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  1. $7,000,000 Offered for Math Solutions
  2. Extensive Math Resources Lists - Also see Math Tools at Australian Help
  3. Math - Extensive Resources - Academized - Writing Center, Student Success Center
  4. Fantastic Math Tricks - Math short cuts by Vic Evans
  5. On-Line Tutorials for Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus - See outstanding interactive tools by Stefan Waner
  6. Quick Reference Sheet - Provided by Math Forum @ Drexel
  7. Online Talking Dictionarist - Has online keyboard option
  8. Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  9. Tech Tips & Tools Section - See useful choices
  10. Balabolka - Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - works even in browser (saves sound file)
  11. QuotePad - hotkey popup saves screen-selected text & cites its source (also has personal timer) *HINT: copying title (in Firefox Menu:Tools:Page Info) will capture URL bookmark
  12. - Cut & paste URLs or your text into its box area and then every word you click on will be defined by your choice of dictionaries for medical, language, etc.
  13. A Maths Dictionary for Kids Quick Reference - By Jenny Eather
  14. Thousands of free worksheets (Preschool to High School) - Math Worksheets Land
  15. Mathematics & Statistics: A Brief Guide to Library Resources -, SUNY
  16. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages when used first of all
  17. Remember Any Number - with the sound number system - See details at Lifehack
  18. See OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities - Main Page - Plus find more free resources
  19. See extensive list of Free Software below - See FREE alternatives to commercial versions!

    Functional Calculator from


  20. Online Talking Calculator - Math Games for Kids - PBS KIDS - See download version below
  21. The Best Free Online Calculator - can enlarge and change versions at
  22. Giant Online Calculator - For the interactive whiteboard or PC screen - Graham Jennings
  23. Big Integer Calculator - Online - Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic with special operations
  24. Online Scientific Calculator - Via
  25. Graphing Calculator - Online - By Desmos
  26. GPS Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info - Courtesy of
  27. Graphing Calculator - Online - Courtesy of
  28. Financial Calculators - Online - Courtesy of Calculator Soup®
  29. Online Calculators: Expression & Factoring - Via
  30. Online Statistical Calculators - Courtesy of Stattrek
  31. Free Geometry calculator - Find properties of planes, coordinates and 3D shapes - Symbolab
  32. GraphyCalc - 3D Graphing Calculator
  33. Free Online Calculators and Converters - See dictionary and resources at
  34. Free online math calculators and solvers - Also see homework help at MathPortal
  35. Math Tools - The Number Empire
  36. The Free Statistics Calculators Website - See 104 calculators from Daniel Soper
  37. Web 2.0 scientific calculator
  38. Free Online Math Calculators - GradeA's Math Help
  39. Online calculators - Select from among many at PLANETCALC
  40. Free Online Trig Calculator - See others at
  41. Online Integral Calculator - Find Integrals and Antiderivatives
  42. Function Calculator - Online calculator by XIAO Gang
  43. Special calculators online at
  44. Robert's Online Spreadsheet - Can be modified
  45. Free Online Equation Editor - Plus see online resources for problem-solving
  46. SISA allows you to do statistical analysis directly on the Internet
  47. Online Fraction Calculators - Courtesy of Help with Fractions
  48. Free Online Fraction Calculator - Plus games and activities at
  49. Online scientific calculator with tape -
  50. Online Large Calculator - For home or school
  51. Online Calculator - See options for abacus, etc.
  52. 450+ free online calculators, plotters, etc.
  53. Free Online Calculators - Courtesy of Good Calculators
  54. Calculators - From Analyzemath
  55. Chemistry Calculator
  56. Calculus Tutorials and related Calculators - Math Scoop
  57. Math-Conversion-Reference Calculators - Via
  58. Great Calculators for Business and Math - (


  59. An encyclopedic collection of math games, problems, puzzles... - Alexander Bogomolny
  60. Combinatorics - Cool math Algebra Help lessons
  61. The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
  62. Alphabetical Mathematical Links
  63. History of Mathematics - Details from Wikipedia
  64. The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive - See biographies,statistics, and more:
  65. Hilbert's [Unsolved Mathematics] problems - Coverage by Wikipedia
  66. Unsolved Problems - List from Wolfram Mathworld
  67. Unsolved Problems in number theory logic...
  68. Jon Bettencourt's Page of Unsolved Math Problems
  69. Free Online MIT Course Materials for High School - MIT OpenCourseWare
  70. Free Education on the Internet Courses: - from Arts & Humanities, Automotive, through Math, Science, and Social Science
  71. Online Calculus for Beginners - in language designed for the non-mathematician
  72. Writing Algebraic Expressions - Math Goodies™ (Ms. Lindquist drop)
  73. Algebra Homework Help, Algebra Solvers, Free Math Tutors - Alternate for above via
  74. Strategies for solving math story problems - Via mathstories
  75. Solve "Work" Word Problems - Also see comprehensive list of math lessons at Purplemath
  76. Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving
  77. Solving Math Word Problems - See more at Study Guides and Strategies
  78. How to solve Algebra Word Problems? (worked solutions, examples, videos) -
  79. Pauls Online Math Notes - Comprehensive math subjects
  80. Problem Solving in Mathematics
  81. Problem Solving Strategies in Mathematics - From®
  82. Teaching Critical-Thinking with Math Hotlist
  83. Common Errors in College Math
  84. A List Of Great Free Math Websites
  85. Links to Math Websites - CHN
  86. Cryptography Archive

