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All-Time Greasy-Gooney 10K Finishers Lists
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All-Time Female Finishers By Age Group
Below are the all-time female records for each of the Greasy-Gooney 10K's standard age groups. These groups have been used for the race's age group awards since the 2008 race. (Prior to that, there had been separate 14 & under and 15-19 age groups through 2004; a larger 50-59 division in 1999 [no winners]; a 60 & over group from 1999-2004 [again, no winners!]; and a 60-69 age group from 2005-2007.)

Each of the race's fourteen years are represented below with different background colors, going from darker green (1999) to lighter green (2011), with 2012 performances highlighted in light blue. Women whose surnames are known to have changed since they ran the race are listed with their current surname. If you spot any mistakes, contact results guy Karsten Brown.

Female 19 & Under back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Sarah Zielinski, 16201142:526:548th1st1st F Overall
2.Brittany Pollard, 11200644:237:0919th3rd3rd F Overall
3.Brittany Pollard, 12200745:447:2224th3rd3rd F Overall
4.Emily Durant, 15200647:017:3424th5th1st F 19 & Under
5.Anna Lawrence, 15200150:528:1123rd4th1st F 15-19
6.Christina Moore, 13200051:358:1820th3rd3rd F Overall
7.Melissa Moore, 13200053:018:3221st4th1st F 14 & Under
8.Julee Steele, 19201053:498:4038th11th1st F 19 & Under
9.Rebekah Gletner, 16200853:518:4043rd7th1st F 19 & Under
10.Rebekah Gletner, 15200754:158:4454th14th1st F 19 & Under
11.Sarah Zielinski, 13200855:488:5952nd10th2nd F 19 & Under
12.Katherine Rankin, 14200056:349:0625th7th2nd F 14 & Under
13.Kerry Magalis III, 12201157:209:1447th15th1st F 19 & Under
14.Amy Betcher, 15200658:119:2258th20th2nd F 19 & Under
15.Katherine Rankin, 1620021:02:4510:0628th8th1st F 15-19
16.Claire Lewis, 1720101:03:0010:0862nd20th2nd F 19 & Under
17.Claire Lewis, 1520081:04:3910:2470th15th3rd F 19 & Under
18.Claire Lewis, 1620091:05:3410:3350th16th1st F 19 & Under
19.Hannah Badley, 1620111:06:3810:4371st25th2nd F 19 & Under
20.Katherine Rankin, 1720031:07:1010:4940th14th1st F 15-19
21.Heather Presley, 1220001:12:4311:4234th11th3rd F 14 & Under
22.Jenny Lacombe, 1220001:25:4013:4736th12th4th F 14 & Under
23.Elizabeth Reardon, 1220061:28:3214:1592nd42nd3rd F 19 & Under
24.Elizabeth Reardon, 1320071:34:3715:1498th35th2nd F 19 & Under

Female 20-24 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Sarrah Hadiji, 23201241:556:4512th1st1st F Overall
2.Michelle VanHorn, 24200546:397:3013th2nd2nd F Overall
3.Kristen Chang, 24201147:517:4224th5th1st F 20-24
4.Michelle VanHorn, 23200449:207:5616th3rd3rd F Overall
5.Marsha Soergel, 24200549:518:0122nd4th1st F 20-24
6.Ann Chancellor Walker, 23200352:018:2224th5th1st F 20-24
7.Lori Schwartz, 22200352:038:2325th6th2nd F 20-24
8.Amanda An, 24201152:078:2336th10th2nd F 20-24
9.Brandi Sobanko, 23201253:318:3737th9th1st F 20-24
10.Ashley Popham, 22201055:418:5845th14th1st F 20-24
11.Robyn Spence, 24200656:369:0751st16th1st F 20-24
12.Therese Cluck, 24200356:589:1031st10th3rd F 20-24
13.Amy Benson, 24200659:119:3160th22nd2nd F 20-24
14.Chelsea Lane-Miller, 23200659:179:3264th23rd3rd F 20-24
15.Kelsey Shroades, 21200759:489:3769th19th1st F 20-24
16.Petra Jauregui, 2320061:02:1210:0173rd27th5th F 20-24
17.Shelly Stevenson, 2120061:02:5310:0774th28th6th F 20-24
 Krista Malingowski, 2220061:02:5310:0775th29th7th F 20-24
19.C. Beach Lagassa, 2420081:03:0610:0964th14th1st F 20-24
20.Mackenzie Landers, 2420101:04:3310:2367th21st2nd F 20-24
21.Elyse Barrett, 2020101:07:5510:5672nd24th3rd F 20-24
22.Cedar Balazs, 2420101:11:2111:2978th27th4th F 20-24
23.Danielle Tudge, 2320121:16:2712:1880th27th2nd F 20-24
24.Holly Singhas, 2220061:18:0412:3487th37th8th F 20-24
25.Danielle Tudge, 2220111:24:0713:3291st38th3rd F 20-24
26.Jennifer Haberlin, 2420061:31:2214:4293rd43rd9th F 20-24

