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    SECURITY FIRST: The most important first step is to install malware protection   SEE LIST - You could use these FREE tools - SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition and Zonealarm® Free Firewall and AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition - which work well together!   A better solution would be to download and install a Virtual Machine IDE which provide an extra layer of protection on the computer. See options below under Virtualization.

    NOTE: Although the focus in these guides deals with IBM®-compatible computers, please note that Apple® or Macintosh® computers will be combined in many links. There are many well-written guides to evaluate  -  try several for the style you may find helpful (plain text, graphics, videos, podcasts). Beginners' guides are listed first followed by more advanced links:

    Other How-to Guides and Tutorial locators :

  1. Tutorial Guide - Find the best way to find tutorials
  2. How-Tos and Tutorials Directory
  3. Best Free Technical Support Sites - Gizmo's Freeware
  4. Free Technical Support - See many subjects at TheFreeSite.com
  5. Free Computer Tutorials, Guides, Support, and Help Site - Intelligentedu.com

    Beginner Guides - then Advanced or Mixed :

  6. logoComputers 101 - Good starting point to explanatory links
  7. Beginners Guide - Onlinehelp-uk.com
  8. Geekgirl's Plain-English Computer Tutorials - Covers all the bases
  9. Mac 101 - Get started with the Mac
  10. TechnologyBasics - Technology Advice For The Novice - Also see Advantages of Smartphones
  11. How-to guide plus Technology and Internet - Many selections from Maholo
  12. GCFLearnFree.org® - See topics on computers, social media, smartphones and more...
  13. How-To Geek School - See topics at site
  14. Computers and Technology Tutorials - Search or browse topics
  15. Computer-Related Tutorials - See over 120 plus glossary from Bleeping Computer
  16. Simple Help - Common questions, simple answers
  17. The PC Guide - Topic Index - Comprehensive guide
  18. Basic Computer Operation Tutorial - Thorough and understandable - Illustrated
  19. A Complete illustrated Guide to PC Hardware - See other guides by Michael Karbo
  20. PC101 - Personal Computer 101 - Links and References
  21. Guide to Desktop Computer Parts - Courtesy of ithare.com
  22. Wide range of computer help - See topics at geeks to go?
  23. Computers for Retirees - A computer book for seniors - Text only - no graphics - PCs and Macs
  24. HTG Explains: What is a VPN? (And Why You Might Want to Use One)
  25. vpnMentor | 2017 Reviews, Tips and VPN Tutorials
  26. What is a VPN and How Does it Work? - TheBestVPN.com
  27. Free Web Proxy Sites for Anonymous Surfing, Plus Best VPN Tools
  28. Micro Center: Understanding Tech - See list of guides
  29. Beginners Guides: 101 Tech Tips and Tweaks for Windows XP - PCSTATS.com
  30. How-tos section of Computing.Net
  31. Computer Tutorials - Selective links on computer topics
  32. Macintosh Links - See more information at EveryMac.com
  33. The educational encyclopedia (See computers, electronics, history, etc.) - Many technical items - Educypedia
  34. TutorGig.com - The Tutorial Website
  35. How-to Guides / Tutorials & Freeware - See many computer topics
  36. Search: PC World article - Find articles related to computers
  37. Easy Tips - How do I? -Extensive computer help site - like 325 Easy PC Tips
  38. Technology Videos - Podcasts - Articles - From thinkdiGit
  39. Basic Computer Operations Tutorial
  40. The Original Hand-Me-Down PC - Free online eBook
  41. The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs - Table of Contents
  42. Glossary of Windows Terms
  43. Doug's Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista Tweaks and Tips
  44. Tips Blog focused on Mac users - From creativetechs.com
  45. techFAQ.com - Lots of technical information - including computer terms, tutorials, web tools, etc.
  46. Computer Basics - For average and website owners
  47. Computer Technical Tutorials and Information - Free Computer Tutorials
  48. Tommy's Tutorial Links
  49. Computers & Technology - Useful and how-to links
  50. Tips and Hacks: Tutorials
  51. How-To Geek: Computer Help
  52. Win XP Information
  53. Multimedia Tutorials and others - Older tutorialfind.com links via Archive.com
  54. Computer Hardware Tutorial links
  55. Computer Ergonomics 101
  56. How to Browse Internet Anonymously
  58. WorldStart's Computer Tips
  59. Computer Tips & Tricks - Courtesy of TechSpot
  60. Windows tips - How to maintain your computer and keep your harddisk clean (Also see other topics)
  61. Index of Windows XP Tips
  62. PC Beginners Guides - Practical PC Online
  63. The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide - By Techarp
  64. MY SUPER PC - How To Build A PC - A Computer Building Guide
  65. Clean Install Windows XP
  66. Free Computer Help, Tips and Tools to Help You Get the Most Fun and Use from Your Home Computer
  67. Useful Links - Computer related links from Misty Window.com
  68. Microsoft Windows Manual Online - Via WindWeaver.com
  69. Everything About Laptops
  70. CSGNetwork.Com Site Map - This incredible list has something you can use
  71. Computer and Internet Humor - From About.com®
  72. Using The Internet For Seniors Beginners Guide
  73. Learn HTML in 1 Hour
  74. 101 PC Tips
  75. A Senior's Guide to Using Computers and Software - Courtesy of MAPCON

  76. - More information about specific questions can be found in subsequent sections (especially Find more information / Support).

    All About Apps:

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  77. Understanding Mobile Apps - Protect your privacy and liability - OnGuard Online (.gov)
  78. Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks - Guard against hackers - OnGuard Online (.gov)

  79. New Technologies:

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    Picking Operating System(s):

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    Software titles listed in this document and other links are written for specific computer platforms, so you have to know what operating system software is installed on your computer before downloading available titles (some titles are available in separate versions for separate platforms).
    Besides the Microsoft® series of operating systems which run from DOS through Windows® XP® and Windows® Vista, there are the Mac® series with the current OS X, and there are newer ones being developed.

