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  1. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Use first for success
  2. Download Free Software below - See alternatives to paid versions!


  3. SuperKids Games of Logic and Reasoning - SuperKids
  4. 45 Riddles And Brain Teasers For Kids - Via everythingMom
  5. Logic Puzzles - Puzzle Baron
  6. Online Logic - HomeschoolMath
  7. Walls Logic Game - See other games at JumpStart Games
  8. Logical Reasoning Test -
  9. Brain Boosters offers Kid's Educational Games, Logic Games, and brain teasers -
  10. Brain Teasers - Hoagies' Kids & Teens
  11. Logic Games, Puzzles for kids online free - Learn4Good
  12. Mr. P's Math Page: Logic Puzzles Home -


  13. Basic Terms of Logic - Peter Suber
  14. Dictionary of Logic - Philosophy Pages
  15. Propositional Logic Terms and Symbols - Courtesy of Peter Suber
  16. Glossary of First-Order Logic - Courtesy of Peter Suber
  17. Introduction to Logic Glossary - Stanford Univ.
  18. Logic - Open Encyclopedia - Via Internet Archives
  19. Logic - Encyclopedia Article - Courtesy of Citizendium
  20. Introductory Logic - Identifies some slick maneuvers abuse - Luke Setzer
  21. Introduction to Logic - See software to practice doing tree proofs
  22. Introduction to Logic - Also See Glossary - Beth Rosdatter
  23. Introduction to Logic Links - Courtesy of p.l.e.
  24. *Rick Grush's Video Podcasts - See Lectures for Philosophy 10, Introduction to Logic
  25. Introduction to equational logic - Courtesy of Cornell Univ.
  26. Foundation of Critical Thinking - See library & resource sections
  27. Logic and related terms - Philosophy Pages
  28. Categorical Syllogism - definition and linked resources - Philosophical Dictionary
  29. *Introduction to Logic - Complete text resource by Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble


  30. An Elementary Introduction to Logic and Set Theory
  31. Terms of Logic and Perception - The Skeptic's Dictionary
  32. Writings by Avi Sion in Logic, Philosophy, and Spirituality - See sitemap here - The Logician
  33. Logic - Detailed information from Wikipedia
  34. Logic Links - Courtesy of McGraw Hill
  35. See Logic Topics Index - Articles by Power of Logic
  36. Truth of Statements, Validity of Reasoning
  37. *Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies*
  38. *Philosophy by Topic: Logic Section - Archived
  39. Logic Problems Page
  40. The Logic of Ethics - Abelard
  41. Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic/Georg Henrik von Wright - See how logic fits into history
  42. *Epistemelinks: Website results for logic and Philosophy of Logic - See L category for Logic
  43. Fuzzy Logic - Article from Wikipedia
  44. *AITopics: Fuzzy Logic - A subtopic of reasoning
  45. FAQ: Fuzzy Logic - CMU
  46. A Bibliography of Non-Standard Logics - See over 30 listings by Peter Suber
  47. Logic by Carveth Read: Free e-book - Courtesy of Project Gutenberg
  48. Deductive Logic - Free e-book - Read online or download book by St. George Stock
  49. Critical Thinking Web Page - Courtesy of SJSU
  50. Real-World Reasoning - Links by Peter Suber
  51. Ebook Search results for LOGIC - See free e-book downloads on logic
  52. Links to argument information
  53. Using Logic in Composition - Argument is one of the most persuasive communicative acts we can create
  54. The Clinical Attitude Toward Arguments - How to learn instead of arguing - See more from Peter Suber
  55. Logic Topics - Comprehensive coverage by
  56. *Links to Logic Help - Look for fallacies in every discipline
  57. Raven paradox - See where inductive logic violates intuition - Wikipedia
  58. Gödel's incompleteness theorems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  59. Occam's razor - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  60. Bayes' theorem - Courtesy of Wikipedia
  61. Falsifiability - An article by Wikipedia
  62. *Informal Logic - Courtesy of DMOZ
  63. Decision making - See logic implications from article from Wikipedia
  64. Significance of Emotions in Decision Making
  65. Syllogistic Reasoning - Beware of illogical traps
  66. Logic Gallery, Aristotle To The Present, E-edition - HumBox
  67. Does Logic Always Work? - See exceptions via The Owl at Purdue
  68. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments


  69. *Kid Info - Has Math and logic links
  70. *List of Online Math Activities - See Logic section at Kankakee School District 111
  71. *Mathematical Logic around the world
  72. *Mathematical logic and foundations - Logic has mathematical foundation
  73. Logic Programming - Comprehensive article by Wikipedia
  74. Constraint Logic Programming - A variation of programming by Wikipedia
  75. Logic Programming - See topics at
  76. C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic - Read online or download for free


  77. *Problem Solving | Middle School Math and Science - OSU Archived
  78. Math Forum: Probability and the Problem of Points - Math Forum
  79. *Puzzles & Problems - See logic & problem sites - Sites For Teachers
  80. *Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason
  81. Math Forum: Problem-Solving Links
  82. *Mind Tools - Problem Solving and Analytical Techniques
  83. How Critical Thinking Can Help You Solve Problems - See other approaches from Exforsys Inc®
  84. Education World® Tech Center: Learning Games for Students in Grades 3-5 - See Logic and problem-solving games
  85. Mind Tools - Techniques for effective decision making
  86. *The Logic Zone: Logic problems, logic puzzles & cryptograms home
  87. Interactive Math [ & Logic ] Activities - See topics index at Cut The Knot
  88. Logic and proof: online resources - See links via Homeschool Math
  89. *Problem Solving And Logic Sites - Listings from nzmaths
  90. Problem Solving/Logical Thinking - FREE presentations in PowerPoint, interactive activities, lessons for K-12
  91. Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide - By Download Free Ebooks
  92. Logic Matters Blog and PDF resources - Logic Matters


  93. Gateway to Logic - Links to resources including online tools
  94. Proof Checker
  95. Online Logic Calculator
  96. DC Proof: Freeware - An introduction to symbolic logic and set theory at the high school, college or university levels
  97. Using Greek and special characters from Symbol font in HTML - Alan Wood
  98. Signature: Symbols and Operations - Used in mathematical logic and elsewhere
  99. Mind Map Software - Lists both free and commercial - first step to logical choices?
  100. Puzzles.COM: Logic Problems - See online and download versions
  101. What Is CoCoA? - Special free math program - with logic example
  102. *Free Online Decision-Making
  103. Circular Reasoning : Free software for understanding circles... - Java-based platform from
  104. Tim's Interactive Puzzle Solution Center
  105. Free Educational Software and Games - See online & download versions -
  106. Brain Games - Logic, strategy, fun, and more - from Sheppard Software
  107. *Logic Games - Includes Sudoku game and more from Schooltime Games
  108. Free Logic Software Downloads: - See selections at Download 32


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