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This is a partial listing of online tutorials, courses, guides, and activities which seem to have some educational value or technical focus. Not all have been tested.  Please see expanded links in this site's companion section: How To Guides

    Computer 101 - Introduction and Beyond :

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  1. Computer Hardware - Modern coverage via Stanford Univ.
  2. Computers for Beginners/The Basics - Wikibooks
  3. Basics of Computers Introduction - Via tutorialspoint
  4. What's Inside a Computer - Click on a part to get detailed data - via Kids-Online.net
  5. New User Tutorial (mouse and computer) by TLN Technology Committee (Also in Spanish)
  6. 6 Ways to Troubleshoot a Computer - wikiHow
  7. The Computer Technology Documentation Project - Provides computer technology tutorials covering Linux, Windows, web programming, networking, servers, computer security, basic computer skills, and hardware
  8. *Computer Technical Tutorials and Information: Free Technical Tutorials
  9. Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 - See selective list of detailed lessons - in English and some in Spanish
  10. The Prometheus Project - Communicating On the Web - Tutorials on Email, IRC, and Mailing Lists
  11. Free Computer Tips: Computer Tricks and Mobile Secret Codes - Computer Tips
  12. Bleeping Computer - Computer Help and Tutorials for the beginning (and advanced) computer user
  13. How PCs Work - Videos included in this tutorial form HowStuffWorks
  14. The PC Technology Guide - See Tutorial and Glossary Sections
  15. *Free Online Tutorials - 650 Free tutorials from Beginners.co.uk
  16. Webopedia's Quick Reference Area - Find Computer-related information
  17. Microsoft DOS and command prompt - Quick links by Computer Help.com
  18. Tips for Beginning Window Users
  19. FILExt - File Extensions Identified
  20. Personal Computer 101 - Learn about Your PC for FREE - John Austin Fife
  21. The Basic Guide to Troubleshooting Common Windows PC Problems - Via lifehacker
  22. *Free Computer & IT Training and Tutorials - Massive links and resources! - Intelligentedu.com
  23. Absolute beginners guide computer basics Via eHow™
  24. Learn how to download new files to your computer using Mozilla Firefox - via Top-WIndows-Tutorials.com
  25. Downloading & Extracting - Instructions from www.mantex.co.uk
  26. *Tech Articles and tutorials - Via Exforsys Inc®
  27. What is XML? - Get detailed information from Computer Ency and other tools online - Answers.com
  28. *See Computer Encyclopedia, File extensions, Hacker Slang, and more at Answers.com
  29. TechFAQ - Good site for Technical Info: Cryptology FAQs to Science FAQs and beyond
  30. Computer Repair Flowchart - See index at fixmycomputer
  31. Computer Memory Basics - By Radio-Electronics.Com
  32. *Glossary of Common Computer Ports and Connectors
  33. Computer Troubleshooting Topics - Help from directron.com®
  34. Guide to Computer Troubleshooting and Repair - PC Troubleshooting Manual with Flowcharts - Via If It Jams
  35. Tech Guides - Some older links
  36. *Easy Tips - How do I? - Extensive computer help site - Computer Help, A to Z
  37. *Tips & Tricks by Technology Nerd - Plus check out archives

    Computers 102 - Advanced Tips & Malware Protection :

