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  1. Financial Literacy for Everyone - Practical Money Skills - See more links
  2. Free portable tinySpell™ - Interactive spelling checker
  3. Balabolka - Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader - reads text even in browser
  4. Online Talking Dictionarist - Has online keyboard option
  5. Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  6. See Online Talking Calculator and a list of free calculators on Math Page
  7. Alternatives for QuotePad - Many choices for note-taking and to do lists
  8. Use Bob Bowman's Reference Page - Find Voycabulary replacement
  9. See OPEN (FREE) EDUCATION Opportunities - Use some at home
  10. Law Section - See free legal forms, dictionaries, and more
  11. Writing Section - See related resources here
  12. Careers Section - See resume links and more
  13. Invention Section - See related tools and more
  14. Tech Tips & Tools Section - See useful choices
  15. Bob Bowman's Study Skills Section - Use first for success
  16. Discover Business - See Business plans and extensive tools
  17. CyberSecure My Business™ - Plus Free Checkup Tools - From Stay Safe Online
  18. 150 Free Online Business Courses - Select videos & more - Open Culture
  19. Download Outstanding Free Software below - Alternatives to paid versions!


  20. Free Marketing Books See other free books here - Open Textbook Library
  21. Business Podcasts - LearnOutLoud
  22. Business Category Podcasts - Courtesy of Podcasts
  23. The 15 Best Business Podcasts for Startups (and Our Podcast Too…) - Bplans
  24. Small Business Guides -
  25. Small Business Success Podcast Series - SCORE
  26. Why Does Your Business Need a Website? - Praxent
  27. 4 Ways to Start Your Own Podcast - Via wikiHow
  28. Encore Entrepreneurship - Archived links of
  29. SBA Videos | The U.S. Small Business Administration -
  30. Video Tutorials | New Enterprises | Sloan School of Management - MIT OpenCourseWare
  31. Business and Industry: Business publications - Free Online Library
  32. Business Media Links - Via refdesk
  33. Helping Veterans Start and Grow Small Businesses -
  34. Browse All Activities - Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing
  35. Tonya Skinner's Business Education Lesson Plans and Resources
  36. Are You Building A Better Business? - StartupNation
  37. How to Build a Better Business with Outsourcing - Entrepreneur
  38. Business Startup Checklist - Bplans
  39. Compound Interest Calculator & More - Courtesy of
  40. How to Build an Online Business: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  41. 77 Business Tips For An Online Entrepreneur - Dragos Roua
  42. *Online Businesses - Archival copy - The U.S. Small Business Administration |
  43. Search for Business opportunities or related items - Via infospace®
  44. Small Business Law: Free Legal Information
  45. The Electronic Embassy: Business Directory, Travel Tips, and more - Also see currency converter at
  46. Ten Steps to Start Your Business - Small Business Admin
  47. Thomas Register (.com) of American Manufacturers
  48. Business Education/Computer Science Web Site for Middle School - See Stock Market Simulation Handbook & Investor's Business Daily
  49. Tech Communications - topics via archived
  50. Some Principles of Knowledge Management - Thomas H. Davenport, PhD
  51. Knowledge Management Tools. net - KM educational site
  52. Business Writer's Free Library
  53. Great Calculators for Business and Math - Courtesy of
  54. Free Online Courses - Business, Computer, etc. - From
  55. Mr. Money's Positive Thoughts - Planning & business links at bottom
  56. Writing for Business - Via archived
  57. Free Business and Technical Writing Courses -
  58. Introduction to Technical Writing - Technical Communication Center
  59. What is Business Writing? - Links by ThoughtCo
  60. Free Business & Management Articles - Free to view but see permissions
  61. Free Business Tools - Online Tools for Small Businesses - Courtesy of shopify
  62. Free Management Library SM - Extensive business links & others
  63. Consumer Purchase Decision Aid
  64. Fair Division Negotiation (Decision Aid)
  65. Free Business Software Internet Library
  66. Internet Public Library: Business & Economics - Via Internet Archive

