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All-Time Greasy-Gooney 10K Finishers Lists
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All-Time Male Finishers By Time
Below are all 578 male performances from the Greasy-Gooney 10K's fourteen-year history, sorted by finish time. The men's course record of 34:47, set by Frank Curiel at the inaugural race in 1999, still holds up after all these years.

Each of the race's fourteen years are represented below with different background colors, going from darker green (1999) to lighter green (2011), with 2012 performances highlighted in light blue. If you spot any mistakes, contact results guy Karsten Brown.

# name, age year time pace o'all in sex award
1.Frank Curiel, 33199934:475:361st1st1st M Overall
2.Chris Crosby, 29200335:105:401st1st1st M Overall
3.Aaron Schwartzbard, 28200535:145:401st1st1st M Overall
4.Bob Schneider, 27200335:185:412nd2nd2nd M Overall
5.Eric Chandler, 27200135:275:421st1st1st M Overall
6.Aaron Schwartzbard, 29200635:335:431st1st1st M Overall
7.Karsten Brown, 36201035:465:451st1st1st M Overall
8.Karsten Brown, 37201136:015:481st1st1st M Overall
9.Jordan Chang, 25201236:025:481st1st1st M Overall
10.Mark Vann, 33199936:285:522nd2nd2nd M Overall
11.Bradley Arehart, 29200336:485:553rd3rd3rd M Overall
12.Andrew Turner, 16200736:505:561st1st1st M Overall
13.Mark Whalley200736:575:572nd2nd2nd M Overall
14.Patrick Gladden, 21200136:595:572nd2nd2nd M Overall
15.Mark Vann, 36200237:005:571st1st1st M Overall
16.Karsten Brown, 33200737:065:583rd3rd3rd M Overall
 Chuck Love, 27201237:065:582nd2nd2nd M Overall
18.Larry Bullock, 24200237:085:592nd2nd2nd M Overall
19.Karsten Brown, 34200837:276:021st1st1st M Overall
20.Charles Bowles, 28201037:356:032nd2nd2nd M Overall
21.Charles Bowles, 25200737:456:054th4th1st M 25-29
22.Karsten Brown, 35200937:496:051st1st1st M Overall
23.Charles Bowles, 24200637:516:052nd2nd2nd M Overall
24.Karsten Brown, 32200637:596:073rd3rd3rd M Overall
25.Frank Curiel, 35200138:016:073rd3rd3rd M Overall
26.Charles Bowles, 30201238:076:083rd3rd3rd M Overall
27.Patrick Gladden, 19199938:106:093rd3rd3rd M Overall
28.Mark Vann, 35200138:186:104th4th1st M 35-39
 Jordan Chang, 24201138:186:102nd2nd2nd M Overall
30.Charles Bowles, 19200138:286:115th5th1st M 15-19
31.Mike Mason, 35200638:336:124th4th1st M 35-39
32.Jason Herron, 28200638:386:135th5th1st M 25-29
33.Raymond Bollock, 39200438:406:131st1st1st M Overall
34.Randall Conner, 38200638:506:156th6th2nd M 35-39
35.Patrick Gladden, 25200538:546:162nd2nd2nd M Overall
36.Seumas O'Reilly, 14200738:576:165th5th1st M 19 & Under
 Andrew Turner, 17200838:576:162nd2nd2nd M Overall
38.Adam Borbidge, 31201039:006:173rd3rd3rd M Overall
39.Mike Meadows, 50200739:096:186th6th1st M 50-54
40.Benjamin Veilleux, 14200439:146:192nd2nd2nd M Overall
41.Mario Zuniga, 48201239:196:204th4th1st M 45-49
42.Robert Fitzgerald, 23201239:256:215th5th1st M 20-24
43.Mark Vann, 37200339:286:214th4th1st M 35-39
44.Chris Northrup, 48201139:326:223rd3rd3rd M Overall
45.Karsten Brown, 31200539:356:223rd3rd3rd M Overall
46.Bryan Inglish, 34201239:436:246th6th1st M 30-34
47.Tom Heinemann, 41201039:546:254th4th1st M 40-44
48.Brad Rippey, 42200839:566:263rd3rd3rd M Overall
49.Charles Bowles, 29201140:026:274th4th1st M 25-29
50.Bill Stahr, 46200640:036:277th7th1st M 45-49
51.Mike Meadows, 51200840:056:274th4th1st M 50-54
52.Mike Brosenne, 23200140:086:286th6th1st M 20-24
53.Karsten Brown, 30200440:196:293rd3rd3rd M Overall
54.Bryan Inglish, 33201140:206:295th5th1st M 30-34
 Matt McClanahan, 21201240:206:297th7th2nd M 20-24
56.Neal Riemenschneider, 45199940:286:314th4th1st M 45-49
57.Perry Rapp, 47201240:306:318th8th2nd M 45-49
58.Raymond Bollock, 41200640:346:328th8th1st M 40-44
59.Ron Greene, 52200240:396:333rd3rd3rd M Overall
60.Stephan Dobson, 48200940:426:332nd2nd2nd M Overall
61.Raymond Bollock, 42200740:466:347th7th1st M 40-44
62.Joel McKenzie, 39200040:566:351st1st1st M Overall
