Sinedot II Lamp


What you will need:

JASC's PSP (30 day free trial)- You can get it HERE
DragonFly's Sinedot II Filter - You can get it HERE
Sinedot II Lamp Parts - You can get it HERE

Unzip the Sinedot II filter into your plugin directory. Unzip the ziggylampparts into your Sinedot II plugin directory

Step 1:
Open a new image 300 X 300, 16 million colors, transparent background. Flood fill black for easier viewing. Create a new layer.

Step 2:
Go to Effects, Plugins, Dragonfly, Sinedot II and open up the ziggylampparts.cfg. Select the lamp. Change the color if you like. Then click apply. Go to Image/Canvass size and resize your canvass to 350 x 500. Go back to layer one and flood fill with black.

Step 3:
Go back to layer 2 and using your deformation tool rotate your lamp head. So it looks something like this. Go to Image/resize and resize to 75%. Make sure all layers is not checked. Move it up towards the top.

Step 4:
Now using the lasso tool set to freehand feather 0 and antialias not checked draw around the lamp part. Zoom in if need be. Save this selection to Selections/Save to Alpha Channel as you will be using it again.

Step 5:
Go to Color/Colorize and use Hue at 43 and Saturation at 255. Click ok. Then deselect.

Step 6:
Create a new image 75 x 400. Flood fill black. Create new layer. Go to Effects/Sinedots ll and select center. Using your selection tool set to rectangle draw a rectangle at the bottom and top of your image like so. Use your shift key to make the second selection, then hit your delete key. Then deselect.

Step 7:
Go to edit copy then back on the lamp edit paste as new layer and move into position. Go to selections load from Alpha channel and load the selection you saved earlier. Hit the delete key and then deselect.

Step 8:
Create a new layer. Using your selection tool set to rounded rectangle all other settings remain the same. Draw a selection at the bottom of your center piece. You can make this any size you like or you can use the ellipse if you rather. Go to Effects/Sinedot ll and select the bottom. Deselect and your finished.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you.



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