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  1. Free AntiVir® Personal Edition
  2. Selingua - Freeware game with vocabulary & verb inflections plus editable crossword - also see:
  3. Getpaint - An open source paint program with full features (see details)
  4. Berkeley Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive
  5. Owl and Mouse Educational Software - See several selections of Free Educational Software
  6. SignalGen - A virtual audio generator for Linux
  7. Electronics Online - Freebyte has many free files and computer audio programs
  8. Multimedia Action for Kids: Download from
  9. Best Freeware Download - see education section
  10. Free Image editor and phone apps - from - also see online

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  11. Arachnophilia Home Page - HTML Editor with Internal viewer, spell check, 120K-word dictionary,
    FTP client, global search and replace, and more ("Careware" - free but read suggestions)
  12. Math plotting program, online regression, and quadratic solutions then download Maxima- Paul Lutus
  13. See PIMs - See other freeware at
  14. Just Type II v2.1 - Touch Typing Tutor (commercial grade - MS-DOS)
  15. TreePad Lite Freeware - Free personal database, PIM, organizer, etc. & portable - from
  16. Kidtype - Typing tutor from
  17. PDF Readers for various operating systems - All free!
  18. English language Wiktionary - A collaborative project to produce a free-content multilingual dictionary.
    Note that pronunciations are in Ogg format
  19. Make Tech - for Computer Tech, Support, News, Tips And Tricks
  20. Kovensky's MPlayer - well designed video player (See installation notes and precautions at this site)
  21. See huge listing of Windows programs, including - DIDA HTML Viewer/editor
  22. Finds files
  23. Whereis - File Finder Utility
  24. UnZip files source
  25. Info-ZIP's graphical unarchiver WIN95, WIN98
  26. Info-ZIP's WIN 3.1 ver.
  27. Only Freeware - See a lot of great programs - especially in the programming area:
  28. Free Extension Manager - Display normally hidden file extensions - PCWorld
  29. Jeppesen's LPJ-Slideshow (for CD-R discs) via
  30. Berger Laurant's free Folder Size Shell extension via PCWorld
  31. Intermute's Ad Subtract -also see 11745 -Guidescopes util
  32. Bugnosis utility from the Privacy Foundation
  33. ZoneAlarm
  34. Free version of WinRam Turbo from PC
  35. Free Microsoft(R) Tweak UI - Removes listed but uninstalled files/programs
  36. Get LavaSoft's free Ad-aware program
  37. Free firewall from
  38. Emacspeak --The Complete Audio Desktop - is a speech interface that allows visually impaired users to interact independently and efficiently with the computer
  39. TapeCalc - OSS that simulates a calculator with print out function
  40. NoteTab: Libraries - Add-on's to the popular FREE editor

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  41. Letter Sounds and Blends (Phonics) from
  42. LenMus - A free program for learning music - providing theory and aural training (interactive feedback)
  43. Argumentative - Argument Mapping Software (free) allows you to express an argument's structure in a visual form
  44. MemoWare - Over 10,000 free documents (small amount of shareware) for your PDA unit
  45. Free Graphics Software - Listings from
  46. ImageTool download site - UTHSCSA ImageTool is a free image processing & analysis program WIN 9x, ME or NT
    (for research, education, etc. - see description on site)
  47. The Graphics File Format Page - With software links
  48. Free software for pdf files and Postscript language - Ghostscript, Ghostview, and GSview
  49. Free Statistical Software
  50. - Lists over 300 Statistics programs - many are free
  51. Tech Tutorials, math, software, etc. (SERC)
  52. Free Classroom GradeBook™ for Windows - Record keeping and grading program
  53. Greg's Download Page - Electrical Engineering Software
  54. Zabaware - Free version of Ultra Hal Assistant - A digital secretary based on AI technology
  55. Download Contact Plus Personal Free version is ad-sponsored
  56. Free software - Free File Monitoring Software, Screen clocks, etc. - from
  57. Lawrence Goetz: Free Software - Lots of creative software from a programmer<
  58. Programmer Kit - for kids & adults - Programming made easy!
  59. Free Software Academic Projects/Links
  60. ShortKeys(TM) - Windows Macro Utility, Lite Version - free
  61. WordGrid - Mouse-select letters on grid to form highest point value words
  62. Jokes Screensaver - Get more clean jokes from site library
  63. Free PhotoPlus 5 - A fully functional version - from
  64. QV: the graphic viewer/converter - for JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF files - Cyril Cambien