63.Denis Brosnan, 25200741:076:378th8th2nd M 25-29
64.Raymond Bollock, 40200541:106:384th4th1st M 40-44
 Bryan Inglish, 32201041:106:385th5th1st M 30-34
66.Mike Meadows, 55201241:166:389th9th1st M 55-59
67.Duane Williamson, 49201241:186:3910th10th3rd M 45-49
68.Khiry Timbers, 17200841:196:395th5th1st M 19 & Under
69.Mike Walton, 42200841:266:406th6th1st M 40-44
70.Fred Franklin, 49200041:306:412nd2nd2nd M Overall
 Patrick Gladden, 24200441:306:414th4th1st M 20-24
72.Bill Stahr, 43200441:326:415th5th1st M 40-44
73.James Moreland, 50200241:336:414th4th1st M 50-54
74.Adam Borbidge, 30200941:406:423rd3rd3rd M Overall
75.Rick Kerby, 39199941:446:435th5th1st M 35-39
76.Matthew Gioia, 34200641:456:439th9th1st M 30-34
 Eamon Connelly, 28201041:456:436th6th1st M 25-29
 Chris Fishel, 24201241:456:4311th11th3rd M 20-24
79.Rob Davies, 52200841:476:437th7th2nd M 50-54
80.Mario Zuniga, 47201141:526:446th6th1st M 45-49
81.Daniel Dunlop, 13200441:546:456th6th1st M 14 & Under
82.Duane Williamson, 47201041:556:457th7th1st M 45-49
83.Khiry Timbers, 16200741:596:459th9th2nd M 19 & Under
84.Bill Osuch, 47200042:066:473rd3rd3rd M Overall
 Brandon Patterson, 39200642:066:4710th10th3rd M 35-39
 Lawrence Kusko, 41201042:066:478th8th2nd M 40-44
87.Seumas O'Reilly, 13200642:076:4711th11th1st M 19 & Under
88.Mike Capraro, 38200342:126:475th5th2nd M 35-39
89.Bill Stahr, 48200942:146:484th4th1st M 45-49
90.Bill Osuch, 46199942:156:486th6th2nd M 45-49
91.Weaky Weak, 43200042:176:484th4th1st M 40-44
 David Pinnick, 55201242:176:4813th12th2nd M 55-59
93.Marshall Eckert, 14200842:186:488th8th2nd M 19 & Under
94.Karsten Brown, 26200042:216:495th5th1st M 25-29
 Alexander Stewart, 27200742:216:4912th10th3rd M 25-29
 Duane Williamson, 45200842:216:499th9th1st M 45-49
97.Myron Kremer, 45200242:226:495th5th1st M 45-49
 Neal Riemenschneider, 52200642:226:4913th12th1st M 50-54
99.Karsten Brown, 29200342:266:506th6th1st M 25-29
100.Terry Leckie, 40200442:276:507th7th2nd M 40-44
 Duane Williamson, 43200642:276:5014th13th2nd M 40-44
 John Way, 46201142:276:507th7th2nd M 45-49
103.Karsten Brown, 25199942:336:517th7th1st M 25-29
104.Weaky Weak, 44200142:346:517th7th1st M 40-44
105.Stephan Dobson, 46200742:356:5113th11th1st M 45-49
106.Ryan Graf, 14200942:366:515th5th1st M 19 & Under
107.Clement O'Reilly, 15200642:396:5215th14th2nd M 19 & Under
108.Duane Williamson, 46200942:436:526th6th2nd M 45-49
109.Terry Leckie, 39200342:496:537th7th3rd M 35-39
110.Terry Leckie, 38200242:506:546th6th1st M 35-39
111.Ben Snarr, 19201042:536:5410th9th1st M 19 & Under
112.Keith Albright, 37200542:546:545th5th1st M 35-39
113.Joel McKenzie, 40200142:596:558th8th2nd M 40-44
 John Way, 42200742:596:5514th12th2nd M 40-44
 Patrick Griffith, 63200842:596:5510th10th1st M 60-64
116.Bill Gentry, 51201243:026:5615th13th1st M 50-54
117.Patrick Barrett, 14200743:036:5615th13th3rd M 19 & Under
118.Chris Northrup, 37200043:066:566th6th1st M 35-39
119.Myron Kremer, 46200343:116:578th8th1st M 45-49
 Joe Bernazani, 48200443:116:578th8th1st M 45-49
121.Stephan Dobson, 47200843:156:5811th11th2nd M 45-49
122.Timothy Hoff, 31201043:176:5811th10th2nd M 30-34
123.Denny Myers, 45199943:236:598th8th3rd M 45-49
124.Bill Stahr, 47200743:256:5916th14th2nd M 45-49
125.Duane Williamson, 42200543:287:006th6th2nd M 40-44
126.Mike Walton, 43200943:307:007th7th1st M 40-44
 Donnie Chapman, 50201143:307:009th8th1st M 50-54
128.Karsten Brown, 27200143:317:0010th9th1st M 25-29
129.Terry Leckie, 37200043:367:017th7th2nd M 35-39
130.Kevin Kunkel, 30200143:377:0111th10th1st M 30-34
131.John Way, 47201243:407:0216th14th4th M 45-49
132.Terry Leckie, 37200143:417:0212th11th2nd M 35-39
 Duane Williamson, 44200743:417:0217th15th3rd M 40-44
134.Denny Myers, 46200043:437:028th8th1st M 45-49
 Howard Campbell, 53200143:437:0213th12th1st M 50-54
 Joshua Vaughn, 22200743:437:0218th16th1st M 20-24
137.Jim Shaughnessy, 40200043:497:039th9th2nd M 40-44
138.Denny Myers, 48200243:507:037th7th2nd M 45-49
139.Juan Tisera, 23201243:527:0417th15th4th M 20-24