  67. Student Resources for Business Majors - Articles via ThoughtCo
  68. Student E-Resources - Free business e-books, student software, and more
  69. Business Jargon - A few examples by Open English World
  70. Business English Resources - Including Idioms - Students & Teachers Sections
  71. CanadaOne: Small Business Information - See free articles and other resources
  72. Free articles on Human Behavior - See the related archived book here
  73. StudentNow™ - See information on careers, good habits, etc.
  74. Startup - See resources to teach students how to become successful entrepreneurs
  75. Business Nation® has free Business Forms & more
  76. Free Small Business Help
  77. Management Internet Library - Extensive materials with glossary
  78. Business Technology and Strategies - See resources at InfoWorld®
  79. Databases: Library of Congress Electronic Resources Online Catalog
  80. NLRB: National Labor Relations Board
  81. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  82. hospitalitynet™ - See Hotel and Lodging information
  83. Resources & Reviews to Grow Your Business -
  84. Success Magazine Online: What Achievers Read
  85. Business.GOV - The official business link to the U.S. Government
  86. Electronic Journals - Business Reference Services - LOC
  87. BusinessWeek - Business News, Stock Market & Financial Advice
  88. Getting Info About Companies - See info on brokers & more at
  89. The Business Technology Management Global Network tm
  90. 50 Super Free Resources for MBA Students -
  91. Self-Paced Lessons from SBA
  92. 101 Small Business Marketing Activities - Plus 101 Business to Start
    - Courtesy of About® via Internet Archive (Most links are still active)
  93. How to Improve Time Management - Discover Business
  94. 30 things every student entrepreneur must know to succeed - See more via menu at TheHackerStreet
  95. How to Make Money in Retirement - Via
  96. Resources for Veteran-Owned Businesses - Via
  97. Patents Links - Business Reference Services - LOC
  98. A to Z Index of the Business Reference Services Web Site - LOC
  99. List of Fortune 500 companies and their websites - Zyxware Technologies
  100. Intergenerational Communication Issues: Management Tips for a More Effective Workplace - Rider Univ.


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  101. Free books on Economics - Open Textbook Library
  102. Economics - OER Guides - Free resources at Humboldt State Univ
  103. Economics Resources - Economics at Illinois
  104. Economics Information - See articles courtesy of ThoughtCo
  105. ECN 101: Principles of Economics - Powerpoint presentation
  106. Online Macroeconomics Textbook - See chapter contents at ThoughtCo
  107. Glossary of research economics - Via
  108. Economics Interactive Tutorials - By Samuel L. Baker, Ph.D.
  109. Bookmarks - See Finance links there too from
  110. Economic GLOSS*arama - economic terms & concepts - By AmosWEB
  111. A PEDestrian's GUIDE to the ECONOMY - Articles from AmosWEB
  112. Teaching K-12 Economics - Via Economics Education Web
  113. Economics Resources for College Teachers
  114. Resources for Economists on the Internet - American Economic Association
  115. Economics - Open Educational Resources - Research Guides at Humboldt State Univ
  116. Economic Articles - Also see investment tutorials & Calculators at
  117. Economics - Comprehensive information from Wikipedia
  118. The Economist Online


