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  1. logoFree Educational Software - Outstanding collection for all ages (kid-oriented) - From
  2. Fun web-based learning games - Pre-K1 thru college selections from Sheppard Software
  3. 50 Educational Video Games That Homeschoolers Love - OEDb
  4. Educational Games & more - Play online or download - from Grey Olltwit
  5. Games from Education Place®
  6. Funbrain - Tons of games here! - KidSafe certified
  7. Carmen Sandiego Series of Games - play online or download - free but donate if you can - Abandonia
  8. Safe Kid Games - Free Safe Non-Violent Online School Games for Kids - sorted by grade levels
  9. TOP 500 Children’s Learning Games - From Dictionarist Blog



  1. Top Game Sites in Education - Find primary games among a long list of sites
  2. Kids-pages - Several youngster games including alphabet objects cards
  3. Room 108 Discontinued: Try PrimaryGames: Free Games and Videos
  4. - An Elementary Education Resource Site - Kids Games, Activities & more
  5. NGAkids Art Zone - Use online tools for creative art
  6. Free Kids Games - National Geographic Kids - Replacement for Toon University
  7. KIDiddles™ - See games and songs for kids
  8. Total immersion, Serious fun! with Hello-World! - See Language songs, games, activities especially for kids
  9. Gamequarium - The site that swims with learning fun!
  10. Mr. Nussbaum’s 174 Educational Games for Kids! –
  11. RoomRecess - Educational Games for Kids & Elementary Students
  12. Educational Games for Elementary Students - LiveBinde - Educational Games - by category
  13. Isle of Tune - see samples of online towns you can build where passing cars play music
  14. Create your own Piccassohead
  15. Games for Girls - My Games 4 Girls
  16. NIEHS Kids' Page - Big Selection of Games and Surprises - via
  17. Fun Activities for Youngsters - Jenny Harris
  18. Free Kids Educational Games - Learning is Fun - The Kidzpage
  19. Brain Teasers for Daily Use in Your Classroom - Big List from
  20. Interactive Drill Games - From Education 4 Kids®
  21. Math Games/Puzzles - Enough games to keep your brain busy (
  22. Online coloring pages - - Replacement for Crayola
  23. Tangram - online game - From Mahjongg Solitaire Games
  24. Online 9 Tile Slide Game - From Boston University - (Also play Armada)
  25. Smilie Games - Bowling, Monkey Kong, and other popular games
  26. Interactive Drill Games - From Education 4 Kids®
  27. The Hungryfrog website - Educational Software and Learning Games
  28. Free online elementary educational language arts activities and interactive games - Apples4theteacher
  29. Unique Activities and Ideas for Elementary Students - Games that teach by beaucoup
  30. Games, Quizzes and Other Cool Stuff! - US EPA
  31. Pac Man - Also see other games at Knowledge Adventure
  32. Cyberkidz educational games - Free PK5 resources for elementary schools via Cyberkidz
  33. Arcademic Skill Builders - Math Games, Language Arts Games, and much more - Replacement for KidsHub .org
  34. The U. S. Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change™ site has games and other lesson resources
  35. Building Detroit - Play the Game - Detroit Historical Society
  36. Interactive Online Learning Activities, Simulations and Other Fun Stuff
  37. Teacher Feature: Kid's Korner - See games area - PSEG
  38. Hangman Game - Fry Sight Words - Non-violent game via
  39. Thousands of free Educational Online Games for Kids -
  40. Kids Games - Play Educational and Fun Online Kids Games per grade level at Play Kids Games
  41. Online Kid Safe Games - See choices at Some School Games
  42. Free Math Worksheets, Problems and Practice Games - By grade level - AdaptedMind
  43. Social Studies Games for Kids


  44. Amby's Online Games - Brain Games & Thinking Skill Enhancers
  45. Online Games - Play Free Online Games! - Also Download many of the games from Download Free Games
  46. Brain Bashers™ - Select games from a big list (Java-based)
  47. Brain Teasers and Games - See selections at
  48. SuperKids Games of Logic and Reasoning
  49. 100+ Brain Teasers for Kids - Squigly's Playhouse
  50. Absurd Math Game - Educational
  51. Math Games - Free Games, Math Apps and Worksheets
  52. Orisinal - Dozens of interactive games
  53. Word Games, Puzzles, Crosswords - From the Gameroom at

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  54. PuzzleDepot - Academic K12 Vocabulary (Crosswords, Word Patterns, Word-matching Games...)
  55. Free Spelling Games, Online Spelling Tests & Spelling Lists - Courtesy of Home Spelling Words
  56. A Basic Guide to ASL - Test yourself on the signed words list via The Masters Tech
  57. CGI Morse Code Translator
  58. Brain Teasers! IQ Tests! Puzzles & Games -
  59. Free educational online games, quizzes, etc. -
  60. Brain Games - Fun Games That Train Your Mind - Sheppard Software Brain Games
  61. Vocabulary Games and Resources -
  62. Learning is fun at - See many educational categories
  63. Memory Games - Free Online Games for Kids - from the Kidz Page
  64. Family Card Game Online - See matching and other games - from Learn4Good™
  65. Eduweb®: Portfolio of Games
  66. Crossword Express - Crosswords, WordSearch, Acrostics, Sudoku, Kakuro and More
  67. Online Educational Games - Many choices from Virtual MIddle School Library
  68. Privacy Pirates - Online Game about Web safety for ages 7 - 9 by MediaSmarts
  69. USA Geography - Map Game - Geography Online Games
  70. Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities
  71. Quiz Hub: K-12 Educational Quiz Games
  72. Game On: Increasing Learning Through Online Games - Elementary through H.S - Google Sites
  73. 7 Free Online Educational Game Sites - See more selections at EmergingEdTech
  74. It's My Life Games - Also in Spanish from PBS Kids GO!
  75. Fraction Games for Kids - See selections at Lovetoknow
  76. Over 500 Math Games - and great math tutorials at HOODA MATH
  77. Fun Games, Tic Tac Toe, coloring, memory, puzzles, chess - Via
  78. Middle School Math Games - See more at Math-Play . com
  79. Language Arts Games for Kids
  80. Spanish Help: Online Games and Lessons
  81. SAT/ACT Vocab Games and Resources to Improve Test Scores
  82. Health and Medical Library: Games for Kids!
  83. Online Educational Games, Brain Games, Science Quizzes, Puzzles and Activities for Kids - NeoK12™
  84. Smarty Games - Free educational website for kids K8
  85. Games
  86. Online Games K-12 - Courtesy of MyEducationKey
  87. Anatomy Games - Per Body System - Courtesy of Anatomy Arcade
  88. MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! - Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages


  89. Educational Online Games for High School & College Students - Learn4Good™
  90. Play Sudoku online - math logic game and puzzle - Courtesy of FUNMATHS
  91. Play Fraction Poker online - and learn equivalent fractions - Courtesy of FUNMATHS
  92. Cool Math Games math games and puzzles for high school. Learn math the fun way - See more at FUNMATHS
  93. 77 Educational Games and Game Builders - Free Technology for Teachers - By Richard Byrne
  94. Conqueror! Turn-Based Strategy Game - See details
  95. Games and test of memory online - Memozor
  96. Visual Illusions Game - Brain Training games - Games Loont
  97. Free Brain Games Online - Courtesy of Memory-Improvement-Tips .com
  98. Quick Brain Teaser Puzzle For Kids (and Grown-Ups) - What Do We Do All Day?
  99. FunBased Learning - Play chemistry and algebra games that educate
  100. Play Checkers, vs a friend or the computer - Via Math Is Fun

    CHESS HELP SITES: Openers, stategies, tutorials, etc.

  101. Chess - Information, tips, etc. from The SpruceCrafts
  102. En Passant - Free chess software and resources - via Norresumbly Chess Club
  103. Links to Online Chess Resources - Edited by Michael Goelier
  104. Instructional Chess Links - Kenilworth Chess Club
  105. Play Chess Online Against the Computer -
  106. Teach Yourself Visually Chess - By Jon Edwards
  107. The Chess Academy - The animated site is informative
  108. Chessopolis - Home the World Famous Chess Links DIrectory


    (Must download and install)

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  109. Crossword Express - Download program to make your own
  110. Create stories, games, and animations with Scratch - Best to download Scratch 2 Offline Editor
  111. Eclipsecrossword - Free crossword generator
  112. Open Sonic - Open-source game based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" (portable)
  113. Super Mario War - A free version game based on Super Mario - for MAC
  114. GCompris-Windows - An educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10
  115. Open Source Games for Windows - OSS WIN Section: see some examples below:
    • Anagramarama - The aim is to find as many words as possible in the time available
    • FreeCol - The Colonization of America - turn-based strategy game
    • Freeciv - A Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game
    • OpenTTD - An open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe - allowing up to 255 players
  116. Crayon Physics - Challenge physical laws in this hand-drawn game - see details
  117. 0 A.D. - A historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of Western civilizations, focusing on the years between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D
  118. Easy Memory Game - Find pairs of identical cards - kids have choice of types of pictures
  119. MemGame: match pix/numbers
  120. Bowling game - Grey Olltwit (See more freeware there)
  121. Checkers Game - Freeware - from GameTop
  122. Checkers Game - Open source from SoureForge
  123. GNUCHESS - One of the first free chess games
  124. - Office Darts game WIN
  125. United States Map - Memorize State Capitals - game for Windows - Free for personal use only
  126. Real Pool: Billiard game
  127. Tangram - see more educational games at Caiman Free Games
  128. Game Idea Database: Games Kids Play - The Index (250+ games!)
  129. Minisebran - Freeware for Toddlers - in different languages
  130. Create games without programming - Open source HTML5 and native game creator -GDevelop
  131. Games, Quizzes and Other Cool Stuff! - US EPA
  132. WolfQuest - 2-part game about wolf survival - free to download - by Eduweb®
  133. Online Classroom Countdown Clock - Select options
  134. Free Puzzlemaker - Choose from list at Discovery Education®
  135. Open Source Software for Schools – The Open SchoolhouseFree software for Education
  136. The Free Software Directory - See categories which might be useful in student and professional endeavors
  137. Old Version Website: Find last known free versions of software titles
  138. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  139. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - for home, office, and school


  140. Spanish Learning Games for Kids - Rockalingua
  141. Online Games and Apps That Teach Kids About Money - WA DFI
  142. Crossword Solver & Crossword Help Dictionary Online - Wordsmyth
  143. See Reverse Dictionary - Wordsmyth
  144. Find notes on game operations, moves, etc. - Courtesy of
  145. Glossary - Video Game Design Foundations
  146. Tom's Guide Gaming Glossary - Some unique terminology!
  147. Immersive Storytelling – MuseWeb Wiki
  148. Educational Games in various media -

    GAME PROGRAMMING SITES: Programs, types, tutorials, etc.

  149. Create games without programming - Open source HTML5 and native game creator -GDevelop
  150. Godot Engine - Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine
  151. Twine | An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories - Via
  152. See more links at Bob Bowman's Programming Page

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