140.Mark Wisch, 44200243:547:048th8th1st M 40-44
 Myron Kremer, 48200543:547:047th7th1st M 45-49
142.Kevin Ellis, 55201243:577:0418th16th3rd M 55-59
143.Jim Shaughnessy, 41200144:057:0614th13th3rd M 40-44
144.Gary Richwine, 50199944:067:069th9th1st M 50-59
 Sean McGinnis, 41200644:067:0616th15th3rd M 40-44
146.Jim Shaughnessy, 39199944:097:0610th10th2nd M 35-39
 Dave McSherry, 48200344:097:069th9th2nd M 45-49
 Nathan Betcher, 18200644:097:0617th16th3rd M 19 & Under
149.Denny Myers, 47200144:127:0715th14th1st M 45-49
150.Myron Kremer, 44200144:147:0716th15th4th M 40-44
151.Rob Marino, 40200944:197:088th8th2nd M 40-44
152.Steven Viers, 36200344:217:0810th10th4th M 35-39
153.Tim Hudson, 44201144:227:0811th9th1st M 40-44
154.Michael Dunn, 34200944:277:099th9th1st M 30-34
155.Steven Higgs, 17200744:287:0919th17th4th M 19 & Under
156.Gregory Whittier, 40201144:307:1012th10th2nd M 40-44
157.Jim Shaughnessy, 43200344:357:1011th11th1st M 40-44
 James Rice, 25200444:357:109th9th1st M 25-29
159.Brian Napier, 16199944:397:1111th11th1st M 15-19
160.Bill Stahr, 48200844:427:1212th12th3rd M 45-49
161.Armin Yost, 23200044:467:1211th10th1st M 20-24
162.Josh McConchie, 16200544:477:129th8th1st M 19 & Under
 Guy Tomberlin, 43200744:477:1220th18th4th M 40-44
 Joel McKenzie, 49201044:477:1212th11th2nd M 45-49
165.Matt Gregory, 40201144:487:1313th11th3rd M 40-44
166.Steve Sisneros, 30199944:497:1312th12th1st M 30-34
167.Jim Shaughnessy, 42200244:507:1310th9th2nd M 40-44
168.Matt Reagan, 33201144:547:1414th12th2nd M 30-34
169.Neal Riemenschneider, 51200544:557:1410th9th1st M 50-54
170.James Rice, 24200344:577:1412th12th1st M 20-24
171.Kenneth Morris, 39200744:587:1421st19th1st M 35-39
172.Ryan Quinnelly, 27200944:597:1410th10th1st M 25-29
173.Michael Dunn, 33200845:017:1513th13th1st M 30-34
174.Sean Rankin, 15199945:147:1713th13th2nd M 15-19
175.Tim Hudson, 43201045:197:1814th12th3rd M 40-44
176.Doug Walker, 60199945:227:1814th14th1st M 60 & Over
177.Neal White, 35200645:257:1920th17th4th M 35-39
178.Myron Kremer, 43200045:307:1912th11th3rd M 40-44
 Mark Dempsey, 54200745:307:1922nd20th2nd M 50-54
180.Stephan Dobson, 44200545:347:2011th10th3rd M 40-44
181.Lawrence Kusko, 40200945:407:2111th11th3rd M 40-44
182.Eric Shue, 39201145:417:2116th13th1st M 35-39
183.Wayne Simon, 44200745:427:2123rd21st5th M 40-44
184.Sean Rankin, 17200145:447:2217th16th2nd M 15-19
185.Sean Rankin, 16200045:487:2213th12th1st M 15-19
 John Shelburne, 46200745:487:2225th22nd3rd M 45-49
187.Bruce Baraniak, 53201045:517:2315th13th1st M 50-54
188.Dennis Gates, 47200145:587:2419th17th2nd M 45-49
 Steven Viers, 35200245:587:2412th10th2nd M 35-39
 Denny Myers, 49200345:587:2414th13th3rd M 45-49
191.Steve Thomas, 43200746:007:2426th23rd6th M 40-44
192.Doug Walker, 63200246:027:2513th11th1st M 60 & Over
193.Mike Stevens, 37200346:057:2515th14th5th M 35-39
194.Shane Parker, 31201246:077:2520th17th2nd M 30-34
195.Jon Duvall, 44200846:107:2614th14th2nd M 40-44
196.Mark Dempsey, 59201246:127:2621st18th4th M 55-59
197.Bob Ring, 58200646:217:2822nd18th1st M 55-59
198.James Moreland, 53200546:247:2812th11th2nd M 50-54
199.Cliff Tell, 43200746:297:2927th24th7th M 40-44
200.Terry Leckie, 35199946:317:2915th15th3rd M 35-39
201.Steven Schaeffer, 54200346:327:2916th15th1st M 50-54
202.Kenneth Morris, 38200646:337:2923rd19th5th M 35-39
203.Guy Tomberlin, 45200946:427:3113th12th3rd M 45-49
204.Ryan Quinnelly, 29201146:447:3118th14th2nd M 25-29
205.Doug Walker, 62200146:507:3220th18th1st M 60 & Over
206.Jeremy Axmacher, 26200846:527:3315th15th1st M 25-29
 Matt Zemmelman, 37200846:527:3316th16th1st M 35-39
208.John Moore, 43199946:547:3316th16th1st M 40-44
209.Rob Marino, 38200746:577:3328th25th2nd M 35-39
210.Bruce Baraniak, 54201146:597:3419th15th2nd M 50-54
211.David Logan, 42201047:027:3416th14th4th M 40-44
212.Dave McSherry, 50200547:097:3514th12th3rd M 50-54
213.Jonathan Haines, 24201247:117:3624th19th5th M 20-24
214.Sean Feavel, 20200847:137:3617th17th1st M 20-24