  80. www.OSdata.com - Operating System Technical Comparison for over 30 operating systems which include many open source (free) systems like the LINUX platform.
  81. logoVirtual PCs and Multiple Operating Systems - Free Software List - See more Virtual Emulators below.
  82. Comparison of Windows and Linux -Techluminati
  83. Linux vs Windows (a comparison) - Good synopsis and guide by Michael Horowitz
  84. 10 ways to help users transition to Linux
  85. AndLinux.org -- Run Linux natively inside Windows (2000, XP, Vista-32 bit only) NOTE: this installation will allow hundreds of LINUX programs to be run within Windows)
  86. Introduction - How to run Linux within Windows
  87. Linux, KDE, and running Linux as 2nd OS are explained in this tutorial
  88. Moving from Windows to Linux
  89. Running Windows on Linux (Wine is one option)
  90. Windows-to-Linux
  91. Debian - Win32-loader
  92. The Linux Tutorial - See table of contents
  93. Linux How-tos - Pages of tips from FreeOS.com
  94. Qemu - Cross-platform Virtual emulator
  95. MacWindows - The web site for Macintosh-Windows Integration
  96. See PowerPC emulator links
  97. Macintosh emulators for PCs
  98. How to Build Your Own PC - Free online instructions - Dual boot Win XP and Linux
  99. Install Ubuntu On VirtualBox - Pictorial Guide from wikiHow

    SPECIAL THEMATIC NOTE: Throughout these guides, access to the Command prompt (DOS) is often useful - so evaluate these links and search for others:

  100. Windows XP and DOS Help and Tips
  101. Essential DOS Commands
  102. EasyDOS Command Index

  103. How to setup / network an Internet PC:

    * Back to Guides *

    See the following links for building, upgrading, or buying a new or used computer:

  104. Securing Your Wireless Network - Ways to protect yor vulnerabilities - OnGuard Online (.gov)
  105. Build Your own PC, Server, etc.
  106. Networking - How to install and use intranets, cross-platforms, etc.
  107. TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial
  108. How Home Networking Works - Videos included at HowStuffWorks
  109. Telnet - Use Microsoft Windows's Telnet program to connect with a remote computer
  110. wiseGEEK: Internet and Computers - Clear Answers for Common Questions
  111. Folk Computing for the New Millenium: How to acquire cheap hardware and what to do with it once you've got it. -includes information on RAM, dealing with errors on C: drive, etc.(Scrounge.org)
  112. Jim's HOW-To's of Hardware Upgrades
  113. How to Install a Second Hard Drive
  114. How to Add an Extra Hard Drive
  115. BIOS 101 - Tutorial - By SysOpt.com
  116. How To Install A CMOS Battery
  117. Computer Hardware Tutorials
  118. Huge List of Computer Hardware Links - PC Tips, Online Magazine, and much more
  119. 101 Computer Hardware Links - Technology and computer resources
  120. IT Tutorials and Networking Tutorials
  121. Understanding Disk Drive Terminology, Technology and Capacity Calculations by Daniel B. Sedory
  122. The TCP/IP Guide - A reference guide that you can understand
  123. CertiGuide.com - An online resource of comprehensive reference guides to help you pass technical certification exams
  124. Zip® Drives Tutorial

    For discussion's sake, let's assume that you are viewing this page from computer "A" and you want to download the free software programs listed throughout this document to copy to computer "B" (say at home or in a lab). In order to make computer "B" ready for Internet access, it has to have some minimum specifications (with the understanding that your Internet access will be severely limited if you will be working with a slow Pentium 2 version); a Pentium 4 definitely is recommended minimum, operating at least 800 Mhz speed, with a minimum of 512 MB RAM. Let's also assume you have installed a 56 kps modem and have secured a dial-up account from your local Internet Service Provider.

    Next follow the sequence of my "How-To" guides to find, download, install, and use the software programs appropriate for your system based on the factors discussed in the preceding guide section.

  125. Guide to PC Hardware (illustrated) (Karbosguide.com)
  126. Autoexec.bat And Config.sys Help and Instruction (Computerhope.com)
  127. Network How To - Troubleshooting Tips, Configurations, IT Help
  128. Under Computers: click on Operating System Basics (eHow?)
  129. Also under Computers: click on Internet and Networking (eHow?)
  130. See FREEWARE SECTION for free Internet browsers and related FREE software
  131. Cyberwalker - Computer Advice (How-tos, FAQs, etc.)
  132. How to help someone use a computer. Phil Agre
  133. Computer Engineering Links
  134. Free Computer Tutorials for Beginner & Senior Users
  135. Technology and Older Adults - Includes assistive information
  136. Beginners Guides: Remote Access to Computers

    How to protect against viruses:

    * Back to Guides *

    It is NOT advisable to download or copy files directly to your hard drive unless you have some virus-protection program in place. Also check thumb drives often for infections (especially if they are shared between different computers) -

  137. Malware: Preventing & Reporting - OnGuard Online (.gov)
  138. Guide - Antivirus Homepage
  139. Computer Security 101 - Free Tools - also see links at WindowSecurity.com
  140. Read & Run Me First Malware Removal Guide
  141. Malware removal guide for windows
  142. Malware Removal Guide - WinTips
  143. Podcasts can infect your PC - Check other tips from windowsecrets.com
  144. Useful links Malware identification resources
  145. What is Spyware?
  146. Computer Knowledge Virus Tutorial


    Given the increased security risks of late, it may be very advantageous to install a temporary operating system (Virtual PC in other words) on your basic computer which can be flushed when you are finished using your computer online. Among other links (search for others) - see the following:
  147. Using Virtualization for Malware Protection
  148. A New ?must-have? program for PC safety: Returnil Virtual System - Try the free version for personal use (It offers Protection through Virtualization. You will be able to recover from harmful or unwanted changes with a simple reboot of the computer)
  149. NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 from FileHippo.com NOTE: run one or more virtual machines, each with its own operating system, on one physical PC.
  150. Free Virtual PC from Download.com - NOTE: run one or more virtual machines, each with its own operating system, on one physical computer.
  151. Enigma Virtual Box is perfect for creating portable applications! Free
  152. Top 10 Sites Like Sandboxie
  153. Dealing with Malware

