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  1. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  2. Balabolka - Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - reads any text even in browser (can save sound file)
  3. Online Talking Dictionarist (TR) - Has online keyboard option
  4. Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  5. Online Talking Calculator - PBS KIDS - Note: Download version & full-screen specialized calculators on Math Page
  6. QuotePad - hotkey popup saves screen-selected text & cites its source (also has personal timer)
    *HINT: copying title (in Firefox Menu:Tools:Page Info) will capture URL (and internal bookmark)
  7. - Has provision for you to cut & paste URLs or your text into its box area and then
    every word you click on will be defined by your choice of dictionaries for medical, language, etc.
  8. See extensive list of Free Software below - See outstanding FREE alternatives to commercial versions!
  9. Check Free Educational Technologies Home Page - See important additional links and messages
  10. See OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities - Main Page - Plus find more free resources


  11. The Five Themes of Geography - Articles by®
  12. Glossary Of Terms - Courtesy of The Illustrated Physical Environment Glossary ->
  13. Geography World Online - See 86 categories of related information
  14. CU Dept. of Geography Resources - See Educational Resources
  15. National Geographic - online
  16. 4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources
  17. Helping Your Child Learn Geography - U.S. Dept. of Education
  18. Education World® Lesson Plans - See Geography Themes
  19. Geography information from® - Atlases, maps, glossaries, etc.
  20. Geography Dictionary Glossary Lexicon Online - See extensive links
  21. USGS Geography: Educational Resources - See online and offline resources
  22. Google® Earth - Detailed coverage by Wikipedia
  23. Google® Maps - Information by Wikipedia
  24. USA Map: One-Click Search
  25. GeoCommunity™ has professional and student resources - Including free software
  26. Where in the World? - Online games and quizzes -
  27. Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography
  28. U. S. Dept. of State: World Sites
  29. GOS - Geospatial One Stop - U.S. maps and data from
  30. United States Map. Memorize State Capitals - Free US States game for Windows
  31. Country Reports (.org) - See maps, flags, and data about countries of the world
  32. National Geographic Education Guide - See lesson plans, links, etc.
  33. Free Geographical Information - From
  34. Atlapedia Online - See countries section A-Z, and maps
  35. Geography Network - Free Resources
  36. Compares two countries, gives vital information, etc. - Via
  37. Poornima D'Souza's portaportal - Extensive links per educational topics - see sites related to geography
  38. Encyclopedia of the Nations

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  40. Earth Science for Kids: Geology Glossary and Terms
  41. Rocks and Minerals Dictionary - See many pictures
  42. Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
  43. Geologic Glossary A through C - | USGS Geology
  44. Geology Wing of UCMP - Berkeley Univ.
  45. Geology & Earth Science Dictionary: Photos & Definitions -
  46. Glossary of geologic terms - Department of Geological & Atmospheric Sciences
  47. Geology -See Terms & Terminology from WebRef
  48. GeoMan's Glossary of Earth Science Terms
  49. Spanish to English glossary of translations - Geography terms
  50. Shoebox Geologist - Lesson Plan - U.S. National Park Service
  51. Free GIS and Image Analysis software system for Archaeologists - For any platform from MicroImages
  52. MapBrowser - A map data viewer developed by VDS Technologies - Free
  53. Very useful and free geography tools
  54. Free Software: GIS, CAD, etc. - Via
  55. The MapWindow application is a free, extensible, geographic information system (GIS)
  56. Map Maker Gratis - The Free Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Software for Windows
  57. FREEWARE SECTION has really outstanding FREE software


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