Female 25-29 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Michelle VanHorn, 29201042:296:509th1st1st F Overall
2.Elizabeth Jones Hollis, 29200644:187:0818th2nd2nd F Overall
3.Mary Rice, 28200444:577:1410th1st1st F Overall
4.Katherine Lowery, 26200145:547:2318th2nd2nd F Overall
5.Michelle VanHorn, 28200946:147:2612th1st1st F Overall
6.Emily Warner, 27201146:447:3117th4th1st F 25-29
 Kristen Chang, 25201246:447:3123rd5th1st F 25-29
8.Mary Rice, 27200346:487:3218th3rd3rd F Overall
9.Michelle VanHorn, 27200847:287:3819th1st1st F Overall
10.Ember Verma, 27200647:527:4227th7th1st F 25-29
11.Anna Levy, 29200749:147:5534th6th1st F 25-29
12.Becky Harden, 29199949:187:5623rd5th1st F 25-29
13.Kelly Daley, 27199949:438:0024th6th2nd F 25-29
14.Rebecca Webster, 28201050:328:0827th6th1st F 25-29
15.Katie Steadman, 28200750:488:1139th7th2nd F 25-29
16.Amy Nieters, 27200351:378:1822nd4th1st F 25-29
17.Rachel Brodrick, 28201152:158:2537th11th2nd F 25-29
18.Elaine Fulmer, 29200352:228:2626th7th2nd F 25-29
19.Estelle Carpentier, 27200652:448:2940th9th2nd F 25-29
20.Sarah Bunting, 27200653:028:3242nd11th3rd F 25-29
21.Connie Miller-Mathews, 27199954:058:4232nd8th3rd F 25-29
22.Victoria Corder, 25200754:218:4555th15th3rd F 25-29
23.Catherine Humphries, 28200655:008:5146th13th4th F 25-29
24.Mary Cook, 27200655:559:0049th14th5th F 25-29
25.Amber James, 25201256:249:0546th12th2nd F 25-29
26.Diana Toomey, 27201256:379:0748th13th3rd F 25-29
27.Heather Siebenaler, 29200756:549:0963rd17th4th F 25-29
28.Patricia Ketchem, 27200658:129:2259th21st6th F 25-29
29.Connie Miller-Mathews, 28200058:359:2629th9th1st F 25-29
30.Kari Benson, 28200659:329:3565th24th4th F 20-24
31.Natasha Tomberlin, 26200959:539:3843rd11th1st F 25-29
32.Becky Cooper, 25199959:589:3937th11th4th F 25-29
33.Kristen Pence, 28200959:599:3944th12th2nd F 25-29
34.Connie Miller-Mathews, 2920011:00:019:4036th9th1st F 25-29
35.Kristen Vogel, 2820001:00:239:4332nd10th2nd F 25-29
36.Rachel Brodrick, 2620091:01:529:5746th13th3rd F 25-29
37.Heather Randell, 2720061:01:599:5970th26th7th F 25-29
38.Rachel Brodrick, 2720101:02:5310:0761st19th2nd F 25-29
39.Chris Kim, 2720091:03:0010:0848th14th4th F 25-29
40.Jen Peachey Schaefer, 2519991:04:1310:2041st14th5th F 25-29
41.Kristen Vogel, 2920011:05:1310:3040th11th2nd F 25-29
42.Kelsey Shroades, 2520111:08:3011:0175th27th3rd F 25-29
43.Shannon Johnson, 2620061:09:3511:1284th34th8th F 25-29
44.Bret Funk, 2920101:12:0111:3580th28th3rd F 25-29
45.LaToya Cain, 2820101:17:3512:2985th30th4th F 25-29