  154. Tutorials [on security] - Free Virus Removal Tools, Install ZoneAlarm, Use msconfig, etc.
  155. I think my computer is infected or hijacked. What should I do?
  156. Tools and Utilities - For the antivirus and spyware community
  157. How to Remove Spyware from a Windows PC - Michael Horowitz
  158. Malware Removal Guide
  159. 12 Tips Prevent Your Computer From Viruses - See details at PCtipsbox.com
  160. Helping you Prevent and Remove Adware, Spyware, Viruses and Other Malware - See tutorials at Destroy Adware.com
  161. Eliminate unwanted programs from boot up
  162. How to Remove any Unwanted Applications or Software Installed on Computer
  163. How to Get Rid of Unwanted Programs - Need to make registry changes!
  164. FreeFixer - A general purpose removal tool which will help you to delete potentially unwanted software
  165. Scan My Computer For Viruses Using McAfee® Security Center - Special edition from AOL
  166. Best Anonymous Proxies by techFAQ
  167. Uninstall unnecessary and unwanted Windows programs quickly and efficiently
  168. Known Programs - Rated unknown, sate, optional, spyware, virus
  169. How to safely remove spyware from your computer!
  170. How to Easily Uninstall Unwanted Programs on Windows XP and Windows Vista
  171. Spyware from A to Z
  172. Removing Cookies - Computer Tutorial from RiverSongs
  173. How Do I Know If I Have Been Hacked - (See free software)
  174. ProcessLibrary.com - The unique and indispensable process listing database
  175. Windows File Information
  176. File Database - Over 40,000 files are in this database - from Bleeping
  177. Services Database - From IANAG
  178. Process Library - Top System Processes
  179. Windows Startup Item Database - Networktechs.com
  180. Startup Application Knowledge Base
  182. Other Processes Listed in the WinTasks Process Library
  183. How To Find and View Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer
  184. Trend Micro's HouseCall: Free Online Virus checker
  185. Spyware FileHunter - A free file search tool - checks as legitimate software or part of a spyware infection
  186. RecentFilesView v1.09 - Allows you to view recently opened files and delete unwanted files
  187. How to Remove a Virus - From wikiHow
  188. File Research Center - Free File and Process Information
  189. Antivirus Software, tips and tutorials - Mary Landesman with About.com®
  190. How to Remove a Computer Virus - HowStuffWorks
  191. Malicious Software Removal Guide And Assistance - Cybertopcops
  192. Safe Web Surfing Utilities - Avoid picking up viruses and other malware - PC World
  193. Malware Block List - MalwarePatrol
  194. A Definitive Guide on Free Apps for Malware Removal - Distance Education.org
  195. DLL-files.com - Your solution to dll-problems!
  196. Online File Scanners - Upload and find out what's safe
  197. Computer Security and Anti-Virus Techniques - From Rice University
  198. WinPatrol - Most Requested Program Information
  199. How to Sanitize Data - Removing data remnants
  200. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  201. Guide to Safe Internet Browsing (Beginner's 101) - Also see best free VPNs at TheBestVPN.com

    Terminology 101:

    * Back to Guides *

  202. The Newbie's Guide to Email List Terminology
  203. Online Slang Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Slang Terms used Online - Via PC.net
  204. Podcast FAQ - Blogging and Podcasting Terms
  205. Internet Glossary - Berkeley Library
  206. ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
  207. Computer Terms Main Page - Via Computer Knowledge
  208. What is Flickr?
  209. Blog Terms - Glossary
  210. Twitter, chat and text messaging abbreviations
  211. Tech Terms - whatis.techtarget.com
  212. Information technology, computer, networking, internet glossaries - See tech terms - Educypedia via Internet Archive
  213. Graphics Formats Explained - Also see definitions of common terms - Dansdata
  214. Dictionary Links - from the Online Tutorials Section

  215. Information Technology terms tagged with Buzzwords and Jargon - Courtesy of Techopedia?
  216. List of Buzzwords - See several lists per industry - Wikipedia
  217. TechEncyclopedia - Over 20,000 IT items by techweb.com
  218. Dictionary For Tech Terms | Glossary - Geek.com
  219. Computer Hope Dictionary - Convenient Browse by Category Entries
  220. A Glossary of Computer Terms with Easy-to-Understand Definitions - From Sharpened.net
  221. Glossary of Internet and Computer Terms - 5starsupport.com
  222. BABEL - A Glossary of Computer Abbreviations & Acronyms
  223. Computer dictionary, Computer terms dictionary, Definition of all Computer Terms - Free download or online
  224. Encyclopedia Index - PC Magazine (over 20,000 IT items)
  225. Netlingo® - The Internet Dictionary
  226. Bugzilla Thesaurus & Reverse Dictionary
  227. Computer, Telephony & Electronics Industry Glossary - Also see calculators at CSGNetwork.com
  228. Computing Dictionaries - Great resources from BetterEditor.org
  229. Free Computer Dictionary Online also links to Medical, law, and legal dictionaries
  230. ARTFL Project - Webster Search Form
  231. Reverse Dictionary | Find Words via Concepts & Meanings - By Dictionary.com
  232. Computer and Internet Basics
  233. Foreign Language Online Dictionaries and Free Translation Links
  234. TheFreeDictionary's Encyclopedia - Claims to be among the most up-to-date document ever produced
  235. Howtoforge Linux Tutorials
  236. Network Glossary Overview - LAN/WAN Terminology

  237. Search Strategies and Internet tools:

    * Back to Guides *

    Security Note: I use Yahoo!.com® mainly - because potentially dangerous links are highlighted in red with warning!

    Search engines/tools make it very easy to find any information on the Internet  (and they are compared in some of the following links).   In some advanced search blocks, for example, typing all the words in the following compound search string:  "free software" AND Windows (NOTE the quotes around two or more words and the capitalized Boolean AND)
    would yield somewhat limited hits of free software for Microsoft® Windows®.
    .  Note that in the advanced mode of the Startpage&trade search engine - no such coding is necessary - just enter search strings in appropriate boxes.

    A power-user hint to find related information at a given site is to use the directory-climbing method:   Click on the URL address in your browser until the address is not highlighted.   Place the cursor at the end of the address and then backspace to remove the last sub-directory in that address, one at a time:  (http://www.microsoft.com/education/k12/)   becomes (http://www.microsoft.com/education/).  Press enter for the new directory.