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  119. Financial Literacy Lesson Plans & Education Resources for K-12 Students
  120. Personal Financial Literacy Teacher and Student Materials - Oklahoma State Department of Education
  121. Resources for Teaching Financial Literacy - NEA
  122. Personal Finance for College Students | Lesson Plans and Workbooks - Via
  123. High schoolers learn about relevant financial skills PDF Series
  124. The Basics - 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy - See calculators also
  125. Resources – Financial Literacy
  126. Banking, finance and accounting publications - Free Online Library
  127. Investing & Finance Podcasts - LearnOutLoud
  128. 50 Best Podcasts for Accountants - The Accounting Degree Review
  130. Inflation Calculator - Courtesy of Morgan Friedman
  131. Surfing the Net with Kids: Money - Via
  132. - Guides kids through money matters
  133. Financial Education for Teens - BGCA Money Matters
  134. Stock Trading Simulation: Stock Market - By archived eHow™
  135. Children and the Stock Market - Includes simulation links
  136. Frugal Living Guide and Tips - Via The Balance
  137. Frugal Living, Savings, Credit Cards, CD Rates, Investing - The Simple Dollar
  138. Dictionary of Small Business
  139. Yahoo!® Financial & Business News
  140. Financial Terms Beginning With A - Investopedia
  141. Personal Finance Terms - For personal use per Investopedia
  142. Investing for Beginners - Links from the balance
  143. Financial calculators from
  144. Calculator Index from CalculatorSoup®
  145. Dogs of the Dow - High dividend yield Dow stocks
  146. Glossary of Stock Market Terms & Definitions -
  147. Free Finance Dictionaries - Free Finance Glossaries - Courtesy of alphaDictionary
  148. Reverse Mortgage Ideas - AAG® (One user reported link info sold)
  149. Cost of Living Changes Between 1963 and Now - AAG®
  150. Financially Well Resources - Includes budgeting form
  151. How to Create Budget In Excel Spreadsheet with Template - Via
  152. Profits Run - Options Trading - With Terminology Section
  153. The Ultimate Guide to Investing for Beginners - Student Loan Hero
  154. Financial Literacy Resources
  155. How to Teach Kids About Money at Every Age - Via moneygeek


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  156. 10 Best Free Open Source Budgeting Software Windows - List of Freeware
  157. Top Free Personal Finance Software Choices - Courtesy of The Balance
  158. Wheatworks Software no longer free
  159. Tips For Students for Financial Management -
  160. 16 Best Free Accounting Software - See other categories at List of Freeware
  161. See Free Business Plan generator - Plus other FreeMind uses at SourceForge
  162. List of open-source software links - Some for business use from Damicon
  163. Best Open Source Software - Archived Lifehacker has some business items
  164. Free Business / Organize Software - Freeware
  165. Free Accounts & Budget Free - Download single account software free
  166. dsBudget: Free Personal Budgeting Software
  167. Budgeting Tools & Money Saving Tips -
  168. Big List of Free Budgeting Tools and Software - My Money Blog
  169. APRCALC home finance calculator 1.33 MB - Via Softonic®
  170. Free software for Business, Time Management, etc. - Via
  171. EasyReg International: free economics regression software & More Freeware - By Herman J. Bierens
  172. QM&RBC Codes Online - See software for economics
  173. Download Contact Plus Personal - Free version is ad-sponsored
  174. Free software from
  175. EXPO/LE student version no longer available
  176. Fairmodel: Free Macroeconomic Online program
  177. Dia for Windows: Easy Flowcharts - Open source software
  178. Gliffy: Online program for drawing flowcharts, maps, etc. - Free for active students
  179. Free Diagram Software To Replace Visio for Diagramming Purpose - TechMixer
  180. *See Star Office & other word processors, spreadsheets, etc. - FreeByte
  181. Robert's Online Spreadsheet - Can be modified!
  182. A Java-based spreadsheet code for HTML document - The Java™ Boutique
  183. DADiSP® FREE Student Edition - A 9-windowed menu-driven spreadsheet
  184. 50 Free Apps to Run your Small Business Like a Professional - VitaminCM
  185. Freeware Resources - Including Business Tools from Tonya Skinner
  186. StudioCloud - Free Business Management Software - Free for one online user


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  187. LibGuides Community Site - Use Menu Symbol to find libguides' subjects at over 4700 libraries worldwide!
  188. See INDEX for REFERENCES, VOTECH, etc.
  189. FREEWARE SECTION has related FREE software
  190. Search the Internet using various engines and strategies listed in INDEX
    under HOW-TO GUIDES, and WEBTOOLS (for SAFE SEARCHING), etc.
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