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Depending on the length of the cruise, either formal dress or casual resort wear is required in the Dining Room. The dress requirement for children is the same. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code. Formal Wear: tuxedo (optional); suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner.


The first thing to remember is that you're on vacation and you are aboard one of our "Fun Ships" to have a good time. The second thing to remember is to travel light. If you keep those two things in mind, you should do just fine. Casual attire and resort wear is the order of the day both on board and in port. Shorts, slacks, sundresses, blouses, etc., are in line for women. Clothing for men is just as casual. You should bring a pair of rubber-soled sandals or sneakers to wear on deck and a pair of good walking shoes. You might also want to consider bringing along a sweater or jacket for cool evenings and inexpensive rain gear in case of a sudden shower. Women may want to bring along a hat or scarf. You'll have a chance to dress up on two nights during 7 day or longer cruises (one night on shorter cruises) for the Captain's Cocktail Party and the Gala Farewell Dinner. On the other evenings you can dress casually for dinner. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido Restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code. Formal Wear: tuxedo; suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit; Capri pants NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner.


All staterooms have an amenity basket displayed in the bathroom. The amenities are subject to change and are only sample sizes. The basket may include such things as: his/her razors; shampoo and conditioner; body wash; Tylenol; deodorant; hard candies. Supplies will be replenished by the room steward, upon request.


A hair dryer is provided in the bathroom (Destiny, Triumph, Victory) or at the desk/vanity in the stateroom (Spirit, Pride, Legend, Conquest, Glory, Miracle, Valor). Hair dryers are not provided in the staterooms of all other ships.


Self-Service Launderettes Each ship has at least 2 self-service launderettes located on the stateroom decks. There are two or three washers and dryers, and one iron and ironing board in each launderette. The cost is $2.00 per washer load and $2.00 per dryer load. Vending machines dispense small boxes of detergent and water softener at $1.00 per box. Note: Due to local environmental requirements, the washing machines in the guest' launderette will be closed in port, per each ports specific requirements; the dryers and irons will be available for guest use.


Carnival has introduced a new mascot, "Fun Ship" Freddy, who is now featured throughout the fleet. Modeled after the line's signature red, white and blue winged funnel, "Fun Ship" Freddy was created to entertain guests of all ages sailing aboard the "Fun Ships" and reinforce the Carnival brand. Decked out in his customary cruise staff uniform, the six-foot-tall mascot features expressive eyes, a perpetual white-toothed grin, oversized white gloves and sneakers, and of course, the requisite Carnival I.D badge. "Fun Ship" Freddy also has a tux for formal night. In addition to greeting visitors as they arrive on the ship on embarkation day, "Fun Ship" Freddy interacts with guests and poses for photos throughout the voyage and is often found in the children's play area, the focal point of many "Camp Carnival" activities. Thus far, more than 20 people have been hired to portray the "Fun Ship" Freddy character. The actors, mostly former drama students, must undergo an intensive shoreside training session followed by a four-day "test run" in full costume aboard ship before being hired. In conjunction with the debut of "Fun Ship" Freddy, a series of plush toys have been created and will be available for purchase fleetwide in the near future. Prices starting from $14.95.


The following activities and entertainment are just a sample of what is available on all "Fun Ship" cruises. Gala Captain's Dinner Captain's Cocktail Party Past Guest Party (on cruises 5-days or longer) Camp Carnival - year round supervised children's activities (ages 2-15) Singles Cocktail Party Full Gambling Casino Gaming Lessons Tournaments: Blackjack; Slots; Poker 3 Bands and Orchestras (Calypso, Dance Music, Easy-Listening) Karaoke Briefings on each Port-Of-Call Shopping Talk Gala Midnight Buffet (on cruises 3-days or longer) Nightclub shows each evening at sea Midnight shows Spa Carnival Program Note: Some classes may not be available on every ship; classes listed with a $10 fee are not offered on: Celebration, Jubilee or Holiday. Beauty Seminars Pathway to Yoga Bodywalk Power Walk Pathway to Pilates Body Stretching Class Kickboxing Class Low Impact Aerobics Body Cycle Class Body Symmetry Stretch and Relax First-Run movies featured daily on the in-cabin TV Ping Pong Shuffleboard Volleyball (not available on Destiny, Triumph or Victory) Golf Putting Video Arcade Art Auction at Sea Card Players meet and play Guest Talent Show On Board Duty-Free Shopping Bingo Sessions Library: books and board games to borrow Midnight Deck Party Dance classes Galley Tour Ice Carving Demonstrations Debarkation Talk Fun and Games with the Cruise Director and Social Staff Note: Games vary and are up to the discretion of the Cruise Director Horseracing Couples and Lovers Game Trivia Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Win/Lose/Draw Battle of the Sexes Scavenger Hunt Ship Building Competition "Survivor" Game Show Mania Lido Deck and Pool Games


