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    ***NEWS FLASH*** BOBBY "B" BLUE - (See extensive pictoral biography) Winchester Recording Artist (who worked for Capitol Records for eight years) will be releasing his songs via the Internet. "For a limited time, a working copy of my new Christian rock song '6 Thousand Hours (The Prophet)' may be download from
  • 6 Thousand Hours - A song about how long it takes to create us and how precious peace is. Share it with your friends if you like. Stay tuned for download links - hopefully, you will find some of the songs noteworthy. (I am deleting the two Nashville songs I wrote for my wife - but now find them to be incompatible with my genre - my apologies)."
  • (Download Words to 6K Hours - The Prophet)

  • Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages - see first!
  • Free Online Music Games - Fantastic site: Online record / playback piano is amazing! -
  • Flash Piano - The Method Behind The Music - Online Keyboard with Music Theory - by
  • Musipedia - You can find and identify a tune even if the melody is all you know (see details)
  • Song Search by Tapping - Just tap the rhythm and find the song
  • RhymeZone
  • Rhymer
  • Rhyme Desk - Rhyming Dictionary And Other Creative Writing Tools For Poets
  • BestPractice - An open-source audio time-stretching tool for Windows: Change music pitch to your voice


  1. K-12 Resources for Music Educators - Childrens Music via Internet Archive
  2. Ready, Set, Music! Music Resources For Educators - Road Ready Cases
  3. Music on the Internet - Links to music web sites that can be used in the classroom (OMU)
  4. Morton Subotnick's CREATING MUSIC - Online music creation and exploration for kids of all ages
  5. Children's Music Web
  6. Music Can Help You Study - From UNCC49'er
  7. Basic Music Theory Lessons - Music theory for
  8. A Reference Guide for Beginner Songwriters - See selections at The Muses Muse
  9. Music Education Lesson Plans - Courtesy of Teachnology
  10. Welcome to Free and Easy Guitar - Music Theory for Beginners for Guitar
  11. Handbook for Chords and Scales Presogna Productions
  12. Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds
  13. Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales & Chord Finder for Guitarists - Via


  14. Classical music, royalty free classical music & links to classical music sites - Classical USA
  15. Music Education Free Resources - Education
  16. Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll - Selected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
  17. Music Genre List - A complete list of music styles, types and genres
  18. Musical Terminology - Glossary - Definitions (Classical Music)
  19. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
  20. Music Publishers' Association - See copyright section & Music links
  21. Informative music links from
  22. List of online music databases
  23. Welcome to - Via Internet Archive
  24. MuSICA: Music & Science Information Computer Archive
  25. Tech Tips on Recording Vocals and music
  26. - Online music theory
  27. Basic Definitions of Genres and Musical Terms -
  28. Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals - Music Outfitters, Inc.
  29. Rock & Roll Library - See separate entries via Internet Archive
  30. Piano on the Web - Visit via Internet Archive
  31. Avoiding Copyright Abuse Notices - RIAA
  32. The Society for American Music - See Resources On Web
  33. Mathematics and Musical Temperament - NAHOO
  34. MUSIC: Musicians for Songs in the Classroom - Free songs for education via Learning From Lyrics
  35. - Download & Streaming : Audio Archive : Internet Archive - Please preview
  36. Audio (Music) Formats on the Net by wikipedia
  37. Compare Music File Formats
  38. Free VST Plugins, Audio Video Software, Freeware and Shareware - See pages of remixsoft via Internet Archive
  39. Free Audio Editing Software Part II - JaypeeOnline
  40. Music theory & history online - Extensive course
  41. Find absolutely legal songs via Creative Commons Search Engine
  42. MusicMoz - Open Music Project
  43. Rhyming Dictionary is one option with Merriam-Webster's Word Central
  44. Free MIDI Converter online - Yields MP3,WAV, or WMA
  45. Music 4 Education - Provides free classroom resources and links.
  46. Instrumental Music Resource Page - Access via Internet Archive
  47. Get Signed dropped - nothing free
  48. Harmony Central - The leading resource for musicians
  49. Hardware/Software for Music students - Audio and video links via Internet Archive
  50. AMS—WWW Sites for Musicologists
  51. Music Teacher's Resource (UK)
  52. Breathing, Pitch, Fitness, Posture - Vocal Exercises for Singers at Vocalist
  53. Music History 102 - Audible history via MP3 music format (IPL)
  54. Welcome to DJ Tutor - Free video tutorials for beginner on up
  55. Music education, music technology, free sheet music, and much more - From
  56. K-12 Resources for Music Teachers
  57. Songwriting Tips and more from
  58. Technology Institute for Music Educators - Via Internet Archive
  59. Resources for Student Composers - Via
  60. Internet Resources for Music Educators - Via Internet Archive
  61. American Music on the World Wide Web - Via
  62. Music Selection Resources on the WWW - Anna Seaberg
  63. Consumer Reports: WebWatch - Look before you click - see details and precautions here
  64. Electronic Music Interactive - Via Internet Archive
  65. Future of Music Coalition - Resources for Bands and Artists
  66. K-12 Music Education, Classroom Resources and Music Law - The Educational CyberPlayGround™
  67. Singing And Vocal Arts Resources - From
  68. Music Resources On The Internet - From
  69. Virginia Music Educators Association Music Links
  70. Free Public Domain Music
  71. Media College - Video, Audio and Multimedia Resources
  72. How to Add Music to Your Podcast Using Audacity
  73. Tutorials - Audacity Wiki
  74. Music Searches:
  75. Music Technology Tutorials - Via musicmall (Internet Archive)
  76. James Frankel Music Links
  77. Tom - Teaching Music With Technology
  78. ChordFind.Com - Guitar Chord Finder
  80. Justin Guitar - Free Guitar Lessons
  81. Learn How to Play Guitar With Free Lessons Online - Guitar Player World
  82. How to Rapidly Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar Yourself - wikihow
  83. - Extensive site - Please review
  84. - ULTIMATE MUSIC DATABASE of Pop Music - Please review


