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  1. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - See top tools for success
  2. ProCon Latte - A free content filter for the Firefox browser - Automatically blocks explicit content - and can be set to block profanity; settings can also be locked (see details at site) - See other free filters here
  3. Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  4. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  5. Online Talking Dictionarist - Has online keyboard option
  6. Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  7. See Online Talking Calculator and a list of free calculators on Math Page
  8. Balabolka - Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - reads text even in browser
  9. Alternatives for QuotePad - Many choices for note-taking and to do lists
  10. Use Bob Bowman's Reference Page - Find list of dictionaries to replace Voycabulary
  11. A Life-Changing Parent's Guide For Their Kids Online Safety
  12. See Most Essential Local Pages below - Outstanding links and tips to help students and home educators
  13. See Free Education Sites and Tools below - Countless new educational sites make teaching and learning easy
  14. See extensive list of Free Software below - See alternatives to commercial versions!


    These are related pages from the Free Educational Technologies Site INDEX - See many core subjects there!
    NOTE: - Most pages also have related free software listed!
    Also please see Free Educational Technologies Home Page for important additional links and messages
  15. Activity tips - Listing of various things to do
  16. Beginner Tips - Using modern technology tools - comprehensive areas
  17. Career tips - Helps students select an area of work
  18. Coping tips - Focus on students
  19. Discipline tips - Management links mainly
  20. Distance Ed - Free learning opportunities online
  21. EduGames - Games that have educational value
  22. Homework Help - Helps with student success
  23. How-To Guides - Technical guides
  24. Logic Links - See how logic helps in most cases
  25. Math Links - Essential to many fields
  26. Memory Tools - Can help everyone
  27. Motivation - Mainly for students
  28. Online Tools and Productivity Tools - Include free education links
  29. Reading Links - Core area in education
  30. Special Ed - Helpful links and software
  31. Student Tips - Links chosen for student focus
  32. Study Skills - Very essential student site
  33. Teach Online - Lots of tools to make it easy!  (Many tools can be used at home)
  34. Top Tutorials - Using software and technology
  35. Writing Links - Collection of valuable tips and software


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    NOTE: Many contributors around the world believe that education should be free - and many have donated their time and talent to creating free educational tools like online blogs, courses, podcasts, videos, as well as downloadable lessons and software programs to help students learn with professional-grade creativity; Colleges and universities have joined in this endeavor. “Click-to-Learn” methodology is a great benefit from modern technology.


  36. Homeschool Tracker Basic Edition: Free homeschool tracking and planning software - Downloaded by over 150,000 Homeschoolers
  37. The Free Homeschool List - Only Passionate Curiosity
  38. *K-12 Educators Guide To Web 2.0 - Retrieved from Internet Archive
  39. 100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner - College@Home
  40. Visual Literacy - Organization of visualization methods
  41. Mind Map - Explanation by Wikipedia
  42. Podcasting Terms: Glossary - Courtesy of Whatis?com
  43. Free Educational Podcasts - From Homeschooling-Ideas
  44. Top 20 Free Podcast Tools For eLearning Professionals (2018 Update) - eLearning Industry
  45. how to subscribe to a podcast - Jump Start Your Joy! NEW
  46. Conversions - See conversions of text to audio
  47. Zamzar - Free Online File Converter - Convert URLs or any given file type to another
  48. Vozme - Free online text-to-MP3 converter - pick male / female voices (several languages)
  49. Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps -
  50. Video Blogging - Wikipedia
  51. Free Computer Tips - Video Tutorials - From
  52. Glossary on Video Terms - Courtesy of Miracle Tutorials
  53. Audio & Podcasting - From Webtools4u2use via Internet Archive
  54. - Helps with student productivity in a big way
  55. What is Distance Education? - Glossary for Online Learning
  56. Glossary of Online Learning Terms - The elearningcoach
  57. 100 Hand-picked Freebies for Learning Experience Designers - The eLearning Coach
  58. A Guide to Free E-Learning Tools - Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
  59. Tools & Strategies that can be used at home - Via Internet Archive
  60. 100 COMPLETELY FREE Distance Learning Resources for Homeschoolers - Distance
  61. 200 Free eLearning tools - Top Tools for Learning
  62. Open Source Language Educational Resources Repository
  63. UDL Guidelines 2.0 | National Center On Universal Design for Learning - See download versions via Internet Archive
  64. Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies/Web 2.0 Tools - Wikibooks
  65. *101 Free Learning Tools 101 Learning
  66. How to Rock Your Intellectual Game: The Top 111 Learning Strategies - Student Guide
  67. Download Language Learning Tools -
  68. List of emerging technologies - From Wikipedia
  69. *David Meaney's Top Ten Tools 2007
  70. Educational Technology
  71. Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction – Via iLearn Technology

