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  • Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages when used first of all
  • Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  • Online Talking Dictionarist - With multiple language translations and online keyboard option
  • Online Text-to-speech Reader - See other items at RapidTables
  • Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  • Anki - Open source intelligent flashcards - helping you to Learn and Remember Everything
  • See Online Talking Calculator and a wide variety of free calculators on Math Page
  • Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  • Balabolka - Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - reads text even in browser (saves sound file)
  • Use Bob Bowman's Reference Page - Find list of dictionaries to replace Voycabulary
  • Free Phonics Lessons - A complete 61 lesson course: reading, spelling, and basic math
  • Reading - 365 ESL / EFL Short Stories - Online stories with audio from Ron C. Lee, Ph.D.
  • TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and foreign letters online without a keyboard
  • See OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities - Main Page - Plus find more free resources
  • See extensive list of Free Software below - See FREE alternatives to commercial versions!
  • Check Free Educational Technologies Home Page - Check for additional links and messages


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    1. Free Text-to-Speech - Hear what you type (in English or foreign lang.) -
    2. Online Text-to-speech Reader - See other items at RapidTables
    3. English as a Second Language (ESL) – Resources for Students - Maryville Univ.
    4. American English idioms - Language Success Press
    5. Idiom Site
    6. Learn English Through Pictures
    7. Idioms, Phrases And Sayings
    8. TOEFL Vocabulary - Via
    9. 43 Excellent ESL Resources for Students - Student Guide
    10. Most frequent 1000 words in English - Wiktionary
    11. 50 Essential Resources for ESL Students -
    12. Learn English - EnglishClub
    13. Discovery's Free Puzzlemaker - Also see Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educational resources
    14. Academic English Cafe Links
    15. All 12 Verb Tenses in English - Past, Present and Future Verb Conjugation - All ESL
    16. ESL links from
    17. *Elementary Lesson Plans for English Language Learners - Via | Replaces Technology Tip Page
    18. *Technology in the English Language Learner Classroom New Site - National Writing Project
    19. Reading Games & Activities for ESL Kids
    20. - 48 ESL Resources for Students: ESL Writing, Listening & More via - Please preview
    21. Dave Sperling Presents The ESL Cafe
    22. Online English Learning & Teaching Resources: Articles 0-9 - English Study Materials
    23. Tim Sheppard's Storytelling Resources for Storytellers: Links
    24. Story Arts - Site Map - Story Arts Online!
    25. ESL Headquarters - ESL/EFL   Links, Printables, Resources, Forums & More... ESL Headquarters - ESL/EFL Links, Printables, Resources & More...
    26. Teaching/Studying English as a Second/Foreign Language
    27. An Internet Hotlist of Links for Educators - ELA, ESL,FYI... - Patricia Iannacone
    28. Interesting Things for ESL Students - See games, puzzles, etc.
    29. Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities - Jon Fernquest
    30. *Online ESL Resources from
    31. *The ELT Newsletter: Sponsors and Links - Via Internet Archives
    32. Dictionary including phrases - Via
    33. ESL site via
    34. ESL Quiz Zone
    35. Hot Potatoes Home Page - See tutorials how to create the multiple-choice questions
    36. Online ESL crossword puzzle by Martin Holmes
    37. Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students - Easy (English Study Materials, ESL, EFL)
    38. Online Hangman games & others - From Games to learn English
    39. FREE ESL resources for those who teach English to children
    40. *Elementary Web Sites for English Language Learners & ESL - Via
    41. Awesome Library - English - Literature - Elementary Literature
    42. ESL Study Hall (reading, writing, conversation, etc. - George Washington University
    43. Speak Read Write's Free Educational Materials - Idiom ebook, puzzles, pronunciation...
    44. ESL Pages - The ultimate ESL site
    45. *English Tenses with Cartoons
    46. ESL-galaxy Links - Many useful links
    47. Breaking News English - EFL / ESL English Lesson Plans & Podcasts
    48. Online Information for ESL/EFL Learners and students
    49. Free English Language Lessons - See video topics
    50.'s online English courses - Free lessons with audio files
    51. Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students - Numerous selections!
    52. American Idioms
    53. Reverse Dictionary
    54. Online Talking Dictionary - Includes Spanish
    55. Browse Learner's Dictionary - With audio from Merriam-Webster©
    56. *Dr. Grammar - University of Northern Iowa
    57. English Language (ESL) Learning Online -
    58. English Grammar: a complete guide - Find global schools at EF
    59. How to Become an ESL Teacher -
    60. American English Pronunciation Lessons for English Learners
    61. Online ASL full Dictionary - Free Sign Language Dictionary by Deaf Linx


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    1. Selection of the best free Dictionaries, Translators, and language Courses
      in the Web - For all languages
    2. Reverso | Free online translation - Replaces Systranet
    3. Translation service via
    4. Translate PDF Files to Different Languages for Free