215.Ken Gathercole, 57200847:147:3618th18th1st M 55-59
216.Mark Vann, 39200547:177:3715th13th2nd M 35-39
217.Michael Dunn, 32200747:187:3729th26th1st M 30-34
218.Lawrence Kusko, 35200447:197:3712th10th1st M 35-39
219.Joel McKenzie, 45200647:227:3726th20th2nd M 45-49
 Michael Legge, 31201047:227:3717th15th3rd M 30-34
221.Michael Schmiedicke, 31199947:247:3817th17th2nd M 30-34
222.Aaron Tabor, 35201147:297:3920th16th2nd M 35-39
223.Dan Broznak, 25200947:347:3914th13th2nd M 25-29
 Chris Seiders, 37201147:347:3921st17th3rd M 35-39
 Alan Fairley, 33201247:347:3925th20th3rd M 30-34
226.Steve Thomas, 44200847:357:3920th19th3rd M 40-44
 Denny Myers, 57201147:357:3922nd18th1st M 55-59
228.Michael Legge, 32201147:397:4023rd19th3rd M 30-34
229.Tom Aldstadt, 45200447:427:4113th11th2nd M 45-49
230.Bruce Baraniak, 51200847:437:4121st20th3rd M 50-54
231.Denny Myers, 53200747:447:4130th27th3rd M 50-54
232.Don Hickman, 61200447:497:4214th12th1st M 60 & Over
233.Vishal Verma, 29200647:537:4228th21st2nd M 25-29
 William Barvick, 36201147:537:4225th20th4th M 35-39
235.John Shelburne, 45200647:557:4329th22nd3rd M 45-49
 Wally Martin, 42201147:557:4326th21st4th M 40-44
237.Jim Shaughnessy, 50201047:597:4320th16th2nd M 50-54
238.Jimmy Bradshaw, 14200548:037:4416th14th2nd M 19 & Under
239.Luke Mason, 33200948:087:4516th14th2nd M 30-34
240.Michael Triantafillou, 45200448:107:4515th13th3rd M 45-49
241.Dan Broznak, 24200848:127:4522nd21st2nd M 20-24
242.Denny Myers, 51200548:147:4617th15th4th M 50-54
243.Wayne Kline, 54200848:197:4723rd22nd4th M 50-54
244.Shannon Neffendorf, 26200348:217:4719th16th2nd M 25-29
245.Stephan Dobson, 45200648:227:4730th23rd4th M 45-49
 Stefan Raab, 35201048:227:4721st17th1st M 35-39
247.Michael Legge, 33201248:267:4826th21st4th M 30-34
248.Michael Legge, 30200948:287:4817th15th3rd M 30-34
249.Jerry Updyke, 58200048:297:4815th13th1st M 55-59
250.Ed Mayhew, 61200648:377:4931st24th1st M 60-69
251.Chris Farmer, 32201148:437:5028th22nd4th M 30-34
252.Berne Stober, 48200348:457:5120th17th4th M 45-49
253.Eric Olson, 45199948:477:5120th18th4th M 45-49
254.Denny Myers, 54200848:487:5124th23rd5th M 50-54
 Denny Myers, 56201048:487:5122nd18th1st M 55-59
256.Richard Lewis, 44200748:497:5133rd28th8th M 40-44
257.Chris Northrup, 40200348:567:5321st18th2nd M 40-44
258.David Logan, 41200949:057:5419th16th4th M 40-44
259.Phil Holt, 50200549:087:5419th16th5th M 50-54
260.Denny Myers, 55200949:187:5620th17th1st M 55-59
261.Eric Johnston, 48201249:227:5728th22nd5th M 45-49
262.Steven Higgs, 16200649:287:5833rd25th4th M 19 & Under
263.Sean Fabling, 23200849:297:5825th24th3rd M 20-24
264.Ed Mayhew, 62200749:307:5835th29th1st M 60-69
265.Denny Myers, 50200449:337:5817th14th1st M 50-54
266.Brian Gillispie, 43200049:357:5916th14th4th M 40-44
267.Randy McConchie, 44200549:367:5920th17th4th M 40-44
 Tim Hudson, 42200949:367:5923rd18th5th M 40-44
 Ed Mayhew, 65201049:367:5923rd19th1st M 65-69
270.Doug Morris, 66200449:387:5918th15th2nd M 60 & Over
 Kenneth Morris, 36200549:387:5921st18th3rd M 35-39
 Chris Seiders, 34200849:387:5926th25th2nd M 30-34
273.Joseph Trujillo, 26200849:448:0027th26th2nd M 25-29
274.Matt Bunting, 30200749:498:0136th30th2nd M 30-34
275.Ben Marsh, 24201049:508:0125th20th1st M 20-24
276.Denny Myers, 52200649:528:0234th26th2nd M 50-54
277.Chris Seiders, 36201049:568:0226th21st2nd M 35-39
278.Brad Conver, 38200650:028:0335th27th6th M 35-39
279.Bob Ring, 63201150:038:0330th23rd1st M 60-64
280.Bill Powers, 52200850:068:0429th27th6th M 50-54
281.Larry Key, 58200550:098:0424th19th1st M 55-59
 Jon Duvall, 43200750:098:0437th31st9th M 40-44
283.Wally Martin, 43201250:108:0430th23rd1st M 40-44
284.Scott Patnode, 46200950:148:0525th19th4th M 45-49
285.Richard Lewis, 45200850:168:0530th28th4th M 45-49
286.Cliff Tell, 41200550:188:0625th20th5th M 40-44
287.David Gray, 40200550:208:0626th21st6th M 40-44
288.Mike Brown, 38200150:238:0722nd19th3rd M 35-39
289.Ryan Manuel, 12200050:278:0717th15th1st M 14 & Under
