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  1. ProCon Latte - A free content filter for the Firefox browser created by Corvineum - automatically blocks explicit content - and can be set to block profanity and be locked. See other filters in WEBTOOLS
  2. - Create a site or textbox - has quick-mode password - [See other notebooks under UTILITY SITES]
  3. Zamzar - Free Online File Converter - Convert URLs or any given file type to another (text-to-MP3 for example)
  4. Vozme - Free online text-to-MP3 converter - pick male / female voices (several languages)
  5. Media Converter - Online version or download version - Swiss scientist's invention
  6. - Not only helps identify file extensions - but usually provides links to free programs to open them!
  7. Text Message Abbreviations -
  8. Word Spy - Find new words in The Word Lovers Guide to New Words
  9. - Online advanced task and priority management
  10. Online GPA Calculator


  1. Starting A Blog - Links to software and lots of guidance from® (Glossary included)
  2. Blogger: Create your free Blog - Free online tools & instructions -
  3. - Start a free Blog
  4. Spaces - Windows Live Is No Longer Available
  5. Google Blog Search - Regular search engine side by side
  6. Top 100 Blogs by (CNET News)
  7. Blog Search - A starting point to finding content categories
  8. Blog - Comprehensive information on Blogging and tools - Wikipedia
  9. The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook - Tamar Weinberg VIA Techipedia
  10. The Dean's List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs - EDTECH™ Magazine


  1. Top 18 Free Email Services -®
  2. Top 50 E-mail tips - From®
  3. The best that is on the Internet from - social bookmarking (Very useful)


  1. See latest Tech news and tips from PCMech
  2. Education Tech News Online - A digital news provider
  3. Latest News on Technology - From
  4. Science daily - Information Technology News - Very useful site
  5. Open Source Magazine - News on every front
  6. Slashdot - News for Nerds
  7. Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites - News and new discoveries from
  8. Science and technology: news and analysis | The Economist
  9. Issuu - You Publish - Explore thousands of magazines, documents, etc. online with magnifier - storage - see site details
  10. Free Software and Open Source Software News from
  11. Musician's Podcast - Via
  12. Rederiving our movies to Ogg Theora and more! - A list of public domain movies being converted at Internet Archive
  13. Open Source Poised for Surge in Education
  14. Bookyards: eBooks on Bookyards categories list
  15. Download Free Ebooks, Legally - News & Articles - getfreeebooks
  16. - Ad-free eBooks for your iPad, Kindle, or eBook reader
  17. eBooks Cube - Alphabetical listing of free eBooks

    NOTE: Most courses are college-level, self-paced, and free - but check exceptions
    Also check each site's TERMS for age restrictions & fees if certification or certain degrees are offered:

  1. How to get an education on itunes - See how to get over 100,000 audio & video courses at eHow™
  2. Wikiversity: Main Page See offerings at
  3. Handbook of Open Universities
  4. Online Books from WikiBooks See books by subject
  5. Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School - MIT OpenCourseWare
  6. Free Online Courses from MIT Open Course Ware - No registration required
  7. Yale now also offers free non-credit courses, lectures, notes online - With download options
  8. The Open Coursework Consortium - Lists free courses from universities around the world
  9. FREE - Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government
  10. Academic - Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars
  11. - Helps with student productivity in a big way - Covers: Top 20 RSS Feed Readers, Twitter Search Engines, Social Networking and extensive study aids
  12. Open (No Cost) Educational Content - Wikieducator - To support students and teachers in the creation, re-use and sharing of e-learning material
  13. WikiEducator Content Page - Outlines in Education
  14. EduResources Weblog--Higher Education Resources Online - Free learning
  15. - Free reprint rights for many topics (linkback required)
  16. librivox - Search resources for public domain books on podcasts
  17. Top 100 Audio Books downloads from Project Gutenburg
  18. Project Gutenberg - Download free electronic books (ebooks)
  19. Free Audio Books & Video Directory - Selections from
  20. - Offers free open content for blogs, newsletters, etc. (some come with ad links - some do not)
  21. Free Online Encyclopedia - Everything is open content by Academic
  22. More Encyclopedia - Provides information which is open content
  23. - Content is freely available for everyone under the GNU Free Documentation License
  24. Free Education on the Internet - From Arts & Humanities, Automotive, through Math, Science, and Social Science
  25. Backpack TV: building on the success of Khan Academy by helping students and teachers quickly find the best educational videos from the best instructors
  26. Free Online Courses and Education - See many resources & tutorials - Education-Portal
  27. Sophia - Free Social Teaching and Learning Network - focused solely on education
  28. Online Tools to Help Personalize Learning - Edutopia
  29. Non- commercial licenses vs open licenses - Appropedia
  30. Take Free Courses - Get Real College Credit - Education Portal Academy
  31. E-learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  32. Find more Free Education links - on my Higher Education Page