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  38. List of Windows processes and files running in the background of MS Windows
  39. Basic computer troubleshooting - For software, hardware, and common error messages - via Computer Hope.com
  40. Tech Podcast Network - How-to Section for computers
  41. Podnutz - Popular DIY computer repair site
  42. TechTutorials - Free Computer Reference - Thousands of free tutorials
  43. *FindTutorials - Free Tutorials - Mathematics & more (Limited archive links)
  44. Basic computer troubleshooting - By Computer Hope.com
  45. *The Best Free Training Tutorials - Archived Academics & more
  46. Emerging Technologies Links - Wide variety from emTech Consulting
  47. Tips and Tricks from Techie Buzz - like top online storage sites, disposable e-mail tips, etc.
  48. FTP Tutorials - How to Upload and Download Website Files with FTP Tutorials
  49. PC Laptop 101 Learn the Basics.pdf - Kenny C. & Will K.
  50. Laptop Repair - Troubleshooting Toshiba, Dell, HP, IBM, Acer and Sony laptops - If It Jams
  51. Online Tech Tips - Computer Tips
  52. Killer Tech Tips Software, websites, Hacks You Can Use
  53. Tech Tips, Computer Help and News from Home Technology Solutions of Marin
  54. *Tech Tips - Archived computer help and more
  55. Use free firewall tutorials to protect Windows PC - via Top-Windows-Tutorials.com
  56. Technology Tutorials found on the Web - See Windows sections from Internet4Classrooms
  57. PCMECHANIC: YOUR PC How-to Information Resource
  58. Computer Tips and Tech News to Make You a Pro (see free copy of Useful Run Commands For Windows Vista and XP
  59. *Tutorial list - Offers computer, education, web ... tutorials on tons of archived categories
  60. Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog: Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User
  61. The 2-Spyware.com project is all about spyware and malware removal
  62. Microsoft Word - The Definitive Guide to Network Troubleshooting.pdf - DaySmart&trade
  63. Networking Basics: Part 1 - Networking Hardware - Via techgenix
  64. *Windows Networking Articles & tutorials
  65. Uninstall Program Database - Remove dangerous and unwanted programs - help from Bleeping Computer.com
  66. Free Windows XP Tutorial - Many video topics via Top-Windows-Tutorials.com
  67. Helping you Prevent and Remove Adware, Spyware, Viruses and Other Malware - See tutorials at Destroy Adware.com
  68. Viruses 101 - Stanford University
  69. Antivirus Software - Via Consumer Affairs .com

    Desktop Applications :

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  70. Desktop Publishing - Tutorial from livewire
  71. *The Best Free Desktop and Office Tutorials on the Web
  72. Free Online Tutorials - Applications tutorials by Baycon Group.com
  73. *How To for Classroom Teachers - Tutorials on basic Windows, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc.- Edzone
  74. *The Best Free Desktop and Office Tutorials on the Web - Archive-limited
  75. Multimedia Tutorials and others - Older tutorialfind.com links via Archive.com
  76. *Tech-Notes: covers technology and learning also see:
  77. 10 Best Free Desktop Publishing Software For Windows
  78. BCT Online Tutorials and Help Pages
  79. Courseware for Photoshop beginners (First module free) via Andrei Doubrovski
  80. *Free Computer Software Programs Training - See wide selections from CIS department Brown Univ.
  81. ITPRC - IT tutorials, guides, and links
  82. Search for How-to articles on Microsoft® software - Available from Microsoft®
  83. PC Help Links Page - Tutorials and support links (ECSI)
  84. Free MS Excel addin tools from ASAP Utilities
  85. M.S. Word and other tutorials - GFC LearnFree.org®
  86. PowerPoint in the Classroom - Tutorial
  87. Learn Excel by Yourself
  88. Learn advanced tips from PowerSpreadsheets.com
  89. Welcome to Trump Excel | Online Excel Training
  90. *75 Practical Resources That Will Make You An Excel Wizard - CampusNow
  91. Top Excel Tips for Data Analysts

    Definitions - Tech Terms :

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  92. Plain English Internet Glossary & more - Geekgirl's Plain English Computing
  93. List of Buzzwords - See several lists per industry - Wikipedia
  94. Find the Technology Grades K-5
  95. Technology Glossary - Plus Spanich version from 4teachers.org
  96. *TechEncyclopedia - Over 20,000 IT items by techweb.com archives
  97. Computer Hope Dictionary - Convenient Browse by Category Entries
  98. A Glossary of Computer Terms with Easy-to-Understand Definitions - Sharpened.net
  99. Glossary of Internet and Computer Terms - 5starsupport.com
  100. List of computing and IT abbreviations - Wikipedia
  101. Acronym Finder
  102. *Computer dictionary, Computer terms dictionary, Definition of all Computer Terms
  103. Encyclopedia Index - PC Magazine (over 20,000 IT items)
  104. Netlingo - The Internet Dictionary
  105. Welcome to the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia
  106. Bugzilla Thesaurus & Reverse Dictionary
  107. Reverse Search via Wordsmyth
  108. Computing Dictionaries - Great resources from BetterEditor.org
  109. Free Computer Dictionary Online also links to Medical, law, and legal dictionaries
  110. *ARTFL Project - Webster Search Form
  111. Reverse Dictionary - by OneLook
  112. *Duhaime's Law Dictionary
  113. GrammarCheck - English - Free - See Blog articles
  114. Thesaurus
  115. TheFreeDictionary's Encyclopedia - Claims to be among the most up-to-date document ever produced