290.Ed Mayhew, 63200850:308:0831st29th2nd M 60-64
291.Richard Lewis, 46200950:318:0826th20th5th M 45-49
292.Quatro Hubbard, 50201050:338:0828th22nd3rd M 50-54
293.Pierre Delaigue, 28200650:358:0836th28th3rd M 25-29
294.Joel McKenzie, 47200850:378:0932nd30th5th M 45-49
295.Michael Triantafillou, 46200550:398:0927th22nd2nd M 45-49
296.Bill Tracy, 54200750:448:1038th32nd4th M 50-54
297.Cliff Tell, 45200950:518:1127th21st6th M 45-49
298.Bob Ring, 60200850:538:1133rd31st3rd M 60-64
299.Doug Napier, 48199950:548:1125th19th5th M 45-49
 Pete Bracken, 40200150:548:1124th20th5th M 40-44
301.Ray Jackson Jr., 37200950:578:1228th22nd1st M 35-39
302.Ed Mayhew, 66201150:588:1232nd24th1st M 65-69
303.Bruno Bonansea, 27200651:018:1337th29th4th M 25-29
304.Marvin Yakim, 51200051:068:1318th16th1st M 50-54
305.Brandon Horton, 28201051:078:1429th23rd2nd M 25-29
 Doug Morris, 73201151:078:1433rd25th1st M 70 & Over
307.Cliff Tell, 44200851:108:1435th32nd4th M 40-44
308.Wayne Simon, 46200951:128:1429th23rd7th M 45-49
309.Wally Martin, 41201051:138:1530th24th5th M 40-44
310.Paul Grosz, 49199951:148:1526th20th6th M 45-49
311.Lawrence Kusko, 39200851:158:1536th33rd2nd M 35-39
312.James Rohr, 40200151:168:1525th21st6th M 40-44
313.David Gray, 39200451:188:1519th16th2nd M 35-39
314.Paul Grosz, 50200051:198:1619th17th2nd M 50-54
315.James Rohr, 44200551:268:1728th23rd7th M 40-44
316.James Decker, 32200651:318:1738th30th2nd M 30-34
317.Luke Mason, 32200851:368:1838th34th3rd M 30-34
318.Jared Nieters, 26200351:378:1823rd19th3rd M 25-29
319.Ed Mayhew, 67201251:408:1932nd24th1st M 65-69
320.Larry Key, 60200751:508:2140th33rd2nd M 60-69
321.Brian Gillispie, 42199951:528:2127th21st2nd M 40-44
322.Steve Clegg, 47201151:568:2135th26th3rd M 45-49
323.Erik Mathews, 29199952:038:2328th22nd2nd M 25-29
 Richard Lewis, 47201052:038:2331st25th3rd M 45-49
325.Tom Davison, 50200752:088:2341st34th5th M 50-54
326.Donald Eckert, 47200952:098:2430th24th8th M 45-49
327.Jim Perlmutter, 62200752:108:2442nd35th3rd M 60-69
328.Scott Rhodes, 45199952:118:2429th23rd7th M 45-49
 Jeff Pence, 52201052:118:2432nd26th4th M 50-54
330.Paul Grosz, 51200152:178:2527th22nd2nd M 50-54
331.Chris Northrup, 36199952:188:2530th24th4th M 35-39
 Chris Northrup, 42200552:188:2530th24th8th M 40-44
333.Doug Morris, 71200952:258:2631st25th1st M 70 & Over
 William Barvick, 37201252:258:2633rd25th1st M 35-39
335.Jesse Navarro, 16200852:298:2739th35th3rd M 19 & Under
336.Ricardo A. Locarnini, 49201152:418:2938th27th4th M 45-49
337.Robert Hall, 45201252:428:2934th26th6th M 45-49
338.Larry Key, 59200652:438:2939th31st2nd M 55-59
339.James Northrup, 14201152:458:2939th28th1st M 19 & Under
340.Gil Langley, 63200552:468:3031st25th1st M 60-69
341.Garrett Patnode, 12200952:478:3032nd26th2nd M 19 & Under
342.Mark Raiford, 43200752:488:3046th36th10th M 40-44
343.Michael Legge, 28200752:528:3047th37th4th M 25-29
344.Blake Douglas, 16200753:068:3348th38th5th M 19 & Under
345.Mark Jaquays, 36200953:108:3333rd27th2nd M 35-39
346.Denny Myers, 58201253:138:3435th27th5th M 55-59
347.Dave Mayo, 49200753:168:3449th39th4th M 45-49
348.Glenn Gravatt, 51200853:208:3542nd36th7th M 50-54
349.José Velázquez, 48200753:268:3651st40th5th M 45-49
350.Justin Turner, 38201253:308:3736th28th2nd M 35-39
351.Stuart Shoppell, 38200653:388:3843rd32nd7th M 35-39
352.Steve Clegg, 46201053:418:3836th27th4th M 45-49
353.Michael Ellison, 47201253:428:3938th29th7th M 45-49
354.Dave Mayo, 53201153:468:3942nd29th3rd M 50-54
355.Doug Morris, 72201053:558:4139th28th1st M 70 & Over
356.Ryan Annis, 29200653:568:4144th33rd5th M 25-29
357.Michael Osicki, 35201254:048:4239th30th3rd M 35-39
358.Lyman Jordan, 54200154:118:4329th23rd3rd M 50-54
359.Ed Mayhew, 64200954:148:4435th28th1st M 60-64
360.Steve Clegg, 45200854:168:4444th37th6th M 45-49
361.Doug Berry, 68201154:228:4543rd30th2nd M 65-69
362.Daniel Pesta, 38200854:258:4545th38th3rd M 35-39
363.Paul Grosz, 52200254:318:4618th12th2nd M 50-54