There are various spa services that are provided onboard. Note that all services may not be available at all times on all ships, and pricing may vary slightly from ship to ship. Please visit the spa once onboard to book your appointments for any of the following services: Hair Rituals Shampoo and Style Dry Shampoo, Trim or Restyle and Style Dry Hair Up Styles without shampoo and style dry with shampoo and style dry Elemis Frangipani Hair and Scalp Treatment Men's Men's Trim or Restyle and Style Dry Men's Wet Cut Beard Trim Comb Out Fringe Trim Shampoo (no style dry) Corn Braids Corn Braid (x 1) Corn Braid with Beads Corn Braid Full Head Color Semi-Permanent Color and Style Dry Permanent Color (roots only) and Style Dry Permanent Color (full head) and Style Dry Highlights and Style Dry Partial Highlights ** Please check the availability of the following services on your cruise: Tips and Toes Ritual Repolish Traditional Manicure Elemis Exotic Hand Ritual (includes manicure) French Spa Treatment for the Hands Traditional Pedicure Sole Delight Foot Ritual (includes pedicure) Foot and Ankle Massage Nail Fix Acrylic Nails - Full Set (refills only) Acrylic Nails - Full Set Paraffin Wax


For those guests who want the option of staying connected to the everyday world, we have implemented Internet Cafes fleetwide. The Cafe is open 24-hours a day and features private workstations with the latest flat panel computer terminals. Guests will have the ability to send and receive e-mail and access Internet sites. Guests can access their home account through AOL, Hotmail, Juno or Yahoo or have the option of setting up their very own temporary account on board with our CruiseE-mail. The computers are equipped with WordPad. The Internet is accessed via satellite through a satellite modem and guests are able to surf the internet as if they were at home. Files can be downloaded as "read only" but cannot be saved, since a floppy disk cannot be inserted into the PC's. The Internet connection speed is able to connect with bursts of 2.5 megs and 128 kbps upstream. If Palm Pilots are wireless than guests can take advantage of our wireless access. Guests may bring their own personal Laptop for use on board by using our Wireless Internet Service. If the laptop is not equipped with a Wireless Internet Card, guests will need to rent one from the Internet Cafe. If the laptop is running on Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 95, software will be installed in order to run the Wireless System. This will take approximately five minutes. If the laptop is running on Windows XP, the above software is not needed. The Wireless Internet Service is compatible with a Wireless 802.11b card, which is the industry standard. Even with the wireless service, guest's personal Laptop must be used in close proximity of the Internet Cafe. It cannot be used in guest's staterooms. Internet Cafe Price List Charges for the following services will be billed directly to guest's Sail and Sign Account as follows: A one time activation fee is $3.95. To obtain a temporary account while on board, the set-up charge is $3.95. To print information, the charge is $.50-per page. To utilize the service of the Internet Cafe, whether using a private workstation, renting a laptop or using the guest's personal laptop, the charge is: $.75-per minute. Block of Minutes (no refund for unused minutes): 3, 4 or 5 Day Cruise 30 minutes for $16.50 (.55 per minute). 60 minutes for $24.00 (.40 per minute). 7 Day Cruise or Longer 100 minutes for $55.00 (.55 per minute). 250 minutes for $100.00 (.40 per minute). To rent a Wireless Internet Card for a guest's personal laptop, the rate is $10.00 per day. To rent a Laptop, the charge is $35.00 per day; optional insurance is $10.00 per day.


