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  1. Basic Electronics Tutorials - For beginners and beyond
  2. ExpressPCB - Free PCB layout and schematic software - Expresspcb™
  3. Free CAD Software - draw schematics and PCB layout - Also from Expresspcb™
  4. Freeware in My Hobby & Education area of Download Route - Many great programs!
  5. Free portable tinySpell™ - interactive spelling checker
  6. Electronics Basics - ROHM

    NOTE: Most courses are college-level, self-paced, and free - but check exceptions
    Also check each site's TERMS for age restrictions & fees if certification or certain degrees are offered:

  7. Search for Courses at edX - Audit courses for free - whereever, whenever
  8. Engineering and Technology - OpenLearn - Open University
  9. School: Engineering - Wikiversity - See Topics
  10. Free-Ed.Net™ Archived: - Free Academic & Vocational courses
  11. Useful links to even more STEM education resources - IET Faraday (UK)
  12. MIT OpenCourseWare : Free Education - Internet Archive
  13. Cooper Union Engineering courses - Offering Free Online MOOCs
  14. Online Textbooks | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
  15. College Open Textbooks - Engineering & Electronics
  16. E-Books - Free Databases (all subjects) - Research Guides at California State Univ.
  17. Project Management for Construction - Online book - CMU.EDU
  18. The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook
  19. Design and Technology - Impressive array of lessons in both fields - Technology
  20. The Wisc-Online Digital Library contains over 2,500 learning objects (Technical Courses) that are freely accessible to teachers and students - Wisc-Online OER
  21. Educypedia: The educational encyclopedia with archived technical and scientific information for classroom use
  22. Design Electronics Tutorials - W.D.Phillips
  23. Online Tutorials and Open Learning Resources - Essential links at Khake
  24. See more Free Education Links - Bob Bowman's Higher Education Page


  25. TryEngineering - Lesson plans, games, and other resources for students
  26. Engineering Student Blog - See useful links - courtesy of eGFI
  27. Engineer Girl! - Becoming an engineer: resources from NAE
  28. SWE Guide to Sharing Engineering With Girls and Young Women
  29. has career info, games, etc.
  30. An Engineering Student Survival Guide - By Richard M. Felder
  31. Career Cornerstone Center - Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering...
  32. DiscoverE - Engineering activities for kids and others
  33. 101 Best Resources for Electrical Engineers - Pannam Blog
  34. SCIENCE 101 - Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics
  35. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
  36. - Information & Inspiration for Engineers
  37. How to Get Hired in the Engineering Field Without Experience - Via eHow™
  38. Engineering Power Tools - Links
  39. The mechanical engineering resource for students - ASME
  40. Engineering Resources - Electronic Design - Engineer's References -
  41. Engineering & Science Magazine - See archived copies at Caltech
  42. Engineering and Technology Links - From Galaxy in Internet Archive
  43. Science, Engineering, And Technology Links
  44. Welcome to Engineering and Technology with Mrs. Johnson - Favorite Links
  45. Engineering and Technology - Historical and tutorial matters
  46. Engineering Computing Resources - From
  47. Cooper Union Engineering courses - Offering Free Online MOOCs
  48. Engineering ToolBox - Tools & Basic Information for Design, Engineering & Construction
  49. General Engineering Knowlege Base - Almost an online encyclopedia
  50. Online Materials Information Resource - Courtesy of MatWeb
  51. McMaster-Carr Catalog
  52. Online Materials Resource
  53. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century - via
  54. Intranets In Education
  55. Project Management Links - From
  56. Educational technology - EduTech Wiki
  57. NCSA Cybereducation Resource Database - See software tools & more
  58. The Why Files - The science behind the news via Internet Archive
  59. Telephone Technical Links
  60. Industrial Engineer Links
  61. An Outstanding Electronic Engineering Resource Page - Via
  62. Circuit Board Repair and Rework Guides
  63. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science - MITLibraries
  64. Electrical Engineering Online - See links from Designer Guide
  65. Free electrical engineering textbook plus tools - Courtesy of Allaboutcircuits
  66. Plastics & Elastomers Selection, Tech Info: SpecialChem - Omnexus
  67. Electrical engineering - Wikipedia
  68. Top Resources for Electrical Engineers - Electrical Engineering Schools


