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  1. Beginning of School Activities - PreKinder
  2. Gayle's Preschool Rainbow: Activity Central
  3. Pre-School Activity Library - StoryPlace
  4. Preschool - Elementary Online Activities - Pinterst
  5. Free Preschool Games Online for Kids - Preschool Learning Online
  6. Kids games - Educational games & activities for preschool/primary school kids
  7. Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities -
  8. Interactive Learning & Reading Activities for Students - PreK-12 - Scholastic
  9. The Best Free Educational Websites for Elementary Students - The Seven Minute Scientist
  10. Interactive sites for Education
  11. 25 Terrific Online Games for English Language Learners - Courtesy of Online College Courses
  12. Free online lessons for elementary and middle schools; preschool, kindergarten, grade 1 2 3 4 5 - Via cyberkidzgames
  13. Preschool, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten Songs - Via Songs For Teaching
  14. Kids Math Games Online - Free Interactive Learning Activities, Fun Educational Resources
  15. Free Quizzes: Math, Spelling, Reading, e-learning, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, Languages, Spanish, Science - Quiz Tree
  16. Interactive Health Games - MedlinePlus
  17. Kids Games + Activities free online nutrition and health games - Via Healthy Eating
  18. E-learning for kids - See separate listings for kids and teachers
  19. via Wayback Machine
  20. - Worksheets plus much more
  21. Scholastic's Online Activities and Interactive Learning
  22. Ivy's Links to Printable Activities for Kids
  23. Syvum Online Activities - Interactive Education and Learning
  24. Ideas and Activities (for education - mainly math) - Via
  25. Mrs. Kane's 4th Grade Classroom Helpful Links
  26. Activities from (K-8)
  27. Online Activities - appropriate for grades 4-8, features online games as well
  28. Personal Educational Press: free card games, word lists, etc.
  29. Funtime Activities: Phonic activities, spelling, math, etc.
  30. 1st Grade Activities via
  31. DLTK's Educational Activities for Children
  32. Free interactive educational elementary science activities for kids online
  33. Free Printable Hidden Pictures for Kids - All Kids Network
  34. City Creator - Pick from 3 cities
  35. Childsplay is a collection of educational activities for young children
  36. Fun Games & Exercises For Beginners - ESL GAMES WORLD
  37. - Free Touch Typing Lessons
  38. Printable & Online Activites - Learning Games from theKidzpage
  39. Toy Theater - Art - and many other categories
  40. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity - type in words and listen how they are used
  41. Geography & Geology For Kids - By
  42. Tutorial: Morse Code Dots and Dashes In Telegraph Messages - See more from The Problem Site
  43. Learning Games for Kindergarten - Word Rhyme Mazes - See more at
  44. Yound Kids PC games online: - Free computer games & good educational activities - Learn4Good™
  45. Games and Animations Best of History Web Sites - Replaces kidspot®
  46. Free Online Spelling Training & Games for Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4
  47. ESL Activities for Kids - Fun Classroom English Ideas for Teachers -
  48. Free Math & phonics worksheets, Math Games & Online activities & Quizzes -
  49. Fun Science Lesson Plans - Activities for Kids, Ideas for Teachers, Free Online Resources - By Science Kids
  50. Hangman Game, Dolch Sight Words, & others - From via Internet Archive
  51. Weather Wiz Kids® Safety Hunt - Disaster Supply Kit word search
  52. FreeReading is a high-quality, open-source, free reading intervention program for grades pK-6
  53. - Practice Your Spelling - Words can be typed - then practiced
  54. Fun Website Links - Stage For Learning! - Found at Internet Archive
  55. Thousands of free Educational Online Games & Activities for Kids -
  56. Kelly Bear Sample Activities - covering Health, safety, and more
  57. Ultimate Guide to Living Math Activities - Our Journey Westward
  58. Your Ultimate Guide to Early Childhood Education Lesson Plans | CSP Online


  59. Visuwords™ - Online Graphical Dictionary And Thesaurus
  60. Awesome Library - See carefully reviewed resources for K-12 teachers, students, parents, and librarians.
  61. Websites to Explore Quality Teacher Development
  62. The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Activities - Cornerstone Confessions
  63. All Books (sorted by popularity) - Project Gutenberg
  64. Ultimate Guide to Free Online Self-Learning for Kids - Via Help Teaching
  65. Cool Sites for Middle School Students
  66. Bob Bowman's Reading Page - See important related links


  67. 101 Engineering STEM Activities for Kids - Via Help Teaching
  68. 50+ Genius STEM Activities for Kids - The Stem Laboratory
  69. STEM Resources - NEA


  70. Games and Business Activities for high school and college students - Learn4Good
  71. Chemistry Puzzles & Games - American Chemical Society
  72. World History Games - Learning Smart

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