Ticket Contract: Page 44. (a) Each fully paid adult guest will be allowed an unlimited amount of baggage free of charge. Baggage means only trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers and bundles with their contents consisting of only such wearing apparel, toilet articles and similar personal effects as are necessary and appropriate for the purpose of the journey. X-Ray Security Machines for security purposes, carnival limits the size of hand-carry luggage to 11"X 17", which is the dimension of the opening of the X-ray security machine (similar to those used at the airport); there is no measurement for length as the hand-carry luggage will lay flat on the conveyer belt. Luggage larger than 11"X 17" will not be permitted through the security machine and must be checked-in with a curbside porter. Safety Precautions due to "Safety Precautions", the following items are not permitted onboard: Irons Heating Pads Candles No Weapons Policy: Due to our "No Weapons Policy" and heightened security, guests are not permitted to bring on board: Firearms or weapons of any kind Pepper spray and mace Safety Concerns: Due to "Safety Concerns", the following items cannot be utilized on board nor are permitted on board: Bicycles Surfboards Scooters Boats/Canoes Scuba Tanks (empty or full) Due to "Safety Concerns", the following items cannot be utilized on board but may be brought on board for use in port, only: Roller Blades/Skates Snorkel Gear Skateboards Golf Clubs Fishing Rods (packed) Tennis Rackets Kites (packed) Miscellaneous Concerns Musical Instruments:For the comfort of all our guests, musical instruments can only be brought on board if the guest is performing and this performance has been pre-approved by the Group Department. Radios/Boom Boxes: For the comfort of all our guests, radios and boom boxes can be used with headphones or ear pieces when used in public areas. Floatation Devices: For the comfort of all our guests, rafts, tubes and floatation devices other than those used as life-preservers (water wings) cannot be used in the swimming pools on board. Metal Detectors: Guests are not permitted to use metal detectors on board because anything found on board would "belong" to Carnival Cruise Lines. We would then try to return the item to the guest. Wrapped Gifts: Guests may bring wrapped gifts on board; however, due to heightened security, the gift may have to be unwrapped, upon request. VCRs/Nintendo/Play Units: These items cannot be utilized on board because of the incompatibility of the units with the stateroom televisions. Fish Caught on Fishing Expeditions: The fish cannot be brought on board; it must be shipped home.


A-PASS: Automated Personnel Assisted Security Screening. The A-PASS is a computerized system for tracking all persons, both guests and crew, who enter and exit the ship. Upon arrival at the ship, each guest is issued a boarding card (Sign & Sail) which they must swipe to be officially logged on to the ship. The system imbeds a full color, digital photograph together with personal database information on their boarding card. When an individual slides his or her card, a computer displays a corresponding photo with database information and merges time and date tracking information upon entry or exit. This system saves valuable time and effort for the Shipboard Security as they only have to verify the individuals' photo and database information on the computer screen rather than having to physically match the guest with their photo ID and boarding card. Note: This system has been implemented on all ships in our fleet.


The Ship's Photographers take both candid and posed shots all during the cruise. The photos are then put on display, usually the very next day, and are available for purchase (with a Sail & Sign Card). The prices are as follows, depending on the ship: 4-wallet size $5.00 1-5x7 $5.95 1- 6x9 $8.00 1- 8x10 $19.95 Special requests can be made by appointment and are available for a fee. Film is available in the Duty-Free shops for purchase. One-day developing service is available for the following types of film. Drop-off boxes are located at the Photo Gallery: 35mm film Disposable cameras Panorama and APS Advantix Film can be processed on select ships; check with the Photo Manager for details. Developing film onto a CD (select ships: Spirit Pride Conquest Legend Glory).


Bathrobes are offered in all ocean view staterooms. If a guest wishes to purchase the bathrobe, they are available at a cost of $39.


There is one electrical outlet in each stateroom located in the area of the desk/vanity. The outlet is equipped with a 3-prong 110 volt and a 220 volt plug. The outlet in the bathroom can only be used for electric razors.


All staterooms will have a stocked minibar. The items will be replenished twice daily as the items are consumed and charged to the guest's Sail & Sign Account along with a 15% restocking charge. If the guest wishes to have the minibar permanently locked, they must contact the Information Desk. The minibar service will be locked on the night prior to debarkation. Offered on the following ships: Spirit, Pride, Legend, Conquest, Glory, Miracle, Valor and aboard the Triumph and Victory in category 11 and 12 suites. The minibar will be stocked with premium liquor, wine, beer, soft drinks and a variety of sweet/salty snacks.


Oversized logo beach towels are placed in each stateroom nightly as an amenity. Guests may take the towels ashore, but are expected to return them. If the guest wishes to purchase the beach towels, they are available for a fee.


