
  168. D Programming Language - Introduction to D Programming - The D language comes free. You can download the compiler (DMD) and standard library (Phobos) in a package that includes the Windows and the Linux (x86) system
  169. Borland C++ Compiler - Now completely free programming tool
  170. *Archived Catalog of Free Compilers - Very few active links -
  171. Free source code from Snippets - Pick from C, DOS, etc.
  172. RocketAware - Programmer's Webliography and Index under Open source license
  173. PHP Downloads - Select your code snippets here
  174. Source code for mozilla! - From
  175. Free Pascal programming compiler
  176. Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 - BASIC interpreter/compiler via
  177. - An online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool
  178. Free Pascal - Advanced open source Pascal compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal
  179. Visual Prolog - Personal Edition
  180. HTML Code Editor - Instant Preview
  181. 7 Free Online Code Editors for Front-End Web Development - Super Dev Resources
  182. ASCII Converter: Convert plain text to hex and back -
  183. StringConvertor can convert: String to Hex or String to Binary -


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  184. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  185. 10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence You are Using in Daily Life - Beebom
  186. Top 75 Artificial Intelligence Websites And Blogs for AI Enthusiast - AI Websites
  188. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  189. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., e.g.-

    Note to educators:   Most "kidsafe" search engines can still access other search engines which are unfiltered and that restrict users under 18 - unless they are disabled in advance - See details on Webtools Page

    A Guide to Web Resources - Via Computer Science - University at Albany
    SEARCH THE WAYBACK MACHINE - at Internet Archives

    ALA: Great Websites for Kids - and others

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