Faith Mission Home Staff

The staff of FMH is comprised of:

Approximently 50 single young men and women typically ranging in age from 18 to 30.

Three men serving as Director, Administrator, and Assistant Administrator.

Twelve Houseparents (six couples) living in one of five cottages that house some of the residents whomare more capable of living independently.

One man who serves as 'Builder on Grounds' and another that serves as 'Mechanic'.

The staff come from all around the hemisphere; ranging from Pennsylvania to Oregon, Florida to Montana, New Mexico to Virginia, even Ontario and Belize.

There never fails to be staff on duty, whether it's Sunday morning at 7am or 11:30pm Friday night. Upon coming to the home, a staff person will first take the position of floater. A floater is assigned to take care of various tasks around the home. Floaters can be found outside raking leaves, in the kitchen helping to cook meals, or where ever else something needs to be done. Most typically though, floaters take over the positions of other staff when those staff people have a day off.

Residents living at the home are divided up into five different categories: A, B, C, D, and E. Resident boys and girls are usually split up into different groups. Each of the ten groups have a care-taker who sees to their needs and takes them from activity to activity.

During the week the residents have a number of different classes to attend. One staff person teaches each class. The classes include Shop, Speech, Home Ec, Craft, and A, B, and C class.

Two staff girls work in the kitchen on a normal basis. There is also a Matron, Secretary, and Healthcare Supervisor.

On the top of the staff position ladder is the Boys' Training Supervisor, the Girls' Training Supervisor, and the Girls' Training Assistant. The Training Supervisors oversee the tasks of the rest of the staff and take care of holding the home together. The Girls' Training Assistant is responsible for such tasks as putting together the weekly schedule for the staff.

There is also an enclave of staff that work at Faith Mission Home, but rarely in the actual home itself. These include two staff boys who live at two of the cottages (Oak Ridge and Dogwood), and about eight staff girls who live collectively at two of the other cottages (Roselane and Sunflower). Along with taking care of the cottage resident girls, the eight staff girls also work at the Bakeshop.

This photo was taken in August 2003.

What do the staff do in their spare time?

It's rare that the staff does actually have spare time. Their schedule keeps them busy, and they give so much of themselves to see to the care of the children. Typically, a work day for each of the staff runs anywhere from 10-12 hours.

So when does the staff have free time? They will always have at least one day off a week unless they are on night duty (then they would have two days off the following week). There are also 'Bonuses' which means in addition to getting the typical day off in that week, that person also gets Sunday off. Slightly over half the staff get a bonus on Sunday each week. They are also given a certain number of days off, sick days, and travel days (though sick days are typically converted into days off by the consistently healthy). And unless a staff person has a 'late', he or she can generally participate in a scheduled evening activity.

Evening activities are generally a rec night (volleyball and foosball are the two popular activities), a service at the church, a farewell for one or more of the staff, a hymn sing, or choir practice. The choir travels occassionally, giving performances at various churches.

On Sundays some of the staff enjoy relaxing activities such as bike rides, walks, or reading. Others enjoy maximizing their day of rest by taking a nap.

For their once a week day off, the staff who have their day off together meet before the day to decide what they are going to do. Sometimes it is as simple as meeting for brunch or going to a store in Charlottesville. On days when they feel a bit more anxious to get out they might venture over to the Green Valley Book Fair south of Harrisonburg. Other times the organizes a trip to Williamsburg or Pennsylvania.

The staff gather in the pantry one evening for a hymn sing

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