  238. Bare bones 101: A basic tutorial on searching the web - 20 Lessions from USC Beaufort Library
  239. Finding Information on the Internet - A TUTORIAL - Table of Contents - See useful glossary
  240. Flowchart of Search Strategy - Research methods from ithaca College Library
  241. Using the Web to find Information
  242. Web Search Tips - Many reference links from About.com®
  243. Search Engines - [what they are and how to use them]
  244. QuickStudy - Library Tutorial on Research - Includes using the Web
  245. An Internet Tutorial - Jonathan Leger, United Technologies
  246. Best Search Tools Chart
  247. Guide to Web Site Search Engines
  248. Understanding and Comparing Web Search Tools
  249. Understanding and Comparing Search Engines
  250. Online WWW Software Tools and Resources
  251. Sabine Search Engine Page
  252. Invisible Web - How to search the Invisible Web
  253. 100 Incredibly Useful Websites - PC World

    SEARCH ENGINES: (Just a sampling!)
    Look for "EDUCATION" (or keyword) in these subjects-by-category or indexed websites.

  254. Ask.com: a kid-safe search engine
  255. Beaucoup Indexed Search Engines
  256. CompletePlanet - The Deep Web Directory
  257. Dogpile: A multsearch Engine
  258. Excite Includes Gopher/telnet sites.
  259. Librarian's Index of the Internet Berkeley Public Library
  260. Onekey.com - another kid-safe search engine
  261. Starting Point Mainly business information.
  262. My Virtual Reference Desk Access information easily.
  263. WWW Virtual Library Great collection.
  264. Yahoo One of the first indexed sites.
  265. BIG Search Engine Index
  266. Ixquick.com: A multsearch Engine with advanced features
  267. Web 2.0 Directory - Shows visual content of web pages
  268. Recommended Search Engines - UC Berkeley
  269. Search Engines - See function categories
  270. Kartoo Visual Meta search engine
  271. Clusty the clustering search engine
  272. How To Compare Results on Different Search Engines
  273. Searching the Internet - Shockwave Presentation
  274. http://www.delphion.com/ - Free Patent Searches - Delphion
  275. The Search Engine List - Huge list
  276. 100 Fun & Useful Search Engines for Writers

    Save time by using the FIND button on your browser to find key words in any displayed document (which is another search tool!)


  278. Reference for Beginners from About.com® (Internet information also)

    How to upload / download files

    If you want to make a copy of an online document displayed in your browser, select SAVE AS under the FILE menu function. When prompted for a name,rename it to something that makes sense to you so you can find it later.

    NOTE: You will lose the contents of an old file if you use the same filename for any new file (in the same directory)!

    If you have located an underlined file to download, move the pointer to the file you want and click the left mouse button to activate the download process (and choose the SAVE button).

  279. How to Download - ASP
  280. FTP 101 - A Beginners Guide - See other related tutorials too

    How to unzip compressed files:

    * Back to Guides *

    To save online transmission time, many files are compacted (compressed or "zipped"). There are many formats you will encounter and you must use the tool which is appropriate to your downloaded file based on its extension. Some files are conveniently compressed into an executable file (*.exe) which, when run, will unzip one or more files in your working directory. That is why it is important to create a temporary directory and copy the downloaded file to that directory before unzipping.

    See free tools at:

  281. Unzipping, Unstuffing & Extracting Software on the Net
  282. Working with ZIP files in Windows XP and Mac OS X

    How to copy large files to other computers:

    * Back to Guides *

    • There are several ways to transfer files from one computer to another:
    • If both computers can accommodate USB thumb drives, use Windows Explorer to copy to USB on one and take the USB to the other - and again use Windows Explorer to drag & drop USB files to the folder of your choice.
    • If both computers have CD drives, use the similar procedure.
    • There are special serial and parallel cables which can be used with special software to transfer files - that's rather old fashioned now.
    • Files can be sent by e-mail if there is a live connection.
    • Files can be copied to an Internet storage site - and downloaded by the other computer - again if there is a live connection.
    • If both computers are networked - could use EDIT:COPY then EDIT: PASTE.
    • If the files are small enough to fit on one floppy - use similar process as above. If the files are too large for one floppy - then use the HJSplit program below (or equivalent).
      NOTE: You should use diskettes which are compatible to both the computer you copy the programs/utilities from and the one you will copy them to. If they are not preformatted, select My Computer folder - next select floppy drive and then select Format. If you prefer DOS instructions:
      How To Fix and Format Floppy Diskettes and Drive A errors
    • Making a startup disk - also shows how to format a floppy
    • DOS Format Command

      A free PC utility Directory Control - by Peter Esherick (based on PC Magazine's CO and DR: view, copy, delete files and more in DOS) will simplify marking multiple files to copy to other media

      Programs larger than what will fit entirely on one diskette may be copied piecemeal by free disk utilities

    See DOS version at HJSplit home page. There is a Microsoft® Windows® version there also.

    How to install programs and plug-in's:

    * Back to Guides *


    USB thumb drives are being used more and more for portable applications that do not have to be formally installed (inventoried by the Window's registry process). Note that portable apps can also be installed on a computer's hard drive for the same advantage. IF YOU DO INSTALL COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS THAT REQUIRE A KEY CODE - MAKE SURE YOU WRITE THESE NUMBERS DOWN IN MANY PLACES - ESPECIALLY IN A LOG BOOK KEPT BY THE COMPUTER. It will be next to impossible to reinstall some programs without those codes. If you have misplaced the key code for Windows XP® - you can retrieve it now with this program Keyfinder.zip - from magicaljellybean.com - RECORD this number ASAP. Many software authors include an install program to automate the process or they provide instructions on how to perform the installation by a README file or other documentation.

  283. Featured Freeware: PortableApps | The Download Blog - Download.com
  284. Life of Thumb Drive | PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB drives
  285. Uninstall Program Database - Remove dangerous and unwanted programs - help from Bleeping Computer.com

    Collaboration 101:

    * Back to Guides *

    Find out how to collaborate using the following tools: - most sites have usage tips!

