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Divine Design Essay:




If we say that our lives are mere accidents - we contradict all that we were given eyes to see and contradict the intelligence to comprehend the intelligence in our creation.

Even though there is proven evidence of occasional mutations in the human genome, deeper analysis will show that evolution only plays a partial role in the manifestation of life. This essay is an invitation to look at all of the tangible evidence and then see if you come to the inevitable conclusion - that super-intelligence is the real guiding force behind our existence! There is sufficient evidence completely outside of sacred writings to show that this is true. Hopefully, many useful perspectives will be presented here.

More and more researchers are finding that cellular intelligence has much to do with the proper functioning of the human body. In fact, a very substantial number of scientists and professors formally acknowledge that Darwinian views must be challenged (see text body). Because evolution exclusively is unable to explain life - other research must thoroughly investigate the obvious intelligent links. Only when we see that every second of our lives depend on the reliability and durability of trillions of cells - carrying out a multitude of critically intelligent tasks - can we see the essence of our being.

All of mankind’s great accomplishments are but reflections of a gifted intelligence extended to man from a greater intelligence - one that blessed us with well-designed and well-protected bodies even before we took our first breath - divine gifts - which eventually allow us to embrace every sensation that life can bring - and enjoy all the extended gifts via man’s creativity. How few realize that all this could not be possible - without a super-intelligent entity (which I will hereafter call “Creator”) who obviously loves us - manifested in enormous forethought that went into the caring faculties of our bodies and the many ways we are protected every second of our lives.

Unfortunately intelligence is not visible under microscopes - we can see man’s brain - but not his thoughts. As we peer deeper into the microcosm, we can detect some of the larger objects - but even detecting possible cellular intelligent energy is problematic - yet there is no need to see smaller objects when the activities of what is already visible is clearly intelligent behavior - and it is most important that it be recognized - because it gives inspiration and meaning to our lives - and to verify that we are not accidents!

There is a message in the human design: divine care embedded in human design beckons human care for all mankind. The first step in the implied message to expand domestic and world peace is to acknowledge that there is a Creator who loves all creations, but the more significant second step is knowing that the intent for each life is to be protected and supported because of the obvious internal designs of a long-lasting heart combined with an amazing array of constant protections, constant creation via cell replacements, homeostasis, and a brain so special - it can transfer freedom of thoughts into freedom of motions, create art, architecture, and all technologies, and even when at rest - to dream.

Billions of healthy people testify to the empirical proof that the human genome is durable, reliable, and stable. Just considering reliability alone contradicts randomness and stepwise evolution.

Intuitively, many of us can imagine the loneliness of empty space and perceive from that alone - why we were created! The entity between nothingness and all of our human personalities can not be mindless evolution - but a very inventive and caring Creator.

How little we grasp of the human design and the phenomenal force behind our existence - to thrust us far beyond mere atoms. If we contribute anything to the advancement of the human race, it should be inspirational support for those who seek to know how they came to be and how to realize a greater human potential - at least sensing - from demonstrated protective designs, that a caring Creator loves us more than we will ever know!

- Robert Lee Bowman (2010)


There are those who would have us believe that we have no one to thank for our lives except pure chance - that our lives are accidental mutations! But there are all kinds of evidence to prove that that supposition is absolutely wrong! There are general arguments of logic (one significant example is: consecutive errors would produce failures - not perfection!) and many other significant refutations. But the main body of indisputable evidence comes from an extended examination of the body itself.

Before we even took our first breath, we were each blessed with an incredibly well-designed and well-protected body which took over 6,000 hours of caring and intricate biological engineering to construct - and by analyzing all of these features - we can conclude beyond a doubt that it was only by preplanned, divinely intelligent processes that we are provided not only with what we need to survive (with automated heart beats and automated breathing) - but with all the provisions to enjoy every possible physical and mental freedom life can bring. Yet, few realize that the creation of our bodies is not a one-time event - but an ongoing - even constant, perpetual process. It’s amazing that massive numbers of new cells have to be created every second to keep us alive - to replace cells (with short lives) so that our bodies are almost completely replaced many times to insure that we have long (extended) lives!

Many new research projects are pointing out that intelligent cells are communicating with other cells around the body for controlled coordination, homeostasis, and multi-tiered protections.

With every faithful beat of my heart, I know that my Creator is behind all these activities. We were created in the womb - so our Creator pervades all of life and continually guides the ongoing, constant creation in our lives.

Even though the ancient past may simply be impenetrable - we do not have to contemplate what might have been - when the answer is right before our eyes - in this present time - in the form of a newborn child. Given the extensive intelligent features of life as reflections of the divine Creator - it becomes apparent that the essence of that phenomenal intelligence not only controls the transformation of molecular structures but that essence becomes part of us to provide ongoing intelligent control of every aspect of our lives - to insure the survivability of all life forms.

It really does not matter what original method the Creator used to create us - it could very well be what we see in current embryonic development - where we can see the patience taken to insure that we are greatly endowed to live a long life with extensive freedoms and potentialities. Even though thoughtful preplanning has taken care of the critical technicalities of faithful cell mitosis via DNA repair mechanisms - so as to continually replace millions of cells to keep us alive every second - what we do with the body and how we do it is under our “free will” control - an incredible gift!

The millions of living species in existence today all can be created and “modified” by intentional minute adjustments along the helix of the fundamental DNA chain - the Creator knowing in advance what protein changes would occur by such adjustments (hence divine foreplanning). The Creator also worked out the details of adjustable energy production via the inclusion of mitochondria organelles within the body cells - not just for energy in creating and sustaining life - but for the freedom of continuous movement under our control.

Note that the Creator uses DNA repair mechanisms - not only in the creation (procreation) process - but also in high-intensity cell replacement for the dual role of insuring long life - and reliably sustaining the eternal life continuum through thousands of ongoing “faithfully functional” generations.


By real-time, documented observations of fetal development , we can analyze life as it is being created! It is not from pure chance - and it logically has never been from pure chance! The origins theory of evolution is a mere collection of words that nevertheless undermines the real meaning of tangible life - perhaps inadvertently - but even so, shifting the focus of something valuable to something meaningless - taking away the respect of life! Fortunately, origins evolution is refuted by the contradiction of a newborn child whose life is an obvious combination of high-intensity, intelligently-based, complex activities within a body of 1014 different types of cells making up over 200 different kinds of tissues to sustain life by constantly protecting, renewing, and nourishing those cells - hence mere demeaning words should be no match versus tangible, intelligent life!

Since phenomenal intelligence pervades the microcosm, and is apparently at work in our bodies (and often admittedly far beyond human comprehension), it is a foregone conclusion that the super-intelligent Creator of this intelligence had foreknowledge of all atomic/chemical/molecular construction methodologies along with the knowledge of all the variables of physical mechanics of the universe - to use this inconceivable power to create all species in an instant (or any number of ways beyond our comprehension)! Even though we do not have the power to penetrate the ancient past - we really do not need to do so - the process that delivers a newborn with automated heart beats, automated breathing, and caring protections, unfolds before us!




One word has gained so much power over the decades from elite segments of the scientific community that it now accounts for a singular focus in education and government (despite adamant opposition from religious and fundamentalist groups and other individuals who are independent thinkers). Despite earlier court battles vacillating in opinions, the word “evolution” (along with the constructs of mutations and natural selection) has been the “standardized answer” to every problematic question about how “every conceivable biological species that ever came into existence” came to be! By the conceptualization of “pure chance” to take care of all the exaggerated speculations - no matter how improbable or how irreducibly complex - even though it embraces an unrealistic idea of millions if not trillions of fantastical chance sequencing of amino acids (with the conspicuous absence of intelligent-based processes recognized in modern cells to guide them into functional membrane-enclosed entities with organelles and DNA) - any claim whatsoever can be made!

But the most incredible demand put on the so-called “primordial cell” - to undergo millions more random sequencings (all in the same time frame!) - for a phenomenally complex process of reproduction - without any intelligent guidance whatsoever - is beyond any type of disciplined comprehension.