  85. MIDI Links From
  86. Musicrobot - MIDI search engine via Internet Archive
  87. MIDI Tutorials and more - From
  88. Musician Tutorials
  89. Computer Music, MIDI, Etc. - Links from Sibilius Academy
  90. MIDI files - Free download - MIDIWORLD.COM
  91. Desktop Music Handbook - Complete coverage of MIDI to desktop recording -
  92. Music Technology Links - Likeable links from


  93. How It Works MP3 - Article from
  94. Rockin' in the Free World: All About MP3s - From
  95. MP3 tunes and broadcast music (
  96. See several free MP3 encoders and related software -
  97. Music Resources - See Access to non-commercial music and tutorials from
  98. Exploring music and life in the 21st century - Aaron Wolf


  99. Making Music - A big list of FREE music making software! - Making
  100. HammerHead Rhythm Station - Useful Free Music Apps & Utilities
  101. Tech Tips on Recording Vocals and music
  102. - Online music theory (or download entire lessons - by Ricci Adams
  103. Free Music - Select other editions at Internet Archive
  104. Category:Free Music Software - See links to free software for many platforms from
  105. Music Technology Handouts - Access via Internet Archive
  106. Music Technology - Information from
  107. PodSafe Music Network - Freely distributed music downloads via Internet Archive
  108. - Free Online Lessons & Video Guitar Lessons
  109. Cartmax - Version 1.01 is free - provide background music for offices, stores, restaurants, etc. (MP3 or WAV)
  110. Eric's Treasure Trove of Music *TECH LINK*
  111. Music Teacher's Resource (UK)
  112. Music Technology Links - University of York
  113. - Piano Games Online
  114. Music at School - Free music worksheets, online quizzes, etc.
  115. Audacity® - A free, Cross-Platform Audio Editor and Recorder (see download & wiki)
  116. Download free ACID Xpress7 - 10-track sequencer software from Brothersoft
  117. FREE PC Multitrack Recording Software Programs - Plus see other music software from
  118. Music Software - Indiana University School of Music via Internet Archive
  119. Audio & music software downloads - Rip, edit, burn, equalize, and more from Blaze Audio - limited trial
  120. See trial-only downloads from MusicLab - Drum loops, guitar loops, etc.
  121. MEF: Free Music Editor - Free version can save WAV files only - but decent editor!
  122. Hydrogen - An advanced drum machine - Open Source GNU/Linux
  123. Denemo | Free and Open Music Notation Editor
  124. Lilypond - Open source high-quality music notation program
  125. MuseScore is a customizable music notation program
  126. Chordii - Music notation program for guitarists - Free
  127. Impro-Visor - Open source Jazz improvisation music software
  128. Phonascus - Open source music theory program
  129. Open Metronome - Free, open source metronome software
  130. PianoBooster - Open Source program that plays Standard Midi Files
  131. Jalmus - Open source music education software to improve sight-reading
  132. Filmmaking - Music has a place in films - via
  133. FREEWARE SECTION has free music programs


  134. See REFERENCES SECTION for music items
  135. Tutorials Section has music glossary and other links
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