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  1. Portal for Everything Educational - By grade level in five core areas - Courtesy of
  2. Educational Topics - From
  3. Education World® - See major resource listings under More heading
  4. Gateway Exams Practice Links - Sites to help students practice skills - i4C
  5. Webgrammar® - Offers educational sites by category
  6. Kid's Links - Extensive links from
  7. Teachers.Net: Lesson Plans - Over 4,000 free lesson plans
  8. CanTeach - Resources for Educators - See Resources and Links Sections
  9. Teaching Ideas - Free lesson ideas, plans, resources...
  10. Marc's Lesson Plans Page
  11. WikiTeach Lesson Plan Wiki - Browse extensive topics
  12. TCET Curriculum Sites - Listed by core subjects
  13. Open educational resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. FREE: Federal Registry for Educational Excellence
  15. Teacher Resources - Library of Congress
  16. Digital Librarian: Education
  17. Education Internet Library
  18. Internet Public Library: Education Topics - ipl2
  19. Bob's Place of Education - See subjects index
  20. Awesome Library - With 37,000 carefully reviewed resources - by teacher and age levels
  21. Open Courseware & Resources for Learners and Educators - Courtesy of iBerry
  22. actDEN (Digital Education Network) - Software Tutorials and Online Courses
  23. - Everything for Education K12
  24. FLoyd Ingram's Den - K-12 education links
  25. The Education Center - See core subject areas plus atlases, dictionaries, and more
  26. The Internet Schoolhouse - See subjects on the 3D map
  27. 101 Free (or Free-to-Try) Online Collaborative Learning Tools
  28. Lesson Plans Links - Curriculum Materials Library - Grand Valley State University
  29. ReadWriteThink Lesson Plans
  30. History & Social Studies & More - Also see Student Resources - Websites - References at EDSITEment
  31. Educational Resources, Lesson Plans and Activities - At Embracing The Child
  32. The Entomological Foundation - Educational Resources: Educational Links
  33. Good sites for kids!
  34. Resources for Elementary Education - Eduwiki
  35. Sites for Teachers Index - Hundreds of reviewed sites
  36. ASHA Topic Index - Making Effective Communication
  37. K-12 Topics, Subjects & Grade-Level Resources - Edutopia:
  38. Khan Academy - Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, sciences ...
  39. Open Educational Resources (OER) - Resource Roundup via Edutopia
  40. Fifty States Project: Topics on EdSurge - See resources and solutions
  41. Free Teacher Resources - Digital textbooks and standards-aligned educational resources
  42. Special Education Topics - Special Education (SPED)
  43. Dewey Browse: K-12 links organized by Dewey System - See Teacher Resources & other topics
  44. Resources for K-College Teachers - USGS Education
  45. Teacher Resources - Courtesy of Library of Congress
  46. Education Directory -
  47. Education Oasis - See Popular Pages Section for categorized Teacher & Students links
  48. topic Resources for Kids, Parents, and Teachers - Lists All categories
  49. K-12 Science Education Resources - Bill Beaty's Homepages
  50. Science Education Resources on the Web
  51. Teaching Resources - National Geographic Education
  52. Topics In Education - Listed by WeAreTeachers
  53. Common Core Lesson Plans - Free customizable templates - Courtesy of Formswift
  54. 30-day free reading resources for teachers and parents
  55. After School Care Programs


  57. Open-source software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  58. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  59. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.

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