No wonder a growing number of doctorial scientists and professors have formally documented the need to reevaluate the information we have - against the information we do not have (even though much of the overreaching speculations is considered “science”). There may finally be a chance to bridge serious divisions in American culture by putting all the real evidence on the table.


If ever one word had the power to supposedly create every conceivable biological species that ever existed - it is “evolution.”


Darwin’s mental capacity even to devise a naturalistic construct to explain life should have shown him that divine intelligence was at his disposal - notwithstanding the limitations of scientific investigations at the time. In particular, Mendel’s genetic discoveries better explained varieties than Darwin - yet Darwin was not aware of Mendel’s work. The consequence of his contesting obvious divine designs has created enormous problems for later generations - in regard to atheism, immorality, self-esteem, and a host of psychological manifestations.

Darwinist Publications Are Now Admitting The Harm Done To The World By Darwinist Corruption.

See examples of evolutionary “facts” that are proven wrong. Survival of the Fakest

Also see an extensive list of credentialed scientists who see the need to challenge Darwin’s theory. A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism Aug 2008




1. There would be no reason for life to appear on a world devoid of life - without the Creator’s election and divine capabilities (all materials for the body could be created from any available matter directly by restructuring atoms to form the necessary elements - then DNA to produce the proteins for each life form). And because life forms were designed by divine foreplanning, life has reliably existed for millions of years - and we still witness continuous creation before our very eyes - when we watch documentaries on embryo development and see all the newborns.

2. The first appearance of life must be separated from the idea of duplicating that life (per evolutionary rules) - but because both must be created simultaneously for life to continue - this goes beyond evolution - and points to a divine reason and mechanism for reproduction.

3. Step-wise (single-step) evolution could not produce two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms - even with a magical Pandora of unlimited variable progressions in evolution working in conjunction with “natural selection.” The enormous list of hormones, enzymes, and proteins to form specialized life subsystems are far too intelligently designed to be attributable to random aggregation.

4. Barriers exist between a cell and any macroscopic form of life: first, cells have no knowledge of macrocosmic variables (physics of large human body etc.); second, there is no known way for feedback loop for design evaluations or improvements in biological engineering.

5. Foreplanning is evident in human designs - foreplanning obviously requires intelligence - therefore the design of man and woman (and their interactions) had to have been created with phenomenal intelligence. Multiple muscles on hands, arms, legs, eyes for multidirectional movement all needed foreplanning. Delayed sequences of adult teeth replacing baby teeth, hormones phasing in after puberty, and menstruation manifest foreplanning - hence intelligence.

6. All-or-Nothing Design - Human procreation could not take place without a fully developed body - with heart, lungs, circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive organs, etc. and since the reproduction process is a very meticulous sequence (not random in any way) - this all points to divine intelligence.

7. Protective elements of the human body are incontrovertible evidence of a caring divine intelligence (immune system, healing, DNA repair, blood clotting, homeostasis, the skull, rib cage, spinal column, etc.). Continuous creation in our bodies - replacing every cell periodically - also assures us of a deliberate, foreplanned long life. Survivability - the dominant focus of evolution - is neither a conscious concept of an unintelligent cell or mutation mechanisms - but the sole intent of an inclusive super-intelligent designer who is part of the design!

8. Pleasures are signs of a caring divine intelligence (copulation, dopamine, dreams, goose bumps, helpmates, children, etc.).

9. Pre-existent oxygen-producing plants and initial food chains to support animal life (also with reproductive designs) entails intelligence (foreplanning).

10. The collective, multidimensional capabilities of the human body (trillions of cells cooperating together, human thinking, vocal communication and singing, writing/typing, inventing, medical advances, technology, dreams, entertainment, etc.) could not exist without a caring Creator.


Evolution, as an exclusive origins theory, is demeaning, demoralizing, and dangerous. Degeneration Creation and Evolution: Jews should speak on behalf of integrating intelligent design into public school classrooms because, "there are really only two possible perspectives regarding the universe: that In The Beginning there was either chance, or there was purpose - If a child comes to accept the idea that humanity's roots lie in pure chance, there can be no more meaning to good and bad actions than to good or bad weather; no more import to right and wrong than to right and left.” ID net - seeking objectivity in Origins Science Mutations Degeneration

The evidence for a super-intelligent creator is so overwhelming that it cannot be ignored.

Two crucially important mechanisms to keep higher organisms alive are automated breathing and automated heart beats. These interdependent activities are provided with the intelligent foresight that they had to be automated (involuntary rather than voluntary - because conscious control would be defeated during sleep). Only the Master Chemist - who knows the composition of all things - could assemble living organisms with the proprietary particles and activation processes for intelligently-controlled life.

Michael Angelo is praised for sculpting human likeness - yet the Master Chemist who creates likeness and gives it life and mannerisms like the parents - gets no praise (because many think that just by waiting millions of years, that likeness will be created by some random generator)! Nurture, Nature, and Caring: We Are Not Prisoners of Our Genes - “Charles Darwin himself in The Descent of Man (Darwin,1871/1981,p.163) doubted that survival of the fittest could account for caring parenting or altruism. He also argued that at the human level, factors other than natural selection come into play”.



Should I believe that my heart was made by chance - by some accident in nature - and yet feel, that by that randomness, any kind of confidence that it will continue to beat with any kind of reliability - when by that very construct - it should actually fail because it is by chance?

The most crucial organ - the heart - is phenomenally reliable -not only designed to be flexible enough to pump blood faster for fight or flight emergency situations, but also beating dependably (sometimes over a hundred years) even though it is controlled by involuntary (autonomic) striated muscles (with synchronized valves) which beat over 3 billion times in an average lifetime!

As with all overreaching speculations, there are rational solutions to this particular evolutionary claim. First of all, trust is illogical because a body built only on an endless list of accidents is a contradiction to the obvious reliability that is plainly discernible - and scientifically provable! Simply put: accidental designs pave the way for more accidents - but an in-depth analysis of our overall design features reflect unmistakable, divinely intelligent design.

In fact, extraordinary steps were preplanned to protect the body against accidents - wherein all the activities of nearly 100 trillion cells are precisely regulated (via homeostasis), mechanisms are in place to repair badly copied DNA, the body is further protected by the immune system, and a massive cell replacement schedule constantly keeps the body functioning on an optimum basis (cells are massively replaced every second - nearly replacing portions of the whole body - except brain cells (many sources say 98 % of body is replaced yearly).

Note that about 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second, in the bone marrow. Anatomy of Human Body 1918

Every single blood cell in your body is replaced every 120 days (very informative site). Blood: It's Thicker than Water

Heart cells are replaced (1% per year when a person is 20) over a lifetime. Heart Cells Replaced Throughout Life

The gut probably has the highest incidence of replacement of any tissue of the human body. Some of the cell types are replaced every 4 to 5 days, whereas others are replaced from 3 to 6 weeks. Research on Stem Cells

Nearly 98% of the atoms in the body are replaced every year. Atomic Tune-Up: How the Body Rejuvenates Itself

In summary, it is impossible for mere “parts” to come together and form a working heart. The appearance of the first heart could not exclude the attendant circulatory system or lungs or blood cells. The advanced design of the heart muscles to beat with astounding reliability had to be right the first time - or the living body could not come to the point of reproducing that feature - so divine intelligence is invoked again.

It is an absolute contradiction of terms to say that reliability is derived from randomness! There is nothing in randomness that would progress to durability or provide any sense of confidence that failsafe mechanisms come out of nowhere to protect the incredibly complex human bodies. Just consider the durability of humankind throughout the known timeline of history where thousands of generations have been duplicated with the greatest regulation of necessary similarities - yet with a deliberate genetic mechanism to insure “uniqueness” (so families could recognize kindred) - and the nearly 8 billion more examples today - the reliability factor in itself is a sign of a caring Creator.

Longevity is another sign. Long-lasting eyesight, hearing, and a host of other facilities to meet your needs are all signs of divine love.

