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  1. Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  2. Bob Bowman's Careers Section - See Scholarship links and alternative income paths
  3. Online Tools and Productivity - New tools are here!
  4. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages when used first of all
  5. See extensive list of Free Software below - Alternatives to course-selected paid versions
  6. Check Free Educational Technologies Home Page - For additional links and messages

    NOTE: Most courses are college-level, self-paced, and free - but check exceptions
    Also check each site's TERMS for age restrictions & fees if certification or certain degrees are offered:

  1. MIT High School Section: See Free Online Course Materials - MIT OpenCourseWare
  2. Free Online Courses for High School Students -
  3. HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help in major areas
  4. 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learning Online - DIY Genius
  5. Big List of Resources - OER - Open Educational Resources - LibGuides at University of Pittsburgh
  6. CUNY Academic Works, Open Educational Resources - City University of New York (CUNY)
  7. Educational Resources:Curated Collections - OER Commons
  8. STEM Literacy - OER Commons
  9. 50 Places to Find Free College Courses - Nonprofit Colleges Online
  10. 10,000+ Free Online College Courses From Top Universities: - OEDb
  11. Open Education Resource (OER) Dynamic Search Engine - From archived edtechpost
  12. Open Education Resources - Edutopia:
  13. Free Online Courses - Free & Open Online Learning Resources from major course providers
  14. 8 Awesome Websites to Take Free College Courses Online - From MakeUseOf
  15. 70+ Apps, Search Engines and Resources for Free Learning -
  16. Search for Courses at edX - Audit courses for free - wherever, whenever
  17. The Open Education Consortium - Search for Courses
  18. OpenLearn - See course selections at Open University
  19. Free Open courseware - By subject listed at OpenSite
  20. FREE - Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans - Courtesy of at Internet Archive
  21. Free Education on the Internet - Course List being updated at
  22. Free-Ed.Net™ Archived: - Free academic & Vocational course in all major subjects
  23. 50 Top Online Learning Sites - Some are free - Best College Reviews
  24. Adult Education & Literacy Resource Collection | Adult Education and Literacy - U.S. Department of Education
  25. Wikiversity - See portals linking to major course providers
  26. Khan Academy On a Stick - Educational videos & more on a thumbdrive
    - can copy for those without internet -
  27. Yale now also offers free non-credit courses, lectures, notes online - See download options
  28. Take Open Courses From Top Universities -
  29. Open Culture - The best free cultural & educational media on the web
  30. Free Online Courses and Education - See Non-Credit sources at Education Portal
  31. SparkNotes - Today's Most Popular Study Guides
  32. Free Business Courses -
  33. K-12 education Publications and Archived Webinars - iNACOL
  34. Top 50 Free Open Courseware VIDEO Collections - The .Edu Toolbox
  35. Course Listings - World University
  36. OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Educational Resources (OER) links - ZaidLearn
  37. Top 89 Open Courseware Projects -
  38. How to Get the Most Out of A MOOC - MN&R


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  39. College Open Textbooks - Open Textbooks by Subject
  40. Browse OER Materials - See textbooks at OER Commons
  41. Online Textbooks | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials - Many are free
  42. Open Textbooks - Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources
  43. Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
  44. OER - Open Educational Resources - Lane Community College
  45. The 100 Best (And Free) Online Learning Tools - Courtesy of Edudemic
  46. The Online Books Page: Search - Browse or search over 2 million books via
  47. 100+ Sources for Free Books & Texts Online - Distance
  48. Preview First: Internet Archive Digital Library - Has Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine - to find old websites
  49. 1000 open textbooks and learning resources for all subjects - IvyPanda
  50. Free Video Lectures, Video tutorials and Online Video Courses
  51. Free Manuals for Free Software - FLOSS Manuals Foundation
  52. Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools - Internet Archive
  53. Portable.Edu - 51 Productive & Petite Apps Every Student Should Put on Their USB Drive - The .Edu Toolbox
  54. 100+ Free Websites to find out about Anything and Everything - C4LPT
  55. 224 Places For Free Audio Books Online
  56. Open Source Options For Education - Find free software as alternates to course-selected commercial versions
  57. 50 Sites To Get Educated For Free - Via informED