    General Academics:

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  116. Software 101: Open Source vs. Free Software Movement
  117. *FindTutorials.com - Free online courses and tutorials via index or search engine
  118. Software Tutorials and Online Tutorials for Students and Teachers - by Actden
  119. TeAch-nology Tutorials - Plus see Teacher Dictionary
  120. *Tutorials Library at MediaBuilder
  121. Tutorials from Links2Go
  122. *See over 8,000 educational selections - From ThinkQuest's Library
  123. *Dr. Abel Scribe's Guides to MLA Research Papers
  124. Free Tools for Writing in the MLA Format - eHow?
  125. EDU2: Education and Courses (EDUFRAME)
  126. See Random Knowledge Generator - and other items at Mad Sci Network
  127. Lesson Tutor - Free printables, lesson plans, and worksheets (K-12)
  128. Free Online Courses (business, computer, etc. from learnthat.com)
  129. Tutorials Library at PresenterMedia
  130. Classroom Tools for Teachers and Students - Microsoft®
  131. Free Online Courses (business, computer, etc. from learnthat.com)

    Internet & WEB 2.0 :

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  132. Internet 101 - The world's most popular guide to the Internet
  133. *Internet 101 Beginner's Handbook of Tutorials
  134. Social bookmarking - From Wikipedia
  135. Social bookmarking - Wikipedia
  136. Social Bookmarking 101
  137. The Deep - Invisible Web - How to find information there - Wikipedia.org
  138. Web 2.0 Search Engine - Understanding Search Engine Optimization, SEO
  139. StartingPage® - specialized search engine)
  140. Internet Shortcut Keys
  141. Google Power Searching Tips for Students and Universities - Also see free textbooks / HS courses - LearningPath.org
  142. Search Engine Watch - For effective Internet searching
  143. Operators and more search help
  144. All-in-One List of Search Engines - Pandia.com
  145. Internet Glossary - By Education World®
  146. Using Technology to Keep You Safer - Article by aarp.org
  147. What is a blog (and how you can start one)
  148. What is a Podcast?
  149. Podcasting Tools -Everything you need to know about Podcasting
  150. Podcasts - School Computing - How to Make Podcasts - in detail - wikia.com
  151. A Podcast of Your Own - Win & Mac (Macworld)
  152. *Podcasting in Education - See many tools and tutorials
  153. Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites
  154. Educational Podcasting - See tutorials
  155. Kidcast - See Learning and Teaching with Podcasting
  156. EdTechTalk Collaborative Open Webcasting Community
  157. Podcast Recording And Editing Tools: A Mini-Guide
  158. 15 Podcasts Every Geek Should Listen To
  159. *Podcasts in the Classroom
  160. Audio & Podcasting - From Webtools4u2use via Internet Archive
  161. Podcasting in Education
  162. *Free Stock Music for Educational Use
  163. Internet Search Engines - A Tutorial - From Berkeley Univ.
  164. Internet Tutorial
  165. Web Developer's Virtual Library: Tutorials plus (WDVL.com)
  166. *Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology - CIL Tech Tips For Every Librarian
  167. What is RSS?
  168. What is Web 2.0?
  169. Flickr online photo sharing application
  170. *A Comprehensive Guide to Wikis - See details at webtrends.About.com®
  171. *The Top Social Networking Sites - List from webtrends.About.com®
  172. ONLINE TOOLS & PRODUCTIVITY SECTION - Provides essential information

