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Clara Isabel (Clarita)

2005 was a year that changed all our lives in monumental ways. I will try to remember these changes, but if I leave any out, please email me and I will add it.
Early on 2005 we decided it was time to cruise again, this time celebrating Amanda's college graduation from BYU, Millicent's 15th birthday and our 5th wedding anniversary. We decided on the Carnival Glory because we had driven to Port Canaveral once before (2003), and it was "do-able.Ē FINALLY, GLORY MAY 7, 2005, REVIEWS AND PHOTOS Amanda was pretty excited to go on a cruise (she had not cruise before), and made the trip from Utah to Virginia. We scheduled our cruise for May, Mother's Day weekend.
Millicent, always an eager cruiser had just met a new beau, and Amanda likewise. The girls were a little lovesick throughout the cruise, but managed to have a blast anyway! We stopped at South of the Border, and visited Daveís parents in N.C. Little did we know that would be the last time we would see Bill again. He did not look very good, and he told me that he had been having chest pains and had doctor's appointment schedule for the coming week.
We took many photos, and made friends with many of the "bloggers" from the Cruise Critics Boards community. Actually, one of our fellow blogger, an ordained minister conducted our renewal of the vows ceremony on board! Our little ceremony on board, with photos. He and his wife did a great job and made the occasion super special for us. Thanks again Mark and Jane! I love Cruise Critics and I am an avid blogger, it is fun to get to know some of your fellow cruisers before sailing and perhaps recognize them while strolling around ship. Check Cruise Critic Boards if you are planning a cruise, or are already booked, there's a wealth of information there, and cruise specific "Roll Calls" where you can "meet" those booked on your sailing.
The Spring of the year continued in full force, and we were busy gardening and making plans for the summer, finally I decided to have the "yard sale of all yard sales" in August to take advantage of the week-end of the "Shenandoah County Yard Crawl" where Route 11, from one end of Shenandoah County to the other fills with yard sales along each side of the road!
Amanda and Millicent continued on their respective relationships, and Amanda soon was announcing her upcoming nuptials to Jonathan!
August 12, Friday, just as we closing our yard sale for the day, the phone rang...Bill, Dave's dad died of a massive heart attack. Our neighbors helped closed down our yard sale, and we left for North Carolina Saturday morning. We spent the next 10 days, making arrangements, taking care of legalities and dealing with the enormous sorrow of such a sad event. We came back drained, but comforted by our faith, and thankful to have had the opportunity to visit with Bill a few months earlier. A "Tribute to Bill, father, grandfather, friend" 12/30/1936 - 08/12/2005.
Ben and Golda tied the knot October 22, and a reception at Troy and Jenny's. Congrats, and about time! BEN AND GOLDA.
Amanda and Jonathan got married in New Mexico (Jonathan's parent live there), on December 17, and then had a "ring ceremony" in Towanda, PA (her mom lives there), for the east coast part of the family. We all traveled to Towanda, including Jimmy, Jen, and Miranda from New Jersey, and Sally from Puerto Rico. AMANDA AND JONATHAN.
And that was 2005...

3/12/05--From Sally Sierra, Dave's sister:
I went to Mexico for Christmas with Nahomi and her husband and Fernando to visit his parents who are from there. I really had a great time; they treated us very well and we went on a 3 hour drive to Acapulco. I love MEXICO!!!!!!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEN, in February Orlando went to ----Guess where!!!!!--- CUBA------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He went with the Pastor of our Church and some other pastors to distribute some Bibles that were recently shipped to Cuba by The Liga Biblica here in Puerto Rico, which our pastor is associated with. He said it was a real trip. I will send you some pictures from there too.

1/29/05--Today is our (Clara and Dave's) wedding anniversary, and only 97 days until sailing day!

1/29/05--This past week Anna Roget, Kristen, Lauren, and Eddie's grandmother passed away in Florida. Our thoughts are with her family.

January, 2005-- Well, we are going cruising again! Last year we did "the beach thing," and after much griping on my part, we are sailing this year! We'll be going on the Carnival Glory again (first time August 2003), since the drive to Port Canaveral from here is not so bad (14 hours), and it's a pretty straight trip. I have posted the photos from the last cruise, It was our "belated" honeymoon, so only Dave and I went, this time we are taking Millicent and Amanda. We are calling it our anniversary (five year)/birthday (15 years)/graduation (April21-22, BYU) cruise!

1/1/05--Happy New Year!!! We did it! We had our first Cuban Pig Roast! It was a complete success, thanks to the instructions of the "Three Guys from Miami," and Dave, who once again proved to be a "Cuban" at heart!
Check out the photos!

12/24/04--Tio Allan passed away today after a long illness. The funeral services will be held on Tuesday, December 28, 2004, at the Strano & Feeley Family Family Home in Newark, DE. Tio Allan was the second oldest of six children of Jose and Evarista (nee Corteguera) Cardet. He is survived by a daughter Alina Tarantino and a son Jose (Allancito) Cardet, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I visited tio Allan this past October at Alina's home. Tio Allan was the same warm loving uncle I remembered from my childhood, he told me I looked "just the same" as I did as a little girl, only "mas gordita" (chubbier). May God have a very special place for you, tio Allan, good bye.

11/16/04--from Kristen Roget, Elvy's oldest daughter: Itíll be a year that Iíve lived on my own on 12/5! I do have a roommate, Lentcen Ė go to
"Photos" to see a pic of Kristen and Lentcen.

11/15/04--from Clara: Dave has a new granddaughter, Olivia Madison, born this past June. Check out proud grandpa Dave and baby Olivia in "Photos."
11/15/04--from Clara: Millicent, "Millie," started high school this year; she'll be 15 years old February '05!
11/15/04--from Clara: This past summer we spent a week at the beach. It was great! Jimmy, Jen and Miranda stopped by on their way from Disney. We all loved Topsail Island, N.C.
11/15/04--from Clara: This year we, Dave, Clara and Millicent, will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home. Last year we drove to New Jersey to Jimmy & Jen's; the year before we spent it at Jenny's in Strasburg.
11/15/04--from Clara: We took a giant step toward a healthier, fitter lifestyle: went on the "South Beach" diet on September 3, 2004, and together we have lost 76 lbs!!! We'll see what the upcoming holidays bring; any bets? Will we gain? Will we keep loosing? Will we manage to stay the same?

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