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    The following links provide educators with all sorts of resources for online teaching: including tips on converting existing classes - streaming audio/video, slides, graphics - Learning Management Systems - courseware options - holding online meetings - testing - facilitating a class - finding free resources - capturing a multi-media session, etc.


  1. Preparing and Teaching Online Courses - ODU
  2. National Standards for Quality Online Teaching & 2nd ref - NACOL
  3. *Podcast Index to Teaching with Technology - Includes online teaching - Palomar College
  4. The Difference Between Mobile Learning And eLearning - eLearning INDUSTRY
  5. Teaching Online: Tips and Advice - See important tips and links here
  6. *Online Teaching - Introduction, skills needed, etc. - UMDNJ
  7. *Resource Center - A Selection of Teaching Handbooks - UMDNJ
  8. *Teaching an Online Course - By Joyce Morris, Ed. D.
  9. Tips for Teaching Large Classes Online
  10. *Educational Resources : Online Teaching Activity Index - ION
  11. Connecting Students to Advanced Courses Online (PDF) - USDLA®
  12. *The Teachers' Internet Use Guide - Site Map at RMC
  13. *Lessons Library - Teaching Online (.com)
  14. Online Course Design - Via Teacher Tap
  15. *Teaching Students to Effectively Use the Internet - Teacher insights too
  16. Ten Years of Internet Teaching - How to survive teaching on the Internet
  17. Illinois Online Network: Online Education Resources - Design Tutorials & resources; also see Learning Styles
  18. *University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center - Also see Teaching Tips via Univ. of Virginia Teaching Resource Center
  19. *Teaching Tips Index - Honolulu Community College
  20. *Distance Education Links & Tools - Honolulu Community College
  21. Flipped, Blended & Online Learning - Campus Technology
  22. Online Tutorials and Open Learning Resources - Khake


  23. *Teaching ONLINE Tools - Outstanding tools & tutorials listed here
  24. 300+ Awesome Free Internet Resources You Should Know - TNW
  25. Netvouz - Online Social Bookmark Manager - free replacement for diigo
  26. Bob Jensen's Summary of Distance Education Tools - Many selections
  27. *Consolidated Tools for Administrators, students, and Teachers - Presented in 3 parts
  28. *Online Pedagogy links
  29. *100+ Resources for Teaching Without Textbooks
  30. 101 Web 2.0 Teaching Tools - See 101 tools listed at OEDb
  31. *Education 2.0 - Modern online tools
  32. Open Source Software and Content Systems - Via edu-cyberpg.com
  33. Top Tools for Online Teaching - Top5OnlineColleges.org
  34. 100 Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators - PDF summary of Web 2.0 tools from Teaching Hacks
  35. Learning Management System - A Wikipedia article
  36. Free Learning Management Systems - Information from Wikipedia
  37. Moodle - A free software package to create an online teaching and learning environment
  38. Alternatives to ScreenToaster - Alternativeto.net
  39. The Best Learning Management Systems (2018 Update) - eLearning Industry
  40. Free & Open Source Learning Management Systems - Educational Technology
  41. Learning Management Systems: See Comparisons - Edutech wiki
  42. Online Education, Degrees, Colleges & Universities
  43. 100 Hand-picked Freebies for Learning PDF
  44. Free Tools - Via eLearning Learning
  45. 29 Free eLearning Tools - Capterra Blog
  46. Free Authoring Tools For eLearning - Via eLearning Learning
  47. Educational Technology Resources for Teachers (Grades K-12) - TeacherVision®


  48. Tapped In - Now closed but see tips in Archive
  49. Web 2.0 Backpack: Web Apps for Students - List of web apps teachers can expect students to use
  50. Best Student-Collaboration Tools - Common Sense Education
  51. Merlot - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching materials
  52. 10 Excellent Social Bookmarking Tools for Teachers - Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


  53. See Bob Bowman's How to Guide: Create Your Own Blog Links
  54. Blogging in The Classroom: How to Get Started
  55. Discussion Tools & Technology-Rich Learning - Links from Teacher Tap
  56. How To Start a Blog - Via wikiHow.com
  57. Blogging Basics 101


  58. How to Series: Website Development Guides & Tutorials - WebsiteSetup.org
  59. HOW-TO GUIDES has much more information of podcasting