  286. logoOnline Tools & Productivity - A lot of links you can use to collaborate!
  287. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Social Network Help
  288. Collaboration Platform - Identifies e-mail, conferencing, and instant messaging and others as collaboration platforms
  289. Instant Messaging Tutorials - From Top-Windows-Tutorials.com
  290. Collaborative writing software online with Writeboard
  291. Jing - Add free visual to your online conversions
  292. TeacherTube.com - Videos created for education
  293. Free Yahoo E-Mail Account
  294. Review of Free Online Collaboration Software - See video on Google Docs - visit:   Zoho   &   ThinkFree
  295. List of collaborative software - See reviews of many packages
  296. DeskNow Light E-mail and collaboration server - free forever
  297. RiffWorks T4 - Free Guitar Recording & Online Collaboration Software
  298. Social Software - See examples of what constitutes social software
  299. Project Collaboration - See many listings of freeware in this category
  300. ShowMyPC.com - Free Online Meetings and Remote Support (no login, no registration)
  301. Watch What You'Re Getting from Free Web Meeting Come-Ons
  302. Control a Remote Computer-For Free
  303. Must-have Online Collaboration Tools Available for Free
  304. Free Web-Based Collaboration Tools - This is a PDF file
  305. 10 Free Tools for Collaboration
  306. Comparison of feed aggregators - From Wikipedia
  307. BlindSpeak? - Send Synthesized Messages Online

    Conversions 101:

    * Back to Guides *

    Find out how to be more productive using the following tools - especially the ones that will convert text into spoken words which then could be played in portable devices:
    NOTE: Some converters are also listed under Music-Audio-Pod-Video: and in the Freeware Section


  308. HearWho.com - Convert Text to Audio - 500 Character limit per conversion for free account - MP3 option -
  309. udtechtoolkit - Free Text To Speech - List some of the better sites - online plus downloads
  310. Convert text to speech audio-mp3 - Instructions on how to get this conversion
  311. Top 10 TTS - Text to Speech - Listings by diigo.com
  312. Pediaphon - Free Speech Synthesis Pediaphon is a free service by Andreas Bischoff, which generates MP3 audio files from Wikipedia articles by speech synthesis
  313. Read the words - Online text to voice - male or female - 100 characters until registering
  314. Text to Speech - By ImTranslator.net
  315. YAKiToMe!? - Free Text to Speech Utility - Need to register for access to utility and podcast library
  316. Web-based Text To Speech Tools - Univ. of Texas at Austin


  317. How to free download youtube, yahoo, google, stream video for free
  318. 80+ File Conversion Services and Tools Online - Presented by Mashable.com
  319. Convert Files and Data Online - See sophisticated conversion options
  320. Links to Online Converters & Calculators - Lists of all kinds of converters
  321. Online Image Convert - Upload image less than 100KB CoolUtils
  322. Online HTML Converter - Convert to Doc, xls, jpeg, pdf
  323. Java2HTML Converter Online
  324. FreeConverter.Org - Hundreds of converter sites / programs - some are trial-based
  325. Free Online File Conversion - Up to 100 MB
  326. HTML online conversion - To ASP, JavaScript, PHP via Yellowpipe
  327. Free Online File Conversions - By Xconv
  328. Cool HTML to BBCode - Also converts to vB, SMF, IPB Codes for Bulletin Boards
  329. Online HTML to PDF - Plus URL to PDF
  330. Free Video Converter online - Movavi.com
  331. Collection of Online FLV Converters - Via aunsoft.com (some have free download versions)
  332. Online Photo Editor , Resizer, and download version
  333. HTML to XHTML Converter
  334. HTML Tidy Online - Corrects bad HTML to good, to XML, or XHTML
  335. Free Web based Image to HTML converter
  336. Free HTML to Text Converter
  337. Cut & Paste HTML to JavaScript Converter
  338. Master Text To HTML Converter V1
  339. Easy Calculation.com - Provides many online calculators including bandwidth converter
  340. Convert Files - Free - Convert to popular software types - emailed results
  341. HTML To RSS Converter - With good tutorial
  342. Convert phone video .3gp to regular computer files - Zamzar.com converts a wide variety of files
  343. Free Online Media file converter - By Youconvertit.com
  344. HTML Page Editor Online - Can also download free copy
  345. Free Flv to AVI Converter software
  346. Online Image Optimizer - GIF, JPG, and PNG
  347. Online Image Splitter
  348. Free Zune Video Convert - Two selections
  349. Metric Conversions - Spanish version available
  350. Online conversion of weights and measures
  351. Free Online or Download versions of Unit Conversions, Periodic table, Technical Glossary, etc. from flw.com


  352. TXT2HTML: Convert plain text to HTML
  353. Bruce Guthrie's Utilities: HTMStrip - Removes HTML codes


  354. Free YouTube To iPod Converter - Freeware software converts video to many portable devices such as iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Apple TV, MP4 Player, MP3 Player
  355. Learn the Basics of Graphics Software
  356. Clickspeak downloads - Speech Plugin for Firefox
  357. Conversion Tools - Survey: Over 700 conversions
  358. Photo Recovery - Recover deleted or corrupted pictures with free photo recovery tool
  359. Prism Video Converter Software - Convert AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV and many other video file formats - NCHsoftware
  360. See Audio Tools - Freeware - See Audio converters at Educypedia mirror site
  361. Awesoma Talking Library - Download Awesome Talkster 1.0 - free
  362. Image File Format Converters
  363. Text Mining Tool - A freeware program that converts PDF, DOC, RTF, CHM, HTML to text

    How to create Blogs, Home Pages, Presentations, & Resumes:

    * Back to Guides *

    By encouraging students to use free HTML editors to compose conventional "home pages", students not only get a greater insight about the popular mode of how information is handled on the Internet but more importantly advance to using editors and related tools for class reports, presentations, and ultimately for resumes in order to become entry-level practitioners for the high-tech marketplace.

    How-To Use Notetab Lite Editor:

    I used this editor to create most of this web site and it can be used in conjunction with a browser to create presentations with photos, web pages, and even resumes. First thing I like about the editor is that once you highlight one word or more, you can embed that string with HTML codings with a click of the mouse. What's also impressive is the fact that you can click on Second Window under Document tab - and then highlight text in one document and drag it across to the 2nd document. You can study some of the scripts and have the editor perform multiple actions with one mouse click. And, of course, you can preview the coded page in your favorite browser!
  364. logoNotetab ? Multi-file Editor - Free version even has Mouse-Click Encoding HTML tags - with script lang. WIN
  365. Create a Free Web Site - See video tutorial at wetpaint?
  366. How do I make my own web site?
  367. How to Make a Website - Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
  368. Make A Website Hub
  369. Web Development 101 - HostingFacts
  370. Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help and Tutorial for Kids - Build a web site step by step
  371. How Do You Make a Website?
  372. How to Set Up a Website - A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners
  373. Make Your First Website - FirstSiteGuide.com
  374. Free Online Web Page Editor (WYSIWYG)
  375. Online HTML Editor.org - The free online WYSIWYG Editor from Online-HTML-Editor.org
  376. Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  377. Enersoft SiteGenWiz - A Web Site Generator for html novices and people who just want a web site without the hassle of coding html.
  378. Tinymce - WYSIWYG HTML Editor -- open source from moxiecode.com
  379. Free Web Editors for Windows
  380. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating an HTML Web Page
  381. The Beginner's A-Z Guide to Starting/Creating Your Own Website
  382. How to Create a Blog - Which is Better? Blog or Website?
  383. Free online web development tutorials - See great tips too
  384. Creating a Website with CMS
  385. Free HTML Page Maker
  386. Harrold's HTML, Internet Tutors, Tools'n Web Page Help Links
  387. Web Design Glossary A-B - By Robin (brighthub.com)
  388. Basic Web Site Maintenance - How to update your website for beginners by Kitty Cooper
  389. Glossary of graphic design and web page design terms
  390. Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images
  391. Wink Homepage - Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software - free forever
  392. Sizer v3.3 - Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size
  393. How Blogs Work
  394. How to Create a Blog
  395. Tips for-new bloggers - Many selections from blogspot.com
  396. How to Start a Blog - The Free Beginner's Guide to Blogging - Via firstsiteguide
  397. How To Start A Blog | Best Blogging Guide of 2017! - Miss How To Start A Blog
  398. Blogging in classroom - How to get started - Via Start Blogging Online
  399. How To Set Up A Blog - Step by step tutorial: Personal and Professional
  400. The Blog Starter
  401. Computer & Software Tips - Click on Menu at Online Tech Tips
  402. freevlog - Everything you need to get started videoblogging now
  403. Legal Guide for Bloggers
  404. How To Create A Website With WordPress (Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide)
  405. How to Start a Blog - Onblastblog
  406. Free HTML Tutorial - Can download copy
  407. How To Make A Website Step-By-Step For Beginners
  408. So, you want to make a Web Page! - By Joe Barta - PageTutor.com
  409. Start a Web Hosting Company - Via WebHostingGeeks.com
  410. Best Web Hosting Services 2017 (100% Real & Honest Reviews)
  411. How to Create a Website - Courtesy of metapress
  412. Create Your Websites - A How-To Guide for Creating Websites
  413. HTML Tutor Information - From December.com
  414. Free HTML Editors, Web Editors
  415. HTML Editors - Free Software
  416. SEE ONLINE CONVERTERS for quick text and image conversions.

  417. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  418. HTML Code Tutorial
  419. HTML Primer - From HTML Goodies
  420. Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents (CWRU)
  421. Free Web Editors for Windows - See tutorials from About.com®
  422. Style Guide for Online Hypertext
  423. Writing HTML for teachers (Also in Spanish)
  424. HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Onblastblog.com
  425. Wikimedia Commons - repository for freely licensed photos, video clips, etc.
  426. Picture to People - Tutorials about Computer Graphics - Plus free icons
  427. Rendera - A free graphics program suitable for artistic painting, photo-retouching, colorizing, and seamless tile design
  428. Open content from Wikinfo - Listing of projects dealing with open content

    When you are creating a document or program, save your work frequently to TWO places: e.g. - floppy disk AND hard drive (or USB AND hard drive).  Experienced users often save added text to a new filename so that if something goes wrong - they can retrieve the earlier copy in tack.  An Uninterruptible Power Supply has also saved me a lot of grief!

    General Editors:

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    NOTE: Although online editors save you the task of installing software on your PC - there are often file size limitations, e-mail delivery, and registration steps. Multiple selections are presented so you can find one that best suits your needs. Read attendant instructions on how to use them.

  429. Best Free Graphics Editors - Full explanations
  430. Online HTML Editor
  431. 30 Brilliant Web-based Photo Editors
  432. Pixenate - Edit photos Online
  433. List of 20 free CSS Editors & Online CSS Editors
  434. Free Image Editors Online 30+ - Listed by All Web Design Blog
  435. Image Editors - Freeware List
  436. Powerful List of 28 Online Image and Photo Editing Tools
  437. OpenItOnline - Open source allows the opening and editing of documents from anywhere
  438. LunaPic Online Photo Editor
  439. DrPic.com - Free Web Picture Editor
  440. Free Online Picture Resizer - Can crop also
  441. Best Free Online Photo Editors
  442. Free Online Picture, Image, and Photo Editor
  443. Online Image / Photo Editor - Full array of tools
  444. Free Online Image Editor - Online-image-editor.com
  445. Free Online Image Editor - Image Editor.net
  446. Picnik - Edit photos with powerful editing tools
  447. Pixoh - Edit pictures online - Max Kiesler
  448. HTML EDITOR.in: Free Online Editor
  449. Online HTML Editor - Online-HTML- Editor.org
  450. Free Photo Editors for Windows - See reviews from About.com®
  451. Free Graphics and Photo - Image Editors - List of free software


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    NOTE: Many converters are also listed under Conversions 101