  1. Google Docs - Free web-based word processor and spreadsheet (to share and collaborate)
  2. eDesk Online - Online office with many bonuses (see free & premiem accounts)
  3. - Online productivity and collaboration tools - free for small group (see details)
  4. Thinkfree Online Office - Word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities - then some


  1. IT Quizzes - Not for beginners - but definitions are there to study
  2. Mensa Fun Test - Half-an-hour test for 30 multiple-choice questions (get scores at end)
  3. Free IQ Test - Many tests here to find out more about yourself - PersonalityLab
  4. - Has a free version along with a fee-based version
  5. IPIP-NEO Personality tests - Download items are in the public domain - for online tests - see next link:
  6. English lessons and tests - by - Includes crosswords & hangman games


  1. Learn 2 Type - free typing test - then get free account
  2. About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding - See links to free software and online tests
  3. Test your typing skills online - At
  4. Kids Typing Skills - (


  1. How To Start Your Own Podcast - (lists software link and other links to get it done)
  2. HOW-TO GUIDES section has many listings for podcasting


  1. 30 Boxes Calendar - Will change your life - painless organization!
  2. The Best Calendars -
  3. tadalist is retired - try: 50+ Online To Do List Managers - Internet Techies
  4. Ta-da List Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps -
  5. Best To-do List
  6. iGoogle is retired - try: Make Google your homepage
  7. Lifehacker - A Web site that provides daily updates on tools and applications.
  8. - My Yahoo! - A personalized home page - you control modules you want
  9. Pageflakes is retired - try: 14 Personalized Homepages Compared, Feature by Feature - Mashable
  10. 15 online productivity tools
  11. MyStickies - Help you create notes to bookmarks
  12. Big List of Online Productivity Tools
  13. Webtools4u2use - Word Processing, Productivity Tools, etc.
  14. Recommended Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 - By
  15. Productivity Tools - By
  16. Top 25 Web 2.0 productivity apps
  17. Productivity tools - See many exceptional site listings by
  18. Remember Everything with Evernote - Online version synchronizes with free download version - jot down text notes, store photos or dictate audio memos
  19. 101 + Web Resources and other Student Aids - Productivity Tips from
  20. Top 20 Free Applications to Increase Your Productivity


  1. Online Notes -
  2. 8 Online notebooks - Several useful selections
  3. Free Online Storage Sites
  4. - Offers online text-to-speech (MP3) conversion for files less than 50KB
  5. Online Images Converter - Free conversions by
  6. Online Image Converter - Cross conversions if less than 100KB -
  7. I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450+ common problems solved -
  8. Kartoo Visual Meta search engine
  9. Clusty the clustering search engine
  10. Unzip Online - Online Unzip/Zip Facility by NPXP
  11. Top Free Online Virus Scan - These are always up to date and no hassle!
  12. OpenStreetMap - Free magnifiable street maps - see USA
  13. Essential Links - - Metaportal to the Internet
  14. Google Translate - select from many languages (with voice)
  15. Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
  16. Free Online Collage Maker | Graphic Design | Photo Editor - Courtesy of FotoJet
  17. PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and JPG to PDF Converter - Via FormSwift
  18. Free PDF Tools by Investintech
  19. Free Online Photo Editor - Canva
  20. Free Online Tools for Looking up Potentially Malicious Websites - Zeltser
  21. 12 Online Free Tools to Scan Website Security Vulnerabilities & Malware - GeekFlare

    WEB 2.0 FOCUS:

  1. Web 2.0 Directory - A listing of over 1200 modern web sites - by
  2. Web 2.0 List of Web Based Apps (huge list)
  3. K-12 Educators Guide to Web 2.0
  4. go2web20 - The complete Web 2.0 sites directory
  5. The Open Source Wiki - SWiK - thousands of projects cited
  6. Bestwebsites / Free Bookmarks - By®
  7. Library 2.0 Exists and Matters - Transition means survival for the library - (A library-geek blog)
  8. Where will the next generation Web (2.0) take libraries? - Technology makes people more interconnected - By Tom Storey
  9. 100 Incredibly Useful Websites - PC World
  10. High Priority Free Software Projects - Free Software Foundation - Exciting List of development projects
  11. Future of the Internet - PEW Internet & American Life Project
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