  60. WiZiQ - Free site for live teaching and learning - Must register
  61. TeachersFirst's BYOD Dream Tools: - Free Tools that Work on ANY device!
  62. Edmodo - Edmodo is a communication platform for teachers & students
  63. Google Sites tutorial - Doing a Class Project - Via CultureQuest
  64. Vimeo tutorial - For teachers free websites using Google Sites
  65. Slideshare - Upload your presentations for all to see
  66. Larry L. Burriss - Take it to the Net: Putting and Keeping Your Course On Line - N/A: See:
  67. Put Your Courses Online for Free with CourseSites by Blackboard
  68. Designing An Online Course - The Center for Teaching and Learning
  69. *Teaching Online - Resources to create a web site
  70. Redesign Your Website To Become Web 2.0 : Quick Tips
  71. Web Development Tutorials - Notable web coding selections
  72. Claroline Connect - Build free online e-learning courses & manage learning & collaborative activities on the web
  73. Best Websites for Teaching & Learning - American Association of School Librarians


  74. Top 18 Online Quiz Makers for Teachers – 12 Free and 6 Paid - My Elearning World
  75. Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators - DigitalChalk Blog
  76. Robert's Online Spreadsheet and more
  77. Free and Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning - eFront Blog
  78. Educreations is a unique interactive whiteboard & screencasting tool
  79. 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom - TeachHUB
  80. Search the Web for Sounds
  81. The World Clock - Time Zones sorted by city names, country & time zones
  82. 8 Online notebooks - Mashable
  83. Notepad - Online Notes free, no login required
  84. Notepad | Write online notes, No login or signup required (Second Version with many math tools and more)
  85. Online Notes with www.my-notepad.net
  86. Create Free Professional Charts And Graphs From Any Data
  87. How To Record Streaming Video Content Easily From Desktop - See related articles at AddictiveTips
  88. The Best Open Source Document Management Systems - LERA BLOG
  89. IHMC CmapTools version - Free (OSS) for schools, universities, commercial uses
  90. GanttProject is a free Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool
  91. Finest online painter software online with layers - Can download also
  92. ONLINE TOOLS & PRODUCTIVITY SECTION has essential information

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  1. *Tech Communications - topics via eserver.org
  2. 40 Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Cell Phones in the Classroom - Online Universities
  3. Top 9 Ways to Use a Smartphone for School - Online Education Blog of Touro College
  4. M-learning: Mobile Learning - Wikipedia
  5. Mobile Distance Learning with Smartphones and Apps in Higher Education - ERIC
  6. 6 ways to use students' smartphones for learning - ISTE
  7. How to Use Cell Phones as Learning Tools - TeachHUB


  8. Conferencing on the Web - David R. Woolley
  9. Top 10 Free GoToMeeting Alternatives - Via eLearning Industry
  10. How to Run NetMeeting in Windows 7 - It Still Works
  11. *Video 101 for Educators - Via archived TeachingHacks
  12. Video University - 100 pages of expert articles, guides, and handbooks
  13. *Using Movie Maker - Short tutorial plus see related tutorials on sidebar
  14. *Record Screen action with Jing - See download info & tutorial
  15. Digital Video Tutorials - listed by Cinestream™
  16. Streaming media - Wikipedia
  17. How Streaming Video and Audio Work - HowStuffWorks
  18. 5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices - Edutopia
  19. *Orbitdownloader.com: How to record streaming media - Use Orbit Downloader as Streaming Media Recorder for free
  20. *Digital Video Primer - Rather dated material but still has useful portions - Adobe focus
  21. *Video Production Notes - Used with Hot Potatoes Editor below
  22. How to Record Streaming Video - See related video tutorials at itstillworks
  23. Free Webcam Screen Capture Software to Record Video from Webcam, Screen or Devices Easily! - Replace Debut Software
  24. All streaming media recording software - See freeware and pay versions at All Streaming Media.Com
  25. Streaming Video Freeware - From My Music Tools
  26. How to record streaming flash video, edit and save as AVI, MP4, FLV,etc. - From VideoHelp
  27. *How to record real video streams, capture real audio - Gromkov's Software
  28. *Online Video Recorders | How to Record & Upload Webcam Videos to the Internet - WebTVwire Links
  29. List of commercial and free Video Editing software - With download sites via Wikipedia
  30. VideoLAN - VLMC, open source video editor - Free replacement for VideoPad
  31. Digital Video - Also see worthwhile links on sidebar at Via Teacher Tap
  32. How To Utilize Video Conferencing in the Classroom
  33. HOW-TO SECTION has extensive links
  34. Filmmaking For Beginners – Wolfcrow


  35. *Audio & Video Tools & Tutorials - Extensive list via Gromkov.com
  36. Windows Tips Archive - From AddictiveTips
  37. ONLINE TUTORIAL SECTION has a long list of helpful tips