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  72. Podcasting tools
  73. *Directory of E-Learning Tools: Podcasting tools
  74. 20 Best Podcasts for Kids - Common Sense Media
  75. *See 25 tools tutorials for podcasting
  76. Pocket Sized Podcasts For Learning Management Systems - From ezinearticles
  77. *Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile!
  78. Guide to E-Learning | Benefits & Methods of E-Learning
  79. See Bob Bowman's Guide to Online Teaching
  80. Using Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning - See Tools at SMU
  81. Podcasting - K12 Handhelds via Internet Archive
  82. Learning in Hand - Podcasting in Education
  83. Select a Podcast Genre for titles
  84. Top Podcast Directories & How to Get in Them - The Audacity to Podcast
  85. 10 Podcast Downloader Podcatchers Software To Download Podcasts - From I Love Free Software
  86. 21 Top Presentation Tools for Teachers - From More Than A Tech
  87. Podcasting Tools - Resource for podcasting
  88. Cell Phones in Learning
  89. 50 Free Resources To Improve Your Writing Skills - Smashing Magazine
  90. *Skype + Podcasting = Skypecasting
  91. Introduction to English Learning Podcasts - From ThoughtCo
  92. Podcasts & audio recording - All about podcasting and useful links
  93. Teaching & learning with podcasting
  94. 11 Tips for Podcasting with GarageBand | 2018 Podcast Tutorial Video - Resonate Recordings
  95. Web Links | Educational Resources - Student Resources from Nebo School District
  96. Using in Education
  97. Podcasting - Educational focus
  98. *100 Essential Web Tools for Homeschoolers - From Smart
  99. Exporting a Podcast as an MP3 in GarageBand - Media Commons
  100. How To Download Podcast To Your Computer - QRCA VIEWS


  101. Free Audio Books - Plus self-improvement links by PicktheBrain
  102. Online Electronics Book from WikiBooks has detailed information
  103. - Free reprint rights for many topics (linkback required)
  104. librivox - Search resources for public domain books on podcasts
  105. Top 100 Audio Books - Downloads from Project Gutenburg
  106. Project Gutenberg - Download free electronic books (ebooks)
  107. Free Audio Books & Video Directory - Selections from
  108. Free Ebooks from Paul C. Jong's Christian Book Series


  109. *Top 100 Blogs by - CNET News
  110. Top 200 Tools for Learning : Overview - By
  111. eLearning 2.0 - 2006 - From eLearningtech
  112. Jane's E-Learning: Top Tools in 2009
  113. *Learning resources - Articles and Slidenotes - From c4lpt
  114. DIRECTORY OF LEARNING TOOLS - Index Page - OSS, freeware, and more - C4LPT
  115. 321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology - Via eLearning Industry
  116. The Parents Zone at Internet4Classrooms
  117. 50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language - Via teachthought
  118. | Understand what you read - The site is free and child-safe


  119. Teacher Tube
  120. Free-Ed.Net™: Free academic & Vocational course in all major subjects
  121. Education - App Store Downloads on iTunes
  122. Wikiversity: Main Page - See offerings at
  123. Handbook of Open Universities
  124. Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School - MIT OpenCourseWare
  125. Free Online Courses from MIT Open Course Ware - No registration required
  126. Yale now also offers free non-credit courses, lectures, notes online - With download options
  127. The Open Coursework Consortium - Lists free courses from universities around the world
  128. Replacement sites for Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Index here: See Science Search Page here and Topics here
  129. The U.S. Government's Archived Web Portal for Kids
  130. Academic - Video lectures from the world's top scholars
  131. Open (No Cost) Educational Content - Wikieducator - Supporting students & teachers in creating and sharing of e-learning material
  132. WikiEducator Content Page - Outlines in Education
  133. List of open education resources online - Free from
  134. Free Online Encyclopedia - Open content by Academic
  135. TFD Encyclopedia - Include PC and Columbia versions
  136. Open Courseware Directory - Free - Courtesy of
  137. *Online Learning - Courtesy of
  138. Top 100 Tools For Learning 2013 - SlideShare
  139. The WWW Virtual Library
  140. Open Education Resources - Closures addressed also - LiveBinder
  141. EPN the Educational Podcast Network
  142. 50 Of The Best Podcasts For High School Students - TeachThought
  143. Podcasts Learning - From
  144. - YouTube - EDU - Videos from college and university partner
  145. See more OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities via Main Page