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  87. NOVA Online: Decoding Nazi Secrets
  88. Internet Math Library
  89. offers many free resources
  90. The National Budget Simulation
  91. Fantasy Stock Market Game and Free Online Paper Trading - Wall Street Survivor®
  92. Free Online Stock Market Game - Courtesy of Young Money
  93. Some Math Education Resources - Cornell
  94. The Internet Public Library Youth Division
  95. Instant Help for Your Math Problems - WebMath
  96. Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics - Includes an online Interactive multimedia course of study
  97. Herkimer's Hideaway: A math resource for HS teachers and students
  98. Math 1493 Web Resources
  99. Professor Freedman's Math Help
  100. MathGoodies™ Puzzle Library
  101. Math in Daily Life
  102. Metamath Proof Explorer Home Page
  103. Maths Online Gallery - Interactive Multimedia Learning Units plus online math tools
  104. Math links - by CMU
  105. Amby's Education Site: Math Resources
  106. Visual Calculus - Math Archives (UTK)
  107. Gallery of Interactive Geometry
  108. Mathematics Education Resources on the Web - USF
  109. The Living Math Project
  110. Math Education Resources on the Web
  111. Math Is Power4U - Math tutorials
  112. General statistical resources (over 500 links)
  113. Virtual Math Lab - Thorough tutorials from West Texas A&M Univ.
  114. Pythagorian Theorem and its many proofs
  115. A List of Math Resources on WWW and the Internet - UVU
  116. Beginning Algebra Tutorial - Mathematics from
  117. Lissa's Math Education Bookmarks
  118. Probability Tutorials - complete with definitions and more
  119. Professor Freedman's Math Help (tutorials, study tips, and more)
  120. The Ultimate Mathematic Link Page

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  121. Math Links from SPSU - archived
  122. Math Fun & Games Online - Courtesy of MATH-PLAY.COM
  123. Edu4Kids: Math and Science
  124. S.O.S. Math: Math tables and Formulas
  125. Dave's Math Tables: Weights and Measures
  126. A Plus Math: games
  127. Wally OneShare Stock Tracker Game
  128. udltechtoolkit - Compensation tools for writing, limited math skills, etc. - great site
  129. Games, calculators, etc. - From Mathmatical Concepts, Inc.
  130. Scholarly Communication Aids - Add-ins for MS Word for scientific publication - formatting, math aids, etc.
  131. Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit: Fractals Handouts
  132. Cool Math Links
  133. Math Help: Math Concepts, Games, Quizzes and worksheets - From
  134. Math through IMAGE Processing (METIP)
  135. Math and Science Internet Resources (Audubon Junior and High Schools)
  136. Statistics Help - Free Math Help
  137. Discovery Education Homeworkhelp - Math Homework Help - Video tutorials plus extensive math links via "More Resources"
  138. Free Math Help - Lessons, games, homework help, and more
  139. Math words index - Math Open Reference - Also has math tutorials. related
  140. Table of Contents - Math Open Reference - See calculators also
  141. Math Resources from
  142. eMathHelp - Math Notes, Calculators, Free Homework Help...
  143. Free Math Tests - Courtesy of
  144. Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the Web - University of Wisconsin Colleges
  145. Complete List of Online Math Resources - Student Guide
  146. Math Resources - MIT BLOSSOMS
  147. Complex Numbers and Trigonometry - Thiel College
  148. Logic and foundations math
  149. WebToolboxes - Mathematics
  150. Glenda's Assistive Technology Information: Math
  151. Find how to say and spell really huge numbers - Mathcats
  152. Teacher Math Links - Virtual Math Lab
  153. - Stategies and tools for mathematics instruction
  154. Math Resources - EssayRoo
  155. Learn CBSE Maths with NCERT solutions free for Class 9 to 12 - Teachoo
  156. Pauls Online Math Notes - Cheat Sheets and Tables
  157. Welcome To Polymath Love: Free Math Tutorials
  158. Free SAT Math Facts and Formulas - Erik The Red
  159. Free Online Algebra Solver
  160. Free Math Solver for Quick Assistance - StudyGeek
  161. Free Math Problem Solver - With online keyboard - Via basic-mathematics
  162. - Automatic Math Solutions
  163. Free Math Help - Online Calculators, Lessons, homework help...
  164. Figure This! Math Challenges for Families - Challenge Index - NCTM
  165. SAT Math Problem Solving: Practice tests and explanations - Via Majortests
  166. SAT Math practice - Khan Academy
  167. Math Worksheets - Via onlinemathlearning
  168. Math Tools, Software and Useful Info - Everything You Need To Know About Math
  169. Choosing Online Math Courses - Many are free -