    Math & Science:

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  173. A Short Course in Trig
  174. AcroTeX: Tutorials - Calculus I and algebra, games, etc.
  175. Logic and Mathematics - Stephen G. Simpson
  176. Martindale's The Reference Desk - Note Calculators On-line (Tremendous Variety)
  177. Frank Potter's Science Gems - Including Mathematics - *TECH LINK*
  178. Eric Weisstein's World of Science - includes Math and other subjects
  179. *Gallery of on-line Interactive Geometry - University of Minnesota
  180. See Math Topics - Trig., algebra, etc. - ThinkQuest
  181. Mathematics on the Internet - *TECH LINK*
  182. On Line Finite Math & Applied Calculus Tutorials - Also while there, see:
  183. WebTrig is an online trigonometry tutorial
  184. Physics Reference
  185. Conversions - See an assortment of units converters
  186. Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab especially:
  187. The Why Files

    Music-Audio-Video :

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  188. Music Technology Links
  189. Music Technology - Wikipedia
  190. ABC's of Using MIDI files on the Net
  191. How to Record Music on the Computer - Tutorial from eHow?
  192. Public Domain and Royalty Free Music - PD Info
  193. iTunes: convert a song to a different file format - More tips at Apple.com
  194. The New User's Guide for iTunes - Details at Apple.com
  195. Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
  196. OnMusic Dictionary
  197. Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of the Music - Learn Notation, scales, chords, etc.
  198. Glossary of Musical Terms
  199. Keyboard Magazine - See digital music articles
  200. *Music - How-to lessons, tutorials & tips at Knowledge Hound
  201. HowStuffWorks "How MP3 Files Work" www.howstuffworks
  202. Music and Technology Learning - see many resources
  203. Music Education, Technology & More
  204. Standard MIDI Files on the Net
  205. Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site (lyricist.com) Great site!
  206. *Digital Camera Reference Website
  207. Filmmaking - Via Wikiversity.org

    Open Content: - Free Publications

    * Back to Index *

  208. Free e-books - See selections in science, engineering, etc.
  209. Online Practical Electronics Book - From WikiBooks
  210. PHP Online Manual
  211. *Business-software-books.us - Download free books on Databases, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, and many other popular applications - free for anybody
  212. How to Design: Programs - Detailed programming book complete with open source software - from htdp.org
  213. Free Computer Books - See titles like: Basic Computing Using Windows, Computers for Retirees, The Linux Starter Pack, and tons more from OnlineComputerBooks.com
  214. Free Books on Computer Application Software, Math, Science, Security & More - See the huge list at techbooksforfree.com

    Platform Options - Working with Different Operating Systems :

    * Back to Index *

  215. WEB OS Rundown: 45 + Web Operating Systems - List from Mashable.com
  216. GNU - the operating system created for free software - Initially developed by Richard Stallman (per Wikipedia)
  217. Detailed Explanations of Operating Systems via Wikipedia
  218. Linux vs Windows (a comparison) - Good synopsis and guide
  219. Windows Compatibility for the Linux Desktop | O'Reilly Media
  220. Moving from Windows to Linux
  221. Running Windows on Linux (Wine is one option)
  222. Debian Glossary - Linux Related Dictionary https://web.archive.org/web/20080223003142/http://elibrary.fultus.com/technical/index.jsp?topic=/com.fultus.linux.guides/guides/Linux-Dictionary/cover.html">*Linux Dictionary - Binh Nguyen
  223. Comparison of Windows and Linux - Wikipedia
  224. Linux, KDE, and running Linux as 2nd OS - Explained in this tutorial
  225. Debian - Win32-loader
  226. The Ultimate Guide to Desktop Linux Security - Tips from Comparitech.com
  227. *MacWindows Tips - Macintosh-Windows Integration
  228. A Feature Comparison List: Mac OS X and Windows 7
  229. *OS Tips ? How to close Unresponsive Programs in Windows and Mac OS X
  230. Technology Tutorials found on the Web - See Mac sections from Internet4Classrooms
  231. Apple® - Find Out How - Mac Basics - See Windows-on-Mac link also
  232. Education World (R) reviews Mac Tips and Tutorials site
  233. Apple Macintosh Support - By Computer Hope.com
  234. Amping Up Your Web Site with the MySQL Database System - Analyzes MySQL
  235. Help for Linux users or potential users - Tutorials, articles, forum, etc.
  236. Linux Help - Network Basics - Free Tutorial