Female 30-34 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Audrey Ting, 30200742:046:4611th2nd2nd F Overall
2.Jill Atherton-Mellish, 32201242:566:5514th2nd2nd F Overall
3.Michelle VanHorn, 30201143:587:0510th2nd2nd F Overall
4.Taylor Poling Fairley, 31201246:137:2622nd4th1st F 30-34
5.Misty Bordner, 32201047:287:3818th3rd3rd F Overall
6.Krista Farris, 30199947:297:3918th1st1st F Overall
7.Vicky Krossman, 30199948:407:5019th2nd2nd F Overall
8.Misty Bordner, 31200948:467:5118th3rd3rd F Overall
9.Kim Craig, 33199949:127:5522nd4th1st F 30-34
10.Katie Steadman, 30200949:377:5924th6th1st F 30-34
11.Amy Feathers, 31201049:397:5924th5th1st F 30-34
12.Michelle Balio, 34201151:358:1834th9th1st F 30-34
13.Carter Wiecking, 32200251:378:1816th5th1st F 30-34
14.Alison Gittelman, 32200551:438:1929th6th1st F 30-34
15.Diedra Magnifico, 31200252:228:2617th6th2nd F 30-34
16.Kyra Brown, 34200352:288:2727th8th1st F 30-34
17.Heather Ambrose, 34201152:548:3140th12th2nd F 30-34
18.Krista Farris, 32200153:118:3428th6th1st F 30-34
19.Carter Wiecking, 33200353:288:3628th9th2nd F 30-34
20.Heather Ambrose, 30200753:568:4153rd13th1st F 30-34
21.Amy Feathers, 33201256:529:0950th14th2nd F 30-34
22.Dian Schlosser, 30199957:009:1033rd9th2nd F 30-34
23.Joy Granetz, 32200557:149:1335th8th2nd F 30-34
24.Michelle Guyant-Holloway, 32200657:399:1754th17th1st F 30-34
25.Bret Funk, 30201158:479:2854th17th3rd F 30-34
26.Diana Krupica, 30200359:199:3337th12th3rd F 30-34
27.Sonya Sell, 30199959:509:3835th10th3rd F 30-34
28.Andrea Harvey, 3320071:00:419:4670th20th2nd F 30-34
29.Marlena Walden, 3220101:02:5310:0760th18th2nd F 30-34
30.Jeannette Shaffer, 3019991:03:3610:1439th13th4th F 30-34
31.Heather Lark-Rickard, 3420061:05:0210:2878th30th2nd F 30-34
32.Lisa Heavner, 3220101:05:0510:2869th22nd3rd F 30-34
33.Marlena Walden, 3120091:05:3910:3451st17th2nd F 30-34
34.Mindy Allman, 3420061:06:5310:4682nd32nd3rd F 30-34
35.Heidi Overholt, 3020061:07:4910:5583rd33rd4th F 30-34
36.Amanda Rebmann, 3120101:08:3811:0373rd25th4th F 30-34
37.Christy Blake, 3020111:09:4011:1378th29th4th F 30-34
38.Julia-Faye Kimbrell, 3120081:10:2311:2076th16th1st F 30-34
39.Lisa Heavner, 3320111:11:2611:3081st30th5th F 30-34
40.Arin Rappa, 3220111:14:0611:5686th33rd6th F 30-34
41.Jeannette Shaffer, 3320021:14:4612:0232nd10th3rd F 30-34
42.Marcy Obenchain, 3120111:19:3212:4888th35th7th F 30-34
 Wendy May, 3120111:19:3212:4889th36th8th F 30-34
44.Jelise Ballon, 3020071:28:0314:1096th34th3rd F 30-34