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  39. Web 2.0 Tutorials
  40. Web 2.0 & Latest Web Technologies Articles - HubPages®
  41. How Web 2.0 Works
  42. Citation Machine
  43. *101 Ways to Deal with Stress - See other tips from HCC
  44. *School Library Resources
  45. File-Extensions.org - Large file extensions and file types resource website
  46. Distance Education References - UMN
  47. Free eLearning books - Via eFront Blog


  48. Wikiversity learning project: Web 2.0
  49. The Web 2.0 Glossary - Lifewire
  50. 99 Terms You Need To Know When You’re New To Tech - Via skillcrush
  51. Glossary of Glossaries - See Site Map of Tools - Via Create The Future
  52. Online Teaching Glossary - See more resources at TeAch-nology
  53. *Glossary: Web Tools for Teaching
  54. *Distance Education Glossaries & Resources - UWEX
  55. Glossary of Instructional Strategies
  56. *Interactive Elearning glossary
  57. *Online Learning 101 - Glossary
  58. Glossary of Online Learning Terms - The elearningcoach
  59. What is Distance Education? - Glossary for Online Learning


  60. Giant Blogging Terms Glossary: Need a Blog Dictionary?
  61. *Podcast Glossary
  62. Glossary of Terms and Acronyms for Videoconferencing - PDF
  63. Digital Video Glossary
  64. Glossary of Audio Terms
  65. *Audio Glossary A-1
  66. *Multiple Teaching Strategy Glossories - Including Special Education, Gifted, Literacy, etc.
  67. Definitions of Computer and Internet Terms - PC Glossary
  68. *Online Assistive Technologies Glossary
  69. *List of Glossaries - Huge List from encyclopedia4u.com
  70. *List of Reference Tables - Extensive list by encyclopedia4u.com
  71. The Dictionary: Film, Audio, And Video Terminology - Filmland
  72. Pro Audio Glossary of Terms
  73. Desktop Music Handbook - Glossary of MIDI and Digital Audio Terms
  74. Multiple Multimedia Dictionaries
  75. *Lexical and Classification Resources - Mix of Dictionaries - Stanford Univ
  76. LD Online Glossary
  77. Netvouz : Glossaries - Site lets you access bookmarks from any PC
  78. *Information Educational Technology (IET) Glossary
  79. The Education Technology Dictionary - Via edshelf
  80. Network Security Glossary
  81. Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for Students, Educators and IT Professionals


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  1. Web-based Quiz Generator software - Hot Potatoes™ Homepage - NOT FREEWARE but free for educational use (see details)
  2. *Quiz generation software listings in German and English (Wode)
  3. Video Streaming Recording - See many freeware listings at videohelp.com
  4. NoteTab Comparisons - See free Clipbook Libraries for popular FREE editor)
  5. DIRECTORY OF LEARNING TOOLS - Index Page - OSS, freeware, and more - C4LPT
  6. ShortKeys™: Windows Macro Utility, Lite Version - free
  7. 9 Best Free Image Editors - From Mashable
  8. Audio Recorder for Free - Easy, Free Recording - From Audio Toolbox
  9. Freeware CAD Program 'CadStd'
  10. Artifice DesignWorkshop Lite Design house layouts and more
  11. Free Object-Relational Database Management system by Konstantin Knizhnik
  12. *See Star Office and other free suites which have word processors, spreadsheets, etc.
  13. Free Image Processing: Includes QV: the graphic viewer/converter for JPEG, BMP, GIF...
  14. HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder (Converter)
  15. *Top 5 best open source video editors in 2019 - ZEROOTECH
  16. Tutorials on DVD, Video Convert Guides
  17. *Free Studio provides 48 free multimedia applications developed by DVDVideoSoft
  18. WMA-to-MP3 Converter
  19. Crimson: Free programming editor fits on disk - many advanced features
  20. Free Computer Software Program Downloads - from A1B2C3.com
    (many which check, improve, and compress web page contents)
  21. Giveaway of the Day.com - Check in with this site because decent licensed software is given away free for a limited time!
  22. 50 Open Source Tools That Replace Popular Education Apps - Datamation.com
  23. Free software for Education - Many categories by SchoolForge.net
  24. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  25. Old Version Website: Find last known free versions of software titles
  26. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  27. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school

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  29. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  31. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.. - e.g.:

Note to educators:   Most "kidsafe" search engines can still access other search engines which are unfiltered and that restrict users under 18 - unless they are disabled in advance - See details on Webtools Page

logo *Kids.gov: The U.S. Government's Official (Retired) Web Portal for Kids: Many more resources for kids, teens, parents, and teachers - Courtesy of Archive.org
USA.gov - The U.S. government's new web portal: Education Page

ALA: Great Websites for Kids - and others

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