Yes. This system allows our guests to order shore tours, Pay-Per-View movies (for a fee) and room service from the comfort of their stateroom. Guests can also review the status of their Sail & Sign account through the interactive TV system. Applicable ships: Destiny, Imagination, Pride, Legend, Triumph, Conquest, Valor, Glory, Spirit, Miracle.


Guests can pay their shipboard gratuities in one of two ways: 1. Reverse Gratuity Policy - For our guests' convenience, we automatically add the recommended gratuities to the onboard Sail & Sign account on embarkation day. Guests will have the discretion to adjust these gratuities based upon the level of service received during the cruise. This includes the option to adjust gratuities (up or down) for any individual on the Dining or Housekeeping staff. In order to do so, the guest will need to visit the Information Desk on board. 2. Pre-Paid Gratuity Policy - Gratuities are pre-arranged and paid at the time of booking or any time up to two weeks prior to the sail date. All guests on each booking must prepay the gratuities, with the exception of children under two. The pre-paid gratuities can not be removed once the booking has been ticketed. The guest will not have the option to adjust the gratuities (up or down) based on the level of service received during the cruise. The dollar amount of the gratuities will appear in the Miscellaneous Charge field on the booking. The guest copy on the cruise ticket will indicate if gratuities have been paid. The total amount will be $10 per guest, per day, which breaks down as follows: $5.50 pp/pd for Dining Team Service (Headwaiter and Waiter) $1 pp/pd for Bistro Service (Waiter/Cooks) $3.50 pp/pd for Cabin Services (Cabin Steward) Tipping the Maitre D' is strictly at guest's discretion, based upon services rendered. For guests who wish to extend this gratuity in cash, an envelope will be available on the last evening of the cruise. Tipping still applies regardless of the dining options selected, such as eating at the casual dining restaurant or utilizing room service. Bar Waiters, Deck Stewards and Bell Boys - Certain personnel, as noted above, may be tipped as service is rendered. A 15% gratuity is automatically added to beverage purchases which the guest may adjust appropriate to the service received. Note: Guests under two years of age are not required to extend gratuities.


Guests on Carnival's Fly-Aweigh Program Guests who have purchased Carnival's Transfers Arrival at the Airport: Guests will be met by the Meet & Greet Staff either at the Baggage Claim area or just beyond the security check point area, depending on the airport. Guests will be led to the Baggage Claim area where he/she will claim their own luggage. The Meet & Greet Staff will lead guests (with their luggage) to the awaiting motor coaches once enough guests have arrived for the motor coach to leave at full capacity. Arrival at the Cruise Terminal: Upon arrival at the terminal, guests will debark the motor coach and claim their luggage. Guests will then give the luggage to the Porter; the customary tip for this service is $1.00 per bag. Guests will proceed into the cruise terminal for Check-In. Guests Arriving at the Cruise Terminal by Private Car Arrival at the Cruise Terminal: Guests will follow the directions to the Port and pass through Port Authority Security. Guests will be asked to show Proof of I.D. and Cruise Documents. Guests will drop off their luggage at the Baggage Drop-Off area and give the luggage to the Porter; the customary tip for this service is $1.00 per bag. Guests will park their car in the designated parking area and walk back to the terminal; depending on the distance, some cruise terminals have a complimentary shuttle from the parking area to the terminal. Guest will proceed into the cruise terminal for Check-In.


Guests will pass through the X-ray Security Machines with their carry-on bags. Luggage larger than 11"x 17" will not be permitted through the security machine and must be checked-in with a curbside porter. Guests will proceed to the Check-In area. The embarkation process will include submitting cruise documents, showing proof of travel documentation and issuing a credit card (if applicable) for their Sail & Sign Account. Guests opting to pay in cash for the Sail & Sign Account will do so on board at the Information Desk. After checking in, guests will go to another area to collect their boarding card. Inspiration, Elation, Paradise, destiny, Triumph, Victory, Spirit, Pride, Legend, Conquest, Glory, Miracle, Valor:Guests will be issued a boarding card that is used for, 1) getting on/off the ship, 2) stateroom key, and 3) Sail & Sign Account. Holiday, Jubilee, celebration, Fantasy, Ecstasy, Sensation, Fascination, Imagination: Guests will be issued a boarding card that is used for, 1) getting on/off the ship, and 2) Sail & Sign Account. A separate plastic key will also be issued for the stateroom door. Guests will have a "Welcome Aboard" photo taken by the Ship's Photo Staff. The photo will be on display later in the cruise for purchase. The Security Personnel will take guest's boarding card and with the A-Pass System, will imbed a full color, digital photograph together with personal database information directly onto the boarding card. Guests at this time may proceed on board for their cruise.