Female 35-39 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Monika Bachmann, 36200143:277:009th1st1st F Overall
2.Monika Bachmann, 37200244:097:069th1st1st F Overall
3.Annie Kirkland, 37200544:317:108th1st1st F Overall
4.Alison Gittelman, 37201044:547:1413th2nd2nd F Overall
5.Monika Bachmann, 38200345:087:1613th1st1st F Overall
6.Monika Bachmann, 39200445:217:1811th2nd2nd F Overall
7.Kim Craig, 36200245:237:1811th2nd2nd F Overall
8.Tina Genay, 35200646:197:2721st4th1st F 35-39
9.Heather Kremer, 37200046:227:2814th2nd2nd F Overall
10.Karen Young, 38200647:077:3525th6th2nd F 35-39
11.Heather Kremer, 38200147:467:4121st3rd3rd F Overall
 Tina Genay, 36200747:467:4131st4th1st F 35-39
13.Rebecca Hall, 37201147:557:4327th6th1st F 35-39
14.Alison Gittelman, 36200948:057:4415th2nd2nd F Overall
15.Rebecca Hall, 38201249:147:5527th6th1st F 35-39
16.LouAnn Conner, 39200649:187:5632nd8th3rd F 35-39
17.Katherine Hoenig, 36200549:578:0223rd5th1st F 35-39
18.Mary Rice, 36201250:248:0731st8th2nd F 35-39
19.Vicky Krossman, 39200851:288:1737th4th1st F 35-39
20.Stephanie Pross, 38201052:138:2433rd7th1st F 35-39
21.Lisa Kilmer, 36200752:288:2744th9th2nd F 35-39
22.Carter Wiecking, 36200652:488:3041st10th4th F 35-39
 Anita Raiford, 39200752:488:3045th10th3rd F 35-39
24.Rebecca Hall, 36201053:188:3534th8th2nd F 35-39
25.Natalie Kennedy, 39200753:218:3550th11th4th F 35-39
26.Carter Wiecking, 39200953:228:3534th7th1st F 35-39
27.Elaine Fulmer, 36201053:398:3835th9th3rd F 35-39
28.Kathleen Pesta, 37200854:268:4646th8th2nd F 35-39
29.Kate Sylvester, 36201254:388:4840th10th3rd F 35-39
30.Elaine Fulmer, 35200955:478:5937th8th2nd F 35-39
31.Loren Little, 37200057:039:1126th8th1st F 35-39
32.Jeanie Kim, 38200657:529:1956th18th5th F 35-39
33.Stephanie Pross, 37200958:299:2542nd10th3rd F 35-39
34.Stephanie Tabor, 39201159:029:3056th19th2nd F 35-39
35.Susan Musante, 35200359:199:3338th13th1st F 35-39
36.Roselle Abregu, 3520111:01:409:5561st22nd3rd F 35-39
37.Bernadette Hanlon, 3820071:02:5210:0772nd22nd5th F 35-39
38.Judy Pollard, 3820071:03:5210:1773rd23rd6th F 35-39
39.Roselle Abregu, 3620121:04:3210:2365th20th4th F 35-39
40.Candi Pennifill, 3620061:05:1510:3079th31st6th F 35-39
41.Carol Culvyhouse, 3820021:07:2110:5030th9th1st F 35-39
42.Janice Dobson, 3920051:09:4011:1346th12th2nd F 35-39
43.Mindy Allman, 3520071:11:1611:2886th26th7th F 35-39
44.Ashley Gerard, 3620111:13:0311:4584th32nd4th F 35-39
45.Andrea Japzon, 3720071:14:2011:5890th29th8th F 35-39
46.Gina Bolton, 3620081:15:1512:0779th18th3rd F 35-39