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  146. Homeschooling Topics - See global trends and motivations
  147. Home Sweet Home-School's Educational Resources Page - General Resources
  148. The Homeschool Glossary - Courtesy of Homefires - The Journal of Homeschooling Online
  149. Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series) - Edutopia
  150. 50+ Best Websites for Teachers - Teach 4 the Heart
  151. *100 Excellent Advice Site for Homeschoolers -
  152. A Maths Dictionary for Kids - By Jenny Eather
  153. Directory Web Search for kids by librarians - By KidsClick! - Revived at Internet Archive
  154. Questgems - Links to Useful Websites via Internet Archive
  155. Homeschool Links and Info
  156. Knowledge House - Homeschool Information - Learning Resources
  157. Homeschooling: Tips for Getting Started . PBS Parents - PBS
  158. Homeschool World® - See articles and tools
  159. Links for Homeschool - Links are free unless marked
  160. The Education List - See free resources from archived newsletters
  161. Tips for Homeschooling Teens - ThoughtCo
  162. The Teaching Home, A Christian Magazine for Home Educators
  163. Homeschool Oasis: First Stop for Starting-Out / Burning-Out Homeschooling
  164. Social Studies Archives - TheHomeSchoolMom
  165. Homeschool - Free worksheets, free activities for lesson plans, etc. - via Internet Archive
  166. Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
  167. Homeschooling Resources - ThoughtCo
  168. Free Homeschool Study Resources - From Homeschool Central
  169. - Math, Reading Comprehension, Lesson Plans
  170. Homeschool Sites for Kindergardners - Yahoo!®
  171. First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
  172. New to Homeschooling? Begin Reading Here - See tons of resources at A to Z Home's Cool Homeschool via Internet Archive
  173. Crossword Find, Rhyme Find, dictionary Find...
  174. The Home School Study Center - See index of links via Internet Archive
  175. Free Homeschool Curriculum, Links and Websites for Kids - From Only Passionate Curiosity
  176. Arnold's House of Homeschool - See index of sites via Internet Archive
  177. Find Preschools & Activities - The Savvy Source via Internet Archive
  178. Homeschool World®: Practical Homeschooling Articles
  179. HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework
  180. Learn English with Pictures (over 400 words/photographs) - Links to English-Spanish with audio
  181. Common Errors in English Usage - Washington State University
  182. Homeschooling Links -®
  183. Amby's Education Site: Home Schooling Resources
  184. Homeschool Resources - Found at Internet Archive
  185. Kids.Net.Au - Kids safe portal for children, parents, and teachers
  186. ZillaMail is a free, child safe, web based email system
  187. Children's multilingual Dictionary with audible pronounciation (LogosDictionary.Org)
  188. *Discovery Education Homeworkhelp - Math Homework Help - extensive math links
  189. Top 100 Educational Websites for 2018 -
  190. 101 Things To Do This Summer - Tips from
  191. Free Homeschool Resource Guide - Via Internet Archive
  192. Printable Homeschool & Household Planner Pages - TheHomeSchoolMom
  193. All-in-One Homeschool - A complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum
  194. Special Home Educator - See Resources
  195. 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learning Online - DIY Genius
  196. US Health Corps - Click on Menu icon
  197. Homeschooling and Online Education - Links via U.S. Dept. of State
  198. Khan Academy - Free videos on all subjects

