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Wow, where does time go? Here we are, mid-July, and I am barely catching up with our May 7 vacation photos!

Spring came and went, our flowers again, where beautiful, especially the Daisies Shirley gave me last year, and the Red Hot Pokers from Carol (your cactus is there, but has not grown any).

The school year ended with Millicent making the Academic Honor Roll, so we went to the Honors Banquet, there we met some neighbors, the Sherman's, Steve, Chris and Amanda; and some friends, the Swangers, Mark, Kathy and Casey. We eagerly prepared for July 4 2005, and our Second Pig Roast. Once again, we contacted Mr. Baker at nearby Edinburg, and made arrangements for the pig, Gore Processing dressed it for us, and our neighbor, George Dyke, who has a game processing business, offered his walk-in cooler for storage from Saturday until Monday.

This month of July 2005 has been a memorable one, after a great many years, I have become re-acquainted with two long time friends: Rob and his family, whose address I found last year in the Internet, and believe it or not, has been living within 20 miles from us for the last 12 years, and John, and his family. Rob came to our July 4/Pig Roast with his wife Christina,daughter Claire, and a friend ,Monica (Maria was vacationing in Germany). Then, just the week-end after that, John and his wife Florence spent the week-end visiting us, we had lost contact since 1987-88. One thing for sure, I will not let these friends slip by again! We are looking forward to seeing Rob and his family regularly, and we are planning a trip to Pittsburgh to visit John and Florence and their family in the coming months!

Please scroll down to share our last three months in photos,click here for the July 4th Pig Roast.


First Cook-Out

Sidney, Scruffy, and Missy

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Father's day: breakfast in bed

Dave and Scruffy

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Opening presents,with Millicent

We our special person
to the "Irish Isle, for Father's Day dinner.

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Daisies, in bloom.

A little visitor!

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Scruffy, after a romp in the mud.

No, you are not coming in
looking like that!!!

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Who's been sleeping
on my bed???.

Scruffy, ready for bed

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Honors Banquet: Casey and her dad, Mark.

Steve, Chris and Mandy.

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Clara and Millicent.

Dave and Millicent.

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Millicent, getting Rachel prettied-up
for the 4th of July.

Our chickens, checking things out.

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Enter Here To The 2005,
July 4th, Pig Roast.

Enter Here To John and
Florence's, visit, July 8-11, 2005.

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