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  1. Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  2. Online Tools and Productivity - New tools are here!
  3. See extensive list of Free Software below - FREE alternatives to commercial versions! categories
  4. Check the Free Educational Technologies Home Page - See additional links and messages
  5. See Free Education Section - Take college-level courses at your convenience - via your computer etc.


  6. Digest of Educational Statistics (NCES)
  7. National Geographic World Online
  8. Educator Resources - Hot Links by Subject - NC State University
  9. Complete free courses & tutorials for more than 120 vocational &academic disciplines - Via
  10. Educational and Technology Resources listed by The World Bank Group
  11. United Nations Volunteers - Information and Communication links (
  12. Web Links for Teachers
  13. A Best Page of Educational Links
  14. SCORE: Web-based Classroom Resource
  15. Ed's Oasis - educational links
  16. The Best Categorized Educational Sites from Skewl - for teachers researched by teachers (includes Technology sites)
  17. Safety Training in many areas: office, lab, driving, etc. - Via
  18. Free Distance Learning Courses -
  19. - The Internet's #1 site for K-8 teachers and kids
  20. Education Leadership Toolkit - for change and technology in America's Schools
  21. Beginning Teacher's ToolBox
  22. K-12 History on the Internet
  23. Peterson's Online - Colleges, Universities, and Distance Education links
  24. - Create online tests plus other teachers links
  25. Teaching Tips - -
  26. Slacker Central - Homework help Plus
  27. See Ring of Student Resources
  28. Guide to Sources in Education (University of Illinois) *Back To Top*

  29. Physics and Astronomy - Online education and reference for Educators - PHYSLINK
  30. How to discover your learning style and create a learning style profile - LingualLinks
  31. WritingDEN - activities supported by audio
  32. The School Page - the Educator's Resource
  33. Teaching with the Internet - Southampton College library
  34. Resources in Higher Education
  35. Scientific American Online
  36. Education World(R) - Brouse Our Database - educational resources
  37. Education resource links from
  38. Complete index to the CAN DO WEB - taking education far beyond the classroom
  39. See Favorite Internet Sites of Dr. Alice Christe (Educational links)
  40. Edsites - Educational links and Resources
  41. Drama lesson plans for elementary school teachers by ProTeacher™
  42. 200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites... - Open Culture
  43. The Teachers' Podcast - The New Generation of Ed Tech PD
  44. NCTE Web Resources
  45. Staci McClure's Great Resource Sites - Educational links
  46. Welcome to Study Circle
  47. Kathy Hayden's Page: Classroom 2.0 - See links on new tech tools
  48. Project Success - See school subject index
  49. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Links
  50. CNN - See MIT free course material - educational strategy -
  51. EDUCATION URLs K-12 RESOURCES (Berkeley Univ.)
  52. Kathy's Critters: Teacher's Resources *Back To Top*

  53. Educational Links (Columbus Magnet Library Media Center)
  54. Common Errors in English - See alphabetical links
  55. Awesome Library's 15000 Reviewed Resources
  56. Educational Hotlinks at the Franklin Institute
  57. Educational Resources from UHS
  58. Edview - Educational links - Apple Computers, Inc.
  59. Study the Web by using the Web (education links) (
  60. Science Links (for students)-
  61. - educational links for K-12 students and teachers
  62. Online Community for K-8 Education (
  63. has an extensive list of educational sites
  64. Research Resources - Vision (Univ. of Toronto)
  65. Links from CanTeach (Canada)
  66. Links to Resources on the Internet - for education (MLSD)
  67. FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence *Back To Top*

  68. CCS Web Site Links
  69. Fistfuls of Favorites - educational links from The Franklin Institute Online
  70. ExplorNet
  71. Country Guides to Culture, Etiquette, Customs & more - Courtesy of Culture Crossing
  72. Educational Resources (Fred D'Ignazio)
  73. CyberBee: Curriculum ideas, research tools, How Tos, etc. - Linda C. Joseph
  74. MRC Library Internet Subject Guide - Mabelann Gathercolel
  75. CLN Theme Pages - See topical index
  76. NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources - NetSERF
  77. Schoolsnet: see top educational sites
  78. Education & Computer Connection (award-winning education and technology site)
  79. Janet Young's Educational Voyage in Lesson Plans
  80. Character Education - VDOE
  81. Resource Page - Educational Sites
  82. Greg's Link Farm - for education
  83. The Gateway to Educational Materials
  84. CableVison: The Power To Learn(sm) - resources
  85. Free Educational Stuff
  86. GlobalStudy's Links
  87. TeachOne: Search the Net (educational links)
  88. Educational Search Engines and Elementary links
  89. Lesson Tutor: Free printable lesson plans, worksheets, K-12 items
  90. Top 100 Education sites - Via
  91. Best of the Best: Top 100 Web Resources for Educators - Courtesy of Deborah B. Ford
  92. Lesson Plans and Educational Links -
  93. Educational Links - Courtesy of Kozminski
  94. General Resources - Via
  95. Education Websites - Curriculum Materials Center - Libraries - Hofstra University, NY
  96. Forever Curious Curating the Best Educational Resources on the Web
  97. Top 100 Free Education Sites -


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  98. Syvum Online Activities - Interactive Education and Learning
  99. Student interactive educational links - ReadWriteThink
  100. Select topics by grade level - Via


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  101. Multimedia Tutorials and others - Older links via
  102. Free Computer and IT Training software
  103. BestTechVideos :: Tech Videos, Screencasts, Webinars, Techtalks, Tutorials - Via Best Tech Videos
  104. Software Tutorials and Online Tutorials for Students and Teachers - By Actden
  105. 125+ Free Tutorials - Via
  106. Educational Free Software
  107. Free worksheets from
  108. Free Technology for Teachers: 77 Educational Games and Game Builders - Courtesy of Free Technology for Teachers
  109. Free Things For Teachers and Homeschoolers - From Incredible Art Department
  110. Free Software For College Students - Via Educational Software
  111. 18 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers and Students - Educational Technolgy & Mobile Learning
  112. Free Materials (including software) - Listings from Oregon Technology in Education Network
  113. The free online database for home and office - Via
  114. Free Educational Software and Guidance Notes from
  115. Free Educational Software for Teachers and Schools - Courtesy of Sheppard Software
  116. Free Software for Teachers - See Teacher's Report Assistant and Letters & Numbers Software


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  117. LibGuides Community Site - Locate libguides A-Z at 4799 libraries worldwide!
  119. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  120. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
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