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  58. Open Site - See over 6,900 Schools to Browse for degrees or certificates
  59. Education Index - Reviews, Ratings & Official Contact Details for Schools & Colleges
  60. Browse Online Associates Degree Programs - Free Tool by
  61. Christian Colleges Links
  62. College Scholarships, Colleges and Online Degrees - Also see GPA Calculator
  63. The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2018 -
  64. The Best Online Colleges - Ranked by Subject
  65. Online University - Study at Top Online Universities
  66. CollegeSource Online : Search
  67. Online College Degrees for Today's Student - College
  68. Best College Rankings - Top Online University Rankings & Ratings
  69. Affordable Online Colleges: Find Accredited Colleges Online
  70. Accredited Online Schools : Best Online Colleges and Universities
  71. 20 Useful Specialty Search Engines for College Students - Best Online Universities LLC
  72. Guide and Advice for Online PhD Programs - Online PhD UK
  73. Online Colleges That Offer Laptops - Courtesy of My College Laptop
  74. College Resources for Students with Disabilities - BEST
  75. Cyber Degrees - Unbiased Cyber Degree Information - Cyber Degree Hub
  76. Scholarship via
  77. 2017 Most Affordable Online Christian Colleges
  78. 2017 List of Accredited Online Christian Colleges
  79. Affordable Online MBA Programs
  80. Cyber Degrees - Unbiased Cyber Degree Information - Cyber Degree Hub
  81. Online Student's Guide to Financial Aid - Maryville Online
  82. OpenCampus | The largest resource library on professional certifications


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  83. College Terminology - CollegePrep-101
  84. Teacher Glossary of Terms in Teaching - From higher education section of teAchology
  85. BJ Pinchbeck's College Companion - Pre-College - Via Internet Archive
  86. - Find degrees, compare degrees, see about degree mills, etc.
  87. Helping Students Survive College - Browse our 334 Student Success Topics
  88. Online Learning - Courtesy of Study Guides and Strategies Website
  89. College Prep 101 - Free download of prep questions - per various grade levels
  90. How to Do Research - Graduate-level links
  91. Graduate Student Resources - (UFL)
  92. 12 Grad School Survival Tips - Fastweb
  93. College Sports Links
  94. Christian Colleges - Christian Connector: College Tips Home
  95. College Survival: Not-the-13th-Grade
  96. 25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year - Tips from Quintessential Careers™
  97. 88 Surefire Tips for Succeeding in College - OEDB
  98. Organize Your Research With These Free Web Tools: - Lifewire
  99. Higher Education - Internet Public Library Archives
  100. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research - TeachThought
  101. Thesis Help: 99+ Free Tools to Save Time - Courtesy of Smart Study
  102. 50 of the Most Dependable Web Resources for University Students -
  103. Degree Guidebook List - Insights that empower learning - Courtesy of Context

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  104. Citation Machine - Serving students & teachers, K-12, College & University
  105. - Find the best educational references, apps, and so much more from .edu sites
  106. Research, Literary, and Other Useful Sites - Brooklyn College
  107. Robert's Online Applications - Includes Spreadsheet, crossword puzzle generators & more
  108. See STUDY SKILLS SECTION for effective ways to learn & memorize things


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  109. Windows Open Source Software - Over 2,000 pages at
  110. Task Coach - Free open source todo manager & much more
  111. See Star Office and others - FreeByte
  112. QV, the graphic viewer/converter for JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF files - Cyril Cambien
  113. Open Contacts™ - Advanced address & contacts book - portable version available
  114. Chaos Manager Alternatives and Similar Organizer Software -
  115. IrfanView - Viewer with some editing features
  116. 65 Open Source Tools That Replace Popular Education Apps -
  117. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  118. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  119. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school


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  120. Ten Tips for Parents of College Kids
  123. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., e.g.-

    Note to educators:   Most "kidsafe" search engines can still access other search engines which are unfiltered and that restrict users under 18 - unless they are disabled in advance - See details on Webtools Page

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