Another Way to Use a Mask


What you will need:

JASC's PSP (30 day free trial)- You can get it HERE
Mask - You can get it HERE A jpeg image of the mask is included in the zip just in case the mask doesn't open.
This mask came from Jan's Designs and she has lots of other neat things there too you may want to check out as well, she has also given me permission to zip the mask for your use.
Bmp Image - You can get it HERE
Put this image in your PSP Pattern folder.

The image I used above is unavailabe for download at this time, I am currently seeking written permission by snail mail to use it in this tut, until then please use an image of your choosing. Thank you.

1. Open the mask. To open the mask go to file/open and browse to where you put it. Next go to Window duplicate or Shift+D to duplicate and close the original. Go to colors increase colors to 16 million if need be not all images will you have to do this to.

2. Go to Layers/Promote to layer. Take your magic wand tool set at tolerance 20 or so and click the black or white area depending on what color the background is on the mask you choose to use. Go to Selections/Modify/ Select Similar. Now hit your delete key. This will remove most of the black or white parts of the areas so your left with the image portion. Now go to Selections/Invert. Set your foreground color to white and using the color replacer tool set at Round , size 255, step 25, and density 100 go over the entire image. This will make any black or gray pixels remaining white. Go to Selections/Select None.

3. Now you will need to zoom in on the image and using your paint brush set at the below settings fill in any open spaces that you don't want your image to bleed into.

There weren't too many of them, but they still need to be fixed.


4. Take your magic wand tool and click inside the image if you get something like this, then you need to undo and find the opening and close it as per above instructions.

4. My opening was at the top. Now it should look like this.

5. Add a new layer and go to Selections/Modify/Expand and expand by 1. Open an image that you want to use or use the one above. Go to Edit/Copy or Ctrl+C and make a copy. Go back to your mask image and go to Edit/Paste/Into selection. That will be layer 2. Move this layer below layer 1.

6. Next go to Image/Canvass Size and increase the canvass by the same amount in this case I increased both numbers to 410 Next go to Selections/Select all. And then Selections/Float. It needs to float for the next step.

7. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout and use these settings.

Do it again and use these settings. Deselect. That's it for the image portion. Now back to the mask. :)

8. Click on layer 1 to make it active. Go to Selections/Select all then Selections/Float. I used Effects/Texture Effects/Sculpture and these settings.

9. Make sure your still on layer 1 and go to Effects/.3D Effects/Drop Shadow and apply these settings or settings of your own choosing.

Apply another drop shadow using these settings or again setting of your own choosing

10. Add a new layer and move it to the bottom. Flood fill with a color of your choice. I took a color from the image that I thought would compliment the mask and the image in this case it was #EAD4B4.

11. Next go to Effects/Fine Leather and apply these settings, but again this is your choice on what you do here for your background. Only thing left is to frame it and that is your choice on how you go about it. This was just to show you how the mask is used in a different way.

Some others I did using this technique and different drop shadow settings.


I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail I'll try to help you if I can.

Be sure to put the name of the tut in the subject line or your e-mail may be deleted by mistake.

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