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  1. Beginner Tips - See how to use new technologies
  2. Votech Section - See 100+ links
  3. Engineering Section - See 100+ links
  4. Teaching Section - See 100+ links
  5. Writing section - See 100+ links plus business resumes
  6. Study Skills & Mnemonics Section - See 100+ links
  7. Online Tools and Productivity - New tools are here!
  8. Tech Tips & Tools Section - See extensive additions
  9. See extensive list of Free Software - See free programs useful in many endeavors
  10. How to Start Your Own Business - See great resources at
  11. - Find the printable job application you need
  12. Top Job Applications - See other forms also - some are free
  13. CAREERS:

  14. Self Assessment Tools - See articles from®
  15. Career Test-taking Strategies - Complete Test Preparation Inc.
  16. Job-Seeker's Glossary - See tutorials and more at Quintessential Careers?
  17. AIE: College Students - Planning For College - Bonus tips under Tools & Resources
  18. Occupational Outlook Handbook A-Z - U.S. Government
  19. CollegePrep-101 - See tips and College Terminology from Oklahoma State Univ.
  20. Career Planning and Career Advice - Via the balance
  21. College and Career Links
  22. See Top 50 Health Care Jobs - Under Resources at Top Medical Assistant Schools
  23. - Has career information
  24. Accredited Online Engineering Degree Programs
  25. Learn How to become a computer engineer & others
  26. Electrical Engineering Careers - See other careers at Career Cornerstone
  27. Salaries for Information Technology Professionals - 2015 U.S. Report
  28. Becoming A Teacher
  29. Photo Careers - Dan Heller's site
  30. Exploring Careers - Extensive links from Univ. of Manitoba
  31. College and Career Planning
  32. Careers & Career Planning
  33. International Scholarships: 101 TOP College, University, and Scholarship Web Pages
  34. College Prep 101 - Honolulu Advertiser
  35. Online & Campus Colleges, Technical & Vocational Colleges, and Trade Schools - Per
  36. Trade Schools Guide - Also see benefits and 99 success tips
  37. Finding Satisfaction in the Law - Do you have what it takes for legal jobs?
  38. Medical Assistant schools, programs and career - See more at eMedicalAssistants
  39. Becoming a pharmacy technician without any training - Also see certificate programs from The Pharmacy Technicians
  40. Logistics Career Exploration Guide for Kids and Students
  41. Medical Assistant Courses and Programs Online
  42. Medical Assistant Degrees
  43. Application.Careers - See job application, resume, cover letter combinations
  44. Environmental Jobs in the United Kingdom (and international locations)
  45. Online Colleges - including those for Veterans and Military Personnel - Affordable Colleges Online
  46. Campus Based Schools | Search Colleges & Programs by State - College Universities
  47. Top 25 Careers in Psychology -
  48. Psychology Careers -
  49. Online MBA Programs Guide
  50. MBA ROI - Courtesy of All Business Schools
  51. College Life Advice - Via Admitopia
  52. Online Colleges Search Tool
  53. See Online College Scholarships, Apps, Tips, and more - Courtesy of College Scholarships
  54. The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017 -
  55. The Top Counseling Degrees Online | Guide for 2016
  56. The 25 Best Online Master's in Engineering Programs in 2016 - BEST COLLEGES
  57. Computer Science Schools and Degrees - TE
  58. 56 Best Value Online Business Degrees of 2017
  59. Teach English in China - See site for opportunities - even without degree
  60. Arkansas State University's Online Program Portal
  61. Accredited College, High School & Career School Online | Penn Foster
  62. Top Nursing Schools

    NOTE: You can get your skills for free from numerous schools and other resources around the world
    Some will give you credit - but most charge for that provision - so check the terms

  63. See Free Education Section - From Bob Bowman's Guide


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  64. 300 Business Ideas to Start Your Own Business - By Business Know-How®
  65. How to Start a Business - Free Courses - Courtesy of My Own Business
  66. 10 Steps to Starting a Business -
  67. 50 Side Businesses You Can Start On Your Own - Ideas from The Simple Dollar
  68. Should I Start My Own Business? - Courtesy of lifehacker
  69. 41 Hot Home Business Ideas for Women
  70. College Career Life Planning - Download audio clips and documents on many topics
  71. Job Search Correspondence Tips - Advice on cover letters, resumes, etc.
  72. Five Things to Take Off Your Resume in 2017 - The Simple Dollar
  73. Tips for Writing a Resume When You Have No Work Experience - See more at Open Colleges
  74. The Purdue OWL: Résumés and Vitas
  75. Browse our collection of free professional resumes, invoices etc. - For MS Word-OpenOffice-Mac - Via Hloom
  76. Resume Help - Forms plus advice
  77. The largest publicly searchable database of graded resumes - LiveCareer
  78. How-To-Renovate-Your-Resume-In-3-Steps - Talent Thread
  79. Interview Questions: 100 Potential Interview Questions
  80. Hourly Wage to Annual Salary Calculator
  81. - Sign up for a free personalized SAT planning kit for PSAT / NMSQT takers
  82. Seniors Starting Your Own Business - Courtesy of Retired Brains®
  83. Starting Your Own WordPress Business - Courtesy of Torque Magazine
  84. How To Start Your Own Professional Blog with WordPress - By How-To Geek
  85. How to Start / Setup Your Own Blog Using WordPress - By Christopher Heng
  86. How to Study and Learn Effectively - See Time Management & more at Discover Business
  87. Job Skills Lesson Plans
  88. neuvoo. Your job search starts here
  89. Business Section - See 100+ links here


  90. Memory, Mnemonics and Mnemonic Techniques - From
  91. Study Skills, Assessments, Tips & More - How-To-Study .com
  92. College Student Online Guide for Better Study Skills - The Open University
  93. How to Manage Your Time: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  94. Free Small Business Advice | How-to Resources | Tools | Templates - See more at SCORE
  95. 381 Forms Available for Business - By Free Legal Forms . Net
  96. Wex, LII's Freely Available Legal Dictionary And Legal Encyclopedia - Courtesy of Cornell University
  97. Free Law Dictionary - Free Law Glossary - Courtesy of alphaDictionary
  98. Business Law & Legal Definition - USLegal™
  99. Doing Business | Free Online Dictionary of Law Terms and Legal Definitions
  100. Self-Improvement Section - See 100+ links here


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  101. LibGuides Community Site - Locate libguides A-Z at 4799 libraries worldwide!
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  103. FREEWARE SECTION has some related FREE software links
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