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  • Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Offers tremendous advantages when used first of all
  • Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  • Use Bob Bowman's Reference Page - Find list of dictionaries to replace discontinued Voycabulary Link
  • Super-Memory freeware - See customizable plugins - plus online selections!
  • Online Notes - has quick-mode no registration
  • Zamzar - Free Online File Converter - Convert URLs or any given file type to another
  • Vozme - Free online text-to-MP3 converter - pick male / female voices (several languages)
  • Verbose - Free text-to-speech program for Windows (saves to MP3)
  • SayPad - A freeware talking text editor that can read notes or documents to you
  • - Online advanced task and priority management
  • WikidPad - A free Wiki-like notebook to store & link your thoughts, ideas, to do lists...




  1. Great Websites for Kids - Selected by American Library Association
  2. Merriam-Webster's Word Central - Search or browse and try the Thesaurus & Rhymer
  3. - Homework Help, Science Fair Project Ideas, Math Help...
  4. eThemes is your source for content-rich, kid-safe online resources - University of Missouri
  5. Setting Goals for school -®
  6. A Research Guide for Students
  7. H3 - Handy Homework Helper - Geocites Archive
  8. KID INFO: "The Web's Best Student Homework Reference Resource"
  9. Encyclopedic entry Index - National Geographic Education
  10. has Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, etc. plus over 6,000 lesson plans
  11. Homework Help for girls at Educating's Study Hall
  12. 4th & 5th Grade Student Resources, Homework Helper, and Cybrary


  1. College Homework Help - Free registration
  2. Free Homework Math Help - Problems and formulas
  3. Math Help - Online solutions with graphing - see more details at
  4. BJ Pinchbeck Math Homework Helper - See links to other subject as well
  5. Free online Cliffsnotes - See index online
  6. Teen Homework Help - From
  7. Cool Math - Free online cool math lessons, cool math games & apps
  8. Gross Domestic Product Regional Map - See details at
  9. American Fact Finder - U.S. Census Bureau
  10. Greek and Latin links
  11. S.O.S. MATHematics - Free resources from Algebra to Differential Equations
  12. - See list of all subject areas - help from
  13. CyberBee: 911 Homework Help
  14. Free Step by Step Online Math Solvers - Via Algebra-online
  15. - Homework Help Everyday Math
  16. High School Ace now links to Quiz Hub: - Free Online Interactive K-12 Quiz Games
  17. 100 Extensive University Libraries from Around the World - Via
  18. The Ultimate Guide to Using Open Courseware - Find college-level courses, podcasts, and videos via
  19. Biographies at
  20. Virtual YA Index - Public Libraries with Young Adult Web Pages
  21. How to Learn [focus on Chemistry] (USC)
  22. Homework Tips, articles by index, etc. -®
  23. How to do Research - Via
  24. - Homework Help Site
  25. Math Homework Help
  26. Research Haven (.com)
  27. Multnomah County Library Homework Center (Spanish version there also)
  28. Ready Reference Center - A Middletown Thrall Library Service for Online Researchers
  29. Mashpedia - The Hyper Encyclopedia
  30. WatchKnow - Free Educational Videos for K-12 Students
  31. The Calculator Site - see Financial Calculators and Metric Conversions


  1. See STUDY SKILLS SECTION for effective ways to learn and memorize things -
    Here are the HOMEWORK HELP LINKS from that page:

  2. Homework help, writing help, study skills,and more -
  3. HomeWork Elephant - Homework help at your fingertips
  4. Schoolnotes - Free community service - post homework notes
  5. Math League Help Topics - Online math help
  6. Diigo Homework Links - Massive links here!
  7. Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides of major books and plays, etc.
  8. homework Study Tips - Most popular articles from®
  9. 10 Best web sites for students - Listing by Student Lanka
  10. Make the Grade with 14 Homework Helpers - List from Microsoft®
  11. The 7 Top Free Math Homework Help Sites - List from Wild About Math!
  12. Top 10 Sites for Students - Via Ask Bob Rankin
  13. Study Stack - Multiple online and download study tools for hungry learners
  14. AntiStudy - Free Cliff Notes, free book notes, free summaries
  15. LibrarySpot™ - Features homework help
  16. Homework Help - Mega Homework Help Page from Maurine.Com
  17. Top 10 Tips to Help Your Learning Disabled Student with Homework -®

    S.A.T. LINKS: (Free courses, tests, etc.)

  1. Ace the LSAT: 100 Tips, Tools, and Guides - Details at
  2. Free study material for S.A.T. Test Preparation - From
  3. 10 Tips for the SAT Essay - From®
  4. College Admissions Essays: Samples, Critiques, and Writing Tips - from the®
  5. 100 Top SAT Words -
  6. Free Vocabulary Words - 5000 - See list below opening screen from
  7. The Ultimate Guide to the SAT: 100 Helpful Sites and Resources - Smart via Internet Archive
  8. Ten Tips for Improving Your SAT Score - Also see link to common errors in English - Courtesy of Ronnie Demler
  9. Taking Tests and Exams - Study Skills - Netplaces
  10. guru's GRE Wordlist 0.2 - Free download from
  11. Free Study Guides, free book notes, and free literature notes - Via
  12. CHETTOUR HORIZONS 4 STUDENTS - See all contents for thorough advice
  13. Free SAT Resources | SAT Prep Videos - Veritas Prep

    USEFUL FREEWARE:  - Including Open Source Software (OSS)

  1. WikidPad - A free Wiki-like notebook to store & link your thoughts, todo lists, contacts
  2. Mnemonic Freeware - Many free programs to improve your brain power - from - examples:
    • Magic Mnemonic - Freeware program provides 9 categories to help you memorize material
  3. 2Know Mnemonic Software - A free Mnemonic program - generates words for numbers
  4. - Free Educational Software - uses time spacing & repetitions to get information into long-term memory
  5. EssentialPIM - U3-compliant appointment and information manager - fits on USB drive
  6. Free PIMS LIST - Over 300 Personal Information Managers to pick from
  7. FreeMind - Free mind mapping software - High Productivity OSS Tool
  8. Schoolhouse 3.2.1 - The Homework Manager for Mac - Download limited program from
  9. StudyMinder Lite 2.2 - Free student planner for Windows From FILEFLASH


  1. 25 Online Resources for Reliable Researched Facts - See details at
  2. Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner - In text, audio, video, and more -
  3. Top 100 Education Blogs - From
  5. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software links
  6. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., e.g.-

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