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  65. Crimson - Free programming editor fits on disk - many advanced features
  66. Free Educational Software and Guidance Notes from
  67. Photorealistic scenery rendering software - Free for personal use
  68. Across Lite software - Popular crossword puzzle creator- free for personal use- from
  69. Student Grades 3.0 - Freeware - with calculators (see details)
  70. Canorus - A free music score editor - supports note writing, scripting support, MIDI, etc. - see details
  71. Little Wizard - For primary school children to learn about the elements of real computer languages - using only the mouse & programming icons - great learning tool!
  72. Musescore A free WYSIWYG music score typesetter (mouse, keyboard or midi input) - integrated sequencer
  73. Tuxwordsmith - English Scrabble, French Scrabble, German Scrabble, & so on
  74. Camstudio - CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create AVI video files and Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)
  75. Math Homework Maker 1.0 - Conversion aids, tips on Areas and Perimeters: Quadrilaterals, Triangles, much more
  76. MathGV Function Plotting Software - Freeware (change any settings fast)
  77. Roman Numeral Converter
  78. Chancery Eclass Grades - see freeware grading programs for students and academia like RealGrade 4.0©
  79. Downloads from - Free image manipulation programs - some are special
  80. Installing East Asian Language Support Under Windows XP
  81. Chinese Perapera-kun: Chinese Popup Translator 1.02 - Firefox Addon
  82. Free School handwriting fonts
  83. Download essential free software - listing by index - from
  84. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) - Free Edition download - NOT recommended for secure transfers
  85. TightVNC - See the desktop of a remote machine and control it
  86. iRemotePC - Free remote PC connectivity - like VNC
  87. vanBasco's Karaoke Player - Free Karaoke player
  88. Free Software for Writers
  89. PHP Downloads
  90. TotWare - Benjamin's Favorites - See talking teacher and more
  91. The Rasterbator - An application which creates rasterized versions of images: make large posters from image


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  92. Bump App - to transfer contacts with related device with Bump - iPhone etc.
  93. Khan Archives: - KhanAcademy Educational Videos On The Go - iPhone etc
  94. Remind101 - provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.etc - iPhone
  95. CodeAnywhere - is a code editor with built-in FTP client - for Android


  96. PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer
  97. Free checkers and free utilities - from Ken
  98. Free Checkers Games - Gametop


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  100. PROGRAMMING and GAMES SECTIONS have related FREE software
  101. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
  102. Kids freeware (.com)
  103. Free Software Directory - The categorized listing of over 5,000 open source software by the Free Software Foundation
  104. DAMICON'S LIST OF OPEN SOFTWARE - Extensive list!
  105. Programmers Heaven - A quality site for applications, code, tutorials, and more
  106. Free Software Daily - ( keeps you up to date about free software news (many categories - even Beginners)
  108. Bo's Freeware Index: A - F (large list)
  110. Top Quality
  111. See Free Open source software - from
  112. has software downloads for Windows®
  114. Downloads - Search for freeware at
  115. The Free Site: Free Software - free Disk Utilities and others
  116. Free ZDNet UK downloads
  117. Freesoftware Magazine - Keep up to date with free software events
  118. See downloads from - Type “freeware” in search box - see some educational gems!
  119. File Mine - Tons of educational software: type FREE in the search-for-files box
  120. Educational freeware - Among a full range of software from
  121. Free-for-All Downloads from ZDNET
  122. Freechess -'s database
  123. See other software titles (including freeware) - From
  124. FTP Find FTP Technical Guide and Tutorials here
  125. Ftp Search Engines (.com)
  126. Free utilities and programs from TSM-Soft
  127. Dynamic Webs - Free software (including typing, security, etc.)
  128. TeachOne - Links for teachers (including software)
  129. Free Software - useful items from
  130. Emulators - Several listings from
  131. Freeware from DaveCentral
  132. Freeware from - Free Programming software and webtools
  133. Free Compilers and Interpreters - Listings by
  134. Best Free Animated GIF Maker - Gizmo's Freeware
  135. Free video player for Mac OS X - Elmedia
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