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  1. logoFree Educational Software - Outstanding collection for all ages (kid-oriented) - from
  2. Fun web-based learning games - Pre-K1 thru college selections from Sheppard Software
  3. 50 Free Online Educational Games That Are More Fun Than You’d Think - How To E-D-U
  4. Educational Games & more - play online or download - from Grey Olltwit
  5. Games from Education Place®
  6. Funbrain - Tons of games here! - KidSafe certified
  7. Carmen Sandiego Series of Games - play online or download - free but donate if you can - Abandonia
  8. Safe Kid Games - Free Safe Non-Violent Online School Games for Kids - sorted by grade levels



  1. Top Game Sites in Education - Find primary games among a long list of sites
  2. Kids-pages - Several youngster games including alphabet objects cards
  3. Room 108: Kids Primary Education - Games - Also see Primary Teacher Resources
  4. - An Elementary Education Resource Site - Kids Games, Activities & more
  5. NGAkids Art Zone - Use online tools for creative art
  6. Elementary Education: games, spelling, learning to read - Toon University
  7. KIDiddles™ - See games and songs for kids
  8. Total immersion, Serious fun! with Hello-World! - See Language songs, games, activities especially for kids
  9. Gamequarium - The site that swims with learning fun!
  10. RoomRecess - Educational Games for Kids & Elementary Students
  11. Educational Games for Elementary Students - LiveBinde - Educational Games - by category
  12. Isle of Tune - see samples of online towns you can build where passing cars play music
  13. Create your own Piccassohead
  14. Games for Girls - My Games 4 Girls
  15. NIEHS Kids' Page - Big Selection of Games and Surprises - via
  16. Fun Activities for Youngsters - Jenny Harris
  17. Free Kids Educational Games - Learning is Fun - The Kidzpage
  18. Brain Teasers for Daily Use in Your Classroom - Big List from
  19. Interactive Drill Games - From Education 4 Kids®
  20. Math Games/Puzzles - Enough games to keep your brain busy (
  21. Paint Online With Crayola Crayons, Markers, etc.
  22. Tangram - online game - from Mahjongg Solitaire Games
  23. Online 9 Tile Slide Game - From Boston University - (Also play Armada)
  24. Smilie Games - Bowling, Monkey Kong, and other popular games
  25. Interactive Drill Games - From Education 4 Kids®
  26. The Hungryfrog website - Educational Software and Learning Games
  27. Free online elementary educational language arts activities and interactive games - Apples4theteacher
  28. Unique Activitiesand Ideas for Elementary Students - Games that teach by beaucoup
  29. Games, Quizzes and Other Cool Stuff! - US EPA
  30. Pac Man - Also see other games at Knowledge Adventure
  31. Cyberkidz educational games - Free PK5 resources for elementary schools - via Cyberkidz
  32. Free Kids Games - KidsHub .org
  33. The U. S. Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change™ site has games and other lesson resources
  34. Building Detroit - Play the Game - Detroit Historical Society
  35. Interactive Online Learning Activities,Simulations and Other Fun Stuff
  36. Teacher Feature: Kid's Korner - See games area - PSEG
  37. Hangman Game - Fry Sight Words - non-violent -
  38. Thousands of free Educational Online Gamesfor Kids -
  39. Kids Games - Play Educational and Fun Online Kids Games per grade level at Play Kids Games
  40. Online Kid Safe Games See choices at Some School Games
  41. Free Math Worksheets, Problems and Practice Games - By grade level - AdaptedMind
  42. Social Studies Games for Kids


  43. Amby's Online Games - Brain Games & Thinking Skill Enhancers
  44. Online Games - Play Free Online Games! - Also Download many of the games from Download Free Games
  45. Brain Bashers™ - Select games from a big list (Java-based)
  46. Brain Teasers and Games - See selections at
  47. SuperKids Games of Logic and Reasoning
  48. BrainTicklers - Safe site for education
  49. Absurd Math Game - Educational
  50. Orisinal - Dozens of interactive games
  51. Word Games, Puzzles, Crosswords - from the Gameroom at