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  170. Math Lesson Plans for Teachers - | USAGov
  171. - See Online Timer, Calculators, and free worksheets
  172. Math Lesssons and worksheets - HomeSchoolMath
  173. Teaching Math With Real-World Application | 100 Lesson Plans
  174. Mathematics Arithetic - Lesson Plans from edHelper
  175. Links to Math Lesson Plans
  176. Interactive Math Lesson -
  177. Free online cool math lessons, games, and apps
  178. Appetizers and Lessons for math and reason
  179. Free Arithmetic Worksheets from MathGameTime


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  180. Geometry Formulas and Facts - Excerpt from CRC Standard Math Tables and Formulas
  181. The Handbook of Essential Mathematics - The Air Force Research Laboratory
  182. Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
  183. Math Dictionary and Glossary for students
  184. Dictionaries related to Math - Provided by Math Forum @ Drexel
  185. Harcourt Math Glossary - A multimedia experience
  186. Online Glossary of STEPS Statistics
  187. Spanish Math Dictionary - Math Forum @ Drexel
  188. English-to-Spanish Dictionary Online (with math terms)
  189. Math Reference Tables - See terms to download ( - See ENG-SPAN Math Dictionary
  190. Algebra Symbols - RapidTables
  191. Math Formulas - Printable - Mathatube
  192. Trigonometry Handbook (PDF) -
  193. Mathematics: Free Online Course Materials - MIT OpenCourseWare
  194. Khan Academy - free math videos and many other subjects
  195. Free Math Videos & Movies For Educational Use - Real World Math Applications - MathMotivation
  196. Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
  197. MATH WORDS and their derivations - Courtesy of Pat Ballew
  198. Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables - Murray R. Spiegel
  199. Linear Equation Table Of Values. Examples, how to, and Graph - Math Warehouse
  200. How to Study - Math Tips - See related articles also
  201. Free Math Books - See others at E-Books Directory
  202. Free Books on Computer Application Software, Math, Science, Security & More - See the huge list at
  203. College Open Textbooks - Mathematics - See large selection


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  204. Talking Calculator - Open source - Courtesy of
  205. Talking Calculator / Programs / Downloads - John Kapili Free Programs
  206. Free Talking Calculator
  207. Big Simple Talking Calculator
  208. Talking Math Tutor / Programs / Downloads - John Kapili Free Programs
  209. Editors - Windows Freeware - See Math editors and other special editors and graphing tools
  210. Free STEPS Statistical Software for education
  211. Peanut Software Home Page - See software for geometry, graphing, etc. by R. Parris
  212. Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMES)
  213. Sage - Open Source Math package - Windows port available
  214. More free (OSS) math software from Sagemath links
  215. Scilab - Open source software for numerical computation
  216. AAA Math - Great math resources for all grades - Also in Spanish
  217. Math Software listing from WWW VL (FSU Math)
  218. Arizona Mathematical Software and programming language links
  219. Mathematics Archives WWW Server - AZ-MATH Software
  220. Mathscribe: dynamic graphing software free for Mac and Windows
  221. The Math Forum - Math Library - Archives/Download Sites
  222. Statistics software for Mac and Windows
  223. Other Statistical software sites (some free software) - Kovach Computing Service
  224. Regression programs and more Windows software from Erlangen Univ (Ger.)
  225. Gerry Quinn's Mathematical Games - Detective Chess (download site)
  226. GeoGebra - A free and mult-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools - see awards
  227. SpeQ Mathematics is a freeware functions graphing program
  228. Online Math Utilities - Focus on Applied Calculus but function evaluator, regression tools, and other tools provided
  229. MathPad - A free, general purpose graphing scientific calculator for the Macintosh
  230. gteditor - A graph editor for graph theoretical problems - free download - Java platform independent - Google®
  231. Software for Mathematics - Math on the Web
  232. MathGV Function Plotting OS Software
  233. Mastering Fractions in Math
  234. PDFCreator - Create PDF files from any Windows program - Free software
  235. 14 Free & Open Source Alternatives For Paid Software - Courtesy of makeuseof
  236. Find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software - Osalt .com
  237. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations - Find substitutes easily
  238. The Free Software Directory - See categories useful in student and professional endeavors
  239. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  240. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school

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  242. LibGuides Community Site - Locate libguides A-Z at 4799 libraries worldwide!
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