For cruises with one formal night, the formal night is scheduled for the second or third evening of the cruise, with schedules permitting. For cruises with two formal nights, the first formal night is scheduled for the second or third evening of the cruise; the second formal night is scheduled for the second or third evening prior to the end of the cruise, with schedules permitting. 1-day cruise: no formal nights 2-day cruise: one formal night 3-day cruise: one formal night 4-day cruise: one formal night 5-day cruise: one formal night 6-day cruise: two formal nights 7-day cruise: two formal nights 8-day cruise: two formal nights 9-day cruise: two formal nights 10-day cruise: two formal nights 11-day cruise: two formal nights 12-day cruise: two formal nights 13-day cruise: two formal nights 14-day cruise: two formal nights 16-day cruise: two formal nights 17-day cruise: two formal nights


Room Service is available 24 hours a day with a selection of sandwiches, beverages, desserts and fruit; a continental breakfast is available during the morning hours.


We will offer to all guests the option to purchase a "Fountain Fun Card" which will allow them unlimited soft drinks for the duration of the cruise at a one time purchase price (including gratuities). The "Fountain Fun Card" can be purchased at any bar on board the ship. In all locations where beverage service is offered, guests may receive a glass of the soft drink of their choice - one glass will be served at a time and only to the guest whose name appears on the card. The card cannot be used through room service. NOTE: A 15% gratuity will automatically be added on at the time of purchase of the Fountain Fun Card. Cost for guests under 18 = $4 per day Cost for guests over 18 = $5.50 per day Free soft drinks in the dining room for children under the age of 12 is still in effect whether they have purchased a "Fountain Fun Card" or not.


Baggage Limitations - There is no limit set by Carnival Cruise Lines to the amount of luggage brought on board as long as it fits in the guest's stateroom. The airlines do have restrictions and it is up to the guest to check with the airline he/she is flying on.


Three bag tags per guest are mailed with cruise documents for cruises of 7-days or longer; two bag tags per guest are mailed with cruise documents for cruises of 6-days or less. After arriving at the pier, all guests will follow the same procedure with their luggage, whether they arrive by taxi, car, or transfer bus. Guests with a stateroom assignment are given tags that are color-coordinated to the deck assigned and location on that deck (forward or aft). Guests booked on a TBA basis receive gray bag tags; the porter will re-tag these bags with the corresponding tag according to the stateroom assigned. Additional tags can be obtained at curbside from the porter, if necessary. Each piece of luggage must be locked and have a colored bag tag listing the guest's name, ship and stateroom number.Guests must identify their bags with a curbside porter who will place the bags on the ship; the customary tip for the curbside porter is $1.00 per bag. NOTE: There is no curbside porter service on 2/3-day Cruises-to-Nowhere. For security purposes, Carnival limits the size of hand-carry luggage to 11"X 17" which is the dimension of the opening of the X-ray security machine (similar to those at the airport); there is no measurement for length as the hand-carry luggage will lay flat on the conveyer belt. Luggage larger than 11"X 17" will not be permitted through the security machine and must be checked-in with a curbside porter. Once on the ship, the luggage will be delivered to the guests' stateroom by 7:00pm that night. Debarkation Baggage Procedures - Guests are advised to place their luggage outside of their stateroom door on the last night of the cruise by 1:00am. All luggage is collected and placed in a holding area on the ship. Upon arrival at the port of debarkation, the luggage is unloaded and separated (by bag tag color) in the baggage claim area of the terminal. The guests must personally locate their luggage and either carry it out or seek the assistance of a porter who will wheel it out of the terminal. The customary tip is $1.00 per bag. Customs - Each guest is required to complete a customs declaration card prior to debarking the ship. Clearance for customs will take place on board the ship at the home port. When the ship has been cleared by U.S. Customs, guests disembark in an orderly fashion, usually according to the color of their bag tags. U.S. Customs may request proof of citizenship prior to the guest leaving the baggage claim area. Depending on the number of ships in port that day, the ship usually clears by 9:00am. It is suggested that all return air flights be made for early afternoon, at the earliest. Baggage Check-In with airlines at debarkation - Effective 9/11/01: For security reasons this service is no longer available.