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  1. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  2. Balabolka - Free Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - works even in browser (saves sound file)
  3. Online Text-to-speech Reader - See other items at RapidTables
  4. Online Talking Dictionarist - Has online keyboard option
  5. Type in text and hear it spoken - Via imtranslator
  6. Free Grammar Checker - Grammarly
  7. Alternatives for QuotePad - Note-taking and to do lists
  8. Use Bob Bowman's Reference Page - Dictionaries replace Voycabulary
  9. Free Kid's Intermediate Dictionary - See reverse search - Wordsmyth
  10. Reverse Dictionary
  11. 16 Pages of IELTS Vocabulary and How to Boost Your Lexical Resource - Via IELTS Podcast
  12. Grammar Checker - Free Online sentence & spell check tool
  13. Writing Section - See extensive related links
  14. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Use first for success
  15. Starfall - Learn to Read with Phonics
  16. See OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities - Main Page - Plus find more free resources
  17. See extensive list of Free Software below - FREE alternatives to commercial versions!
  18. Check Free Educational Technologies Home Page - See additional links


  19. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples - Kentucky Classics
  20. Word Scientists: Free English Resources For Beginning Readers and Their Teachers
  21. Creating a Classroom Newspaper
  22. The interactive Printing Press - Assists students in creating newspapers, brochures, and flyers - Via readwritethink
  23. The Write Site - An interactive language arts and journalism project for middle schools
  24. Top Sites for English Learning - Via
  25. English Exercises (.org) - Learn English online
  26. Business English Grammar Lessons - Via Pearson Brown
  27. *Mr. Smith's English Page
  28. Copyright and Fair Use: Modeling what we want our students to do - Web English Teacher
  29. ABC's of the Writing Process
  30. *Sites for Teachers - See links for English
  31. *E. L. Easton - English Online
  32. *Encyclopedia of English Grammar and Word Grammar INDEX
  33. Best TESOL/ESL/TESL/TOEFL Resources - Via
  34. Outta Ray's Head Lessons (Literature, Poetry, Writing/Business Letters) - Ray Saitz
  35. *Tech Communications - topics via
  36. Tips for Telephoning Native English Speakers - ThoughtCo
  37. *Educational English Courses at Language Schools - Englishjet
  38. Student Resources for Middle School English - Courtesy of finding Dulcinea
  39. (Free) Online High School Courses - Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
  40. Difficult Words and their usages - English For Students
  41. Online Handbook - writing resources - Engineering Communication Program at
  42. Purdue University Online Writing Lab
  43. Language Arts - Activities by
  44. All the Best Free Teacher Resources - Language Arts K-12
  45. Free English Language lessons and EFL exam practice - English for Everybody
  46. Teaching English Teacher's Zone - English Teachers - Learn English Network
  47. How You Can Use Class Tales and Fable - Rick Walton via Internet Archive
  48. English Lessons Online
  49. Learn English Online - Free English course and lessons for beginner and intermediate learners
  50. See English words derived from Greek and Latin words - and dictionary - Get
  51. Language and Linguistics... - See resource links from Wordsmyth
  52. Vocabulary Games and Resources
  53. Learn English with Jokes and Riddles
  54. OpenThesis: Search Theses & Dissertations
  55. Writing Commons helps students improve their writing, critical thinking, and information literacy
  56. English The Easy Way - Free English Learning Resources
  57. Kids' Place - Houghton Mifflin English
  58. Teaching Your Students How to Have a Conversation - Edutopia
  59. Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes
  60. Proofreaders' Marks - The Chicago Manual of Style
  61. Online Writing Resources - Center for Academic Writing (
  62. - English Vocabulary Compilation - Please preview
  63. Free Writing Resources - Time4Writing
  64. 101 English Language Arts Websites for Teachers - ELA
  65. Reverse Outlining - Amherst College
  66. Speak English Fluently with our FREE Basic English Speaking Lessons