    Programming :

    * Back to Index *

  237. BASIC-256 - Easy to use version of BASIC designed to teach anybody (especially middle and high-school students) the basics of computer programming.
  238. 4 ways to become a better programmer - with good links
  239. Teen Programmers Unite - Training ground for young programmers - code & tutorials
  240. WOTSIT'S FORMAT: The Programmer's File Format Collection
  241. Dr. Dobb's Programming Tools - Code, C++, Java, HTML5...
  242. C++ Virtual Library
  243. http://search.yahoo.com/bin/search?p=QBasic - Yahoo Search: Programming Languages: BASIC: QBasic/QuickBasic
  244. The Tutorial Page - Programming, Internet, science, etc.
  245. Tutorialized Web Site

  246. Smartphones & Tablets :

    * Back to Index *

  247. *How to Get Your Smart Phone to Pay for Itself - AARP
  248. 9 Apps With the 50-Plus in Mind - AARP
  249. *Types of Mobile Phones - Types.org.uk
  250. All the Sensors in Your Smartphone, and How They Work - GIZMODO
  251. Best Smartphones - CNET Reviews
  252. See over 100 Smartphone articles - from AARP
  253. See Smartphone Apps in FREEWARE SECTION

    Special Interest :

    * Back to Index *

  254. *Electronics 101 - Complete free course online with glossary by Ray Dall
  255. Excellent Electronics Tutorials - wide array of expertise
  256. List of Electronics Topics - Some computer terms included - Encyclopedia4u.com
  257. See Vo-tech Section - Related links
  258. WebElements Periodic Table
  259. Printable Periodic Table
  260. PowerPoint in the Classroom - Tutorial
  261. How-To articles at AARP - on Technology, Social Media, and Security

    USB Trends - Portable Apps :

    * Back to Index *

  262. PendriveApps.com - Windows Apps
  263. PortableApps.com - More of the same
  264. Puppy (Linux derivative) runs on home PCs - This version will boot from USB - Puppy Linux.com
  265. How to Run Linux from an USB Flash Drive - Do it in 5 minutes! - Softpedia.com
  266. *How to Install Any Linux OS on a Pendrive or USB - Tech Spikes
  267. Bootable Linux USB Drive - How To - Instructions by Rapo.org
  268. Linux USB FAQ
  269. Install Linux from windows - See details about dual booting at apcmag.com
  270. 100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick - For Mac and Win via makeuseof.com
  271. *Windows XP Setup Simulator - Steps you through an simulated setup procedure
  272. AndLinux.org - Run Linux natively inside Windows (2000, XP, Vista-32 bit only); this installation will allow hundreds of Linux programs to be run within Windows
  273. Using USB Devices in a Virtual Machine - VMware.com
  274. How to Make A Thumb Drive Bootable - Details at eHow?
  275. How to choose the best Linux distribution - Details at apcmag.com
  276. *The Ultimate Guide to Virtualization - Run two operating systems at once for free: Ubuntu on Mac OS X, Vista, or XP; Vista on Mac OS X, Ubuntu, or XP; XP on Mac OS X, Ubuntu, or Vista - apcmag.com


  277. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  279. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  280. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., e.g.-

    logo Kids.gov: The U.S. Government's Official (Retired) Web Portal for Kids: Many more resources for kids, teens, parents, and teachers - Courtesy of Archive.org
    USA.gov - The U.S. government's new web portal: Education Page

    ALA: Great Websites for Kids - and others

    Tech Terms Search Box
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