Female 40-44 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Rebecca Nathan, 42200742:036:4610th1st1st F Overall
2.Laura Nelson, 41200642:166:4812th1st1st F Overall
3.Crystal Rapp, 44201243:587:0519th3rd3rd F Overall
4.Ruth Riemenschneider, 43200044:207:0810th1st1st F Overall
5.Ann Robb, 40200346:437:3117th2nd2nd F Overall
6.Karen Young, 42201047:397:4019th4th1st F 40-44
7.Nancy Andrews, 40200747:557:4332nd5th1st F 40-44
8.Karen Young, 41200949:267:5721st4th1st F 40-44
9.Lorie Greene, 41200249:397:5914th3rd3rd F Overall
10.Karen Young, 40200850:028:0328th2nd2nd F Overall
11.Karen Young, 44201250:068:0429th7th1st F 40-44
12.Laura Arslan, 42201150:218:0631st8th1st F 40-44
13.Elizabeth Scholder, 42200151:298:1726th5th1st F 40-44
14.Judy Masi, 40199952:218:2531st7th1st F 40-44
15.Kim Craig, 41200752:278:2643rd8th2nd F 40-44
16.Patty Hugo, 43201053:428:3937th10th2nd F 40-44
17.Gwen Corley, 44200553:478:3932nd7th1st F 40-44
18.Elizabeth Scholder, 41200054:028:4222nd5th1st F 40-44
19.Holly Bouchie, 40200855:288:5650th9th1st F 40-44
20.Mary Deppa, 43200155:368:5732nd7th2nd F 40-44
21.Mary Zielinski, 42200855:498:5953rd11th2nd F 40-44
22.Ann Robb, 41200456:229:0421st4th1st F 40-44
23.Gail Gannon, 41200558:269:2437th9th2nd F 40-44
24.Carol O'Leary, 44200158:349:2634th8th3rd F 40-44
25.Judy Masi, 44200358:499:2835th11th1st F 40-44
26.Cheryl Harrison, 40200459:359:3526th6th2nd F 40-44
27.Heidi DeLaFleur, 4220081:00:549:4862nd13th3rd F 40-44
28.Christy Short, 4320051:01:149:5143rd11th3rd F 40-44
29.April Lubkemann, 4120111:01:169:5260th21st2nd F 40-44
30.Krishele Carter, 4220071:02:0610:0071st21st3rd F 40-44
31.Laura Hunter, 4120121:04:0010:1864th19th2nd F 40-44
32.B.J. Connelly, 4420071:06:5610:4680th25th4th F 40-44
33.Julie Whitley, 4120101:08:5311:0574th26th3rd F 40-44
34.Julie Whitley, 4220111:09:1611:0977th28th3rd F 40-44
35.Sonja Eackles, 4420121:11:4311:3378th25th3rd F 40-44
36.Becky Marks, 4120111:11:4611:3382nd31st4th F 40-44
37.Tracy Endo, 4020061:12:5911:4585th35th1st F 40-44
38.Susan Salmons, 4020121:13:1011:4779th26th4th F 40-44
39.Janice Dobson, 4120071:14:1111:5689th28th5th F 40-44
40.Kerry McCarthy, 4220071:14:2111:5891st30th6th F 40-44
41.Janice Dobson, 4320091:15:2212:0860th19th2nd F 40-44
42.Janice Dobson, 4220081:15:3712:1081st19th4th F 40-44
43.Janice Dobson, 4020061:16:4712:2186th36th2nd F 40-44
44.Julie Workman, 4220061:18:0412:3488th38th3rd F 40-44

Female 45-49 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Katherine Williamson, 48201145:277:1915th3rd3rd F Overall
2.Mary Zielinski, 45201148:507:5229th7th1st F 45-49
3.Ruth Riemenschneider, 48200548:557:5218th3rd3rd F Overall
4.Kay Harrison, 46200949:277:5722nd5th1st F 45-49
5.Karen Gardner, 49200850:598:1234th3rd3rd F Overall
6.Kathy Manzo, 47200251:328:1815th4th1st F 45-49
7.Susan Jennings, 47200852:588:3140th5th1st F 45-49
8.Erika de Azagra, 46201153:288:3641st13th2nd F 45-49
9.Mary Greer, 49200753:538:4052nd12th1st F 45-49
10.Jennifer Sava, 46201255:589:0044th11th1st F 45-49
11.Alicia Shamblin, 48201158:529:2855th18th3rd F 45-49
12.Gwen Corley, 48200858:549:2957th12th2nd F 45-49
13.Vicci Tudge, 47201159:319:3558th20th4th F 45-49
14.Mary Deppa, 46200459:349:3525th5th1st F 45-49
15.Susan Jennings, 4920101:00:189:4258th16th1st F 45-49
16.Alicia Shamblin, 4920121:01:489:5757th16th2nd F 45-49
17.Deb Carter, 4720101:02:4610:0659th17th2nd F 45-49
18.Lidia Baca, 4920121:03:0710:0961st17th3rd F 45-49
19.Orysia Nasar, 4519991:03:1210:1038th12th1st F 45-49
20.Andrea Ferguson, 4920121:06:0710:3869th21st4th F 45-49
21.Jennifer Sava, 4520111:07:5910:5674th26th5th F 45-49
22.Colleen Snyder, 4820041:12:1311:3728th7th2nd F 45-49
23.Colleen Snyder, 4920051:13:3011:5047th13th1st F 45-49
24.Colleen Snyder, 4720031:14:2111:5843rd15th1st F 45-49
25.Colleen Snyder, 4620021:15:5712:1333rd11th2nd F 45-49
26.Michelle Morris, 4819991:16:4112:2042nd15th2nd F 45-49
27.Dorothy Hurtt, 4920061:25:3513:4691st41st1st F 45-49
28.Cindy Balazs, 4920101:28:1014:1188th32nd3rd F 45-49
29.Gina Wolford, 4520001:33:4015:0437th13th1st F 45-49
*Gale Moore, 492007n/a   2nd F 45-49