At the heart of the controversy - is the modern revelation that DNA mechanisms are in place that actually repair accidents! Accidents were thus anticipated and foreplanning provides the protection to circumvent them.

“There are nearly a hundred and fifty genes that have been identified as playing a key role in DNA repair.” DNA Repair Genes

“In repairing some 10,000 to 20,000 DNA adducts or lesions that occur each day in each of a human's 10 trillion cells, repair enzymes travel up and down the double helix strands of DNA until they find a damaged area. The enzymes cut out the lesion and fill the gap with fresh DNA.” 23 Jun 2003: Report Says Direction of Enzymes Affects DNA Repair

Contrasting “design by accident” (which is disqualified by virtue of its not providing ongoing cell replacement regulation), there is obvious foreplanning to the extent that periodic cell replacement (to insure higher reliability by preemptively preventing anticipated failures) in the heart and almost everywhere in the body, is typically on the scale of millions per day! In greater contrast is the fact that arteries had to be in place, blood cells have to be produced in the bones (and replaced every 90 days) and aerated in the lungs, and thousands of other coordinated activities - all of which point to intelligent (divine) design!

It may not be so readily apparent, but it appears that divine intelligence resides in the microcosm and radiates outward to cellular intelligence and then to cerebral intelligence. This corresponds to observable production processes of building life components from the microcosm to the macrocosm. A plausible theory can be presented wherein some microcosmic modifications (mutations) have been made deliberately by divinely intelligent processes for our convenience. Some minor mutations in the human genome have a failsafe mechanism to protect a portion of the human race (HIV, malaria, and others) - yet most of the random mutations cause deleterious diseases. Some of these mutations could actually be intelligent solutions beyond the purview of local immunity cells.

Without divinely intelligent design, there would be no survival of the fittest - eyesight would fail, legs would fail, digestion would fail - and so forth - because all things and activities would be full of accidents and failures. But, in reality, what contrasts that is very complex mechanisms which result in highly reliable, high-quality, and durable human features and processes.

Why would all of our human features have quality design features and outlast highly-engineered counterparts by decades if they all come from accidental origins? It is utterly illogical!

Just taking bones and muscles separately (same for ball and socket design) - per evolution theory - joining them would involve human design feedback/improvement process - which would involve higher intelligent design - not only a contradiction of evolution but a contradiction of intelligent design which would dictate forming them together in one process.


One major contention of evolution points to some chance collection of amino acids - the building blocks of life - as if the mere combination of “parts” will automatically initiate the miraculous processes we call life.

“Blood clotting is a process - not a cell mutation - so it can not be naturally selected!” Locomotion: Case for A Designer

However, years of research are citing intelligent cellular activities which point to the real reason why parts become animated via processes controlled by divine design. In fact, cellular communications is absolutely required for trillions of cells in the body to cooperate with one another.

A set of some 11,000 signaling factors, and their receptors, has been identified and captured by Human Genome Sciences Teaching the Body To Heal Itself; Work on Cells' Signals Fosters Talk of a New Medicine

For argument’s sake, even taking the untenable position that parts alone miraculously formed a living cell, it would take another miracle to create a reproduction mechanism for the life to be passed on to other generations. Cellular Division - Blood cells are replaced at a rate of 100 million cells per minute; 3.1 billion base pairs in each cell How Life Began Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (supports ID; denies self-replication) Artificial Life in the Lab Scientific Evidence that God Created Life The Rising Influence of Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution The Nucleolus (700 human proteins identified recently)



When we analyze the human body, we see well-designed systems and subsystems. The bones in the leg form the skeleton system, which is dependent on the muscles for movement (controlled by the brain) - not simple movement - but strong enough muscles to keep the body upright against gravity (via an intricate balancing mechanism), and movement almost in every direction - fed by a circulation systems that renews energy, provides oxygenated blood and nutrients (and has valves along the way that allows blood to flow against gravity back to the heart). These are interrelated subsystems that work in unison and show “intelligent design.” These design elements did not come from some magical Pandora of unlimited variable progressions in conjunction with “natural selection” - but from obvious foreplanned design features.


The glaring contradiction of cellular communications reduces evolution’s origination theory of pure chance to obvious over-reaching speculation and puts the real focus on super-intelligent creativity. The mechanism of DNA control over germ cell differentiation and the resultant communication processes within cells as well as those between trillions of cells begs the concept of some guiding power of a divine nature. Inside Story of cell communication Cell Communications How Do Cells Know What to Do and When to Do It?

The Great Stem Cell Error - Stem cells cannot identified by appearance - One answer, however, is that cells "know" what to do, and what to become, by coming into contact with adjacent cells. In fact, the body should be thought of as a society of cells that "learn" from one another. It is like a highly successful school, in which billions of pupils learn from each other how to specialize into hundreds of different trades. How do cells know what to do? Like us, they learn Cells retain memory Teaching the Body To Heal Itself; Work on Cells' Signals Fosters Talk of a New Medicine - a set of some 11,000 signaling factors and their receptors, has been identified and captured by Human Genome Sciences.



Living things do not just appear without preparation - Pasteur disproved biogenesis, so life entails planning.

For life to appear in a world of solitary matter is not natural (this includes every manifestation of life: eyes, brains, bones, muscles, ad infinitum) - and more importantly, there is no natural reason for any accidental life to be duplicated! The appearance of life is a separate issue from replicating life. Both involve divine election.

Single cells could not anticipate their demise - and even if they could, they would not have the intelligence to counter that with a conception or method to regenerate or reproduce - especially within a short lifetime. Even a highly educated engineer - realizing his mortality - can not devise a method of procreation if it were not already ordained by our Creator. Reproduction is a divine function. In fact - survivability and reproduction are dual priorities of super-intelligent design - impossible to be implemented in step-wise evolution!

Living things were not created to live their lives out and then cease to exist. Humans especially were created to enjoy an extended lifetime and, like all species, to replenish their kind.



Human features and design indicate foreknowledge of expectations - delaying puberty for reproduction, maternal lactation, interactions of the senses - especially vocalization and hearing, and so on). Almost every design obviously has been foreplanned (with anticipated interactions). Another point is that the brain reaches full size at 24 months rather than before - to accommodate the birth process.


Evolution theorists would have us believe that mutations are building blocks that can be added at any time and still work as a whole.

But added features can not work as a whole unless they are integrated into the existing operating systems.

If you consider the supposition that the eye evolved - then what about the eyelid, and the tear duct, and the tear drop chemical formulation, muscles for eye movement, and the automatic aperture control factors, the brain connection, the visual conversion scheme, and the storage of visual memories - these are all integrative issues which can only be explained by preplanning - nothing else! More importantly - they are explained on a system preplanning level - not individual increments!



It would be impossible for portions of the human features to be created separately (mutations or otherwise) and then be put under the control of the brain. Again, divinely intelligent design would dictate integrating features in one process - as witnessed in embryonic development.


If it were not for regulation of various bodily functions - there would be fatal consequences - hypothermia would result if the body did not adjust internal heat controls for example. Millions of sweat glands are provided for our protection!

Even the idea of “survival of the fittest” depends more on the hormonal regulation of adrenaline than natural selection.

The cell’s nucleus regulates functions in the cell just as the brain regulates the body. Various glands in the body also interact chemically to regulate a wide range of functions - through cell communications (described elsewhere in this article).

Regulation is intelligent guidance - homeostasis adjusts the body’s temperature, and the pituitary gland adjusts for growth hormones - these and similar points in this article are fatally foreign to pure chance - even when parts alone are in place!


Engineers sometimes like to use smart designs that have some failsafe backup plans for crucial projects like expensive space missions - such as redundant power supplies (in case one fails, there will be no mission failure).

The human body has such smart designs as well:

Two eyes, two ears, two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet, two kidneys, and two lungs, two adrenal glands, and two ovaries or two testicles, among others!

These spare parts are foreplanned protections against total disablement - an intelligent plan for survival in backup mode! By thorough inspection alone, we can see that the Creator cares for our longevity and has taken extensive measures to insure it.