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  68. Forensics Dictionary - Ryle High School Speech and Debate
  69. Public Speaking Glossary
  70. Speech and Debate Forensics Community - See debate sessions at ForCom
  71. Debate Topics - See chart of topics at
  72. Education World: It's Up for Debate! - See lesson plans for young students
  73. Debates - Teaching Tips and Tools
  74. Access Middle School! free debate resources -
  75. *Learn About Debate - Free Debate Resources - Debate Central
  76. Useful Debate links - Debatepedia
  77. Art of Public Speaking - By Mahavir Mohnot
  78. Pub Speaking & Speech Writing - Via
  79. 10 steps to conquer your public speaking fear, Moral Stories, Short Stories - English for Students
  80. *Public Speaking Resources Links - Sherman Oaks Toastmasters
  81. *Public Speaking Tips
  82. Toastmasters International - Public Speaking Tips
  83. *Succeed by Studying Great Speeches - School for Champions
  84. Advanced Public Speaking Institute resources - See Glossary
  85. Interactive Lesson on Overcoming the Fear of Speaking to Groups - Courtesy of
  86. Speech Resources - Includes Robert's Rules of Order - Via Varsity Tutors
  87. Free Play Scripts and Resources for Middle & High School Theatre Teachers
  88. Presenting / Public Speaking - Topics presented by Free Management Library™
  89. 50 Incredibly Useful Links For Learning & Teaching The English Language - Courtesy of teachthought
  90. Public Speaking: An Online Resource Guide - Wise Old Sayings


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  91. The Top 5 Online Writing Labs - ThoughtCo
  92. English Grammar - Courtesy of Wikipedia
  93. Advanced English Grammar
  94. 10 websites to help improve your grammar - ProWritingAid
  95. English Grammar: a complete guide - EF
  96. *Big Dog's Grammar: basic English grammar with interactive exercises - Via Internet Archive
  97. *English Grammar, Writing, and more
  98. Guide to Grammar and Writing - CCC
  99. The Grammar Gorillas
  100. HyperGrammar - Univ. of Ottawa
  101. Grammar Bytes! - Grammar instruction with attitude - At least see tips section
  102. Guide To Grammar and Punctuation (With 20 Resources) - Via informED
  103. *Glossary of Grammatical Terms - Brown Univ.
  104. *Grammar - Interactive Learning Sites for Education -
  105. Common Errors in English - Large list by Paul Brians (WSU)
  106. Online Spell Check & Grammar Check - Free!
  107. Webgrammar offers links to great general grammar sites - Also see other subjects
  108. How to Improve Your Grammar (with Examples) - wikiHow
  109. Basics of English Grammar - Courtesy of
  110. The Student's Guide to Grammar and Punctuation - Courtesy of
  111. Garbl's Online Grammar Guides - Archived
  112. *Revising and Rewriting - An older list via ipl2
  113. See Menu for Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers - Writing Forward
  114. How to Write a Research Paper: Six Simple Steps - Custom
  115. *Proofreading, Editing, and Revising -
  116. Editing and Proofreading - Via
  118. Study Blog: Writing Tips, Hacks, Topic Ideas and Much More - Via
  119. Extensive Grammar Resources Lists - Courtesy of Australian Help
  120. English Grammar - Academized - Writing Center, Student Success Center
  121. Student's Grammar Resource Guide - Maryville Online
  122. 150 English Grammar Pages: Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram - IvyPanda


