Phil Zuckerman - band chronology

1952  A Star Is Born !  photo
1963  The Spiders   Gary Haines - drums,  Mike Hurst - Sax , Replaced by Dave Wright  photo photo
1965 The Princetons  Gary Haines, Mike Purtelbaugh - Bass, Ron Wilson - Guitar  photo
1968 Mod and The Rockers (changed to Joy in 68') Steve Dorman - B3 organ, Boo Snider - bass, Gary McIntyre - drums joy photo mod photo
1969 After high school, moved to Nashville, Tenn. to attend Tennessee Institute of Broadcasting  photo
1971 Worked as a disc jockey at station in Gaithersburg, Md..
         Happy Dog  Gary Haines, Harry Haines - vocals,  Ron Wilson, Shug Smallwood - bass
1972-74' Milk and Honey - Baltimore, Md. Lenny Grasso - bass, Ginger Kursch- vocals, Danny Peligrini - organ, photo
                                                                   Gary Haines
1974'  Apple Jack   Gary Haines, Shug Smallwood  photo
1975' Jade Brothers - Frederick, Md.  Harry Lebherz - bass, Dean Runkle - drums, Kenny Runkle - trombone, Van Showe - trumpet  photo
1975'  Attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music - studied classical guitar, piano
1975'  Hickory Stick   Dale Chafin - Bass,  Ralph Fortune - Guitar, Bud Strawderman - drums,Skip Hagga keyboards
          Three Man Band - Bud Strawderman, Steve Dorman
         Animal Crackers - Baltimore, Md.  Harry Haines, Gary Haines, Dale - bass, John Linthicum - guitar,                      George Walters-keyboards  photo
         Carnival - Baltimore , Md.  Dean Runkle, John Linthicum, Dale, George Walters
          Four of A Kind  - Frederick, Md.  Van Showe, Dean Runkle, Craig Kerr   photo
1976'   Fly     Bud Strawderman, Dave Kunkel - bass, Rob Yeakle - keyboards  photo wolfman  photo fly
                     77' Rob replaced by Mike Dorsey   photo
                           Released 45   photo
                     78' added  Marty Lanzino vocals   photo photo2
79'   Moved to Long Beach , Ca. played with Becky and Three Times   photo
80'  Back to Va.
        Fly II         Dale Chafin,  Bud Strawderman
82'   Fantasy   Norman Mann - Drums, Linda Zuckerman - bass, Ann Zuckerman - Vocals photo
83'   Fantasy II  Boo, Lenny, Norman    photo
84'  Night Fire - Bud Strawderman, Mike Dorsey, Lenny Grasso    photo
85'  Cruise Control - Bud Strawderman, Craig Kerr  photo
85'  began teaching at Shenandoah Music
       Performed solo at Yam's restaurant and Holiday Inn - Winchester   adv adv
       Mod And The Rockers Reunion   photo
86'  Skate - Craig Kerr - keyboards, Cindy King - vocals, Keith McMichael - Drums, Denny Jackson  - keyboards
87' Phil receives Honorable Mention from Guitar Player Magazine Soundpage competition  photo
93'  Headroom - Washington, D.C. Dave Kunkle, Rick Williams - Drums
94'  added Tom Dildy - keyboards
      added vocalist changed name to Dance The Night Away
95'  Princetons reunited - Gary Haines, Dale King - drums, Ron Wilson, Boo Snider  photo
       Princetons release cassette of original songs     (see recordings page)
98'  Fly III - Holiday Inn House Band - Winchester - Dale King, Cindy  Dickenson - bass
99'  Performed with Dan Aykroyd for Queens Ball Apple Blossom Festival   photo photo
      Released "Fly" CD   Bud Strawderman, Nate Zuckerman - bass, Chris Kave - keyboards (see recordings page)  link
      Released "When We Touch" instrumental new age CD  (see recordings page)
      Performed with Jeff  " Skunk" Baxter for Blues House 99'  blueshouse2
00' Performed with Jeff " Skunk" Baxter for Blues House 2000  photo  article article2
      Recorded parts for Discovery Channel "Shark Week"
      Fly CD reviewed in Music monthly  article  article 2
      Fly CD reviewed in Guitar Digest  article
      Charlotesville Blues Festival w/ Catfish Hodge    photo
      Honorable Mention in Music Monthly Best Blues in Region Poll    photo

01' January - Fly's 50th Birthday Party
03' August 30th - D.C. Blues Festival - International Blues Competition Contestant - Bud Strawderman, Dave Kunkel photo
     September - Begin playing with Kara Britz at Sweet Caroline's happy hour on Fridays - photo
04' Apple Blossom Festival with  Gary Grainger and WPG Trio - photo
05' Phil Zuckerman Band with Dave Kunkel and Mark Worthington

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