The human body is designed with chemical (hormonal) agents and physical sensors to maintain homeostasis. This means that intelligent design entails remote interaction between given cells - hence no one cell (even a highly intelligent cell) can dictate the reciprocal design of another cell. The pituitary gland, for one, sends adjustment hormones to the adrenal glands which, in turn, produce adrenaline to quickly activate the “fight or flight” syndrome. There are hundreds of hormones that control other parts of the body that must have been designed all together in a single developmental stage - not in a progressive (evolutionary) manner.

Besides the chemical arena, there are neural, thermal, auditory, sensory, tactile, and visual networks among others that has interplay between body parts and implicate a collective design overseer. There are trillions of cell that work in unison, allocated to foreplanned systems:

Integumentary System

Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Lymphatic System

Digestive System

Urinary System

Nervous System

Endocrine System

Reproductive System

Muscular System

Skeletal System

Hormones: There are over 50 hormones in the human body - See listings at:


Dopamine, beta-endorphins, and enkephalins induce tranquility, euphoria, and relaxation.

Our most intelligent chemists sometimes take years to make equivalent compounds like those above - so how in the dark of internal glands could unguided processes repeat the same chemical integrity of these compounds throughout succeeding generations? What is more incredible is how one part of the body could “know” how those compounds would impact other parts - unless a higher intelligence knew how to link cellular activities which could not be accomplished by limited cellular intelligence!


(Contradictory to step-wise evolution, our Creator meticulously weaved all of the features below in one embryonic process - because they all needed to be integrated for the full functionality foreplanned for the full freedom and survival of life. Many of these features are self-evident works that reflect super-intelligence. Furthermore, most of the 4500 adult structures or features are necessarily linked to others in a way that shows a definite interdependency.)


(How long would we live if we did not have a reliable design of automatic controls beyond our conscious minds?)

The development of the long-lasting, highly-reliable, automatically regulated heart and attendant valves is a truly phenomenal progression of events that should be recognized as a massive bioengineering masterpiece. Critical changes that must take place during birth are triggered by preplanned events which help transfer maternal circulation to the fetus. The foramen ovale shunt closes and the ductus arteriosus shunt closes which allows more blood to flow through the lungs. The development of the circulation subsystems are amazing as well and are described in many internet documents - some listed below.

Another amazing gift that is automatically regulated is the main muscle (diaphragm) which allows our lungs (with parasympathetic overrides) to breathe (forcing the air sacs to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen). Chemoreceptors in the medulla (linked to further controls of homeostasis) regulate breathing and reflect super-intelligent design. Developmental stages (Note 4500 structures) Heart Illustrations - Fetal Circulation

Changes at Birth (Heart)

Respiratory Physiology


The very idea of balance is a system’s level creation - not an evolutionary after-thought. In fact, balance is so crucial, that all other survival features are essentially negated if it were missing or defective. Constant adjustments must be made to keep the body upright when not in the prone position - and involves the inner ear working in conjunction with various muscle groups and other senses. Gyroscopes are viewed as intelligent inventions in rocket propulsion - and likewise our biological versions are remarkable and essential for so many functions - not just survival. One major point is for our freedom of movement. Hearing and Balance Anatomy. The problem of remaining upright - “The downside of an upright gait is the need for a highly developed apparatus for balance, with rapid integration of multiple sensory input from the eyes, inner ear, and internal position sensors, and accurate regulation of muscle tone and contraction.3 The unstable anatomy with its peculiar weight distribution makes relentless adjustments of joint position and muscle length necessary, and these corrections have to be integrated with spatial orientation to allow purposeful locomotion.” The Universe Around Us (See information on balance - and mathematical refutation of evolution)



Mutation/natural selection cannot cross-select. Foreplanning was involved in creating male versus female - with complimentary genitals - associated with sex drive hormones and gonads to produce sperm; fallopian tubes for eggs; womb and placenta and feeding process, birth process, and breast feeding - these are system-level interdependent designs!


Healing cannot have its origination in accidental gatherings of amino acids (which are parts - not processes) - because healing is obviously a complex process that has intelligent cells interacting together. The Creator has invested over 6,000 hours to create us and would not allow us to die within seconds without intensive healing mechanisms in place to save us (even more extensive protections are mentioned elsewhere in this text). Even though healing is taken for granted, and many people give credit to evolution - the Creator is still faithfully providing that protection along with hundreds of others - so that humankind will survive.



Other features which would be useless without another complimentary feature created at the same time - indicating complex multiple planning and multi-dependent cofactors include:

Brain - for planning, reasoning, and elective physical movements.

Brain - for automated homeostasis regulation (minimizes failures).

Eyesight with automatic aperture control (plus brain links)

Heart and circulation system (plus link with lungs).

Vocalizations for communication requires planning for ears to hear (plus brain interconnections).

Blood vs. expansive circulatory system vs. heart (plus brain interconnections).

Spinal cord vs. each vertebrae vs. disk cushioning.

Precisely controlled release of growth hormone which is distributed evenly to keep the body growing proportionally

(female egg at 1000 microns - to average human at 5 foot).

Intense sex drive hormones which are delayed until puberty (plus visual-cognitive attractiveness).

Embryonic sac and placenta formation.

Birth process with anticipatory maternal nourishment.

Teeth - baby vs. adult (and chewing muscles)

Failsafe mechanism: DNA repair anticipates failure and associated mitosis/meiosis (definite fore-knowledge - result of foreplanning).

Precision Procreation - with DNA controlling protein formations.

Continuous mitosis for cell replacement and repair

Hominids have existed apparently for at least 4 million years - with organs like ours - equates to intense reliability.

Being that our bodies come from an egg sac that is about 1000 microns (1 micron = 1/1,000 mm) in size means that the intelligence to guide that development into adult humans is in the microcosm - divine intelligence which transfers to all the cells and then to the brain. The average size of a regular cell is 10 microns. The fetus increases weight 2.4 billion times! (The Incredible Machine, p.225). Could this possibly come about by chance? What would regulate growth hormones and why would there even be hormones without divine foresight to know how much material, how much energy, and what control process would direct all the necessary production processes in a coordinated fashion? Without a chance of survival because they could not be properly nourished, we would have grotesque monstrosities without divinely intelligent designs.

Why would we be given a brain to store 280 times 10^18 bits of information unless there was foreknowledge that we would need great capacities to solve our own problems and protect ourselves.

What kind of intelligence would it take to design a biological memory mechanism that could successfully hold visual and thought memories?

“Electrolization of molecules is what holds memory - in trillions of cells.” Memory

Survival depends on obtaining food and water (one reason for eyes, ears, and limbs for mobility) and ingesting food (pre-designed to be DNA compatible) - having a mouth and teeth and digestive juices to break down nutrients into useable parts for sustenance and energy - all compliant with an integrated foreplan.

Single cell entities exist today and yet do not have anywhere near the numerous proteins and nutrients compared to the human oocyte and never could have the potential for or correlation to the appearance of humankind - which must have been created in one developmental sequence - complete with all organs and body components!



Most people acknowledge that a house requires at least a designer, a parts procurer, and a builder, plus other specialists - depending on the quality of the house. All of these functions require intelligence and skill. Life forms are not exempt - they all require some form of intelligence - not only for their creation but for their protection, maintenance, and reproduction!

Likewise, if an engineer were to build a robot that could maintain its balance while running over uneven ground - and could see a ditch and jump over it - or could hear a train approaching from the rear and move out of the way - and then, as a bonus, repair itself when it damaged a part - we would surely recognize the great intelligence of the engineer - and probably praise him if we could. Yet - when we put ourselves in the place of the robot and recognize that it took a great deal of intelligence to generate every part of our body - we have a choice to praise our Engineer - or believe some weird story that “nature” created us - just like it could create the robot!

Human personalities and attributes like faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, endurance, mutual affection, and love all involve amazing intelligence - and all are elaborate sequential behaviors (especially the idea of love materializing into acts of love) that obviously could not come from meaningless, random sequences.