  452. Download free iTunes [player] - See tutorial and download
  453. Convert iTunes to MP3 - Using free software: myFairTunes, QTFairUse, and Audacity
  454. How to Listen to Podcasts - You Don't need an iPod - just the right free software and a computer with Internet connection
  455. What is a Podcast?
  456. How To Make A Podcast - The Illustrated Guide From Buzzsprout - Podcasting 101
  457. What is Podcasting? - Podcast411.com has all the information you need
  458. How to Podcast Tutorial - Uses free Audacity Recorder
  459. How to Podcast - Resource for Podcasting
  460. Comparison of iPod managers - From Wikipedia
  461. How to Listen to Podcasts - You Don't need an iPod - just the right free software and a computer with Internet connection
  462. Podcasting 101 - YouTube video
  463. VLC media player - The cross-platform media player and streaming server
  464. The Common Craft Show - Explanations of the Web, RSS, Podcasting, etc.
  465. Comparison of media players - From Wikipedia
  466. Podcasting FAQs
  467. How to Create Your Own Podcasts from Simple Online Solutions to Studio Software and More - About.com®
  468. Grush's Podcasts - Intro to Logic, Making Video podcasts, and more
  469. Podcasts from Apple® - The iTunes Store offers more than 100,000 audio and video podcasts - free is the key word here
  470. How to Convert WAV files to MP3 - See video tutorial
  471. Why Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays - The promising future of podcasting
  472. What is Ogg? - Information from FSF - and how to download a free media player which utilizes Ogg (streaming audio and video format which are open source)
  473. Interactive exercises from eMusicTheory.com
  474. Free Audio Editing Software
  475. List of media players for various operating systems that support Ogg Vorbis
  476. iTunes - the application article - From Wikipedia
  477. How to capture, save, record or download streaming audio for free - From online-tech-tips.com
  478. 25 Free Digital Audio Editors - Hongkiat.com
  479. Computer-Based Recording 101
  480. BUZZle - Free modular music composing and sequencing tool - from BUZZle.de
  481. How to Convert a MIDI file to an MP3 FIle - Plus see other Free Online File Converions from eHow?
  482. Free Mp3/Wma/Ogg Converter
  483. Audio Tutorials - Digital Video Magazine articles, music tips, and more via Jay Rose
  484. FutureMusic® - Technique and technology for making music
  485. Links to Synthesizer Related Websites - Film Music, MIDI, Tutorials, more
  486. Studio Buddy - Recording, Software, Studio Resources and more
  487. Free Guides and Tutorials - Podcasting, Recording with Audacity, Digital Photography, PowerPoint, and more
  488. Free Professional prerecorded audio files - In one zip file: alphabet, numbers, dates and times, etc.
  489. Music Theory and Tutorials - Sound recording techniques, and more
  490. MediaCollege.com - Free tutorials on video & TVproduction, audio work, photography...
  491. Music Electronics Page - By ePanorama.net
  492. Free Flv to AVI - Big list of other popular format converters also
  493. Free RM to MP3 Converter Software Download - From Free Codecs.com
  494. Tutorials on Audio & Video - See large selection at MyMusicTools
  495. Watch Out For Questionable Music Downloads
  496. Free Music converter downloads - From mymusictools.com
  497. Musician's Tech Central
  498. How do I convert MIDI to MP3? -Tutorial with software
  499. Streaming Media World - Learn the fundamentals
  500. Indiefeed - Free MP3 downloads - browse or RSS feed
  501. Making YouTube Movies
  502. Join and Split Video Files Using Video Edit Master
  503. How To Capture A Frame From Any Video File
  504. How to Adjust Audio/Video Sync In An AVI File - Using VirtualDub
  505. VirtualDub 1.8.8 - Portable video processing to go
  506. Add Your Logo To A Video File
  507. Video MSU Cartoonizer -VirtualDub plugin 3.0 Free Download (See other plugins for VirtualDub)
  508. How To Remove Commercials From An AVI File Using VirtualDub
  509. Filmmaking - Via wikiversity.org
  510. Jahshaka - Make your movie with this amazing free software (see site details)
  511. Tinkernut.com has video tutorials - Like Create a Free Website From Scratch and others in archive section
  512. How to Add Multimedia to Your CDs - eMusician
  513. Electronic Musician Tutorials - Pages of modern tips - even video tutorials
  514. MediaShift - Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution
  515. Free Sound Effects - For your audio - video project
  516. Prism AVI / Video Converter Software - Convert avi, mpeg, mov and many other video file formats
  517. Incredible List of Free Online Video Editors - From TechDune
  518. Using Tech Tools in Education - Miro is a free and open source video player
  519. flowplayer 3.1 - Flowplayer is an Open Source (GPL 3) video player for the Web. Use it to embed video streams into your web pages
  520. Miro HD Video Player - Open Source - Free internet TV and video podcast player
  521. Get started with Windows Movie Maker
  522. Digital Video for the Classroom - Tips & pointers, planning, process, and roles - mackzone.com
  523. Video Editing in the Classroom - Several Tutorials via edzone.net
  524. Outdoor Wireless Video Camera Glossary of Terms
  525. Celtx - Open Source Pre-Production Editor for film, theatre, audio, AV and comics
  526. Tutorials Section - HTML , streaming video, etc.
  527. Blip.tv support - Help with uploading and downloading videos
  528. Page full of Graphing and Video Tools - From mynichecomputing
  529. Internet Movie DataBase Film Glossary
  530. The Open Video Project - Find open content digital video
  531. DeVeDe - Create video DVDs &CDs (VCD, SVCD or CVD), for DVD players, from video files - OSS by majorsilence.com
  532. Make Internet TV - Shoot, Edit, Publish, and Promote Your Videos
  533. A Glossary of Film Terms - By Joel Schlemowitz
  534. Intro to Web Video - From The Web Video Zone®
  535. Video Glossary of Musical Terms - By workshoplive.com
  536. Glossary of Terms - Used in Electronic Music - By rolandus.com
  537. Glossary of Common Presentation Terms - See tips and podcast from projectorpeople.com
  538. DVD Video Glossary
  539. Film Directing Glossary with tips - From filmplus.org
  540. Video Glossary - From VideoHelp.com
  541. VideoHelp FAQ - Help and tutorials on video applications (FAQ is a few years old)

    How to retrieve information from stored media:


    Sometimes a file may not be where you thought you saved it:
    If you forgot what it was named, you might try Start-All Programs-Accessories-Windows Explorer.   Once you open Windows Explorer - two options are available:
    After going to the folder you use for files (typically My Documents): from the Menu: select View-Arrange File By-Modified - This will arrange files by date - and if it is a recent file - it will appear at the bottom of the list.

    If you do not recall where the file might be - you can use the Search icon - and provide any details you can remember - even partial file names. You can also specify earlier modified date ranges.

    Before you plan to download or install programs on your hard drive, it makes sense to defragment the hard drive (See defragment option under Start-All Programs-Accessories-Sytem Tools-Disk Defragmenter).

