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    1. 99 Coping Skills - Plus other articles on self-injury, abuse, journaling... from Boys Town National Hotline
    2. Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Students - See more at Via verywellmind
    3. List of Disorders and Coping articles - Pick a topic from NIMH Publications
    4. ULifeline - An ANONYMOUS online emotional health resource: Help yourself & friends
    5. The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection - Huge topical database - Dr. Bob
    6. Creative Coping Outlets: The Power of Music - PsychCentral®
    7. Smartphone Addiction -
    8. Stress Management 101 - See more at MindTools®
    9. *Download the Resilience Prescription PDF - Learn the essential 10 factors - by Steven M. Southwick, M.D. & Dennis S. Charney, M.D.
    10. Effectiveness of coping strategies for victims of cyberbullying - Cyberpsychology
    11. See Self-Diagnosis Tests below - Free online diagnosis and some PDF downloads
    12. 50 Highly Rated Self-Help Apps - Some are free via Top Counseling
    13. 6 Simple Ways to Avoid Workplace Burnout - The Simple Dollar


    14. A List of Coping Skills for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression - HubPages®
    15. What is Anger? - Stress Management from
    16. *Anger Toolkit - By - Via Internet Archive
    17. Controlling Anger Before It Controls You - From the American Psychological Assoc.
    18. Anger Management – How to Develop an Anger Management Plan - From verywellmind
    19. Get Your ANGRIES Out - See Anger Management Articles - Lynne Namka
    20. Anger Management Toolkit for Parents - Print out pdf cards - also in Spanish -
    21. ACT Against Violence Resources - See pdf printouts - APA
    22. Anger Management - By
    23. Anger Management for Children -
    24. Anger Management Games and Worksheets - Via Self Improvement Advice


    25. Conflict Resolution Skills for Healthy Relationships - - From verywellmind
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    32. Teaching Guide: RESOLVING CONFLICTS - For grades K-5 from


    33. How to Stop Worrying - By
    34. A Positive Attitude?... - It All Begins with Your Mind - See more at Self Help
    35. Teaching kids good coping strategies to build resilience - By risk (within) reason .com
    36. Building Social Skills Article Archive -
    37. *Coping Techniques - See sidebar for other resources
    38. Archive for the Productivity Category - Also see general archives via
    39. How to teach kids coping skills to manage big feelings - Coping Skills for Kids
    40. Ten Tips for Dealing with Difficult People - Edmonds CC


    41. Stress: What It Is and How to Manage It - pdf document from
    42. Stress Management: How to Reduce, prevent, and Cope with Stress -
    43. Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents and Teachers -
    44. An Overview of Stress Management - See much more at verywellmind
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    53. - See Free Help - including educational videos
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    80. Mental health information at Psych CentralMental health & psychology information and support - See all areas
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    82. Current psychology & mental health blog - See archival copy: Video games put the young way ahead - Psych Central
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    85. The Online Psychology Dictionary - Provides 521 psychology related terms - AllPsych
    86. Fun & Games - This section may help relieve stress - AllPsych
    87. *Mental Health Links by Dr. Bob - See many resources via Internet Archive
    88. Self Efficacy And The Perception Of Control In Stress Reduction -
    89. Free eBooks and Resources to Empower You into a Life of Abundance!
    90. Counseling & Psychological Services - Plus Links - Humboldt State University
    91. Mental Health - Help articles -
    92. Self-Help Resources - Links by Dr. Stevens
    93. PTSD and Trauma Self-Help and Self-Care: Safely Use EMDR Techniques Without a Therapist | - See helpful topics at HubPages®
    94. - See helpful topics - including related mind games
    95. Self Help Groups - See list of Self Help Articles via HubPages®
    96. The Ultimate Student Resource list - Help comes from many sources
    97. Overcoming Procrastination – 7 Tips to Get Yourself Going - PickTheBrain
    98. Tips to Stop Procrastination - The Balance
    99. Personal Development - See articles related to self help, self development & life coaching
    100. Articles for Grown Ups with ADD / ADHD
    101. Personal Health Topics See archival copy: How Teenage Rebellion Has Become a Mental Illness -
    102. - See warning signs and get help
    103. Psychological Self-Help - Free online book or downloadable version
    104. Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist - Psychology Today
    105. Self-assessment screening tools for depression, anxiety, substance abuse... - ADM Board
    106. Depression Test & more | MHA Screening – Mental Health America
    107. Coping With Depression - 17 Ways to Avoid Depression Relapse
    108. Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia - Via
    109. Symptoms of Emotional Abuse
    110. Help for Depression: Treatment Options & Where to Find Help - Healthline
    111. Browse Health Conditions - Info from
    112. Suggested Medical Websites
    113. Teen Weight Loss and Overweight Teens: Parent’s Guide to Obesity in Teens - WebMD
    114. *Size - Acceptance of self and others without regard to weight or body size.
    115. Overcoming
    116. Problem Gambling Screening Tools - See more Tips from NCGP
    117. *Teacher Information Series - The Process of Addictions - AHS
    118. Free Health Encyclopedia
    119. Hospital News Archives - Noah Health
    120. Help for Headaches
    121. HHS Programs and Services - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
    122. Calm Clinic for Your Anxiety & Panic
    123. How to Overcome Shyness - Also see other categories from wikeHow
    124. Archives : zen habits - Long list of zen advice
    125. The Obstacle is the Path - Also see shyness article at zen habits
    126. Am I Depressed? - CLICK HERE For FREE Depression Self Assessment plus see Free Hypnosis Downloads - Audio & video help -
    127. It's My Life - Advice about Feeling Afraid & other articles - PBS Kids GO!
    128. *Dealing with Depression: SELF-HELP AND COPING TIPS -
    129. *Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter -
    130. Self Improvement Articles - Read over 332,462 articles from
    131. *How to Have Good Mental Health - Courtesy of Developed Self
    132. Self Improvement Articles - Information, Tips, and Advice - Via Remez Sasson,
    133. The Personal Peace Procedure: A Foundational EFT Approach - Articles from
    134. Escaping Cape Fear 9 Ways To Not Let Fear Stop You - Kekeannisa
    135. How to Forgive: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - From wikiHow
    136. How to Deal With Difficult Relatives - 8 Easy Steps - Via wikiHow
    137. How to Deal With Difficult People: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - See many related topics at wikiHow
    138. See articles on depression and more... - Via
    139. Eat Right, Drink Well, Stress Less - Courtesy of UCLA
    140. See articles on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues - Via Foundations Recovery Network


    141. See Self-Improvement and Motivation links in this section


    142. Technostress - With Coping Strategies - Wikipedia (replaces Andrew Reid link)


    143. Self-Management Education (SME) Programs for Chronic Health Conditions - CDC
    144. See SELF-IMPROVEMENT SECTION for helpful links
    145. 80 Teacher/Counselor Articles/Handouts - Kelly Press, Inc.
    146. *Dr Stephen Covey's7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Archived via White Dove Books
    147. *Alphabetical List of Phobias - See more at Phobics-Awareness via Internet Archive
    148. Teaching Social Emotional Skills - See other pdf resources - some in Spanish - from CSEFEL
    149. See SUPPORT SECTION for academic jokes to relieve stress
    150. Study Stress Infographic — 15 Things You Need to Know


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