In reliability analysis, there is a tenet which can be paraphrased - “The higher the complexity, the higher the probability of failure.” With that perspective, we should witness wholesale failures (deaths) given the immense complexity of the human body. But, it is the intelligent nature of the compounded complexities that actually anticipates potential failures and more than compensates for them. Multiple improvements counteract adverse probability and they include - an increase in the quality of each component (reliability), redundancy (spare parts), automated repair mechanisms, compensational cooperation of physiological systems (homestasis), high-intensity cell replacements (renewing all components - which basically resets reliability clock), energy renewal mechanisms (including food gathering and fat storage), and adaptability (including allostasis), multi-tier protections (including the immune system), and many others. Real-time controls and anticipatory intelligence gives amazing advantages for survival - the deliberate intentionality of the human design. Many of the ingenious complexities are cited below: The Mathematical Challenges of Darwinism -

“Now the documented, visible complexity of the cell exceeds anything that astronomers and astrophysicists encounter in the heavens.” ... “So if the world's most influential atheist, Antony Flew, could renounce atheism in favour of theism as a direct result of discoveries in the field of molecular biology over the last 50 years, it is not inconceivable that had Charles Darwin lived today he too could have reached a different conclusion.” How Nutrients and other Molecules get into Cells - (Proteins do the functional work in the cell and are much more complex than DNA. The roughly 30,000 human genes lead to more than three hundred thousand different proteins). Gordon's Introduction to Cells - In humans, there are about 40 trillion cells all told. They occur in 1014 different types cells making up over 200 different kinds of tissues. 12 Senses 17 Senses Senses 20 plus 32 Senses of Perception Changes at Birth (Heart) This site refers to 4500 designated structures in the human body. Unsafe at any Frequency - “A DNA molecule is folded into a tiny ball, but when divides itself, it has to unfold and unroll itself, at speeds from 10.000 to 20.000 revolutions per minute (i.e. 200 to 300 Hz). The 50.000 different biochemical reactions and the creation of 5000 different proteins is a continuous bio-electro-chemical game with electrical vibrations all over the place.” There are about 3000 known enzymes Functions of the Liver… - The liver is the primary organ for cleansing and detoxifying the body. This large organ performs up to 500 functions Bob's Anatomy and Physiology

The human body contains an estimated 25 trillion red blood cells; approximately 4.8 million to 5.4 million are found in every microliter of blood Evidence of Design Understanding standing – what biologists are learning from engineers – and vice versa Immune System


Professionals who design things are more apt to recognize designs than most people - but we can come close by perusing design attributes. By Webster’s Dictionary definition, design is creating in the mind - but there are more extensive attributes of design - with specialized areas covered by the difference disciplines in every major field of study. Engineers are more familiar with physical design criteria - because they spend years learning the intricate relationships in material suitability, tolerances, processes, reliability, and the like. Life systems are related and engineers recognize that designs require intelligence and a lot of education and memory functions - even though life designs have a lot more to do with chemical interactions, progressions, sustainability, latent developments, and scores of processes outlined by the medical and scientific professions - yet many processes are still beyond advanced scientific understanding.

Life is full of controls - but control does not come from chaos - in fact, control is the opposite of chaos. Controlled growth is an intelligently preplanned progression.

The various life forms are composed of specialized components and subsystems which are undeniable designs in difference disciplines - hardly capable of evolving from chance events.


A more extensive viewpoint that actually shows that not only is phenomenal intelligence responsible for human design but is also responsible for the astounding degrees of planning, preparation, protection, and pleasurable enhancements of life - especially made obvious by a fully reliable, highly-protected, and self-functioning body - basically autonomic at birth.

Since research over the last decades have ruled out step-wise evolution, and reinforced “irreducible complexity” design features, this article takes the argument to a higher level. Simple intelligent design is not enough! Ordinary cellular intelligence cannot have knowledge about the forces acting on the adult human body - (at least, humans have microscopes to see cells, but there are no telescopes for cells!).


This modern perspective shows the necessity of foreplanning as well as designing in establishing the construction of bodily subsystems which will survive in gradient environments. This confirms divine design. But more importantly - it shows the impossibility of the microcosmic to know what variables exist in macrocosmic, organic bodies. Knowledge of fundamental physics, chemical reactions, environmental variables, and much more has to be considered before these design features can be successful. For example, the mechanics of bird wings depends on a great deal of physics - unknown to germ cells - hence, only foreplanning can account for the appearance of wings.



For evolution to go through billions of permutations (or shooting-in-the-dark designs) in order for natural selection to be effective, one is venturing into supernatural thinking! One could just as well say that makes the idea of evolution a religion. One law of physics states that bodies at rest tend to stay at rest - wonder if it has a biological equivalent. Hypothesizing is easy - words are easy (and there are master naysayers who are very convincing with words) - but just look at the insurmountable physical obstacles which debunk life forms coming from accidental chemical reactions. Please see other sections that negate evolution without intelligence.


Renewable energy - the defeating mechanism for the 2nd law of Thermodynamics - is the only reason life is sustained in the first place! The fact that mitochondria is included in the human body for efficient energy and heat production is a sign that it was intended in anticipation of that function. In fact, large numbers of mitochondria are crucial for cardiac muscle operation - enabling continuous aerobic respiration via oxidative phosphorylation. Since this source of energy is vital to homeostasis regulation that protects the body in many ways - it reflects super-intelligent, systems-level design.

G. ALLOSTASIS AND HOMEOSTASIS (Adaptability and internal equilibrium)

At the moment of creation, there had to be safeguards in place to protect that life and provide internal and external regulation as well as some means for adaptability. One does not come without the others where intelligent counteractions is concerned. There are many dangers - anyone of which can be fatal (viruses, bacteria, parasites, changes in the environment, among others). These regulatory mechanisms are provided on a systems level (cell communications - set point thresholds - are being monitored and allostastic or homeostastic counteractions are activated). History-Background Allostatic Load Note “[Homeostasis] does not occur by chance but results from organized self-government.”

Protective and damaging effects of stress mediators: central role of the brain. “The brain is the key organ of stress, allostasis, and allostatic load, because it determines what is threatening and therefore stressful, and also determines the physiological and behavioral responses. Brain regions such as the hippocampus, amygdala, and prefrontal cortex respond to acute and chronic stress by undergoing structural remodeling, which alters behavioral and physiological responses.”

Allostasis - “Biological adaptation, such as the rise of EPINEPHRINE in response to exercise, stress or perceived danger, followed by a fall of epinephrine during RELAXATION. Allostasis is the achievement of stability by turning on and turning off the allostatic systems including the IMMUNE SYSTEM; the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM and NEUROENDOCRINE SYSTEMS. HOMEOSTASIS – Chemical Signals and Maintaining Homeostasis Homeostasis (Note Gaia hypothesis by James Lovelock (all life acts as a vast homeostatic super organism).

ScienceWeek: Similar homeostatic mechanisms operate at cellular levels.


The most formidable reason for the phenomenal survival of humans and their predecessors through millions of years is not some unimaginably prolific mutation generator (and complementary selection filtering process according to evolution theory) - but a shockingly brilliant foreplan which envisioned all the comprehensively adaptable mechanisms which could meet the environmental variables encountered over incredibly long time frames - with built-in chemical ingenuity and intelligent guidance - directed from a super-intelligent force!

Since the creation of the average human embryo involves approximately 9 months of intensive construction, all kinds of extraordinary protective measures have been provided to make sure that precious life survives for the longest possible time!

Not only do various body organs work collectively (under intelligent control) to maintain internal stability (homeostasis) - but emergency adaptive mechanisms to deal with drastic environmental changes have been provided as well (allostasis).

The human design, like most in the animal kingdom, incorporates a dynamic aspect as well - where features grow stronger when challenged - extending capacities to thrive - not just survive!

Muscles will actually grow larger when they are challenged. Calluses will form on feet after a long period of walking without cushioning - essentially forming natural shoes! Endurance can be extended by practice. NASA - Why do Workouts Work?