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  69. Engineering Terms Definitions - See others at Engineering Dictionararies
  70. Science & Engineering Encyclopedia - From
  71. List of file formats - Wikipedia
  72. DotWhat? - The leading File Extension resource
  73. - All file extensions in one place; search or browse
  74. Library Resources - D.W. Craik Engineering Library
  75. Animated Engines
  76. The WWW Virtual Library : Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  77. Mechanical Engineering - Wikipedia
  78. Computer Glossary, Technology Definitions & Cheat Sheets from - The Tech Dictionary & IT Encyclopedia
  79. Definitions - Project Management Knowledge
  80. Sugar Engineer's Library
  81.®: Engineering Directory - Products, Manufacturers, etc.
  82. Great Thinkers and Visionaries
  83. Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students
  84. Online Ethics Center at the National Academy of Engineering
  85. Subject Guides: Tutorials in the fields of Engineering - University of Sheffield
  86. Telephone Technical Links - Reference site with schematics
  87. Engineering Free Books
  88. Online Electronics Book - From WikiBooks has detailed information
  89. Online Practical Electronics Book - From WikiBooks
  90. The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
  91. Most Popular Schematics and Circuit Diagrams
  92. Download a PDF Manual & other User's Guide Books for free - ManualNGuide.Com
  93. See Engineering Dictionary, Directory, and Search Engine - EngNet
  94. Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary
  95. Software engineering glossary
  96. Online-
  97. Beginners Guide and Tweaks with The Visual Technology Glossary -
  98. Name Index from the Library of Units and Constants
  99. Engineering resource guide - Research tools, writing guides, journals ...
  100. The Complete Engineering Resource Guide
  101. Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK)
  102. Free Zip Code Latitude and Longitude Database
  103. Educypedia - Educational encyclopedia: electricity and electronics
  104. 13 Popular Sites Like - Courtesy of
  105. IHS Engineering360 - Online news publication
  106. Free Science and Engineering books
  107. College Open Textbooks - Engineering & Electronics


  108. Open Source Search Engines
  109. Open Documents Search or Browse - BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
  110. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research


  111. Scientific Calculator Online - With optional conversion side bar - EEWeb
  112. Basic Calculator Online - See download version & other tools - EEWeb
  113. Engineering Calculators - Wide selection at Design World
  114. Engineering Calculator Online
  115. Civil Engineering Calculators Online - Courtesy of
  116. Free Online Calculators for Engineers - See more for other disciplines
  117. Engineering Calculators Online - From Martindales's Reference Desk
  118. Unit
  119. Unit of Measure Converter - Courtesy of MatWeb
  120. A Great Unit Conversion Site - From
  121. Convert - A free unit conversion program - can create custom conversions!
  122. Portable Unit Converter Software - 1,600 various units of measure
  123. - Comprehensive unit conversions
  124. Loan Calculator - See download version & others - Mortgage Calculator
  126. OmniCalculator: See all kinds of calculators
  127. See Bob Bowman's Math Section - More calculators and bonus tools


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  128. FreeCalc.Com - Free Online Applications for Engineering Design
  129. Freeware within My Hobby & Education area of Download Route
  130. Electronics Lab - Archived Open Source Hardware Electronic Projects
  131. Free Mechanical Engineering: CAD Software - Listing by Freebyte
  132. Freeware for Engineering - Engineers International at Internet Archive
  133. Greg's Download Page: Electrical Engineering Software
  134. Free software for Business, Education, Home, etc. -
  135. BLENDER: Make 3D Animation Films & Objects - Free for any purpose from
  136. FreeCAD - An Open Source parametric 3D CAD modeler
  137. Sweet Home 3D Online - Also see free download version
  138. Guide to Available Mathematical Software
  139. Sage - Open Source Math package - Windows port available
  140. Electronic software sources - Some are free - Via ePanorama electronics
  141. Electronic Hobbyist: Index - Electronics, free software, robotics...
  142. CadStd - Freeware CAD Program
  143. Free Structural Software
  144. QGIS - A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
  145. Visit Ian Purdie VK2TIP's Downloads Page -
  146. FreeByte's Free Electronics Resources - Includes Engineering Software
  147. Electrical Engineering Software - Free items are marked GPL(SAL)
  148. Kicad - OSS software to create schematic diagrams & PCB artwork
  149. See free student version of ray-tracing software - From Oslo
  150. MultiSpec© - For analyzing multispectral and hyperspectral image data (free)
  151. Digital Design Resources Page - Central Connecticut State University
  152. Engineering software links for engineers - Many are free
  153. Free engineering software for downloading - From Windmill Software Ltd.
  154. Maxima - A powerful and free Symbolic Mathematics Open Source software
  155. Brad's Math Physics Engineering Freeware mixed with Shareware
  156. Science Software - Freeware Home
  157. GanttProject - Free OSS desktop project management app
  158. Crimson: Free programming editor fits on disk - many advanced features
  159. Student's QuickField - Free analysis program to simulate engineering problems - Must register
  160. DL4YHF's Amateur Radio Software - Audio Spectrum Analyzer
  161. Computer simulation software - See open source versions at wikipedia
  162. Science & Engineering Software - SourceForge
  163. Gnuplot is a portable command-line graphing utility - Via
  164. The Free Software Directory - Some for students and professionals
  165. Old Version Website - Find last known free versions of software titles
  166. FreewareTop Reviewed Free Software
  167. heart/diskBob Bowman's FREEWARE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE
    - See really outstanding selections here!
    - For home, office, and school

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  169. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  170. Home Power Magazine
  171. DIY Home Improvement - Includes water purification
  173. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc., e.g.-

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