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I urge advocators in mass media to publish and broadcast these open letters or any portion to the general public in whatever fashion they deem appropriate.



I wish to contact as many software developers and technology leaders as possible to change the way kids can access programs which could inspire them to become the new programmers of the future, and ask that older versions of software programs be made available via designated websites as freeware or free-to-educators/students programs.

Every programmer can write just one educational software program for for free. Every business person can help schools with funding for technology (even discontinued businesses can donate education-related software or equipment to schools).

Trying to help students learn more about using software programs so they in turn can write programs to help educate other kids is a project I have been developing for nearly a decade. Now I have carried my vision to the point of having a Free Technology website which points to software donated to the global freeware cause. .....

Please help me in this grand endeavor.

Join those who have already found the joy of giving something from the heart... and make a real difference in the world.

There are multiple benefits to this approach. Foremost is a no-cost enticement to learn the basic tools made available via the earlier versions of software programs. This exposure should in many cases serve as a natural incentive for the user then to advance to the upgrades on a commercial basis.

The focus of my educational home page is to help make technology advancements easier at school and at home. I have designed a website to assist new users, especially students, teachers, and parents, so that they have a guide on how and where they can get free information, set up their own internet connections via "How-To Guides," get free tech support, and download educational materials and freeware: ...

"Bob Bowman's Guide to FREE EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY" located at:

I invite you to visit it soon, evaluate its value, and share this new information with your colleagues and educational leaders. The page(s) can even be used off line for presentation training.

As a past coordinator of technology in a large public school system in Virginia for five years, I saw first hand how technology advances were delayed unnecessarily by not having enough resources and/or training in a timely fashion. I hope this work will allow the educational community to avoid those delays by a self-paced approach to access abundant sources of free technology on the Internet (pre-selected for educational content and value).

My secondary hope is that ordinary teachers mainly would use these new resource to glean the best of the Internet (filtering out what is not suitable for younger students) and load the learning materials, and freeware, onto networks or stand-alone computers for the benefit of those students, teachers, and parents who do not initially have direct online access. ...

Please send suggestions if you know of any special programs/links for the educational community.

Thank you for sharing in this endeavor for a great cause,

-Bob Bowman

PS: See my online resume for past accomplishments as coordinator of technology on home page listed above.



There is a tremendous demand for educators to show children how to become the leaders of tomorrow. But that is a task that cannot be done by educators alone.

If we have high expectations of our children, we must have high expectations of ourselves. Parents can volunteer their time and expertise in helping children learn vital skills at home and at school.

The software tools and related documents that I have identified via my home page will help children, educators, and parents around the world to do so much more with education for free. But so much more can be accomplished if more ideals are transformed into action. Many sites that I have referenced have comprehensive details on how to contribute to the cause...

Please contact me regarding outstanding free software that I should list which should have some educational or edutainment focus.

Moving America to the Head of The Class - 50 Simple Things you can Do - is an archived U.S. Government website that tells America how to keep the promise of providing the best education for our children. The goals are worthy for ongoing consideration.

Thanks for any contributions to the freeware cause or any other area; and I wish you the best with the resources that I have provided.

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