  200. How-To Contact Congress | 5 Letter Template Examples
  201. Search Department of Education Guides for: Guides for Parents
  202. Education-World® - Use search engine for: Parents
  203. Involving Parents in the Education of Their Children - ERIC Digest -
  204. 101 Fun Activities To Do With Your Child
  205. Activities - Helping Your Child Become a Reader - From
  206. Teaching With Documents - National Archives
  207. *What You Can Do at Home to Help Your Child Succeed at School
  208. Learn in Freedom Education Reform and Homeschooling Links
  209. School Resources & Educational Help for Parents - By Family Education
  210. Helping Your Child Learn Science - U. S. Dept. of Education
  211. Let's Do Homework! (Dept. of Education)
  212. Parents Guide to the Internet (U.S. Dept of Edu)
  213. Websites for Kids and Teens - Family Health - CDC
  214. Parent Toolkit - A One-stop Shop Resource for Parents - NBCUniversal
  215. Family anger management skills for parents and children - Parenting Toolbox
  216. 100 Fun Things To Do With Your Family
  217. ABCya! | Educational Computer Games and Apps for Kids - In the search box: type Math
  218. National PTA Education Program Parent Involvement
  219. Resources for Teachers and Parents
  220. Literacy Resources - International Literacy Association
  221. Hubbard's Cupboard - Early childhood education
  222. International Children's Digital Library - Read free books online
  223. librivox - Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain - Download audio files
  224. Math & Reading Help: Homework Help, Tutoring & Parenting Advice
  225. Advice for Parents
  226. Free Online Equation Editor
  227. The Learning Pages - Also has section on discipline
  228. KidsHealth - For parents, kids, and teens
  229. *E-ssential Guide: A Parent's Guide to greatschools™
  230. A to Z Homeschool Articles from 2015 - A2Z Homeschooling">
  231. Free parenting resources: good parenting tips for educators, teachers and families
  232. Resource Guides on a Budget - BeBusinessed
  233. Gateway Drugs: How Does Addiction Start? - Michael's House Treatment Centers
  234. Parent Safety Issues and Lesson Plans
  235. 78 Parent Child Activities – FREE DOWNLOAD - Life Learning Today
  236. Drug Abuse Prevention - Parents, Teachers, Teens Tips - Also see Self-Tests via Prevention Coalition
  237. How to check your child's credit report and prevent identity theft -
  238. The Parents’ Guide to Online Shopping Safety - Wikibuy
  239. My Essay on Divine Designs - “You Are No Accident”
  240. My Article on Violence: “Divine Protective Mandate”

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  242. Free software - School Express - Via Internet Archives
  243. Educational Freeware
  244. *Online Learning Tools & Software - Autism
  245. Freeware Files
  246. Free Software for teachers and schools and homeschools -
  247. Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor - For Windows, Mac and Linux
  248. HandBrake: - Open Source Video Transcoder
  249. Miro Video Converter FREE - Convert any video to popular formats
  250. 3 Angels Free Software for Education, Teachers, Students - Grading programs, Word search generator, math plotting...
  251. SUPER© Free 3D Converter encodes and plays any Multimedia file - Free software!
  252. Free Printable Checklists - from My ParenTime's
  253. Fraction games and tutorials online - Free software included
  254. Free Printable Calendars - Courtesy of
  255. Educational Resources and Lesson Plans - All free
  256. Prime Number Calculator
  257. Homeschooling Freebies
  258. Using GIS: - 20 Free Tools for Creating Data Maps
  259. Freebies for Families & Education (Canada & U.S.)
  260. Simple D Budget - Open source home budgeting program
  261. Text Mining Tool - Freeware to convert PDF, DOC, and other files to text
  262. TrackClass - Online Homework Manager - smart way to keep track of your schoolwork
  263. How To Make A To Do - See alternate sites to
  264. - Free Online To-Do-List Manager - No registration! No login!
  265. Top 20 Best Free & Open Source Data Visualization Tools, Every Professional Should Learn
  266. FREEWARE SECTION has really outstanding FREE software adaptable to homeschooling

  268. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  270. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., eg:
    Note to educators:   Most "kidsafe" search engines can still access other search engines which are unfiltered and that restrict users under 18 - unless they are disabled in advance - See details on Webtools Page

    logo The U.S. Government's Official (Retired) Web Portal for Kids: Many more resources for kids, teens, parents, and teachers - Courtesy of - The U.S. government's new web portal: Education Page

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