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Here are some family photos, some are new and some are pretty old. I am hoping that everyone will contribute to this page from time to time. Just e-mail me your photos, stories (for the story page), or anything you might want to share with other family members, and I will post as many as I can fit. I'll be updating this page, hopefully, every month or so.
Clara Isabel (Clarita)

The Barden grandchildren, and great-grandson Fernando
August 2005.

Yes, it's official:
Amanda and Jonathan ARE ENGAGED!!!

Fernando, one year old.

Miranda, Clara and Dave's oldest
granddaughter, and her date, at the prom.

Miranda and Amanda,
modeling their beautiful gowns.

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Some of our chickens

May 22, 2005

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Amanda and Jonathan

Dave, Clara and Millicent,
May 16, 2005

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Olivia, the cheerleader,
with a little help from mom.

A little too much cheering!

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Elvy, Kristen and friends,
at Montpelier Wine Festival.

Just the ladies,
Montpelier Wine festival.

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Katie and friends,
at a recent event, Shippensburg.

Lauren, 16 years old,
Elvy, Kristen and Eddie

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Amanda on graduation day, BYU, Utah, 4/22/05.

Clara and Millie, at a friend's cook-out, 4/30/05.

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Nahomi and Fernando, Sally's daughter and grandson.
Sally, Dave's sister, lives in Puerto Rico

Fernando, Sally's grandson, isn't he gorgeous!

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Dave & Justin at our favorite video store, Big Picture Videos, in Strasburg

My 54 birthday party!

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Dave, Millicent & Clara
Homecoming 2004
You know what
I did last summer!

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... Grandpa Dave & Olivia, roll your mouse back and forth over the photo... Jenny and Troy

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Topsail Island, N.C.
Kristen and
roommate Lentcen
Ben and
Jimmy, Jen & Miranda

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Elvy and
Kristen, Lauren
& Eddy

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