Sinedot II Butterfly


What you will need:

JASC's PSP (30 day free trial)- You can get it HERE
DragonFly's Sinedot II Filter - You can get it HERE
Sinedot II Butterfly - You can get it HERE

Unzip the Sinedot II filter into your plugin directory. Unzip the Butterfly into your Sinedot II plugin directory

Step 1:
Open a new image 300 X 300, 16 million colors, transparent background.

Step 2:
Go to Effects, Plugins, Dragonfly, Sinedot II and open up the ZiggyButterfly.cfg. Change the color if you like. Then click apply.

Step 3:
Go to Image and flip. Now your butterfly is upside right.

Step 4:
Set your background and foreground colors to black. Go to preset shapes ellipse using these settings. Now draw an oval shape in the middle of your butterfly. You may have to do some adjusting to get it the way you want it. Hence the reason we drew it in vector format. Convert to raster layer.

Step 5:
Now we will draw the head. Using the same settings as for the body make a itty bitty circle. Using the mover tool put it on top of the body. Convert to raster layer.

Step 6:
Create a new layer name it antenna if you like. Set your background color to null and set your draw tool to 2, antialias, and draw an antenna. Add a drop shadow with these settings.

Step 7:
Do a copy and paste as new layer, mirror the image and using the mover tool move the second antenna into place. For the eyes I just used the paintbrush tool and put two dots on it. Merge all layers and your done. See how easy this was.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

Here are some different colored butterflies. The first one and the last one were changed in the sinedot filter, the second and 3rd ones were colored using psp colorizing.

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