You Can Grow Your Intelligence


Your body has been created over and over again - by necessity! Because most cells have a very limited lifespan, your body would die if it did not have a divine design to replace cells on a fixed schedule!

Every second of every life embodies a high-intensity creation process by which hundreds of millions of intelligent cells are replaced (not before being checked for errors and repaired by various DNA correction mechanisms), in addition to high-quality monitoring and automatic adjustments of bodily functions (homeostasis), tremendous protective features (immune system - wherein cells can identify and destroy harmful invaders), and phenomenal reliability (especially via a heart that beats for nearly 3 billion times in a lifetime) - all confirming divine design and all contradicting molecule-to-man evolution.

These all involve enormous numbers of cells and energy:

The human body contains an estimated 25 trillion red blood cells; approximately 4.8 million to 5.4 million are found in every microliter of blood. Bob's Anatomy and Physiology


In humans, there are about 40 trillion cells all told. They occur in 1014 different types cells making up over 200 different kinds of tissues Gordon's Introduction to Cells


How many cells are replaced every minute? 300 Million!

A single cell uses about 10 million ATP molecules per second to meet its metabolic needs and recycles all of its ATP molecules about every 20-30 seconds. Human Physiology

There are numerous ribosomes in cells—as many as 10 million in a one mammalian cell

The cells of the stomach lining are replaced quickly – 500,000 cells are replaced every minute, and the whole stomach lining every three days. The Summary of the Anthropic Principle

In addition, cells communicate with local and distance cells via hormones, neurotransmitters, signaling molecules (protein, fatty acid derivatives, or gases), and gap junctions.

Vision is possible in that frame information necessarily must be chemically cleared in microseconds!



The gift of life is miraculous when we realize that it is not our intelligence - or

our parents' intelligence that created our self-sufficient body - prepackaged with a

reliable heart, lungs, and other vital organs which function independently without

our knowledge or volition. The body functions automatically. So many body components function perfectly together anticipating what we need later in life (e.g. - emergent teeth for chewing food - knowing that preexistent food will be available - that digestion will break down food and be distributed by the digestive system and the circulation system to all the trillions of cells in our body...and so on). Add to those designs, the foreknowledge that blood cells for example, have to be replaced every 90 days or so - and having the bone marrow produce them in the precise quantities - shows that preplanning is involved.

Protection is an intelligent safeguard to insure survivability. Multi-tiered levels

of protection can be pointed out in the human life cycle:

1. The male/female connection where a dual gene pool insures a more reliable countering

of errors in a given gene so that the optimum human genome can be protected/regenerated.

2. The protective womb, where the developing fetus can be fed by the placenta. Note that chemical changes induce the pelvis to expand and provide frictionless movement during birth.

3. The time period of over six thousand hours provides another protection of accurate

construction of intricate body parts (especially the reliability of a heart that can beat for

over a hundred years in ideal cases).

4. After birth, nourishment by way of the mother's milk is guaranteed to protect the infant

from early demise.

Additionally, each one of the sensory organs provides another level of protection of the human from predators and other dangers:

5. Sight - Another point that shows immense preplanning (and hence, phenomenal intelligence) is the steps undertaken in the construction of the embryonic eye, which is only one example of a great many to make the body work correctly. It is a long, drawn out process which assembles variable protein molecules folding around nerves cells

which must follow very precise engineering principles to establish the physical focal

points in the correct positions, and produce the specialized cells to make clear

liquid and clear lenses, etc.

6. Touch/nerve endings - To protect from dangerous temperatures, sharp/foreign objects, and navigation in the dark.

7. Hearing - to sense the presence of predators

8. Smell - Though not a sensitive as a dog’s capacity, man’s smell can sense many critical smells.

9. Taste - Protects against rotten and dangerous items.

Other protections include:

10. The self-correcting nature of DNA.

The defensive and healing powers of the body involve the immune components

of the blood and lymphatic system:

11. Antibodies

12. B-cells-normal

13. B-cells-memory

14. B-cells-plasma

15. T-cells

16. Helper T-cells

17. Neutrophils

18. Macrophages

19. Complement Protein Molecules

20. Lymphocytes

21. Mast cells

22. Stomach acid

23. Celia cells

24. Mucus

25. Lysozyme enzyme

26. Fever mechanism

Walter B. Cannon observed that: "... the superabundance of tissues and mechanisms

indicates clearly that safety is the goal of the animal organism. He spelled out

so many of the "intelligent" counter steps taken by the body actually maintain

specific types of homeostasis when it encounters threats including:

27. constancy of salt and water contents

28. homeostasis of blood sugar,

29. maintenance of blood fat levels

30. constancy of blood protein and blood calcium

as well as a significant number of other stabilizing failsafe mechanisms.

31. Even the design of duplicates for many body parts impart some protection (survivability) when one duplicate part is damaged.

Numerous other functions, listed next all serve to protect each human being. The total of all of these provisions undeniably indicate a very special intelligence:

31. Voice - for shouting (scaring off predators) and communication skills

32. Memory - to recall dangerous locations, predator sounds, hunting tips, etc.

33. General human intelligence - for mate selection, fight strategies, etc.

35. Hormonal actions of "fight or flight."

See additional protections via these citations:

The lungs and airways are well protected as well. Sneezing and coughing help clear air ways. Note that the lungs are cleaned by several mechanisms: besides cilia, there is an enzyme called trypsin that scrubs air sacs clean. Emphysema - natural enzyme neutrophil elastase helps fight bacteria and cleans up dead lung tissue Enzyme Therapy - “The purpose of an autolytic enzyme is to break down the cell in which it is contained after that cell dies. Autolytic enzymes are contained in little bag-like structures which rupture upon death of the cell, releasing the autolytic enzymes to do their jobs. Because the body is made of fat, protein and carbohydrate, these enzymes are lipases, proteinases and amylase.” Self - Defense Mechanisms Protections for the eye Protective proteins in the eye

Protection of cerebrospinal fluid Homeostasis from "The Wisdom of the Body" Systemic Enzymes (mucus membrane cells secrete a clear slippery mucus to keep joints lubricated) Nattokinase: Powerful Enzyme Prevents Heart Attack and Stroke Lysozyme - “An enzyme occurring naturally in egg white, human tears, saliva, and other body fluids, capable of destroying the cell walls of certain bacteria and thereby acting as a mild antiseptic”. Tobacco Effects Study “…smoking-related oxidation of cell membranes that trigger changes in the DNA of bronchial epithelial cells and how those DNA changes increase protective enzymes that shield cells from further damage”. Blood Barriers - Dr.Jastrow's electron microscopic atlas - Blood barriers were established by design to protect the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the kidneys, the retina, the placenta, nerves, and others. EMBRYONIC NUTRITION IN BIRDS AND MAMMALS (CERTIFICATION) - Six layers or barriers are created between the maternal and fetal blood. Blood and Immunity - even if a mother's blood is Rh-positive and the unborn child is Rh-negative, blood barriers keep the blood separated - yet there is a chance during delivery that they mix - setting up an antegen problem for the second born. Research Finds Some Antihypertension Drugs May Help Prevent Cell Damage - A healthy body reacts to free radicals by producing antioxidant enzymes, which neutralize the free radicals before they can harm cells.


Many benefits are provided in the design of living things. For humans, a partial list of some of those things which bring pleasure or a sense of well being (which would be on an intelligent wish list if we were lacking) are:

Sexual stimulation/climax

Euphoric hormones





Nearly every cell in your body (trillions in number) is replaced periodically - many times over for your entire life - and in that constant process, long life is assured - by preventive maintenance and repair.

Some repairs are visible - broken finger nails grow back ever so slowly. But, many repairs - like DNA corrections - are not visible but are implemented wherever needed in the trillions of cells in our bodies (damaged liver sections can be replaced in large segments). Repairs are highly intelligent actions!

The immune system is indeed a system and not a step-wise evolutionary development. The body is like a finely-tuned, biological ICU - body heat, pressure, oxygen, acidity, and other data and functions are evaluated constantly. Combined with blood clotting and all the other homeostasis monitoring mechanisms in the body, there is evidence of intentional - foreplanned - designs for exceptional protection and care from a loving Creator.