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  52. PuzzleDepot - Academic K12 Vocabulary (Crosswords, Word Patterns, Word-matching Games...)
  53. Free Spelling Games, Online Spelling Tests & Spelling Lists - Courtesy of Home Spelling Words
  54. A Basic Guide to ASL - Test yourself on the signed words list via The Masters Tech
  55. CGI Morse Code Translator
  56. Brain Teasers! IQ Tests! Puzzles & Games -
  57. Free educational online games, quizzes, etc. -
  58. Brain Games - Fun Games That Train Your Mind - Sheppard Software Brain Games
  59. Vocabulary Games and Resources -
  60. Learning is fun at - See many educational categories
  61. Memory Games - Free Online Games for Kids - from the Kidz Page
  62. Family Card Game Online - See matching and other games - from Learn4Good™
  63. Eduweb®: Portfolio of Games
  64. Crossword Express - Crosswords, WordSearch, Acrostics, Sudoku, Kakuro and More
  65. Online Educational Games - Many choices from Virtual MIddle School Library
  66. Privacy Pirates - Online Game about Web safety for ages 7 - 9 by MediaSmarts
  67. USA Geography - Map Game - Geography Online Games
  68. Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities
  69. Quiz Hub: K-12 Educational Quiz Games
  70. Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games - Elementary through H.S - Google Sites
  71. 7 Free Online Educational Game Sites - See more selections at EmergingEdTech
  72. It's My Life Games - Also in Spanish from PBS Kids GO!
  73. Fraction Games for Kids - See selections at Lovetoknow
  74. Over 500 Math Games - and great math tutorials at HOODA MATH
  75. Quiz Hub: Educational Quiz Games - For K-12
  76. Middle School Math Games - See more at Math-Play . com
  77. Language Arts Games for Kids
  78. Spanish Help: Online Games and Lessons
  79. SAT/ACT Vocab Games and Resources to Improve Test Scores
  80. Health and Medical Library: Games for Kids!
  81. Online Educational Games, Brain Games, Science Quizzes, Puzzles and Activities for Kids - NeoK12™
  82. Games
  83. Online Games K-12 - Courtesy of MyEducationKey
  84. Anatomy Games - Per Body System - Courtesy of Anatomy Arcade
  85. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! - Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages


  86. Educational Online Games for High School & College Students - Learn4Good™
  87. Play Sudoku online - math logic game and puzzle - Courtesy of FUNMATHS
  88. Play Fraction Poker online - and learn equivalent fractions - Courtesy of FUNMATHS
  89. Cool Math Games math games and puzzles for high school. Learn math the fun way - See more at FUNMATHS
  90. 77 Educational Games and Game Builders - Free Technology for Teachers - By Richard Byrne
  91. Conqueror! Turn-Based Strategy Game - See details
  92. Games and test of memory online - Memozor
  93. Optical Illusions | Amazing Optical Illusion Images | Brainist
  94. Free Brain Games Online - Courtesy of Memory-Improvement-Tips .com
  95. Free Memory Games - Brain Games for Grownups
  96. FunBased Learning - Play chemistry and algebra games that educate

    CHESS HELP SITES: Openers, stategies, tutorials, etc.

  97. Chess School - Information, tips, etc. from®
  98. En Passant - Free chess software and resources - via Norresumbly Chess Club
  99. Links to Online Chess Resources - Edited by Michael Goelier
  100. Instructional Chess Links - Kenilworth Chess Club
  101. Chess Rules and Free AI Chess Game - By Conservative
  102. Teach Yourself Visually Chess - By Jon Edwards
  103. The Chess Academy - The animated site is informative
  104. Chessopolis - Home the World Famous Chess Links DIrectory


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  105. Crossword Express - Download program to make your own
  106. Create stories, games, and animations with Scratch - Best to download Scratch 2 Offline Editor
  107. Eclipsecrossword - Free crossword generator
  108. Open Sonic - Open-source game based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" (portable)
  109. Super Mario War - A free version game based on Super Mario - for MAC
  110. GCompris-Windows - An educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10
  111. Open Source Games for Windows - OSS WIN Section: see some examples below:
    • Anagramarama - The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available
    • FreeCol - the Colonization of America - turn-based strategy game
    • OpenTTD - is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe - allowing up to 255 players
  112. Crayon Physics - Challenge physical laws in this hand-drawn game - see details
  113. 0 A.D. - is a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of Western civilizations, focusing on the years between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D
  114. Easy Memory Game- Find pairs of identical cards - kids have choice of types of pictures
  115. MemGame: match pix/numbers
  116. Bowling game - from Grey Olltwit (see more freeware there)
  117. Checkers Game - Freeware - from GameTop
  118. Checkers Game - Freeware from Nelson Castillo
  119. GNUCHESS - One of the first free chess games
  120. Office Darts game WIN
  121. United States Map - Memorize State Capitals - game for Windows - Free for personal use only
  122. Real Pool: Billiard game
  123. Tangram - see more educational games at Caiman Free Games
  124. Game Idea Database: Games Kids Play - The Index (250+ games!)
  125. Minisebran - Freeware for Toddlers - in different languages
  126. GameMaker - Light (free) version by YoYo Games lets you make games without programming
  127. Games, Quizzes and Other Cool Stuff! - US EPA
  128. WolfQuest - 2-part game about wolf survival - free to download - by Eduweb®
  129. Online Classroom Countdown Clock - Select options
  130. Free Puzzlemaker - Choose from list at Discovery Education®
  131. Free software for Education - Many categories by
  132. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  133. Old Version Website: Find last known free versions of software titles
  134. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  135. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - for home, office, and school


  136. Crossword Solver & Crossword Help Dictionary Online - Wordsmyth
  137. See Reverse Dictionary - Wordsmyth
  138. Find notes on game operations, moves, etc. - from
  139. Gaming Glossary - Pages of terms from®
  140. Internet Games Glossary - Some unique terminology!
  141. Research & Evaluation of game design, players, and learning - Eduweb®

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