364.Mark Raiford, 46201054:408:4842nd29th5th M 45-49
365.Brandon Twele, 12200054:418:4823rd18th2nd M 14 & Under
366.Ken Sava, 50201254:428:4841st31st2nd M 50-54
367.Doug Berry, 67201054:568:5043rd30th2nd M 65-69
368.Hariharan Subrahmanyan, 40201054:578:5144th31st6th M 40-44
369.Doug Berry, 65200854:588:5147th39th1st M 65-69
 Larry Key, 62200954:588:5136th29th2nd M 60-64
371.Paul Grosz, 53200354:598:5129th20th2nd M 50-54
 Gregory Dombchik, 36201154:598:5144th31st5th M 35-39
373.Arnie Tanner, 58200755:008:5156th41st1st M 55-59
 Heng-I Liao, 18200855:008:5148th40th4th M 19 & Under
375.Michael Span, 42200655:018:5147th34th4th M 40-44
376.Butch Proctor, 57200155:078:5230th24th1st M 55-59
377.Glenn Luttrell, 58200155:108:5331st25th2nd M 55-59
 Tom Lechleitner, 40200655:108:5348th35th5th M 40-44
379.Dave Osbourn, 38201255:158:5342nd32nd4th M 35-39
380.Dan Broznak, 23200755:218:5457th42nd2nd M 20-24
381.Blake Douglas, 17200855:288:5649th41st5th M 19 & Under
382.Frank Gaval, 61200855:338:5651st42nd4th M 60-64
383.Adam Jones, 26200755:368:5758th43rd5th M 25-29
384.Marvin Yakim, 63201255:428:5843rd33rd1st M 60-64
385.Ed Grainger, 58200255:438:5819th13th1st M 55-59
386.Jeff Campbell, 42200355:468:5830th21st3rd M 40-44
387.David Morganwalp, 49200755:478:5959th44th6th M 45-49
388.Jon Duvall, 46201055:488:5946th32nd6th M 45-49
389.Ian Clarke, 43201055:508:5947th33rd7th M 40-44
390.Dave Mayo, 50200855:539:0054th43rd8th M 50-54
391.Scott Medeiros, 47201055:569:0048th34th7th M 45-49
392.Dick Shainin, 52200255:579:0020th14th3rd M 50-54
 Jason Engel, 30200755:579:0060th45th3rd M 30-34
 Hunter Hollar, 59200855:579:0055th44th2nd M 55-59
395.Dan Rebmann, 31201056:089:0249th35th4th M 30-34
396.Ian Clarke, 42200956:099:0238th30th6th M 40-44
397.José Velázquez, 51201056:129:0350th36th5th M 50-54
398.Paul Grosz, 54200456:169:0320th17th2nd M 50-54
399.Adam Wald, 27200556:179:0333rd26th1st M 25-29
400.Thomas Robb, 42200456:229:0422nd18th3rd M 40-44
401.Tim Brown, 54200456:239:0423rd19th3rd M 50-54
 Joshua Dillow, 34201256:239:0445th34th5th M 30-34
403.Richard Burke, 59200556:269:0534th27th2nd M 55-59
404.Ian Clarke, 40200756:309:0661st46th11th M 40-44
405.Alex Lane, 29201156:339:0646th32nd3rd M 25-29
406.Griffin Sava, 16201256:369:0747th35th1st M 19 & Under
407.John Carter, 50201056:379:0751st37th6th M 50-54
408.Ray Kitchen, 67201256:399:0749th36th2nd M 65-69
409.Ian Clarke, 41200856:499:0956th45th5th M 40-44
410.Mark Raiford, 45200956:519:0940th31st9th M 45-49
411.Glenn Luttrell, 63200656:559:1052nd36th2nd M 60-69
412.Ryan Manuel, 13200156:569:1033rd26th1st M 14 & Under
 Jeff Campbell, 41200256:569:1021st15th3rd M 40-44
414.Doug Berry, 66200957:039:1141st32nd1st M 65-69
415.James Moreland, 60201257:059:1151st37th2nd M 60-64
416.Edward Dofflemyer, 55200757:089:1264th47th2nd M 55-59
417.Robert Gurtler, 68200357:099:1232nd22nd1st M 60 & Over
418.Paul Grosz, 55200557:189:1336th28th3rd M 55-59
 Noah Nason, 62201057:189:1352nd38th1st M 60-64
420.Kerry Magalis II, 37201157:229:1448th33rd6th M 35-39
421.Sam Pesta, 12201257:259:1452nd38th2nd M 19 & Under
422.Doug Morris, 68200657:289:1553rd37th3rd M 60-69
423.Jeff Campbell, 43200457:379:1624th20th4th M 40-44
424.Philip Holloway, 32200657:399:1755th38th3rd M 30-34
425.Robert Gurtler, 65200057:459:1827th19th1st M 60 & Over
426.Glenn Gravatt, 54201157:499:1849th34th4th M 50-54
427.Chris Loebs, 34200757:559:1965th48th4th M 30-34
428.Don Sybertz, 43200757:569:1966th49th12th M 40-44
429.David Wiesenhahn, 50201158:009:2050th35th5th M 50-54
 Bob Ring, 64201258:009:2053rd39th3rd M 60-64
431.Jimmy Bradshaw, 12200358:069:2133rd23rd1st M 14 & Under
432.Jordan DiPaola, 15201058:129:2253rd39th2nd M 19 & Under
433.Robert Gurtler, 67200258:149:2222nd16th2nd M 60 & Over
434.Ernest Walden, 31201058:179:2354th40th5th M 30-34
435.Mark Raiford, 47201158:189:2352nd36th5th M 45-49
436.Mark Belanger, 39200058:239:2428th20th3rd M 35-39
437.Robert Hall, 44201158:269:2453rd37th5th M 40-44
438.John Winkert, 49200558:329:2538th29th3rd M 45-49