When your body senses that it is getting colder - careful design (homeostasis) insures that more heat is generated! When things get too hot - sweat glands kick in! As a person runs faster, the heart pumps more oxygen to the muscles - intelligent process controls - not just parts!

Even changing positions, blood pressures readjust in appropriate parts of the body. Valves in the legs fight gravity to minimize pumping energy required by the heart.

The design of the sphincter band in the stomach indicates a concern for protecting the esophagus from stomach acid damage. Sphincter bands for the urinary tract and anus are put under convenient voluntary control for sanitary control of waste materials.


GIFTS OF FREEDOM: (Contrasting the relative rigidity of solid matter, life is designed with fluidity)

All sorts of freedom, including “free will,” are provided by the Creator - save for various documented senses of right and wrong (which are self-controlled limitations to freedom).

There can be no greater freedom than to be able to transform a thought into physical reaction - to have command over movement - and especially having the freedom of visual cognizance for safe guidance. Muscles are provided for moving not just eyes, facial sections, tongue, jaws, legs, fingers, but almost every part of the body with great precision. This includes communicating with vocal cords.

Thinking allows for mental freedom - for solving problems as well as defensive tactics.

Survivability is another facet of freedom.

Other invaluable freedoms also come from not having to worry about autonomic functions like essential heartbeats, breathing, homeostasis regulation, or other automatic activities like immunity battles, digestive juice production, healing, and constant massive cell replacements - it should be clear that all of these features are dependent on divinely intelligent design and intelligent cellular processes.

Only when we see all of the care that the Creator has put into creating us, protecting us, and sustaining us for a long life - can we imagine the possibilities of divine inspiration via dreams, subconscious motivations, intervention via sympathetic responders, and other interactions that may exceed human understanding. An incredible amount of ingenious design and extended construction went into giving us these amazing freedoms!


Nearly 8 billion people in the world prove one major point - the design of the human body is phenomenally reliable and durable - throughout a wide range of environmental margins. Both of these qualities are hallmarks of great engineering.

These points would be obviated if it were not that the earth was set in the accommodating temperate zone from the sun, with sufficient oxygen in the atmosphere (preexistent plants), and with appropriate food sources - all having to be preplanned for human presence.

Extenuating circumstances of man’s inventiveness (scientific advances to accommodate more food resources, medical advances, technological inventions, power and transportation facilities, among others) - have been extended to mankind through divine intelligence via outstanding (high-quality) biological brains.


This double helix is the most intricately-coded, miniaturized program in the universe - spelling out intelligent production codes for all the proteins needed for all life forms in the world!

This not only puts molecular parts together - but has the intelligent, animation instructions to activate the ongoing self-renewing processes we call life - yet allowing for deliberate genetic variation.

For one germ cell to specialize to create all the parts of the body should obviously be recognized as a divine act! The fact that this process accurately creates billions of humans with the same basic body surely shows brilliant foreplanning - and hence super-intelligence. To put it another way: without foreplanning, the germ cell would not “know” (or be guided) to specialize at all!

Even the intricate mechanism of copying DNA involves countless intelligent processes of precisely splitting the DNA spiral into two parts (by enzyme helicase) and copying one in a forward fashion (by polymerase III) but copying the other in a backward fashion in repeated short increments (Okasaki fragments) first by RNA primase (for RNA primers) then polymerase III copying DNA to a portion of that segment between the primers - while polymerase I makes DNA from RNA primers - and DNA ligase links the fragments - so as to have both strands in proper sequence for cell division.

Even though bananas have 57% of “our” DNA - does not mean that we are descendents of bananas - just that they are designed to be compatible with our digestion/integration system.

Could DNA sequences (even in the “junk DNA” portion) hold memory codes for past and future environmental changes adaptations? DNA Proves Creation DNA Replication Process If you can read this, I can prove God exists




Only already living things can mutate and evolve!

It is not only incredible that chance gatherings of enormous amounts of precisely-sequenced amino acids would have to be formed as just one protein but billions more of those same precise sequences - also by chance - would form all the proteins for a cellular membrane (this alone could not even be possible without instructions or guidance). Yet there is that evolutionary demand to then continue to form the first DNA double helix as well as all the specialized organelles to make a so-called primordial cell - which entails not only a gathering of parts - but miraculous activation of self-educating processes to sustain animation (modern cells definitely exhibit intelligence for the complex maintenance activities). But what is more intoxicatingly incredible is to think that an even more miraculous complex process would occur out of the blue to allow the newly formed cell to reproduce itself while the cell was still living - not once - but some reliable means to remember how to repeat that process over and over in the daughter cells. But why stop there? Why not be really extravagant with ideation and wish that the new cells would have some means to someday embrace another miracle to instantaneously allow enormous mutations all in the lifetime of another cell so that a heart, lungs, arteries, and blood, et cetera, would form simultaneously to form a human being?

These scenarios are so incredible that it puts this kind of evolution on par with a faith-based religion (this one of Mother Nature) which is compelled by law to be taught to all publicly-schooled American children (which is, in this reevaluation, a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state).

Note that this is not pertinent to scientifically-proven minor mutations of already living entities - only the over-reaching speculation of abiogenesis and Darwinian evolution via the Tree of Life.

Even if an infinite number of random modifications to DNA occurred, this would depend on unrealistic sequential improvements - raising the levels of complexities in an incremental sequence - which can be shown to be impossible in the construction of the human body.



Many honorable attributes reflect super-intelligent design:

Compassion - A sense of empathy and compunction connects us to one another.

Sense to help mankind - Along with maternal and paternal instincts to care for children, compulsion to help one another and to protect life is inherent when all the design protections are evaluated.

A sense of creativity allows mankind to improve environments and inventions - notably in medical science but touching all fields of endeavor which are essentially divine extensions: such as doctors and engineers (leading to smallpox elimination which saved half a billion lives, water filtration plants which saves millions of lives, Haber Process which feeds over 2 billion people, etc.)

Dreams - A thoughtful process to entertain us when we rest and allow our bodies to replenish our energy (also provides us with a “double” life - one for day and one for night).

Thankfulness - An instinctive gratitude for all the gifts we are given.

It is also plausible that there's a piece of the Creator in all of us - atomically speaking - hence there are many who say that “We are the eyes and ears and hands of God!” Our prayers - when verbalized - can often be answered by others acting in concert. Communications are manifested in many different ways. Just as our Creator could redirect atoms to create life forms - our Creator could redirect atoms in our thought processes if our “free will” sought that intervention.

When body actions can be activated by our wills - how reflective that is of the Creator! Likewise, producing a play, TV show, or the like from thought processes - again reflect divine conceptualization. Furthermore, our verbal commands can result in a host of tremendous reactions. These are citations of great intelligence - not meaningless shots in the dark.

Men can create instruments and we recognize the talent and expressions of the players. Likewise, the nature of the Creator can be recognized by the living instruments - so, in a sense, when we hear divine singing and music playing - it is like the Creator’s concert for us!

Our attributes are amazing - not because they are human attributes - but because they are the Creator's - on loan to us!

We extend the range of the Creator's creativity.


The microcosmic portion of the Creator created man as a superstructure of atoms and cells so that man could in turn create even greater superstructures of machine, buildings, ships, and make life more convenient - to help all future generations via long-term extended foreplanning.

Even though the Creator gave us “free will” - which can be the cause of tremendous conflicts, there must be residual influences at work that guide mankind to higher ideals.

Creation is at its best when consciousness allows us to realize that we are created with loving gifts - that thoughtful foreplanning takes care of our needs, gives us dreams, and provides freedoms almost without bounds - and to make closer communication with the Creator possible.

Why else would we have high-speed rastor-clearing vision with built-in aperture protection via the iris (comparable to our best-engineered cameras), image inversion via the connection to the brain and almost instantaneous reactions to activate movement responses via extended nerve connections throughout the body - based on what we see as dangerous or not - this is decision-making freedom at its best (and enables us to see all the works of the Creator).