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    1. English-Spanish Pictoral Dictionary for Little Explorers by Enchanted Learning Software
    2. Andy Mile's English to Spanish Business Dictionary
    3. Internet Glossary: English - Spanish - Rafael Fernández Calvo)
    4. Learn Spanish Information Technology Vocabulary A-E
    5. How I Learned Spanish From Scratch: A Self-Study Guide - ToBeFluent
    6. *Estudio: Guías y Estrategias (Study Guide and Strategies
    7. Random Idiom Generator (Spanish/English) - Study Spanish
    8. Idiomatic Expressions in Spanish - Live Lingua
    9. Dictionary of Spanish - with audible sounds
    10. Spanish Vocabulary - 500 Most Common Verbs Lists and Quizzes - Via
    11. Spanish Dictionaries Directory from - Via
    12. Best Spanish Websites
    13. 50+ Free Online Resources for Teaching Spanish to Kids - Via TakeLessons
    14. Useful Spanish Phrases website - Omniglot
    15. Spanish Phrase Book - Via wikitravel
    16. Spanish for Teachers and Teacher's Aids
    17. List of common Spanish words, phrases, nouns, and verbs - Via
    18. *Helpful Spanish Phrases for the Traveler
    19. English - Spanish On-line Dictionary
    20. Apprenez à parler espagnol: Learning Spanish for French students - Internet Archive
    21. BBC - Learn Spanish with free online lessons - Archive
    22. Reverso | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict | Replaces ES page
    23. Translate words at
    24. Computer dictionary | English Spanish | Computer terms
    25. English-Spanish Language Resources For Library And Information Professionals
    26. Coolest Reference Site of the Year - Spanish tutorials and more
    27. Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student (50 topics) - Archived
    28. Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial - Via
    30. Vocabulary Training: English, Spanish, French, and German - by
    31. Spanish Language Forum - Also see Links to websites(
    32. Useful Spanish Phrases
    33. *
    34. Maran's 3-D Dictionary - Internet Archive
    35. Formulas and Tables - from in English or Spanish
    36. English-Spanish Math Dictionary - from
    37. New User Tutorial - mouse & computer by TLN Technology Committee - Also in Spanish
    38. Wordgumbo Main Index Language Dictionary Linguistics Grammar - Via Internet Archive | Replaces Ciber-lexico Compartivo
    39. Basic English-Spanish Internet Glossary
    40. Business Spanish Tutorials - Topics
    41. Spanish Language Exercise - Juan Ramon de Arana
    42. Learning Spanish from Scratch – a Self-Study Guide - Via to be fluent
    43. Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones
    44. Internet Terms in Spanish and English - See other pages to learn more Spanish
    45. English-Spanish Real Estate Glossary
    46. 50 Free Resources To Get You Learning Spanish RIGHT NOW
    47. Spanish Language Training - See extensive links


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    1. *Language Learning on the Web
    2. Free Chinese Lessons - By Knowledge Hound™ via
    3. Chinese for Children - Click on resources to see dictionary links...
    4. English/Chinese Picture Dictionary : Matthews, Betty - Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming via Internet Archive
    5. *French language links - From CLA Language Center
    6. Ebooks in French: Electronic Books Online: Public Domain Texts - Other languages available
    7. Online Dictionary for French, Spanish, Russian - | Replaces ARTFL Project
    8. Free French Teacher Resources - Via French Teacher Resources
    9. Language Links - See French, German, and others plus free flash cards
    10. *Learn French - Online French Lessons - Free
    11. FSL Activities with M. Renaud - French Links - French Resources
    12. French Language Sites - links for higher education
    14. Best French Websites
    15. Blog - See tips for learning French, idioms & more - Private French Lessons in Paris
    16. Best German Websites
    17. LEO English/German Dictionary (and other help links)
    18. Learn Japanese - Pointers from ThoughtCo
    19. Tae Kim's Japanese guide to Japanese grammar
    20. Japanese Language Study Links: Online Dictionaries
    21. Best Japanese Websites
    22. Japanese: How to read, write, and speak it - By Knowledge Hound™ via
    23. Foreign Language help from
    24. *Japanese Symbols: kana chart
    25. Learn Japanese - Courtesy of Learn A Language
    26. Tagalog 2001 Main Page - Filipino language resources including translation
    27. On-line Dictionaries (
    28. Learn Arabic - Audio via MP3 - LookLex
    29. Learn Arabic - Grammar and Vocabulary - MYLANGUAGE
    30. *VCU Trail Guide to International Sites and Language Resources
    31. The Language Site: Online dictionaries & free translation tools -
    32. Language Learning - All Languages - Via | Replaces CASLT
    33. Le Conjugueu - Conjugate a list of French verbs - Internet Archive | Replaces SIL Page
    34. Online Language Courses from
    35. Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
    36. WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources - General Foreign Languages
    37. Essential phrases in 40 languages - BBC (archived)
    38. Learn a foreign language online for free - LingoHut
    39. Interactive Audio-Picture English Lessons for Kids - Also in Chinese via Internet Archive
    40. Change your Language easily between multi languages
    41. An On-line Interactive Russian Reference Grammar - The alphaDictionary Site
    42. Learning Russian Language online - Grammar, Idioms, Dictionary, etc.
    43. More than 600 FREE Russian games and activities
    44. Beginning Russian course - Free Russian Lessons
    45. An On-line Russian Reference Grammar
    46. Type Russian letters without a Russian keyboard via


