Halloween at Mossy

Mary Lu and I went down to the Club on Mossy to give the Fall fishing a try.
The weather was spectacular as were the leaves.

We passed this lovely Maple on the way and just had to
stop and take a shot of it.

Shortly after we got there, Mary Lu found the club kitty to rub.

I found a cooperative brown right away.

He wasn't big, but he was friendly

The stream levels have recovered quite nicely from the summer draught.

Jeff has cut his corn, so the back cast is easy now.

I do much of my fishing from my knees. Folks often think I'm praying.
They are not far wrong. Fly fishing gives me much of my spiritual strength.

The fish were fairly cooperative this evening.
This rainbow came to my Tweeter caddis.

Mossy is lovely in the fading light of evening.

I hope to be able to come back again in the Spring time.

The reds and yellows of Fall reflected in the clear, cold waters
of an eastern spring creek bring purity to the soul.

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