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  123. Longman English Dictionary Online
  124. Grammar and Punctuation | The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
  125. Synonyms Thesaurus with Antonyms & Definitions
  126. Dictionary including phrases - Via
  127. Wordsmyth English Dictionary/Thesaurus
  128. Dictionary, translation, definition | English, Spanish, German... Reverso
  129. OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus
  130. Writer's Reverse Dictionary: Search for a Word with Its Definition
  131. Rhyming Dictionary - Courtesy of Rhyme Desk
  132. Rhymezone - See search box
  133. Free Rhyming Dictionary and Lyric Writing Tools - Songwriting Unlimited
  134. Rhyming Dictionary | Rhymes for Poetry & More - PoetrySoup™
  135. Free Sample Letter Templates and Tutorials - WriteExpress
  136. OneLook Dictionary Search - Uses wildcard options!
  137. Itools Internet Resources
  138. Guide to Grammar and Writing - Courtesy of CCCF
  139. Free Management Library - See online library topics
  140. Business Writer's Free Library
  141. *English Reference sources - MCHS Library
  142. Business Glossary - By
  143. Glossary of Business Terms - Courtesy of
  144. Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary has perfect pronunciation lessons
  145. Visual Dictionary Online by Merriam-Webster
  146. Introductory. Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. Elements of Style
  147. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - Brewer, E. Cobham - 1898
  148. Daily Grammar - Glossary of Grammar Terms - Includes grammar lessons
  149. Free K-12 Educational Materials for Teachers and Students - Courtesy of Student Handouts
  150. General Writing/Grammar Resources Sites
  151. Grammar Topics: Adverbs,verbs,adjectives... - english4today
  152. Learn English Through Pictures
  153. Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive - KCNN
  154. More references are included under REFERENCES SECTION

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  155. Wordsmyth S.A.T. Dictionary 2000 words - free for personal use - Via Internet Archive
  156. Limits in Improving Your SAT - Softpanorama
  157. Free Vocabulary words - 5000 - See PDF download from
  158. 100 Helpful SAT Sites and Resources - Yolasite
  159. *Ten Tips for Improving Your SAT Score - Also see link to common errors in English - Courtesy of
  160. Purdue OWL: Essay Writing
  161. The Five-Paragraph Essay - See comprehensive index at bottom - CCC
  162. Strategies for Essay Writing - Harvard College Writing Center
  163. Free Resource for Outstanding Essay and Paper Topics, Thesis Statements and Important Quotes - PaperStarter
  164. Hook for Essay - Strong essay openings
  165. More Hooks for Essay - Also see writing tips at WorldEssays
  166. Essay - A detailed tutorial
  168. The History of English - Glossary of Terms
  169. Free Essay Examples and Research Papers - StudyMode
  170. INDEX to the Guide to Grammar and Writing - CCC
  171. 100 Words A High School Freshman Should Know - Vocabulary List -
  172. English Tests: Test your English - Free exercises - Via
  173. SAT Reading Study Guide (2019) - Mometrix
  174. SAT Reading and Writing practice - Khan Academy
  175. *Archived Links for K-12 Teachers - Including resources to help students prepare for SAT skills


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  176. Look Up A Word - via Word Checkers - See many great tools at
  177. *Writing Tools - See free course topics - Courtesy of™
  178. Easybib: The Automatic Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA format is free
  179. *Tutorial World - Free Worksheets and more for English, Math, and Science by grade level
  180. The Online Books Page - Hosted at the University of Pennsylvania
  181. 38 best open source text to speech projects
  182. Colorin Colorado: Free Guides & Toolkits for teacher and parents - A bilingual site
  183. Download Outstanding Free Writing Software - Bob Bowman's Writing Links
  184. Communication Skills for Success at Home & Work - NewConversations.NET
  185. Communication & Leadership Topics - See free use requirements - courtesy of Donald Clark
  186. Interpersonal Skills - Related topics courtesy of Free Management Library™
  187. WordWeb - Free offline version - Comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary
  188. *See Star Office and other free suites which have word processors, spreadsheets, etc.
  189. Free Online Grammar and spellchecker - Also see other tools at Reverso
  190. DSpeech - A free program of Text To Speech - See info at Dimio's Tools
  191. Project Gutenberg - Download free electronic books (ebooks) - adaptable to TTS units!
  192. SayPad - A freeware talking text editor that can read you a good book
  193. JILetters: OSS phonics & picture tool to help children learn English alphabets
  194. 14 Free Text To Speech Tools For Educators - Via eLearning Industry
  195. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software

  197. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  198. 100 Best Websites For Free Homework Help - Online College Courses
  200. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.

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