Following are suggestions for helping Cleanup Our Beautiful Shenandoah River Banks  
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Clean Virginia Waterways
Department of Natural Sciences
Longwood University
Farmville, VA 23909

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Fax: 434-395-2652
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10 Pounds - 10 Minutes  
Take a Bag Fishing
Always carry an empty trash bag with you when you go fishing or plan a day out driving. 
It takes but 10 minutes to pick up 10 pounds of trash.  Deposit it in proper disposal containers. 
PLEASE.  Don't leave the bags by the roadside or other places for someone else to dispose of.


Policing and Policing  Always pick up your trash when fishing, swimming, or otherwise enjoying time by the riverside.  When you buy bait it is usually put into plastic bags for you to handle.  Make sure those bags and bait containers leave with you.  If you see someone trashing, remind them of their responsibility to take it with them.  Report violators to the proper authorities.  It is against the law to dispose of anything in waterways or along roadsides.NEVER, EVER leave fishing line behind.  It can kill.  Click here to Read about  The Law 


Take Responsibility  Take responsibility for your actions as well as those with you.  Remember, it is everyones
river and everyone has a part in keeping it clean for future generations.  What you do today DOES count tomorrow.


Adopt A River  We have an Adopt A Highway program, why not an Adopt A River one also?  Contact your Senators
and Congresspersons to find out what is available

Great News: We Now Have an Adopt a Stream Program.
Click Here for Link

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