These are not mindless actions - based on accidents - but by considerate forethought - proven by the 6,000 hours of delicate and intricate construction in the womb!

The care does not stop being demonstrated there. Constant large-scale cell repair/replacement is insured by reliable design - and precisely regulated by an intelligent-based homeostatic system.

To believe any of these things came by accident - is, in my mind, not using the intelligence that the Creator gave us - to defend ourselves against demoralizing ideologies which can be as dangerous as physical predators - in fact - more capable of destroying whole nations instead of individual persons.



Scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider location encompassing portions of France and Switzerland are trying to identify subatomic particles (among them the “God” or Higg’s particle) to see how they operate in the microcosm. Obviously, there may be some particles or energy forms we may never discover to show how the Creator actually works - but surely collectively they would constitute some portion of the Creator that permeates the universe. Knowing that intelligence pervades the cellular levels - that intelligence could possibly be the manifestation of the Creator or be directed by the Creator‘s energy. In any event, it is plausible that one or the other could have collectively constructed DNA and the necessary steps to create man in totality.



From empirical observations, it is rather obvious that a principle of “free will” exists for the different species and that defenses are provided as protection for the survival of each of these life forms. This should not be misconstrued to be the lack of concern of the Creator - because the propagation of these life forms was foreplanned - not micro-managed.

Other factors are also instrumental in causing detrimental reactions, including birth defects:

A. Various radiations and bombardments of solar particles, electric and magnetic fields, and heavy metals in the soil.

B. Endocrine disrupter chemicals and other pollutants are in the air, food, water, soil, household products and very likely in breast milk and placenta blood supply. Nanoparticles may cause DNA damage across a cellular barrier




I have spent a lifetime looking for answers to the question about the creation of the human race - and now I know - from undeniable facts and observations - separate from any religious writings - that we have a phenomenally intelligent Creator who loves everyone of us. Some people are satisfied with faith - but I wanted more. It was clear that I had no choice in the design of my body or my birth - I did not create myself - my father did not create himself, and so something or someone had to have the intelligence and the foreplanning to design and build all the reliable subsystems of my body - which functioned voluntarily without my consciousness or control.

I will state preemptively that there is sufficient evidence to show that evolutionary theory is inadequate and instead, modification theory by divine intelligence is more than plausible.

To help people around the world to remove any doubt from their minds about mindless evolution’s “molecule-to-man” mythology, I have presented extensive supporting evidence. I have researched observable bodily designs and functions as well as conclusions based on these findings.

I have fostered the idea that anything or anyone that would spend 6000 hours (approximate gestational time) in creating our human bodies with all of their phenomenal powers - is really showing love in its most definitive manifestation. Then I realized that adding all of the mechanisms which constantly protect us are also manifestations of love. This concept is reinforced by phenomenal design reliability - especially with the realization that procreation is divine methodology, and that multiple muscle attachments to bones for freedom of movement is beyond cellular intelligence alone, and that extensions of divine intelligence are instrumental in medical advancements which help counter the notion of malevolence (“free will” for all life forms should not be construed as malevolent to the anthrocentric view of life).

The design of the human body is tremendously more complicated than the most sophisticated engineering designs of any century. Our bodies contain billions of cells working together with foreplanned protections so that we might have extended lifetimes to enjoy our bodies in a world of other wondrous creations and planned provisions.

To understand this, a person must have some basic exposure to what a design is, as opposed to an idea, the creation processes, sustaining the creation, and reliability factors. Design involves a learning process, evaluation feedback, memorization, engineering capabilities, and much more.

We first must recognize that certain designs are more than fortuitous designs - they are foreplanned gifts that are created for comfort, for convenience, for love - which gives us freedom, protection, dreams, and unbound creativity (which accounts for MRI machines, cellular phones, sky scrapers, jet liners, and countless modern technologies).

In the end, I realize that I do not have the understanding to know the mind of our Creator - or how we were created - but now knowing that the Creator is responsible for our lives and loves us - that’s all I need to know!


An innovative perspective on the universe which shows “purpose” rather than blind

evolutionary explanations for man was presented in the form of the “anthropic principle” presented at the Copernican Symposium in 1975. This perspective basically regards all scientific constants as being intentional in the support for the development of mankind.

As a bird prepares a nest for the anticipated offspring - the extremely long-term preparation for all living creatures (the sun for light and warmth, water, an extensive food chain, photosynthesis for more oxygen, etc.) clarifies this principle.

Archeologists have long used scientific methods to show the level of intelligence in hominids based largely on the complexities of their tools. The exact same approach can be applied to the abundance of current biometrical data - equating the engineering principles as tools to show that intelligence is required in the design of the human body. This evidence becomes more formidable and significant when put into proper perspectives, especially when centered on the cellular viewpoint.

While there is no doubt that DNA mutations have accounted for significant changes in the human genome, there is no justification for evolutionists to claim that accidents in nature progressed from simple single-cell organisms to complex life forms. While theories abound, no sequential proof has been presented to show direct connections from one species to another. In comparison, evidence for intelligent design abounds.

Intelligence as we know it usually involves brains (even small ones as in ants) as well as some learning process and memory mechanism, but other forms of intelligence must exist as in cellular intelligence. In any event, going from the present version of a highly creative society with fantastic technological advances back to some preconceived origination point, especially a non-intelligent primal cell point, does not make much use of the intelligence we supposedly possess.

Engineering principles in chemistry, physics, and other disciplines indeed show that intelligence is required to have created the highly-engineered machine called the human body. Information presented in this paper will show that divine intelligence is inherent not only in a prerequisite planning design, but also in the construction phase, the ongoing replacement phase, as well as in the operational, life-long phase.

Since modern research still leaves so much about the cell's inner workings as

undecipherable, much can be learned by looking at functionality. Even though we may look at nano-circuits under a microscope, and find little meaning in the construction details, a revelation comes as electricity begins to circulate through the components to reveal the functionality of the design. Likewise, we do not need a complete understanding of the elegant designs of body parts, to appreciate what we see they can accomplish - to show the marvelous intelligence involved.


Even though some things are beyond human understanding, we try to make sense of important questions. Even the things we think we know are too often so entangled with fact and fiction, we often make serious mistakes about life decisions - so we look to science for legitimate answers. Yet, there are boundaries to everything - some ideas that can never be proven - especially when they go too far back in time or too far outside our technologically-enhanced vision (of the microcosm/macrocosm).

So who can best guide us through this world of extensive unknowns? And what ideas do we embrace to comfort us and inspire us to higher ideals? Mankind has wrestled with fact and fiction and came up with every kind of custom, folk tale, superstition, and mixed combinations imaginable - often without scientific scrutiny - so you accept or reject these on the basis of what is reasonable or unreasonable which is further based on your education - and sometimes what you know about human nature and your religious inclinations.

Some of us realize that we have been given a greatly modified and accommodating earth (transformed from an inhospitable, volcanic-ridden, asteroid-impacted land mass into a miraculous paradise for all kinds of life forms). Was this also an accident? Did science penetrate a past that might have been deliberately obscured? If not for history - actualized or fictionalized - life would be optimized for “now” - not detracted by concentrating on the past or future.

Historically, mankind prefers myths over unknown mechanics - but rather than extracting myth, science too has come up with its own speculations (and only rarely admitting honest doubt). But science is supposed to save us from myths and speculation. Here, we have to hold modern science to a higher standard - to admit where impasses exist with complete honesty.


There is a violent nature to the universe - because of the way it was formed - with primordial collisions, meteor bombardments, volcanic activity from intensely hot planetary cores, and then alternating ice ages. So given these environments - life can still prevail - but at a cost. Not all of life survives - for many reasons - so to insure survivability - creatures are endowed with brains to control their rapid movements to avoid danger when possible or some means to fight enemies. Memorization allows us to learn about repetitive dangers. Massive numbers of creatures spread throughout the earth is another insurance factor that life will survive. These are divinely intelligent, actualized foreplans.