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    1. En101 - Learn 9 Languages - See Kids Section also - with audio
    2. Visit Word Central: the award-winning language site
    3. Freeality Internet Search - per category
    4. Learn 48 Languages Online for Free | Open Culture
    5. Learn a Language | Free Language
    6. The Internet Dictionary Project - Includes downloadable dictionaries
    7. Internet Resources - Foreign Languages - Library Research Guides at ACC
    8. Rhyming Dictionary – Kenn Nesbitt's
    9. Rhymezone See search box
    10. Diccionario de rimas - Spanish Rhymer - Rimario at FonemoLabs
    11. Kids Konnect - See Index of topics
    12. Better English for Everyone
    13. See Homonym List & others - Via
    14. Wordles! - Home of word fun, word puzzles, and word play
    15. English Vocabulary Guide - Run mouse over pictures to get names of parts
    16. Learn English vocabulary online (with pictures)
    17. 15 Best Free Language Learning Websites and Apps
    18. Learn 50 Languages Alternatives for iOS – or Learn 50 Languages Alternatives for Android - Top Best Alternatives
    19. Free language learning resources - List from Rocket Languages
    20. Native Monks provides lessons in 130 languages via online tutors - Must register for access to free items
    21. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia - See multi-language versions
    22. Wiktionary is a free online dictionary - See multi-language versions
    23. Online Multi-language dictionary | translation - Try Spanish-English - Reverso
    24. Best Language Websites


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    1. ABC Fast Phonics with cartoons and sound - Fun for kids or adults
    2. - A free phonics resource for parents
    3. Phonics Games and Worksheets.
    4. Phonics Games for Kids - Learn the sounds of the ABCs!
    5. Reading Bear - Free phonics & vocabulary...learn to read for free
    6. Free Phonics Lessons - From freephonicslessons
    7. Sounds of Speech - Use menu symbol to access Phonics - pick language (UIUC)
    8. Kids Konnect: Phonics
    9. Free Phonics Resources - MES-English
    10. *Phonics Tool - The sounds of English - BBC
    11. Phonemic Awareness Curriculum -
    12. Guide to English Phonetic System: Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics - Donna A. Norton


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    13. See Educational Software - From Owl & Mouse Collection -
    14. *Spanish software - many are free - New Site - From
    15. Free and Open Source Software for Schools – The Open Schoolhouse
    16. Free Education Software - School Forge via Internet Archive - See open source software
    17. Free Software for ESL Learners
    18. Open Exam - Make your own exams - SOURCEforge | Replaces Nikamo
    19. Kids Read 2 Kids - Helps kids with Dyslexia or other learning disabilities access classic literature - Also see important resources here - | Replaces Orton Gillingham Phonics
    20. Delphi for Fun Home - Free games for download
    21. Free Languages Downloads from Freeware - Replaces Nerd's Heaven
    22. 40 Best Sites for ESL Study Materials, Textbooks, and Software
    23. Online Chinese Tools - Download free JMdict/EDICT Chinese Dictionary
    24. 10 Stenciling Tips to Get Perfect Results from ThoughtCo
    25. ANAGRAM: Finder - Software download
    26. Free Printable Alphabet Stencils - WeHaveKids
    27. Languages - A Guide to Languages - Courtesy of BBC
    28. Free Educational Software - Select which programs would suit your present needs
    29. ELT Picture Dictionary and Mp3 English courses - Free from
    30. Free ESL Books for Schools - Via Internet Archive
    31. Free courses for all 10 of our languages and free learning resources - Bottom of page
    32. DSpeech is a TTS program with ASR - See info at Dimio's Tools
    33. OpenTeacher - Helps you learn a foreign language - Sourceforge
    34. Download Mnemosyne Project for free - flash-card program - Sourceforge
    35. FREEWARE SECTION has outstanding FREE software - See language and special education sections


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    36. Academy of achievement - Find your mentor
    38. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
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      logo The U.S. Government's Official (Retired) Web Portal for Kids: Many more resources for kids, teens, parents, and teachers - Courtesy of - The U.S. government's new web portal: Education Page

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