Corner Frame


What you will need:

JASC's PSP (30 day free trial)- You can get it HERE

And this graphic. Right click and save to your hard drive or drag it over into PSP.

After I did the Hummingbird tutorial and made the frame for it, I thought if I don't tell you how I did the frame I'd probably get tons of e-mail asking how I did it. So here's how I did the frame.

First off make sure your graphic is square, 300x300, 350x350 and so on. Do your frame however you like. You'll need to go to Layers/Promote to Layer. Next you'll need to go to image/canvass size and resize your canvass. After your finished go to your layers and duplicate it.

Hint: For an image that is 300x300 resize your canvass to 450, for a 350x350 resize to 500 and for a 400x400 resize to 600

Next go to Layers/Arrange/Send to bottom or drag your duplicate layer to the bottom. When you resize your canvass make sure you have plenty of room, because next we're going to rotate 45% left or right it doesn't matter. Make sure all layers is not checked when you rotate.

Now the fun part starts. Make sure your on layer 1 and not the duplicate layer. Your going to be using your eraser tool. Set it to whatever size your comfortable working with, don't worry about going outside the graphic, because it's easily fixable. Don't forget to zoom in so you can see what your doing. You will be erasing opposite corners.

Maureen from one of my groups sent me this tip. If you don't want to use the eraser tool. Take your Free Hand tool set to point-to-point anti-alais unchecked, then click on the tab and set it to Use Precise Cursers and draw straight lines. Like this. Then hit your delete key. If you choose to do this method which is very easy You'll need to be precise or you'll still have openings showing thru. Thanks Maureen for this tip. :) You'll have to look closely to see the lines but they're there. lol

Your doing great. But you've been doing all this erasing and you've went outside the lines. Do not fear ziggy is here. lol

Make sure you always stay on layer 1 and not your duplicate layer. Taking your eraser tool right click to replace your missing pixels.

Now I usually shut off the duplicate layer by clicking on the eye glasses so I can see how it looks. Wow missed a lot of pixels didn't I. Well it would appear more erasing is needed. Alternated between your left mouse button and your right mouse button and viewing and un-viewing your duplicate layer tidy it up. Be sure to stay on layer 1.

Now this is the look we want nice clean edges.

Merge your layers visible. If you've made your canvass size to large like I always do, take your magic wand and click on the transparency, go to selections/invert, then go to image/crop to selection

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail I'll try to help you if I can.

Be sure to put the name of the tut in the subject line or your e-mail may be deleted by mistake.

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