439.Terry Bursey, 54200358:339:2534th24th3rd M 50-54
440.Hunter Hollar, 61201058:419:2755th41st2nd M 60-64
441.Robert Gurtler, 64199958:459:2734th25th2nd M 60 & Over
442.Erik Mathews, 30200058:479:2830th21st1st M 30-34
443.Daniel Pesta, 37200758:499:2868th50th3rd M 35-39
444.George Maxwell, 58200258:509:2823rd17th2nd M 55-59
445.Tom Logan, 49200058:569:2931st22nd2nd M 45-49
446.Mark Wiseman, 46200859:019:3058th46th7th M 45-49
 Bob Ring, 62201059:019:3057th42nd3rd M 60-64
448.Jack Giese, 54200559:069:3140th30th6th M 50-54
449.Dave Mayo, 48200659:129:3261st39th5th M 45-49
 Hunter Hollar, 62201159:129:3257th38th2nd M 60-64
451.Glenn Luttrell, 59200259:149:3224th18th3rd M 55-59
452.Dave Auerbach, 24200659:159:3262nd40th1st M 20-24
453.David Overholt, 37200659:169:3263rd41st8th M 35-39
454.Bill McDonnell, 53200359:179:3236th25th4th M 50-54
455.John Winkert, 45200159:379:3635th27th3rd M 45-49
456.Ric Francke, 52199959:539:3836th26th2nd M 50-59
457.Evan Bolton, 37200859:569:3959th47th4th M 35-39
 Ed Grainger, 67201159:569:3959th39th3rd M 65-69
459.Ed Grainger, 6420081:00:259:4360th48th5th M 60-64
460.Robert Gurtler, 7020051:00:299:4441st31st1st M 70 & Over
461.Glenn Luttrell, 6620091:00:339:4545th33rd2nd M 65-69
462.Dale Ramsey, 6020081:00:409:4661st49th6th M 60-64
463.Pete Bracken, 4120021:00:529:4826th19th4th M 40-44
464.Terry Lee, 3620061:00:589:4966th42nd9th M 35-39
465.Jonathan Froehlich, 2920051:01:019:4942nd32nd2nd M 25-29
466.Pablo Gutierrez, 4120121:01:059:5055th40th2nd M 40-44
467.Paul Grosz, 5620061:01:129:5167th43rd3rd M 55-59
468.Hunter Hollar, 6320121:01:149:5156th41st4th M 60-64
469.Jeff Smith, 5020021:01:279:5327th20th4th M 50-54
470.Larry Key, 6120081:01:389:5563rd50th7th M 60-64
471.Michael Osicki, 3420111:01:409:5562nd40th5th M 30-34
472.Robert Gurtler, 6920041:01:469:5627th21st3rd M 60 & Over
473.Glenn Luttrell, 6020031:01:499:5739th26th2nd M 60 & Over
474.Jack Burd, 5520061:01:559:5869th44th4th M 55-59
475.Ken Sava, 4920111:01:579:5863rd41st6th M 45-49
476.Nathan Purcell, 2620061:01:599:5971st45th6th M 25-29
477.Justin Gerometta, 3620121:02:019:5958th42nd5th M 35-39
478.Michael A. Hart, 4820121:02:0610:0059th43rd8th M 45-49
479.Robert Gurtler, 6620011:02:0710:0038th28th2nd M 60 & Over
 Phil Laub, 6020111:02:0710:0064th42nd3rd M 60-64
481.Neil Hakel, 3620061:02:1210:0172nd46th10th M 35-39
482.Ernest Walden, 3020091:02:4710:0647th34th4th M 30-34
483.Jeff Smith, 5320051:02:4810:0644th33rd7th M 50-54
484.Robert Gurtler, 7120061:03:0110:0876th47th1st M 70 & Over
485.Phil Laub, 5920101:03:0410:0963rd43rd2nd M 55-59
486.Gus Pesta, 920121:03:0510:0960th44th3rd M 19 & Under
487.Nick Hogan, 3620101:03:0810:1064th44th3rd M 35-39
488.Charles J. Shields, 5920111:03:0910:1066th43rd2nd M 55-59
489.Chris Manuel, 4320011:03:2010:1239th29th7th M 40-44
490.Glenn Luttrell, 6520081:03:2110:1265th51st2nd M 65-69
491.Phil Laub, 5720081:03:4510:1666th52nd3rd M 55-59
492.Nick Hogan, 3420081:03:4610:1667th53rd4th M 30-34
493.Kelly Brown, 1619991:03:5610:1740th27th3rd M 15-19
494.Phil Laub, 6120121:03:5710:1863rd45th5th M 60-64
495.Paul Grosz, 5820081:04:0210:1868th54th4th M 55-59
496.Glenn Luttrell, 6720101:04:0710:1965th45th3rd M 65-69
497.Ronald Occhiogrosso, 4620081:04:1710:2169th55th8th M 45-49
498.John Winkert, 5420101:04:2310:2266th46th7th M 50-54
499.Jeff Campbell, 5120121:04:3510:2466th46th3rd M 50-54
500.Jim Bradshaw, 5220051:04:4310:2545th34th8th M 50-54
501.Ray Clark, 4020081:04:5410:2771st56th6th M 40-44
502.Raymond Stamps, 7320121:04:5510:2767th47th1st M 70 & Over
503.Rick Jacobs, 2520061:05:0110:2877th48th7th M 25-29
504.Sam Pesta, 1120111:05:0210:2867th44th2nd M 19 & Under
505.Vern Heavner, 3120101:05:0410:2868th47th6th M 30-34
506.Jeremy Busch, 3520111:05:0510:2868th45th7th M 35-39
507.Ric Francke, 5320001:05:1410:3033rd23rd3rd M 50-54
508.Robert Gurtler, 7620111:05:2410:3269th46th2nd M 70 & Over
509.Kevin Barrett, 4420071:05:2810:3275th51st13th M 40-44