Female 50-54 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Bess Stuart, 50200853:188:3541st6th1st F 50-54
2.Bess Stuart, 52201054:358:4741st13th1st F 50-54
3.Mary Ellen Hutchins, 52200654:468:4945th12th1st F 50-54
4.Elizabeth Scholder, 52201155:528:5945th14th1st F 50-54
5.Mary Greer, 51200956:249:0539th9th1st F 50-54
6.Debby Burd, 53200656:289:0550th15th2nd F 50-54
7.Debby Burd, 54200756:459:0862nd16th1st F 50-54
8.Pam Patterson, 50201058:529:2856th15th2nd F 50-54
9.Jane Smith, 53200558:579:2939th10th1st F 50-54
10.Jane Smith, 5020021:00:199:4225th7th1st F 50-54
11.Judy Moran, 5120011:01:219:5237th10th1st F 50-54
12.Heather Callahan, 5420111:02:1910:0265th23rd2nd F 50-54
13.Anne Case, 5320071:04:3910:2474th24th2nd F 50-54
14.Susan Jenkins, 5420121:06:1610:4070th22nd1st F 50-54
15.Susan Gano, 5420121:07:2610:5174th24th2nd F 50-54
16.Susan Gano, 5220101:07:4810:5571st23rd3rd F 50-54
17.Renee O'Connell, 5320071:13:4511:5288th27th3rd F 50-54
18.Jane Pearce, 5420071:16:4312:2192nd31st4th F 50-54
19.Donna Moser, 5120111:16:5312:2287th34th3rd F 50-54
20.Janet Huber, 5420071:17:3412:2993rd32nd5th F 50-54
21.Colleen Snyder, 5020061:19:2712:4789th39th3rd F 50-54
22.Colleen Snyder, 5320091:21:0513:0364th20th2nd F 50-54
23.Colleen Snyder, 5420101:24:1413:3386th31st4th F 50-54
24.Colleen Snyder, 5120071:25:2313:4495th33rd6th F 50-54
25.Colleen Snyder, 5220081:27:3614:0683rd20th2nd F 50-54
26.Donna Moser, 5220121:29:2214:2386th30th3rd F 50-54
*Ana Stack, 542007n/a   7th F 50-54
*Gina Wolford, 512007n/a   7th F 50-54

Female 55-59 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Judy Gilbert, 56199948:507:5221st3rd3rd F Overall
2.Suanne Shocket, 57201054:128:4340th12th1st F 55-59
3.Adelaide Elliott, 56200055:318:5624th6th1st F 55-59
4.Patricia Brooks, 56200658:059:2157th19th1st F 55-59
5.Nancy M. Dean, 55201158:109:2251st16th1st F 55-59
6.Nancy M. Dean, 5620121:00:259:4354th15th1st F 55-59
7.Dianne Wright, 5720121:03:0710:0962nd18th2nd F 55-59
8.Jeanne Larrison, 5720121:06:5510:4673rd23rd3rd F 55-59
9.Colleen Snyder, 5620121:18:2312:3782nd29th4th F 55-59
10.Colleen Snyder, 5520111:24:0613:3290th37th2nd F 55-59
11.Janet Huber, 5620091:32:1614:5166th21st1st F 55-59

Female 60-64 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Mary Mayhew, 62200758:459:2767th18th1st F 60-69
2.Mary Mayhew, 6120061:01:429:5668th25th1st F 60-69
3.Amy Rowland, 6220091:03:5710:1849th15th1st F 60-64
4.Mary Mayhew, 6420091:06:3910:4453rd18th2nd F 60-64
5.Adelaide Elliott, 6420081:10:2511:2077th17th1st F 60-64
6.Jean Davenport, 6120061:21:2813:0790th40th2nd F 60-69

Female 65-69 back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Mary Mayhew, 6620111:05:5110:3670th24th1st F 65-69

Female 70 & Over back to top
#name, ageyeartimepaceo'allin sexaward
1.Janet Hughes, 7320101:15:3812:1084th29th1st F 70 & Over
2.Janet Hughes, 7520121:16:3412:1981st28th1st F 70 & Over
3.Dixie Engelhaupt, 7020071:58:2219:0399th36th1st F 70 & Over

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