    For deleted files or data - use these free tools:

  542. TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete - Portable Open Source Software - see site details at CGSecurity
  543. PhotoRec - Digital Picture and File Recovery - Portable Open Source Software - see site details at CGSecurity

  544. Troubleshooting 101:

    * Back to Guides *

  545. Computer Troubleshooting Tips - PC repair & support - By ComputerFreeTips
  546. PC Troubles? Try Troubleshooting - PCWorld
  547. Ultimate PC Troubleshooting Guide
  548. Restarting Windows Without Restarting Your PC
  549. Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems
  550. XP Troubleshooting Tips
  551. Computer Video Tutorials - GCF LearnFree.org®
  552. The Ultimate Computer Troubleshooting Guide
  553. Laptop Repair 101
  554. Troubleshooting 101 - For Mac and Windows from the Computer Workshop
  555. Linux troubleshooting tools 101
  556. How To: Troubleshooting 101 - Macintosh - ATPM.com
  557. USB Driver Troubleshooting 101
  558. PC Troubleshooting 101
  559. Free pc tips and troubleshooting articles - Many links from Meltdata.com
  560. Fix common PC problems - Troubleshooting 101 - Tips from Microsoft.com
  561. PC Troubleshooting - How-To Information - eHow?
  562. Router Troubleshooting Primer
  563. Printer Troubleshooting 101
  564. Computer Repair Flowchart - Troubleshooting with diagnostic flowcharts
  565. Displays and Graphics 101 - Upgrading Your PC's Graphics and Display
  566. MacOSX Tips Troubleshooting - Mac Guides
  567. Maintaining Mac OS X
  568. How to Repair a Computer - 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  569. How to Repair Windows XP Without Formatting Your PC - TIPS4PC
  570. How to fix: NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart
  571. DOS Commands Index - Via easydos.com
  572. 200 ways to revive a hard drive
  573. Computers - Bucaro Tech Help
  574. TroubleFixers - All About Fixing Computer Troubles
  575. What System Restore Can and Cannot Do to Your Windows System - Via maketecheasier
  576. Fixing My Computer...100% Free Step by Step
  577. Troubleshooting Guides - Practically Networked - Many areas of expertise
  578. PC Troubleshooting Tips - ComputerTips.com
  579. PC Troubleshooting Tips and Information - Free from OnlineComputerTips.com
  580. Digital-Lifestyle Network Troubleshooting 101 - Video by Digital Landing.com
  581. Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier - Recovers files from disks with physical damage
  582. Power-supply troubleshooting with a multimeter - About.com
  583. PC Repair and Maintenance - In-depth Look at Power Supply
  584. Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair - RepairFAQ
  585. See over 200 Computer and Technology videos - From About.com®
  586. How PC Power Supplies Work
  587. Power Supplies 101 - A comprehensive guide from Motherboards.org
  588. Electronics Troubleshooting - Tips from OhmCheck
  589. PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips - From InfoHQ.com
  590. How does a computers uninterruptible power supply UPS work?
  591. How the Google Apple Cloud Computer Will Work
  592. Howstuffworks - Computer Channel - See videos on computer components (and fixing)
  593. How-to Guides - From installing PC components to networking - Motherboards.org
  594. Free Technical Support - Freebyte.com
  595. Computer Repair Videos - Free Computer Repair
  596. Computer Hardware Troubleshooting PC Links - Many for teachers
  597. Troubleshooting Tips for reviving an Internet Connection - WorldStart Computer Tips and Computer Help
  598. 7 Free Windows Troubleshooting Tools - Bob Rankin

    How to Program:

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  599. Quick Basic eBooks - Download files come with QBasic Interpreter
  600. Dive Into Python - Programming notes and download
  601. CodeProject - Free source code and programming help
  602. What is MySQL? What is a Database? What is SQL? - Via thesitewizard.com
  603. C Program Development Cycle
  604. HowtoForge provides user-friendly Linux tutorials
  605. Cprogramming Tutorials and many others (for beginners on up)
  606. Happy Codings in C Programming
  607. Amit's Game Programming Information (beginners up to hobbyists)
  608. Planet-source-code.com - Has largest public source code (tutorials in 11 languages)
  609. PGP Tutorial for Beginners to PGP
  610. A1VBCode - The VB Source Code Site
  611. AI Horizon: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Programming Resources
  612. Visual Basic Explorer Tutorials
  613. Open Source Code Search Engine - Koders
  614. Programming Tutorials by Geekpedia
  615. Free C / C++ Libraries, Source Code and Frameworks
  616. C Plus Links - About.com®
  617. Visual Basic Tutorials
  618. Programming with Greenfoot - Now open source
  619. Eclipse - Java IDE open source
  620. Tutorials - jQuery JavaScript Library
  621. Programming: Languages, Timeline & Guides
  622. flot - Graph Plotting Library for jQuery
  623. Free Cobol Compilers and Cobol Programming Tutorials - Freebyte's Guide
  624. Free Programming Tools A-to-W - Includes C Compilers & tutorials - Freebyte's Guide

  625. Use Shortcuts for new links

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    CUT & PASTE SHORTCUT TO NEW LINKS: While using your Firefox or equivalent browser, you could open a text file in the Notepad or equivalent program (say a list of recommended educational sites from a local teacher) and use the cut & paste technique - hold down the left mouse button and scroll the mouse cursor to block the desired site's URL address (say http://www.ibm.com for example) then use CTRL-C to copy, then switch back to the browser and at browser's location window, clear existing entry by holding down the left mouse button and scrolling the mouse cursor to block any existing URL address and use CTRL-V to paste new address.


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  626. AccessApps - Outstanding accessability applications (including aids for visually impaired and others) available for download - simple registration required - Video tutorials included
  627. Translate text or webpage - By Google?
  628. VisiBone Country Codes
  629. USB Firewall, Backup, Image Tools - All Free - from Trap17.com
  630. Comparison of raster to vector conversion software
  631. Web Use and Technology Resources
  632. Computers For Beginners - Effective Graphics in tutorials
  633. Text to Speech Blog - Developments listed here
  634. How to get Free Audio Books (see technology section) - Download MP3s & iTunes from openculture.com
  635. YouTube: Computers for Intelligent Adults - Smart Video Collections
  636. How to Give Speeches like a Professional Speaker - See online tutorials at Online Text to speech.com
  637. My Virtual Ref Desk Free Stuff
  638. MIT OpenCourseWare: - See free Computer Science courses
  639. UC Berkeley Webcasts (See free Computer courses - by selected semesters)

    How to Find more information / Support:

    * Back to Guides *

  641. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  642. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
  643. Audio Files (and links on computer uses, MIDI, WAV, etc.) - J. Larry Stockton
  644. PC Tech: Video - Many tutorials and aids for multimedia, music production, video devices, etc. (from multimedian.com)
  645. Search for key words in the-Manuals - Find service manuals and other kinds of manuals
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