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  1. Khan Academy has a library of over 3,000 free world-class educational videos - Try some!
  2. Google Unveils Open Source Online Education Software (download, video, and Course Builder Checklist to build your own courses for free listed by PC Magazine) - May be useful to create assistive videos
  3. Beginner Tips - Learn how to use new technologies
  4. Please see Free Educational Technologies Home Page - Check important messages
  5. See extensive list of Free Software below - See alternatives to commercial versions!
  6. iTunes University provides podcasts from free universities aroung the world - Apple Education: Mobile Learning
  7. The Open Coursework Consortium - Lists free courses from universities around the world
  8. Dorina DAISY Reader - Firefox browser add-on to read books in Digital Accessible Information System format
  9. Text to Voice add-on for Firefox (highlight word/s - then right click and select Speak it)
  10. Firefox add-on - Converts text to audible speech on Mac OS X
  11. Online Talking Dictionarist (TR) - Has online keyboard option
  12. Free Online Translation - Also has Virtual Keyboard
  13. Free online Dictionary with instant English Pronounciation - Via
  14. NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) via free portable platform with audio running Windows - Replaces WebAnywhere
  15. Bob Bowman's Special Educational Page - Has related links


  16. DeafVIDEO.TV - see many selections
  17. Online TTS Service - speaks many languages -
  18. ImTranslator English Online Translator and TTS voice
  19. Sign Language gestures - Can also download
  20. Fingerspelling Website
  21. Dr. Bill Vicars' American Sign Language (ASL) Fingerspelling Practice Site
  22. Classifiers in American Sign Language
  23. Free Sign Language Chart and otherresources
  24. Family Guide to Assistive Technology - PDF from PLUK.ORG
  25. The Instant Access Treasure Guide - The Foreign Language Teacher's Guide to Learning Disabilities
  26. What's Assistive Technology - See definitions plus resources
  27. Selected Links to Assistive Technology - See free software and resources - courtesy of Linda J. Burkhart
  28. Assistive Technology Resources - Via EdLink Campus
  29. Disability Resource Directory - Assistive & Adaptive Technology: see extensive software listings - Some are free
  30. The Paciello Group™ - See resource section of TPG - your accessibility partner™
  31. Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities (KidSource Online)
  32. Augmentative/Alternative Communication links from AAC
  33. AbilityHub - Assistive Technology for computers and disability
  34. The International Dyslexia Association
  35. Adaptive Technology Resource Page (extensive list)
  36. Accessibility Tutorials for Microsoft Products (for students with disabilities)
  37. Disaster Tips for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  38. Technology for Students Who are Visually Impaired Collection - Table of Contents
  39. The Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (CATS) - has excellent resources like:
  40. Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary
  41. Online ASL Translator - ASL Fingerspelling
  42. SignWriting Software Online and Downloads - some are free
  43. has ASL Dictionary and lessons
  44. YAKiToMe! Free Text to Speech - online service
  45. Fire Vox - is an open source, talking browser extension for Firefox (may need older Firefox version from below)
  46. How to Cope with Sudden Illness or Disability
  47. Public Health Corps - See Resource Section
  48. Free and Discount coupons for People with Disabilities -
  49. Hands and Wrists: Learning American Sign Language


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  50. NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free and open source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system - Many free voices (more human than robotic) may be added
  51. AMIS is free open source DAISY playback software
  52. Free TAB Player for DAISY format
  53. TPB - download link for another free DAISY reader - see details at
  54. List of open source software packages - See Assistive Technology Section at Wikipedia
  55. EduApps consist of many outstanding free software collections for students, teachers, and lecturers - These fit on to USB thumb drives and many are assistive in nature
  56. Free Access Tools - See free and open source software here!
  57. Free assistive technology - These links increase the independence of people with disabilities - courtesy of
  58. ASLLA free (Open Source) American Sign Language Learning Aid - Dictionary and Fingerspell programs
  59. CatSoft - free software with the deaf learner in mind
  60. Free braille editor and fonts (Duxbury)
  61. Downloading and installing Edgar - Braille system
  62. Free Software - Focus on assistive facilities: programs are for Macintosh computers only
  63. Freeware Dictation Pro - Let your talking do the typing
  64. SayPad - A freeware talking text editor that can read a good book to you - 8.2MB
  65. Wordtalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word (can save audio files)
  66. Free Downloads: Text-to-Speech Programs - Home Page
  67. Verbose - Free text-to-speech program for Windows (saves to MP3)
  68. Communication Aids - part of ALS Links (free TTS programs among pay versions) via E-triloquist - cites mobile version:
    • Talk Now - free Android phone TTS App that vocalizes messages from pre-stored categories & more
  69. Virtual Magnifying Glass - open source software
  70. logo DesktopZoom - show original screen with transparency value of 0 to 100 percent
  71. Magnifier Home Links - see freeware magnifiers
  72. FREEWARE SECTION has really outstanding FREE software - See text-to-speech items to start


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