 Tom Ahern, 4620081:05:2810:3272nd57th9th M 45-49
511.Tom Ahern, 4520071:05:3010:3276th52nd7th M 45-49
512.Gary Tomberlin, 4920071:05:3510:3377th53rd8th M 45-49
513.Ronald Occhiogrosso, 4820101:05:4410:3570th48th8th M 45-49
514.Robert Gurtler, 7720121:05:4810:3568th48th2nd M 70 & Over
515.Robert Gurtler, 7220071:05:5210:3678th54th1st M 70 & Over
516.Michael Triantafillou, 4820071:05:5710:3779th55th9th M 45-49
517.Daniel Pesta, 3920091:06:2510:4152nd35th3rd M 35-39
518.Sean Rankin, 1820021:06:3510:4329th21st1st M 15-19
519.Robert Gurtler, 7320081:06:4010:4473rd58th1st M 70 & Over
 Casey Fabling, 2320081:06:4010:4474th59th4th M 20-24
521.Ryan Young, 1620061:06:4110:4480th49th5th M 19 & Under
522.Jim Harden, 3520061:06:4310:4481st50th11th M 35-39
 Ed Grainger, 6820121:06:4310:4471st49th3rd M 65-69
524.Phil Laub, 5820091:06:4910:4554th36th2nd M 55-59
525.Daniel Pesta, 4220121:06:5010:4572nd50th3rd M 40-44
526.John Winkert, 5120071:07:2110:5081st56th6th M 50-54
527.Jim Bradshaw, 5820111:07:2410:5172nd47th3rd M 55-59
528.Nick Hogan, 3520091:07:3310:5255th37th4th M 35-39
529.Vern Heavner, 3220111:07:4310:5473rd48th6th M 30-34
530.Robert Gurtler, 7420091:07:5710:5656th38th2nd M 70 & Over
531.Vern Heavner, 3320121:08:1610:5975th51st6th M 30-34
532.Raymond Stamps, 7220111:09:0511:0776th49th3rd M 70 & Over
533.John Winkert, 5220081:09:0811:0875th60th9th M 50-54
534.Ric Francke, 5420011:09:1611:0941st30th4th M 50-54
535.Ronald Occhiogrosso, 4520071:09:1711:0982nd57th10th M 45-49
536.Ronald Occhiogrosso, 4720091:09:3611:1257th39th10th M 45-49
537.Harold Sampson, 6320101:09:4511:1475th49th4th M 60-64
538.Ric Francke, 5520021:10:1011:1831st22nd4th M 55-59
 Jim Bradshaw, 5020031:10:1011:1841st27th5th M 50-54
540.Paul Grosz, 6120111:10:2211:1979th50th4th M 60-64
541.Ronald Occhiogrosso, 5020121:10:2811:2076th52nd4th M 50-54
542.Scott McLean, 3320091:10:3111:2158th40th5th M 30-34
 Scott McLean, 3420101:10:3111:2176th50th7th M 30-34
544.Jack Clough, 1820071:10:5411:2583rd58th6th M 19 & Under
545.Jim Clough, 2620071:10:5511:2584th59th6th M 25-29
546.Jeff Smith, 5520071:10:5711:2585th60th3rd M 55-59
 Robert Gurtler, 7520101:10:5711:2577th51st2nd M 70 & Over
548.Paul Grosz, 6220121:11:0611:2777th53rd6th M 60-64
549.Lewis Shroyer, 5520111:11:1711:2880th51st4th M 55-59
550.Nick Nelson, 2520101:11:2111:2979th52nd3rd M 25-29
551.Brian Marks, 3920111:11:4711:3383rd52nd8th M 35-39
552.Paul Grosz, 5720071:12:1011:3787th61st4th M 55-59
553.Lewis Shroyer, 5420101:12:2011:3881st53rd8th M 50-54
554.Paul Grosz, 6020101:12:3711:4182nd54th5th M 60-64
555.Todd Maiberger, 4020101:13:0611:4683rd55th8th M 40-44
556.Daniel Pesta, 4120111:13:1111:4785th53rd6th M 40-44
557.Ric Francke, 5620031:13:4811:5342nd28th1st M 55-59
558.Jim Bradshaw, 5620091:14:1011:5659th41st3rd M 55-59
559.Scott McLean, 3220081:14:1611:5778th61st5th M 30-34
560.Larry Elliott, 6620081:15:2612:0880th62nd3rd M 65-69
561.Bobby Bradshaw, 1620091:16:5112:2261st42nd3rd M 19 & Under
562.David Pearce, 5520071:17:3512:2994th62nd5th M 55-59
563.Lewis Shroyer, 5220081:17:3812:3082nd63rd10th M 50-54
564.Lowell Owsley, 7120011:18:1812:3642nd31st3rd M 60 & Over
565.Paul Grosz, 5920091:18:4912:4162nd43rd4th M 55-59
566.Lewis Shroyer, 5320091:20:1712:5563rd44th1st M 50-54
567.Bob Atkins, 7520001:21:1713:0535th24th2nd M 60 & Over
568.David Pesta, 1420121:22:3913:1883rd54th4th M 19 & Under
569.Dave Mayo, 5420121:22:4213:1984th55th5th M 50-54
570.Bob Atkins, 7920041:24:5113:3929th22nd4th M 60 & Over
571.Daniel Moser, 5520121:25:4313:4885th56th6th M 55-59
572.Ray Tudge, 5220111:27:1014:0292nd54th6th M 50-54
573.B.J. Balazs, 5020101:28:1014:1187th56th9th M 50-54
574.Karsten Brown, 2820021:30:3314:3434th23rd1st M 25-29
575.Dustin Metz, 2820111:31:4014:4593rd55th4th M 25-29
576.Bob Atkins, 8220071:31:4614:4697th63rd2nd M 70 & Over
577.Robert Trumbetta, 5320091:32:0914:5065th45th2nd M 50-54
578.Robie Cone, 8320061:56:3918:4694th51st2nd M 70 & Over

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