Faith Mission Home
Free Union, Virginia

Faith Mission Home provides mentally handicapped children with around the clock care. Located 25 minutes northwest of Charlottesville nestled in one of many hollows around Shenandoah National Park

The home is under the joint-leadership of Amish Mennonite Aid (AMA) and Missions Interest Committee (MIC), two Beachy Amish Mennonite non-profit organizations. In addition to the Home, the community also has a bakery, a woodworking shop (both under FMH), a church-run school grade school, and a church that serves the staff, residents, and community.

The Staff
The life of the staff

The Residents
Routines of the residents

Faith Mission Stores
Bookstore, Bakeshop, and Woodcrafts Shop

Faith Mission Fellowship
The local Beachy church

The Bell Tower
An old bell tower is located at the end of the lane.

Pre-Beachy History of FMH
An historical article about Mission Home under the Episcopal Church

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